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Stanton's Auctioneers Present an

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									Stanton’s Auctioneers Present an Auction of Automatic Musical Machines

Auction: Friday and Saturday, November 21st & 22nd, 2008 – 9:00 A.M. Each Day
Located at 1025 S. Cochran Avenue, in the 4-H building on the Eaton County Fairgrounds, Charlotte, Michigan.

Preview & Luncheon – Thursday Afternoon, November 20thh – 4 -6:30 P.M.

1p. 2p. 2de. 3p. 4p. 4jbl. 5f. 6p. 7p. 8p. 9p. 9jbl. 9de. 10c. 10de. 11p. 11de. 12p. 12de. 13p. 13de. 14p. 14de. 14jbl. 15f. 15de. 16f. 17p. 17de. 18p. 18de. 19p. 19de. 20f. 20de. 21p. 21de. 22p. 23p. 23jbl. 24p. 24de. 25f. 26c. 27p. 28c. 29m. 30f. 31o. 32o 33o. 34o. 34jbl. 35f.

Organizer full of screws, bails, cover bail holders, governors, back bracket screws, etc. A good group. Small group of Standard, Monarch records, Victor belt buckle and sheet music. Radio – Freshman Masterpiece table model radio. SN-A-40430. Organizer full of crane feet, screws, gears, etc. Grill for Edison machine Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph with 2-4 minute, H reproducer, brush and new witches hat horn. Record Cabinet – Oak single door record cabinet with one interior shelf. Cylinder Records – 37 total. Blue Amberol Cylinder Records – 25 total. 8000 & 9000 series Cylinder Records – 36 total. Blue Amberol Cylinder Records – 42 total. 3 Modern brass bell witches hat horns. Each Book – The Victor Book of the Opera. Edited by Henry W. Simon Phonograph – Edison C-19 diamond disc phonograph. Very good condition. SN-SM150401. Book – Nipper Collectibles. Hardbound. Rolfs Cylinder Records – 31 total. Book – A World of Antique Phonographs. Paul and Fabrizio Group of metal, reproduction turn tables, etc.? Book – Phonographs with Flair. A Century of Sound Reproduction. Fabrizio and Paul Vogue Record – R719 Book – Phonographica. The Early History of Recorded Sound Observed. Paul and Fabrizio. Group of disc records including Uncle Josh takes a Census, Cal Stewart, etc. and a couple of diamond disc Book – The Talking Machine – Has compact disc. Fabrizio and Paul Roller Organ Paper Rolls – 8 total. One lot. Phonograph – U.S. Phonograph Company, Junior. SN-J1709. No reproducer. Has crank. Book – Antique Phonograph Advertising: an illustrated history. Fabrizio and Paul Horn – Horn for U.S. Phonograph. This is an original with correct back mounting bracket. 2 leather front mount horn elbows. Book - Antique Phonograph Accessories and Contraptions. Fabrizio and Paul Columbia recast tone arm with horn cradle, leather elbow and reproducer. Book – Antique Phonograph – Gadgets, Gizmos and Gimmicks. Fabrizio and Paul. Cast Nipper (RCA) desk paperweight with brass type finish in original box. Book – Antique Phonographs – 1877 – 1929. Fabrizio and Paul. Record Cabinet – Oak single door record with one interior shelf. Book – The Talking Machine: An Illustrated Compendium. Fabrizio and Paul. Wooden tone arm with cradle, and reproducer numbered J-18425 Approximately 20 dvd‟s and cd‟s of modern music etc. in RCA cardboard box. Antique wooden tone arm with horn cradle and other brackets, no reproducer Group of 11 tone arms and horn supports. Metal and wood. CHOICE Cardboard “Recobin” disc record case Notched phonograph crank. Victor “V” keys – 3 total – One lot. Phonograph – Columbia 25H (oak) disc w/rear mt. embossed stamped black horn & analyzing reproducer. 3 crane pieces 2 Columbia reproducers including a Columbia Orthophonic. 2 RCA Nipper “His Master‟s Voice” cast iron record holders. Choice Piano Stools – Excellent refinished oak piano stool with ball and claw feet. Very nice. Phonograph – Columbia BN (?) disc unit w/rear mount nickel (re-painted) horn and analyzing reproducer. Horn – Large silk wrapped brass bell horn. As is. Music Box Disc – 11” Polyphon music box disc. Music Box Disc – Komet 7-3/4” music box discs. 26 total Automaton – Modern Automaton of Cecile the Clown Phonograph – Columbia cylinder phonograph with lyre reproducer and crank. No horn. Antique Jukebox – J.P. Seeburg (Autophone), Western Electric Piano Company, Chicago. The top front panel is very good, balance of unit needs TLC. It originally operated by air like a player piano.

36o. 37o. 38o. 39o. 40f. 41o. 42o. 43o. 44o. 45f. 46o 47o. 48o. 49o. 50f. 51o. 52o. 53o. 54o. 55f. 56n. 57n. 58m. 59m. 60f. 61s. 62s. 63s. 64s. 65f. 66s. 67s. 68s. 69s. 70f. 71s. 72s. 73s. 74s. 75f. 76s. 77s. 78s. 79s. 80f. 81m. 82s. 82ep. 83s. 83ep. 84s. 84ep. 85f. 85ep. 86f. 86ep. 87f. 87ep.

Automaton – Modern automaton of a young girl with flower Automaton – Modern automaton of young girl playing violin Automaton – Automaton of girl in bedroom applying makeup at vanity. A Reuge unit, Plaisir d‟amour I.II. 2/36. Nice. Roller Organ paper rolls – 10 total. 7-11/16” long. Each Radio – GM 150-A floor model radio. Roller Organ paper rolls – 11 total. 7-11/16” inches long. Each Book – The Musical Box Handbook, 2nd Edition, Volume 1, Cylinder Boxes, Graham Webb Book – The Musical Box Handbook, 2nd Edition, Volume 2, Disc Boxes, Graham Webb Group of misc. items ranging from books to T-shirts collected from Music Box Society Events including 2 photo albums from Band Organ Ralleys. Also the Golden Anniversary book of the MBSI. One lot Phonograph/Radio – Admiral multi-band radio and phonograph. SN-A88293. Model 11-A phonograph. Miniature – Regina automatic changer from the MBSI 1978 convention. Engraved Rolls Royce car music box made in India. Fred Zimbalist Fred Zimbalist engraved musical rose trinket box Fred Zimbalist engraved musical trinket box Phonograph/Radio – RCA Victrola console phonograph/radio. SN-135454. Engraved musical money clip in presentation box depicting people and sheep. Reuge Swiss Music movement on a chain made from the MBSI Music box keys and misc.. Large group of MSBI and Rally Convention pins, small music movements, etc. One lot. Phonograph – Mandel oak case floor model phonograph. Made in Chicago. Phonograph Doll – Wind-up (side) composition phonograph doll with one cylinder record. Phonograph Doll – Wind-up (side) composition phonograph doll with one “Averill” cylinder record Roller Organ – Excellent Concert wood cob roller organ with one cob. Nearly mint condition. Roller Organ Cobs – 15 wood cobs. Each. Phonograph/Radio – Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation. Model GK-266. Horn – Victor front mount brass bell horn with brass screw-on elbow. 22”x11-1/2” Horn – Large brass bell horn with adjustable bracket. 54”x 24” Phonograph – Edison Amberola 50 mahogany cylinder phonograph. SM-36028. Has crank. Horns – 2 Edison Home morning glory horns. Choice. Phonograph/Radio – RCA Victrola 1941 Anniversary Model. Nice cabinet. SN-140492 Horn – Rex Standard Amplifying horn. 30”x14” Horn – 10 panel nickel morning glory horn. Horn – Silk covered 30”x16-1/2” brass bell horn Horn – Nice TCT red 11 panel morning glory horn Radio – Philco Model 41-300 floor model radio. Nice cabinet. Horn – Flowered blue morning glory horn with roses. Horn – Nickel 9 panel morning glory horn, no elbow. Horn – Multi-color 9 panel morning glory horn. Recording tube with mouthpiece. Phonograph – Edison Diamond Disc BC-34 console model phonograph. SN-446677. Reproducers – 3 – Edison, Victor Exhibition and Sonora. As is. Phonograph – Edison Triumph Model B machine w/“C” reproducer, crank & witches hat horn. SN-66422 Reproducer – Edison Diamond C reproducer in earlier nickel form. Rolmonica Chromatic with one roll Phonograph – Victor VE-1050X “automatic” disc floor model phonograph. SN-4207. Incomplete. Roller Organ – Gately Automatic paper roll organ (Boston) in walnut cabinet with 3 paper rolls and excellent stenciling. Play-a-Sax unit with one roll. Horn - Original FIRESIDE 2 piece Horn + original CRANE - Bad paint Box Lot – Paper rolls for roller organs and wooden spindles for same (various sizes) Inside horn for Edison Amberola 30 cylinder phonograph Phonograph – Edison Amberola 50 in oak case. SM-29417 Horn - 10 panels -31” x 22” bell - rough Phonograph – Credenza X (electric) walnut case phonograph. SN-9807 Display case with 20 different Needle Tins Drum – Ludwig “Club Date” snare drum. Records - 14 B/A cylinders - in proper boxes Drum – Starlight bass drum. Cylinder Records - 30 Edison Blue Amberol cylinders


