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					Hands-On Mathematics Template
Teacher: Wootton
Indiana Academic Standard Addressed
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Grade Level: 3


Find the value of any collection of coins and bills. Write amounts less than a dollar using the ¢ symbol and write larger amounts in decimal notation using the $ symbol. Example: You have 5 quarters and 2 dollar bills. How much money is that? Write the amount. 3.5.11 Use play or real money to decide whether there is enough money to make a purchase. Example: You have $5. Can you buy two books that cost $2.15 each? What about three books that cost $1.70 each? Explain how you know. Identification of Concept within the Standard Students will plan purchases of items for their new puppy. They will show the fewest number of coins and bills needed to make these purchases. Lesson Name Puppy Palace Materials Puppy Palace Price List Puppy Clip Art Sheet Large Sheet of Construction Paper per Student Piece of Notebook Paper per Student Classroom Set of Coins and Bills Crayons & Pencils & Glue Calculators (optional) Technology / Hyperlinks (The students will learn the value of each coin and bill and be able to combine them in different ways. They will learn how to combine coins and bills to pay for purchases and also how to calculate change. By discovering these ideas on their own, they should feel rewarded and begin to understand addition and subtraction concepts. They will also learn about the origin of money and its evolution.)

Prior Concept Knowledge Students should be able to:  identify coins and their values  make trades of coins to make the fewest possible coins Engagement/Context/Introductory Hook Students will choose a puppy (see handout), name it and make a list of items their puppy will need. They will then show what coins and bills they will need to make these purchases using the fewest number of coins and bills. Hands-On Methods/Activities Print out plenty of puppy clip art pictures from which the children may choose. Allow time for the students to choose a puppy. Students may color their puppy and then name it. They should glue their puppy picture to their construction paper and write the name of their puppy above the picture. Give them a copy of the Puppy Palace Prices and/or show the PowerPoint slide. Ask the children to decide on five items they would like to purchase for their new puppy. They should write each item and its price on their notebook paper. They should then trace around the coins and bills they will need to purchase each individual item using the fewest possible coins and bills. When finished, they can use a calculator to figure out the grand total that they must pay out in order to buy these items. Click here for a student example of work Handout Description (attach the handout to lesson plan)
Puppies Puppy Palace Prices

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