88ep. 89nj. 90f. 90ep. 91p. 91ep. 92p. 92ep. 93p. 93ep. 94p. 94ep. 95f. 95ep. 96p. 96ep. 97p. 98p. 99p. 100f. 100p. 101m. 102s. 103s. 104nj. 105f. 106m. 107nj. 108s. 109nj. 110f. 111nj. 112nj. 113nj. 114s. 115f. 116s. 117s. 118nj. 119nj. 120f. 121nj. 122nj. 123s. 124nj. 125f. 126f. 127p. 128p. 129p. 130f. 131p. 132p. 133p. 134p. 135f.

Sign – Rare Victor Outdoor dealers sign. Two sided, lighted with cut-out glass “Victrola's” and “His Master‟s Voice” panels. Early example. Flanged/Side Mount bracket. 41-1/4” long x 25” tall. Pictured in Rolfs book on Nipper Collectibles, Page 2-53 as Victrola Sign (No. 1). Wood Box - marked Edison w/Diamond B reproducer & a model C reproducer w/adaptor for Horizontal tone Nipper Dog - .26” plastic Nipper with threaded studs in feet for attaching to drum pedestal unit. The dog was made in Japan. No drum. Pictured in Rolfs book on page 3-38. Radio – Thordarson 5 tube table radio. Wood Box - marked Edison with recorder and model K reproducer Reproducer – Columbia marked with number A-6586 Cygnet Horn and crane Reproducer – Columbia Lyric T-3 (spring) Bundle of assorted cranes and crane parts. Choice Reproducer – Edison “K” combination reproducer DIAMOND DISK Floor Model with both reproducers - NICE Reproducer – Edison “H” 4 minute reproducer Phonograph Edison Amberola 75 floor model cylinder phonograph. Radio – 3 tube table radio (2 missing) with Supertone transformer. Front panel damage. RADIO from the 20‟s - 3 DIAL - battery powered Reproducer – Edison “C” 2 minute reproducer RADIO from the 20‟s - 3 DIAL - battery powered Screw on phonograph key Reproducer – Columbia Lyric T-3 (spring) reproducer Reproducer – Columbia Extension reproducer with small Leaf-spring and weight Radio – 5 tube table radio, no tubes present. Case is in good condition. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition long neck reproducer. Piano Stool – Excellent mahogany piano stool with beaded trim around the seat and ball and claw feet. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 50 oak cylinder phonograph. SM-40869. Has crank. Cabinet – Mahogany fancy sheet music or player piano roll cabinet with applied carving. Phonograph – Nice Victor III disc unit w/Exhibition reproducer, crank and Victor black 9 panel horn. SN-34279 Horn – Brass bell wrapped horn. 31”x 16-1/6” diameter. Roller Organ – “The Improved Mandolina”. Excellent unit with very good stenciling and one roll Sign – “The Gramophone Co. Ltd Sign. Pictured in Rolfs Book on page 5-56. Wood. 28-3/4x21-1/2” Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph with C reproducer. Complete. SN-450902 Calendar – 1943 Canadian Calendar depicting Naval setting, portable phonographs and RCA/HMV logo Horn – Accepted Standard Amplifying Horn, brass bell. 21-1/2 diameter x 28” long. Sign – “My Blue Heaven” sung by Gene Austin, played by Whiteman. Victor Records. Framed. Clock – RCA Victor Records round records wall clock. Pictures in Rolfs books on page 3-68. Sign – RCA Recorde's cardboard sign with His Master‟s Voice. Pictured on page 4-4 of Rolfs book. Cylinder Records – Record carrying case with 36 records Phonograph – Victor II “humpback” disc unit w/Ex. Reproducer & brass bell horn w/crank. Incorrect elbow. SN-80648. Cylinder Records – Record carrying case with 36 records Cylinder Records – Record carrying case with 35 records. Victor Sign – Victor framed lighted sign “Victor” and His Master‟s Voice electric sign. Nipper – 21-1/2” tall half bodied Nipper (celluloid or plastic), free-standing. Very good condition Phonograph – Victor III disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer, crank, and 11 panel nickel horn. Thermometer – RCA Victor round wall thermometer. Pictured on page 3-67 of Rolfs book Wall Cabinet – A nice oak double door wall cabinet w/etched “Nipper” doors. 34-1/2 long x 19-3/4” tall Phonograph – Columbia “Q” Graphophone cylinder phonograph with key and reproducer. Banner – Cloth Banner, “It‟s Here!” The New Victor Radio for 1931. Three Instruments in One. Has logo. Phonograph – Columbia table model disc unit case w/back bracket, tone arm & reproducer. No motor. Horn – Victor 9 panel black rear mount phonograph horn with Victor decal. Reproducer – Columbia D-2B. Aluminum, center Stylus Reproducer – Columbia Eagle (needs some work) with machine plate. Reproducer – Edison “H” reproducer, 4 minute Phonograph – Oak case table model disc unit w/louvered speakers, crank and Victrola No. 2 reproducer. Reproducer – Edison “C” 2 minute reproducer Reproducer – Columbia “Q” aluminum reproducer. Reproducer – Columbia Long Throat disc reproducer. Reproducer – Columbia Long Throat disc reproducer. Phonograph – Columbia table model disc unit with fancy oak case (egg and dart and beaded molding moldings), crank, Orthophonic reproducer, and 8 panel rear mount horn with gold trim.

136m. 137m. 138m. 139nj. 140f. 141nj. 142p. 143s. 144nj. 145f. 146nj. 147nj. 148s. 149nj. 150f. 151nj. 152nj. 153s. 154s. 155f. 156s. 157nj. 158nj. 159r. 160f. 161r. 162nj. 163nj. 164r. 165f. 166r. 167r. 168nj. 169r. 170f. 171m. 172nj. 173r. 174nj. 175f. 176r. 177nj. 178nj. 179r. 180f. 181s. 182r. 183r. 184nj. 185f. 186s. 187r. 188nj. 189p.

Roller Organ – Chautauqua wood cob roller organ with good stenciling and one cob. Wood Cobs – 14 wood roller organ cobs. Each Wood Cobs – 15 wood roller organ cobs. Each RCA Box Sign – RCA 20x10 box lighted sign with Nipper and Chipper. “Changing Entertainment. Again” Red and white lettering on black background. Phonograph – Harmony disc machine with large record spindle, crank and 8 panel black rear mount horn. Thermometer – Excellent RCA Victor Blue porcelain thermometer. Pictured on page 3-67 of Rolfs book. Wooden Shipping Box- The Columbia Phonograph “The Toy Phonograph” wooden shipping box with good labels. 71/2x5-1/2x5-3/4”. Phonograph – Columbia “Q” cylinder phonograph with key and reproducer. Victor Record Display Panel – May 1919. Pictured on page 2-30 Rolfs book. Phonograph – Columbia Republic “BA” table model disc phonograph with front mount brass bell horn. The horn support and tone arm have been changed and the reproducer is a Victor Exhibition example. Mirrored Sign – Victor “His Master‟s Voice”. Cigar Can – His Master‟s Voice Cigar Can. Page 2-20 of Rolfs Book Phonograph – Columbia “AQ” cylinder phonograph. Complete with horn, support, reproducer, etc. The key has been replaced by a crank. Book – Nipper Forever – “His Master‟s Voice”. A Small Catalogue of Nipper collectibles. Umeya. Phonograph – Pathe‟ “flip-top” cylinder phonograph with brass bell horn. Has winding key. Smoke Stand with Stationary Nipper. Made by Chevob and Company. Pictures on page 2-18 of Rolfs book. Nipper Dog – Victor Smythe Stuffed Dog. 10” straw stuffed dog. Made by the J. Henry Smythe Jr. Company. Page 241, Rolfs book. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 cylinder oak unit. Veneer problem on grill and no interior metal grill. SM-55287 Miscellaneous – Victor record album with records; 8 player piano rolls; Old Woman‟s Companion magazines, etc. Phonograph – Columbia “AK” (second style) table model disc phonograph complete with horn & crank. Cylinder Records – 25 total. RCA Victor 45 Advertising Clock. “The Finest in Recorded Music”. Lighted sign & clock. On page 3-68 of Rolfs book Dusters – An excellent group of 8 advertising HMV dusters. Similar examples on page 2-72 of Rolfs book. Choice Diamond Disc Record Phonograph – Victor VV-VIa table model disc phonograph w/crank and Victrola No. 2 reproducer. Schaeberle and Son Music House, Ann Arbor, Michigan Reproducer – Victor Exhibition reproducer in box. Duster – Round celluloid duster with HMV. Page 2-72 of Rolfs Needle Cutter – Victor fibre needle cutter. Page 2-71 of Rolfs book. Victor Record – 16214 – “The Whole Damm Family, Billy Murray Phonograph – Silvertone oak case disc phonograph with Silvertone reproducer and crank. Diamond Disc Record – New Old Stock – 52580 Diamond Disc Record – New Old Stock - 51633. In sleeve. Victor Talking Machine – Automatic Brake. No. 3B-N.G. in original box, unopened. Diamond Disc Record – New Old Stock - 51590 Phonograph – Columbia “Sterling” BI disc phonograph with complete case, back bracket, tone arm and analyzing reproducer. No motor. Roller Organ – Celestina paper roll organ. Good stenciling. One roll. Puzzle (Box Only) – “His Master‟s Voice”, Jig Saw Puzzle of the World‟s Greatest Trademark. Page 3-17, Rolfs book Phonograph – Victor Type M with Exhibition reproducer, crank, 21”x14” brass bell horn. SN-38638 Paperweight – Rectangular Victor “His Master‟s Voice” glass paperweight. Page 2-80 of Rolfs book Phonograph – Victor VV-IX mahogany disc machine w/Victrola No. 2 reproducer, has crank. SN-151580G Diamond Disc Record – New Old Stock - 51678 Group – 2 “V” Victor keys, HMV medallion/fob and small separate Nipper and phonograph in display case Paper Clip – Embossed metal hanging paper clip & a overlay round RCA-Photophone High Fidelity Sound medal. Nice. Diamond Disc Record – New Old Stock - 51678 Phonograph – Busy Bee Grand table disc phonograph with front mount red horn and reproducer. No crank. Cylinder Records – 24 total Diamond Disc Record – New Old Stock - 51678 Same as above Needle Box – Wooden Victor needle box with sliding lid and engraved “Victor” Phonograph – Oak Columbia Alhambra (“New Regal”) floor model disc phonograph. Has crank and reproducer. Cylinder Records – 28 total Diamond Disc Record – New Old Stock - 51678 Dusters – 3 excellent wooden HMV duster, oval and round with decals. Choice. Nice. Page 2-72 of Rolfs books Phonograph – “Pal Junior” portable phonograph. Complete.

190f. 191s. 192p. 193s. 194de. 195f. 196m. 197s. 198de. 199nj. 200f. 201p. 202p. 203p. 204p. 205f. 206p. 207p. 208p. 209p. 210f. 211s. 212nj. 213nj. 214de. 215f. 216nj. 217nj. 218nj. 219nj. 220f. 221s. 222nj. 223nj. 224de. 225f. 226nj. 227de. 228nj. 229s. 230f. 231f. 232de. 233nj. 234de. 235f. 236s. 237de. 238de. 239nj. 240f. 241f. 242de. 243nj. 244s.

Phonograph – Victor R w/wood tone arm, Exhibition reproducer, crank & metal front mount horn. SN-4844. Cylinder Records – 29 total. Little Wonder Records – 34 Little Wonder Records, and a Lionel Trains “Whistle Sounds” record. One lot Phonograph – Columbia Graphophone “Type B” cylinder machine w/replica, gold band horn & key. No Cover. #91322. Horn – Scarce canvas metal frame collapsible horn with stenciling on canvas and Victor elbow. Phonograph – Standard AA (open works) disc phonograph. The unit is complete with horn, crank and reproducer. Roller Organ – Paper roll organette in walnut case with stenciling. No rolls Cylinder Records – 16 total Horn – Modern front mount all brass horn with tone arm, cradle and brass elbow. 17” long x 9-1/2” wide. RCA Victor Company Trademark Fabric- Drapery and curtain material. White background, black HMV and red RCA. 5 ft. x 44”. Page 3-78, Rolfs book. Phonograph – Columbia Type AT cylinder phonograph with crank, reproducer and cover. No horn. SN-210766. Has plate on top of cover stating “Presented by Geo. Cramer to M. Roth and Family” Reproducer – Edison “C” reproducer, 2 minute. Reproducer – Edison “H” reproducer, 4 minute Reproducer – Edison “K” reproducer, 2-4 combination reproducer Reproducer – Victor Exhibition long throat reproducer. Phonograph Case – Columbia Grafonola “Favorite” table model disc phonograph case only. Excellent Reproducer – Victor “Concert” disc reproducer. Reproducer – Columbia Lyric T-3 (Spring) reproducer Reproducer – Columbia Lyric T-3 (Spring) reproducer Reproducer – Edison “H” 4 minute reproducer Phonograph – Pathe oak case floor model machine. Model 125. SN-4897. Electrified. Cylinder Records – 33 total. Advertisement – Saturday Evening Post – August 30, 1919. “Your guarantee of musical quality.” Victor “His Master‟s Voice”. Framed and matted. Nipper Dog – Large 17-1/2” Old King Cole (no marking) paper mache dog. Brown eyes. Phonograph – Victor oak case table model disc phonograph, Model VV-VIII with Victrola 4 reproducer. SN-157627 Phonograph – Sonora floor model phonograph with Sonora reproducer. Mahogany. No. Crank. Advertising Fan – An “All-Star” concert in your own home on your own Victrola. Top right on page 2-13 of Rolfs book Advertising Fan – Little Girl on front with retailers information on back. Geo. Arnold, Glassboro, NJ Advertising Fans – 2 Examples. Deco lady and bottom left “You Should Own a Victor Victrola”. Page 2-13, Rolfs book. Advertising Fan – “A Favorite Entertainer at Every summer Party” and another Victrola Room fan. One lot. The first one is the bottom right one pictured on page 2-13 of Rolfs. Phonograph – Mahogany 2 door record cabinet for disc records with slotted interior. Cylinder Records – 24 total Mirrored Sign – Larger example of Victor mirrored sign with His Master‟s Voice. Phonograph – Victor VV-XXV “Schoolhouse” disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer, oak wooden horn, crank & “V” key. SN- 15909Excellent condition. Phonograph – Victor V disc phonograph w/oak wooden spear tip horn and Exhibition reproducer and crank. A good unit. Phonograph – Victrola (Milner Piano Company, Cincinnati, Ohio). Model VE-9-40E. SN-5326. Walnut Needle Cutter – HMV Fibre needle cutter. Pictured bottom right, 2-71 of Rolfs book Phonograph – Victor 240 “humpback” mahogany console phonograph. Victrola #2 reproducer and crank. SN-47306 Nipper Dog – 12-1/2” tall paper mache dog. Phonograph – Columbia cylinder unit w/6” mandrel, crank and lyre reproducer. Originally had back horn bracket. Projector – Eiki movie projector. Projector – Bell and Howell 16mm filmosound. Phonograph – Victrola VV-240 flat top console unit in mahogany case. Victrola #2 reproducer w/crank. SN13775. Stock Certificate – Victor Talking Machine Company Stock Certificate. 100 Shares. Page 2-31 of Rolfs book. Record Albums – An excellent set of Edison Diamond Disc cardboard record albums. Six (6) total. One lot. Radio/Phonograph – RCA Radiola combination radio and phonograph. Floor model unit. Cylinder Records – 31 total. Phonograph – Victor VV-XI mahogany floor model with Exhibition reproducer and crank. SN-541920 Back bracket – Victor back bracket and tone arm with back plate and screws. No reproducer Advertisement – Framed and matted. Victrola, “Gluck” Carry Me Back to Old Virginny” Unusual Phonograph in oak chest – A 5 drawer oak chest with a Edison Model D2 Triumph cylinder phonograph. SN80200. The unit has an Edison cygnet horn. Parts – Motor and turntable for electric unit. Horn Crane – Edison Adjustable front mount horn crane. Chalk Nipper – John Wanamaker 4-1/4” chalk dog. Philadelphia. Page 2-101, Rolfs book Phonograph – Edison Home “Model D”cylinder phonograph with “H” reproducer & crank. SN-346203

Roller Organ – Walnut case paper roll organette. No rolls. Roller Organ Paper Rolls – 14”x 2-1/2” paper rolls. 3 total. Each Roller Organ Paper Rolls – Large group of paper rolls, some from Schmidt‟s Music Roll Co. One lot. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 cylinder phonograph w/crank. Phonograph motor. Roller Organ – Concert wood cob roller organ with three (3) wood cobs. Phonograph – Edison Triumph Combination Type - Model E. SN-87778 (New crank) Phonograph – Edison “Model A” Triumph w/ “O” 2-4 minute reproducer, crank, cover, and back bracket for crane. Horn – Edison #10 Cygnet horn. Phonograph – Brunswick Ultona floor model in mahogany case. Complete. Phonograph – Edison Fireside Model A with H reproducer. Complete. Phonograph – Edison Home mahogany cylinder unit w/ “C” reproducer, crank and cover. SN-293079 Cabinet – Mahogany single bow front door cabinet with painted decoration and 6 shelves for music or player piano rolls. Cylinder Records – 38 total. Cylinder Records Advertisement – Victor Supremacy. Advertising a Victrola XVII and XVII electric. “The right partner” Phonograph – Edison Home Model D, oak cylinder phonograph. No reproducer. Chalk Nipper – Geo. Palmer, Westchester, PA. 4-1/4” tall. Chalk Nipper – Zarfo's and Burg, Victor. 4-1/4” tall. Parts – Group of miscellaneous Victor and Columbia and other turntables Parts – Victor and Columbia and other motors. Cylinder Records - 35 Needle Tin – Gramophone Needle Outfit. 4 tin facing pictured in bottom right of page 2-67, Rolfs book Same as above w/5 tin unit in German. English version next to the above on page 2-67, Rolfs book Needle Tin – Victor Needles (1000 needles), red. Page 2-66 of Rolfs book Concert Roller Organ – Concert Roll organ. No works. Bellows intact. Very good case. Roller Organ Cobs – 10 total. Each Roller Organ Cobs – 12 total. Each. Needle Tin – Gramophone Needle Outfit. 3 tin painted divided box. Similar to lots 267 and 268. Needle Tin – Gramophone Needle Outfit. 4 tin painted cover, divided box. Similar to above. Cabinets – Empty cabinets for cylinder and table top phonographs. Nipper Statue – 11” Nipper paper mache statue marked Old King Cole Displays. Parts – Miscellaneous tone arms. Phonograph – Harmony internal horn phonograph for parts. Key – Victor Key with embossed Nipper. Page 2-79 of Rolfs Same as above Horn - Victor 22-1/2” diameter horn. Phonograph – Victor VV-VI mahogany case disc phonograph Victor grease and oil. One lot. Page 2-101 of Rolfs book Nipper – Plaster Nipper with glass eyes and brown ears. 13” tall. Platform marked Victor Records. One ear repaired. Phonograph – Columbia “BE” cylinder phonograph. Complete. Cylinder Records – 37 total. “Barraud” Painting/Chromolithograph – The framed reproduction of the Victor Trademark in oil paint. “His Master‟s Voice” piece was produced is a slightly smaller size and measures 26x20” in original frame. Very good condition with some crazing. See Rolfs book, 2-32 287jbl. Phonograph – Victor P1 disc phonograph w/brass bell front mount Victor horn, Exhibition reproducer & crank. SN-20988 288nj. Advertisement – Framed and matted. The Victrola is the gift of all music to your home. Shows the artists of Victor at the base of a Victrola under the Christmas tree. 289jr. Phonograph – Edison C150 diamond disc floor model phonograph. SM-57453 290nj. Nipper Statue – 11” Nipper paper mache statue marked Old King Cole Displays 291cm. Phonograph – Edison Triumph Model B cylinder phonograph (2 minute) with shaver, Model C reproducer, crane and original 30” brass horn. 292jr. Phonograph – Edison S-19 diamond disc floor model phonograph. SN-121396 293nj. Puzzles – 10 – Choice – “His Master‟s Voice.” “Stained Glass Window Puzzles” Page 5-20 of Rolfs Book 294nj. Tea Set – Noritake Tea Set with “His Master‟s Voice” on the bone china set. Pictured on page 5-42 of Rolfs book. 295cm. Phonograph – Edison Home Model C cylinder phonograph. A 2 minute machine w/C reproducer, crane and original 34” black “Home” horn. Requires work on carriage. 296nj. Pin – B.P.O.E. Camden Lodge 29, Atlantic City, 1919. Depicts Nipper and the BPOE insignia. Page 2-75, Rolfs book 297nj. Tapestry Radio Runner – RCA Victor Tapestry Runner w/RCA and Nipper Logo. Excellent. Pictured on page 3-76 of Rolfs. 42x12-1/2”. Condition is 8-9 298nj. Tapestry Radio Runner – Same as above. 41x12-1/2” Framed. Condition is 6-7. 245m. 246m. 247m. 248s. 249de. 250s. 251de. 252s. 253s. 254mc. 255mc. 256s. 257s. 258s. 259s. 260nj. 261mc. 262nj. 263nj. 264mc. 265mc. 266s. 267nj. 268nj. 269nj. 270m. 271m. 272m. 273nj. 274nj. 275mc. 276nj. 277mc. 278mc. 279nj. 280nj. 281mc. 282mc. 283nj. 284nj. 285mc. 286s. 287de.

Roller Organ – Symphonia by the Wilcox and White Organ Company, Meriden, Ct. One paper roll. Walnut case with excellent stenciling. A rare and large unit. 300p. Reproducer – Edison “H” 4 minute reproducer 301p. Reproducer – Edison cylinder reproducer marked H7352. 302p. Reproducer – Edison cylinder reproducer marked G7237. 303p. Reproducer – Long throat disc reproducer. 304p. Reproducer – Edison cylinder reproducer – H-6647 305jr. Phonograph – Edison S-19 floor model diamond disc phonograph. SM-62563 306nj. Shipper Tape – Victor Victrola‟s and Radiola‟s. Similar to 2-98 in Rolfs book 307nj. Radio Tubes – 4 boxes with 3 tubes. Pictured on page 3-71of Rolfs book. 308nj. Pocket Watch – HMV original Nipper watch with fob. Similar example on page 3-69 of Rolfs book. 309de. Box of player piano rolls and a few booklets. 310nj. Sign – 33” long x 22” tall. His Master‟s Voice. Neon sign on black background. 311ba. Group of 78 rpm records in albums, etc. 312jr. Phonograph – Edison S-19 diamond disc floor model phonograph. No grill. SM-119812 313nj. Nipper Statue – Excellent Nipper 11” paper mache dog marked Old King Cole Displays. 314ba. Phonograph – 1905 Edison Standard cylinder phonograph (2-4 minute) with cygnet horn and stand. Good. SN-32779010 315nj. Fire Alarm Box and Bell – Victor Building, Camden, New Jersey fire alarm box (has key) and bell mounted on oak back board. Box #248. Excellent condition. Discussed on page 2-96 of Rolfs book. 316ba. Antique Telephone – Early 1900 Western Electric solid oak wall telephone. Clean, intact and complete 316jbl. Phonograph – Edison Standard Cylinder unit with C reproducer, crank and shaver. Very clean. No horn. SL80934? 317ba. Slot Machine – Mill‟s Golden Nugget 25 cent slot machine, circa 1949, called “The Doll”. The machine operates on gravity (no electricity) and is in excellent working condition. Oak cabinet with Mill‟s decal. SN – 025967-15373. Nice. 318nj. Nipper – Metal Gold Painted Nipper. 9” tall. Page 3-51 of Rolfs book. 319nj. Banner – Victor Pennant with stitched dog and Gramophone. Pictured on page 2-63 of Rolfs book. 320ba. Phonograph – Victor VV-XVI tiger oak floor model phonograph. Nice machine in excellent condition. 321nj. Tie Slide – RCA/HMV slide tie holder. New old stock. Pictured 3-81 of Rolfs book. 322nj. Sign – Metal oval sign. La Voix de son Maitre “His Master‟s Voice”. Toujours fidele, Pathe Marconi. Double sided. 39-1/2”x20-1/2” 323jr. Phonograph – Edison A-100 diamond disc phonograph. 324cm. Phonograph – Edison Gem (Model A) cylinder phonograph. A Model C key wind unit w/13” black/brass horn. Original Banner Transfer wooden cover. 325nj. Radios-television Advertising Display (lighted). Metal base “Only RCA Victor makes the Victrola” Similar example on page 356 of Rolfs book. 326cm. Phonograph – Edison Standard (Model B) cylinder phonograph with C reproducer, crane, brass bell horn. 327jr. Phonograph – Edison C250 diamond disc floor model phonograph. SM-62238 328nj. Ashtray – Nipper resin ashtray with liner. As is. 329nj. RCA Victor Record Stand Sign – Made by Stensgaard & Assoc. Similar example on page 3-55 of Rolfs Book 330cm. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 cylinder phonograph. All original. 331jr. Phonograph – Edison C-19 diamond disc floor model phonograph. SM-156962 332nj. Stensgaard Circular Stand-up (gold) Nipper Displays. Pictured on page 3-53 of Rolfs books 323cm. Phonograph – Edison Bell (Gem Model B) with a Model B reproducer, front mt. crane and small reproduction silver horn. 324jr. Phonograph – Edison C-19 diamond disc floor model phonograph – SM-174392 325m. Roller Organ – Gem wood cob roller organ with glass see-through cover over cob. One cob with machine. 326m. Roller Organ Cobs – 15 wood roller organ cobs. Each 327jr. Phonograph – Edison Diamond Disc S[-19 phonograph. SM-103905 328nj. Nipper Statue – 18” Nipper paper mache statue with brown ears. Unmarked. 329cm. Phonograph – Columbia cylinder (Model Q – Mignon) phonograph w/silver nickel horn, key and reproducer. No cover 330nj. Metal Nipper on Marble base. Made for RCA by Stensgaard. Page 3-51 of Rolfs book. 331cm. Phonograph – Puck “Lyre” style cylinder phonograph. All original. 332nj. Electrotype Molds – RCA Electrotype Molds. Pictured on Page 3-14, Rolfs book 333cm. Phonograph – Excelsior (New Century Model) phonograph w/silver horn. Broken spring & missing reproducer. 334nj. Statue – Billings Artworks, Ridgway, Colorado. SN-023. Nipper – “His Master‟s Voice” Limited edition (500 piece) presentation statue with original box.. Page 5-72 of Rolfs book. 335jr. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 75 cylinder floor model phonograph. No grill. SM-9146 336nj. Duster – Excellent wooden oval duster w/HMV. Page 2-72 of Rolfs book. 337cm. Phonograph – Pathe Model O key wind phonograph. No horn or reproducer. 338nj. Sign – Oval porcelain (enameled) “His Master‟s Voice” sign without border. One side. Page 3-10 Rolfs book. 339jr. Phonograph – Edison Diamond Disc 10-12” phonograph. W8-MC-33. SM-8275 340nj. Nippers – 10 plaster and chalk advertising examples. 341cm. Phonograph – Edison Gem (Model B) cylinder unit w/C reproducer, crane, reproduction 21” red and gold horn. #226856 299m.

342nj. 343jr. 344cm. 345nj. 346jr. 347cm.

348nj. 349ep. 350p. 351p. 352p. 353p. 354p. 355p. 356p. 357p. 358p. 359jr. 360m. 361m. 361jbl. 362ep. 363jr. 364nj. 365ep. 366ct. 367nj. 368ct. 369dd. 370jr. 371nj. 372ct. 373dd. 374nj. 375dd. 376nj. 377dd. 378nj. 379dd. 380nj. 381dd. 382nj. 383dd. 384nj. 385nj. 386dd. 387jr. 388nj. 389nj. 390ep. 391nj. 392nj. 393ct. 394dd. 395m. 396m.

Nipper Statue – 11” tall Nipper poly statue marked with circular “Old King Cole” marking. Phonograph – Brunswick Model P console disc phonograph. SN-242360. Phonograph – Puck Lyre style cylinder phonograph. All original. Smoke Stand with Nipper & Gramophone by Chevob and Company. Pictured on page 2-19 of Rolfs book. Phonograph – Edison BC-34 diamond disc console phonograph. No grill. SN-49594 Phonograph – Edison Triumph (Model B) cylinder phonograph (Combination 2-4 attachment), H reproducer. Original front mount crane, original 30” black morning glory horn with “Spider Mum” decoration and original delivery note and parts index framed. A very nice unit. SN-52747 Lighter Ashtray Set – RCA Combination Lighter Ash tray Set. Pictured on 3-85 of Rolfs book. Horn – Black 8 panel 2 piece measuring 19”x24” long. Good condition Reproducer –Edison “H”, 4 minute reproducer Reproducers – 2 Columbia D-2B aluminum center stylus reproducers. Need repair. Reproducer – 2 Edison “C”, reproducers. One lot. Reproducer – Edison “C”, 2 minute reproducer Same Same Same Same Same Phonograph – Edison CC-32 diamond disc phonograph. SN-6984. Roller Organ – New American Musical Box wood cob roller organ. One cob Roller Organ wood cobs – 15 total wood cobs. Each Phonograph – Excellent Edison Home cylinder unit with H reproducer, 2-4 minute lever, crank, crane & Edison No. 10 cygnet horn. SN-307214 Horn – Edison Standard 10 panel black horn measuring 19” x 31” long. Very good Phonograph – Edison A-100 cut-off diamond disc floor model phonograph. No crank or reproducer. As is 7 Items – Pens, Pencils, and Letter Openers with His Master‟s Voice. Some pictured on 3-91 of Rolfs book. Horn – Edison Home 11 panel black horn measuring 19” x 35” long. Very good. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberola, #5718, “Heaven Help A Sailor” by J. Dalton. Grade 9. Advertising Print – 1938 Nipper Advertising Print. Excellent. Page 3-1 Rolfs books Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol, #5716, “K.C. Kitty”, B. Murray. Grade 9. Phonograph – Edison (1898) Model A Suitcase Home cylinder machine. SN-#H33098. Very good condition, works. Phonograph – Edison Model A100 diamond disc floor model phonograph, complete. SN-27450 Duster – Excellent round Gramophone Company duster in very good condition. Page 2-72 of Rolfs book. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol, #5651, “Me and the Man in the Moon (Fox Trot). A. Friedman. Grade 9. Phonograph – Edison (1902) Banner Home cylinder phonograph, SN-#H71212. Very good condition, works. Book – “His Master‟s Voice” in America. Published by General Electric Company. Phonograph – Edison (1908) Model D Standard cylinder machine w/12” horn. SN-#784084. Very good, works. RCA Presentation Piece – RCA Glimpse of the Future. 1983 Chroma Trak, Camcorder. Records – Box of 71 miscellaneous 78 rpm records Nipper Bank – 12” tall. Porcelain. RCA Nipper Corporation Records – 2 – 16” – 33 rpm records: WOR / Title-A Stranger Within Our Gates; RCA / Title-Charlie Chan Program #49, Large RCA Logo on Back. Nipper Plexiglas Art Piece. RCA. Page 5-48 of Rolfs book. 2 Edison Diamond Disc records - #50685 and #50426 Needle Tins – Dark blue HMV extra loud; Green soft tone HMV; and yellow HMV; 3 total. All 200. Horn – Edison morning glory horn. Rough condition. Pewter Nipper plate and mug. Page 5-47 of Rolfs book. 4 Figurines in original boxes – “Nipper”, Sarsaparilla Deco Designs. Horn – Morning glory horn…silver with flowers. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 50 cylinder phonograph. SM-20967 2 Glass Nippers. Page 5-49 of Rolfs book. Glass Nipper. Small. 1-7/8” tall clear glass with Victor on base. Page 5-49 of Rolfs book Horn – Red morning glory horn with 8 panels and floral decoration. 17”x29” long. Fair condition Plaque – His Master‟s Voice brass plaque. Medium size. Page 5-55 of Rolfs book Plaque – His Master‟s Voice brass plaque. Large size. Similar to 5-55 on Rolfs. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol, #5637, “Jeannine Dream of Lilac Time”. V. DeLeath. Grade 9. Phonograph – 1930‟s German Triumphon portable phonograph in imitation snakeskin case. Engraved under mainspring box “Pixner Getreidegt”. Not working. Roller Organ – The Gem Roller Organ. Wood cob machine with one cob. Roller Organ Cobs – 15 wood cobs. Each

397nj. Nipper Paper Mache Dog – 13” dog. Black ear. 398jr. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 50 cylinder phonograph. SM-39515 399nj. Cracker Jack Charms – 4 Old Nipper Cracker Jack Charms in display case. Page 3-82 of Rolfs book 400p. Reproducer – Edison “C”, 2 minute reproducer 401p. Same 402p. Same 403p. Same 404p. Same 405nj. Nipper – Schwartz “Radio Corp. of America” stuffed. Marked on collar with Schwartz tag on foot. 406jr. Phonograph – Columbia Graphophone cylinder phonograph w/crank & reproducer. 2 minute machine. Case has wiring on back side of same. Good condition. 407nj. World‟s Fair Medallion – 1964-1965 New York World‟s Fair (RCA-HMV) Medallion. Page 3-80, Rolfs book. 408ep. Horn – Red 11 panel horn measuring 21” x 29” long. Fairly straight. 409nj. Toy HMV Delivery Truck made by Dinky, Mattel, Ligor, and Ertl. Four total, one lot. 410jr. Phonograph – Edison Standard (2 minute) cylinder phonograph. SN-565083 411nj. HMV Cigarette case. Royal Gold Color Page 3-84 (top right) of Rolfs book. 412nj. HMV Cigarette box and lighter. RCA leatherette case 413nj. RCA and HMV group of matchbooks. 414dd. Ediphone – 1940‟s Edison Ediphone in suitcase. SN-KAD502302. Very good condition. 415nj. Needle Tins – HMV red 200‟s (2); Green “The Pianissimo”; Black Gramophone; 4 total. 416jr. Phonograph – Edison Standard (2 minute) cylinder phonograph w/C reproducer and SN-6158810. 417nj. Tape Measuring – RCA Victor “Amazing!” The New 1939 RCA Victor Band Spread Radio. RCA/HMV 418nj. Ash Tray – Glass RCA – HMV ash tray in original box. Page 3-87 of Rolfs book. 419nj. Compact – Nice “His Master‟s Voice” gold compact with interior mirror 420de. Phonograph – Victor VV-X mahogany case table model with Exhibition reproducer. SN-5788 421de. 2 Modern cast “Nipper” record holders. One lot. 422nj. Victor Needle Showcase – Wooden cabinet with glass see-through lid and excellent painted “Victor Needles” along with picture of Nipper in red and gold. There are also various packs of needles inside. Page 3-74, Rolfs book. 423de. Phonograph – Decca portable disc phonograph w/crank and Orthophonic reproducer. 424ep. Horn – Witches horn. Reproduction ?. 425nj. RCA Butane lighter, large. Page 3-85, Rolfs book. Large example. 426nj. RCA Butane lighter, small. Page 3-85, Rolfs book. Shorter example. 427nj. Needle Tins – Gold 50 long life golden needles; Green soft; Lime soft; red loud; 4 total 428c. Books – 2 Phonograph Books – “Dusting off a Little History, Spring Type Phonographs”, Sitter. Choice 429de. Phonograph – Victrola oak case VV-VI with Exhibition reproducer. SN-265367F 430nj. Cigarette Case – Ivory colored plastic cigarette box. Nipper logo on cover. Page 3-84 of Rolfs book 431nj. Plastic Japanese Box – A lined “His Master‟s Voice” box with Japanese motif and Nipper. Page 3-92 Rolfs book. 432de. 3 Cast iron interior horn brackets. 433de. Phonograph – Victrola 215 console disc phonograph. A very low serial number of 983 which shows that this unit was the 483rd machine of this model to come off the line. Victrola No. 2 reproducer. 434nj. Bowl – Fenton bowl with HMV in bottom of same – Page 5-46 of Rolfs book. 435nj. Nipper 3 dimensional HMV wall plaque with Nipper and phonograph constructed of wood. 436de. Phonograph – Silvertone floor model disc phonograph – Model H – 1168. Fancy grill and key. 437nj. Lamp – Hanging Lantern from the 1970‟s with “Nipper and His Master‟s Voice”. Page 4-3 Rolfs book 438jr. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder phonograph (2 minute), with C reproducer, and shaver. 439de. Phonograph – Early Edison Home cylinder unit w/cover, crank and crane. Has 2-4 minute lever. SN-237834. No horn. 440nj. 2 Nipper porcelain dogs (8-1/2” each), One lot 441ep. Phonograph – Edison Home “Suitcase” Banner cylinder 2-4 minute machine w/nice bed plate & K reproducer. 442de. Phonograph – Victor VV-VI table model with Exhibition reproducer (mahogany) w/crank & inside horn. SN-598455 443nj. Mirrored Sign – “Dancing Couple”, Victrola mirror. Page 4-29 Rolfs book 444ww. Book – The Compleat Talking Machine. Reiss 445de. Phonograph – Victor VV-XIa floor model mahogany unit with Victrola No. 2 reproducer and crank. SN-499440 446nj. Rug – Nipper latch-a-rug. Pictured on page 4-27 of Rolfs. 447ww. Reproducer – Victrola No. 2 reproducer. Silver 448de. Phonograph – Early Edison “Suitcase”, (4 latch) Home cylinder machine with “C” reproducer, crank, etc. SN-H4157 449nj. Mirror – Large Victor mirror with HMV. Page 4-28 Rolfs book. 450p. Victor gold crank. 451p. Horn Crane for Edison cylinder phonograph. 3 piece unit. 451dd. Horn – Edison cygnet horn with crane. Excellent condition. 452p. Connector. 452dd. 2 File Cabinets of Sam‟s Photo Fact Service Manuals 1946-1962

453de. Phonograph and Cabinet – Victrola VV-IX with Victrola No. 2 reproducer, crank & matching “slide-in” base cabinet. 454ww. Reproducer – Victrola No. 2 gold reproducer. 455nj. Wrist Watches – 2 – Stained glass HMV dials. Page 5-33 Rolfs book 456nj. Wrist Watches – 2 – Different. Page 5-33 Rolfs book. 456dd. Cabinet – 1920‟s Radio cabinet, Decal say “Lion Store, Radio Shop” made in Toledo, Ohio. 457de. Phonograph Cabinet Only – Slide-in record cabinet for a Victrola VV-IX. 458nj. Needle Tins – 4 total – HMV embossed; Green HMV 50 long life golden needles; Yellow 200 Medium; Red Loud; 459de. Phonograph – Victor VV-XIa in fumed (?) Oak cabinet. Victrola No. 2 reproducer and crank. SN-402084. 460ww. Reproducer – Victor Exhibition reproducer. Needs to be rebuilt. 460dd. Desk – Oak roll top desk, SN 14353, Very good condition. 48” x 30” x 44-1/2” 461nj. Nipper Dog – 9” paper mache dog. Nice. 462de. Phonograph – Edison H-19 floor model phonograph. SN-SM-60348. 463ww. Reproducers and Parts – Mitchell Reproducer (Detroit), Royal reproducer, Cheney reproducer, crank, etc. One lot 464nj. Victor Thermometer – Left example on page 2-84 of Rolfs book. 464dd. Phonograph – Case 78 rpm disc phonograph made in Traverse City, Michigan. Restored motor. 465de. Phonograph – Victor VV-XI floor model in mahogany case with Exhibition reproducer. Dealer name in cover “Frederick Loeser and Company, Brooklyn-New York”, SN-239990G. 466de. Dictaphone – Table model Dictaphone with Bakelite mouthpiece. Model 10X. 467nj. HMV Mirror Sign – Top right example on page 4-29 of Rolfs book, small size. 468de. Phonograph – Victor oak case VV-IX floor model disc phonograph w/Exhibition reproducer and crank. SN-3376240 469nj. Cigarette Dispenser – Nipper on the cover of the self dispensing unit. Page 2-95 of Rolfs book. 470de. Phonograph – Victor VV-XI floor model with Victrola No. 2 reproducer in mahogany case w/crank. SN-740983 471de. Radio – Atwater Kent table model radio. Model 725. 472nj. Victor Mirror Sign – Similar to bottom right on page 4-29,, Rolfs book. Small size. 473de. Phonograph – Victor VV-XI mahogany floor model with Exhibition reproducer and crank. SN-191167G 474nj Nipper – Paper mache dog, 14”, unmarked. Painted eyes. Brown ears. 475de. Phonograph – Victor VV-300 “humpback” mahogany case console phonograph w/Victrola No. 2 reproducer. SN-26198 476nj. Marble – Rare Nipper Sulfide Marble and plastic stand. Page 3-82 of Rolfs book. 477de. Phonograph – Edison mahogany floor model phonograph, B-150 with crank. SM-2186. 478nj. Sign – Excellent “La Voix De Son Maitre” Radio with HMV. 23-1/2” metal sign. Very nice. 479de. Phonograph – Columbia mahogany disc floor machine, Type E-Z. Columbia reproducer and crank. 480de. Phonograph – Victor VV- VIII oak case table model. Victrola No. 2 reproducer with crank. SN-138654. 481nj. Record Player – RCA Victor black plastic electric 45 rpm portable phonograph. 482nj. Group of 45 rpm records in album. 483de. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder unit w/C reproducer, crane, crank & 11 panel morning glory horn. SN-611252. 484nj. Nipper tape measure made by Lufkin. RCA. 485de. Phonograph – The Olympic oak case floor model disc phonograph w/crank. 486nj. Travel Alarm – Travel alarm clock with RCA and HMV on dial. Page 3-70 of Rolfs book 487de. Phonograph – Aeolian – Vocalion floor model disc phonograph. “Graduola” Style H. SN-33649. 488nj. Box lot of Nipper Collectibles – Diary‟s, buttons, mug, old Victor needle box; 2 trays; 3 towels; Nipper shakers; 489de. Phonograph – Columbia oak case floor model disc phonograph with vertical inside louvers covering inside horn. 490nj. Nipper – A Stensgaard Nipper free-standing three-dimensional plastic dog. Not framed. Similar example on page 3-52 of Rolfs book.. Stensgaard label on reverse of mounting board. 491de. Phonograph – Aeolian-Vocalion floor model disc phonograph. Style 660-1. SN-185766. 492de. Radio/Phonograph – Combination Crosley phonograph and radio, Style 36TP-L table model unit. 493nj. Victor Packing Tape. Narrow example. Page 2-98 of Rolfs Book. 494de. Phonograph – Victor mahogany case floor model, VV-X. Exhibition reproducer and crank. SN-135763J. 495nj. Victor Motor Oil – Glass bottle “Victor Motor Oil” in wood holder; Also Victor Motor Oil for machines and radios‟ in wood holder and another bottle with no wood holder. 496nj. “Bellak Advertising Thermometer” – Wooden backboard in excellent condition depicting player piano & HMV. Page 284 of Rolfs book. 497de. Phonograph – Nightingale walnut case console machine with crank. Type 704. SN-23415. 498de. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 cylinder phonograph w/crank. 499nj. Nipper – Radiator cap or hood ornament. Marked on bottom “Standard Pittsburgh, PA”. 3-3/4” tall. Page 3-47, Rolfs 500m. Piano Stool – Excellent oak piano stool with ball and claw feet. Refinished and very nice. 501s. Roller Organ – Chautaugua wood cob roller organ with 2 cobs. 502nj. Needle Tins – A nice set of aluminum embossed “His Master‟s Voice” boxes inc. “Half Tone, Soft and Loud” 3 total 503de. Phonograph – Victor VV-210 console mahogany phonograph with Victrola No. 2 reproducer and crank. SN-30687 504nj. Needle Tin – 1000 Victor Needles – Page 2-67 Rolfs book. Very good 505de. Panel to Victor shipping crate. 506nj. Nipper – 10” tall paper machine marked go with green ears. Original Old King Cole label inside base.

507de. Phonograph and Cabinet – Victor VV-IX disc phonograph (oak) w/Exhibition reproducer, crank AND matching single door record cabinet. SN-204635E. 508nj. Pin Tray – Nipper with phonograph. China or porcelain. Page 3-79 of Rolfs book 509nj. Sign – “Hawken – Everything Musical Sign” Pictured on page 2-52 of Rolfs book. A scarce example. 510de. Phonograph – Talk-o-phone “Herbert” (?) table model disc phonograph with back mount brass bell horn, egg and dart cabinet molding and crank. 511nj. Plaque – English Plaque from Coronation Year. Page 3-2, Rolfs book. (Top right corner) 512nj. Needle Tins – Victor Needles “His Master‟s Voice embossed” box 513de. Phonograph – Early Edison Home cylinder phonograph with C reproducer and 2-4 minute lever. SN-298440. Also has crane, record brush and 11 panel morning glory floral painted horn w/pink roses in average condition. 514de. Miscellaneous – Victor V key, Edison grease cup, grain painted record duster, and horn "Tiz-it". 515nj. Sign – “His Master‟s Voice – You Know It By This”, Page 6-2 of Rolfs book. Porcelain one sided sign. 516de. Phonograph – Victor VV-IX mahogany table model disc machine with crank and Exhibition reproducer. SN-46879B? 517nj. Nippers – 2 plaster dogs, modern. 9” and 6-1/2” each. One lot. 518de. Phonograph – Excellent “Royal Grand Zon-o-phone” disc phonograph with Zon-o-phone reproducer, crank and back bracket for horn. The machine is in a mahogany case with front & side panels and ribbed corner pillars. No horn. 519ct. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol, #5599, “Casey Jones”. V. Dalhart. Grade 9. 520nj. Bank – HMV Victrola Can Bank. Fred W. Peabody, Victor Dealer. Newburyport, Mass. Premium Item. Page 2-38, Rolfs book 521jr. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph, 2 minute, C reproducer. SN-6394335 522ct. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol, #5564. “Six Feet of Earth”, F. Luther. Grade 9 523nj. Inkwell – Double inkwell in shape of Victrola console phonograph w/lid label intact & base. Page 2-95, Rolfs book 524nj. Large copper printing plate with His Master‟s Voice in center of same. 525s. Music Box – Cylinder music box with 11” cylinder and inlaid case. Plays 10 tunes, tune indicator, zither attachment, and partial tune sheet. A number of broken teeth. 526s. Roller Organ – Mechanical Orguinette Co. “Style F” in walnut case. Paper roll organ. 527nj. Rare Victor Artist Poster – Released in 1908 depicting Singers and Entertainers. Excellent condition. Picture at the top of Page 2-27 on the left of Rolfs book. 528bfi. Phonograph – Edison H-19 floor model mahogany diamond disc machine. SM-3414 529nj. Judge Print “His Master‟s Voice”. Page 2-8 of Rolfs book. 530bfi. Phonograph – Mahogany Silvertone fancy case floor model “gold” machine. Marked by tag on back A-7049. 531nj. Nipper – Paper Mache, brown ears, painted eyes, 13-1/2”. Front right leg is weak. 532jr. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph. 2 minute machine, C reproducer. SN-548481 533nj. Ornament – Reproduction of Santa and Nipper dated 1902. Page 5-50 of Rolfs. 534nj. Bells – His Master‟s Voice – 3 total. One lot. Page 5-50 of Rolfs book. 535bfi. Phonograph- Edison Diamond Disc C-19 floor model, mahogany phonograph with key. SM-163998 536jr. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph, a 2 minute machine, C reproducer. SN-S101650 537nj. Nipper Trademark Christmas Ornament. Page 5-51 of Rolfs 538nj. Picture Record – Marilyn Monroe “Runnin‟ Wild. 539de. Cylinder Records – 70 blue Amberol. 540de. Cylinder Records – 34 total. 541nj. Cardboard Cutout of Nipper and Gramophone. Scarce cardboard sign. Page 2-8 of Rolfs book. 542bfi. Phonograph – Silvertone oak table model phonograph, complete. Reproducer is loose due to bad tone arm seal. 543jr. Roller Organ – Concert wood cob roller organ with one cob in a very good oak cabinet. 544nj. Watch Fob Medallions. 545bfi. Phonograph – Edison S-19 diamond disc floor model phonograph in mahogany case. 546jr. Ediphone 547nj. Ash tray – Nipper Resin Ashtray. Made in England. Page 3-86 of Rolfs book. 548bfi. Phonograph – Silvertone oak case floor model disc phonograph. Complete. 549nj. Needle Tin – Victor large half tone blue; Victor large half tone turquoise 550s. Music Box – Large cylinder music box w/8” cylinder & 11 broken teeth. Replaced wood in interior of box. 551s. Roller Organ – Gem wood cob roller organ. 552de. Cylinder Records – 30 total 553nj. Electrola Company Medallion. Page 3-81 Rolfs book. 554de. Cylinder Records – 24 total 555jr. Antique cylinder phonograph cover for machine 556nj. Coronation Medal – 1937 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth coronation medal. 557jr. Cover/lid for Victrola floor model machine. 558bfi. Phonograph – Victor VV-XI oak case floor model phonograph with Exhibition reproducer and crank. SN-261486G. 559nj. Victor Artist Puzzle and other items including Employee passes, RCA V Victrola matchbook and membership cards. Puzzle on Page 2-37 of Rolfs book

560de. Cylinder Records – 25 total. 561jhp. Phonograph – Edison A-100 diamond disc floor model phonograph in oak cabinet. 561jhp.1 Cabinet – Oak single door record or sheet music cabinet with backsplash beveled mirror. 561jhp.2 Modern record cabinet with tilt access to record storage area. 561jhp.3 Records – 4 boxes of records, choice. 562nj. Key Chains – One pictured on 5-39. 563nj. Smoking Stand with pipe & music box made by Chevob & Co. Pictured on page 2-19 of Rolfs book. 564jr. Phonograph Horns – 10 total ----Choice 565bfi. Phonograph – Cheney mahogany floor model disc phonograph with 2 reproducers and crank. 566nj. His Master‟s Voice Tin Sign – “Sold Here”. An original tin sign in tin frame. Page 2-50 of Rolfs book. 567de. Horn – Early wooden and painted horn with machine adapter end. Repainted. 568ph. Phonograph – Excellent Victor VV-410 mahogany case console disc phonograph w/Victrola No. 4 reproducer. SN-7250 569nj. Speed Tester – His Master‟s Voice Speed Tester in original box. Page 3-74 of Rolfs book. 570ph. Box of records, etc. 570jr.1 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minutes in boxes no lids 570jr.2 Cylinder Records – 40 – 2 minute, no boxes 570jr.3 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minute, in boxes no lids 570jr.4 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minute, in boxes no lids 570jr.5 Cylinder Records - 40 – 2 minute no boxes 570jr.6 Cylinder Records – 40 – 4 minute no boxes 570jr.7 Cylinder Records – 12 Brown wax 570jr.8 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minute in boxes, no lids 570jr.9 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minute in boxes, no lids 570jr.10 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minute in boxes, no lids 570jr.11 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minutes in boxes with lids 570jr.12 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minutes in boxes, no lids 570jr.13 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minutes in boxes, no lids 570jr.14 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minutes in boxes w/lids 570jr.15 Cylinder Records – 40 – 4 minute no boxes 570jr.16 Cylinder Records – 37 – 4 minute in boxes, no lids 570jr.17 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minute in boxes, no lids 570jr.18 Cylinder Records – 40 – 2 minute black wax, no boxes 570jr.19 Cylinder Records – 40 – 4 minute, no boxes 570jr.20 Cylinder Records – 40- 2 minute including g a number of brown wax 570jr.21 Cylinder Records – 35 – 4 minute in boxes no lids 570jr.22 Cylinder Records – 10 including some Language course. 571nj. Thorn Needle Sharpener – Page 3-74 of Rolfs book. 572ph. Box of records, etc. 573ph. Needle Tin – Red Victor 300 (quantity) needle tin w/HMV. 574nj. RCA Furniture Polish. Page 3-75 of Rolfs book. 575jbl. “Description listed under lot 675 in catalog where it will be sold. 576s. Roller Organ – Concert oak case wood cob roller organ. Partially disassembled. 577s. Cabinet – Mahogany double auto. door music box disc cabinet with changing side tray and divided interior. 578bfi. Horn – Excellent brass bell horn – 20” diameter x 36” long. 579bfi. Horn – Same as above. 580bfi. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder phonograph w/H reproducer, Edison Standard horn, crane and crank. SN-360305D 581jr. Diamond Disc Records – 40 total 581jr.1 Same as above 581jr.2 Same as above 581jr.3 Same as above 581jr.4 38 Diamond Disc records 581jr.5 Over 80 – 78 rpm records 582de. Cylinder Records – 20 total. Various types and conditions. 583de. Same but 22. 584de. Same but 22. 585de. Same but 22 586de. Same but 21 587de. Same but 21 588de. Player Piano Rolls – Approximately 36 total. 589de. Cylinder Records – Approximately 49 cylinder records. 590de. Box full of 20 cylinder records and a group of empty cylinder record boxes.

591de. 592de. 593de. 594de.

Print – Edison Events the Electric Light Bulb. Advertising – Victrola and Columbia 1920‟s and Foreign newspaper ad depicting phonograph. Advertising – “New and Novel” The Graphophone Grand. Giving admission to a showing. Advertising – Print showing Edison‟s phonographs in frame.

End of First Day Catalogued Items. Now we will sell floor machines, parts, records & miscellaneous items in the end room. Day Two – Saturday November 22, 2008 beginning at 9:00 A.M.
595 596de. Discwasher, HMV stained glass piece, Victor needle box & packets, other needle packets, and 4 Victor modern tins 597 598de. Wood HMV record duster. Very good. 599 600s. Music Box – Regina 15-1/2” double comb (long bed) disc music box in a heavily carved mahogany table model case. The teeth are all good and we have the crank. 601s. Roller Organ – “Coronet” paper roll organ in large walnut case. Instruction intact in cover. 602nj. Needle Dispenser – Victor revolving Needle Dispenser with Nipper atop the unit. Pictured on page 2-64 of Rolfs book on Nipper Collectibles as Nipper Needle Display Dispenser. 603ct. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol, #5556. “Cherrie-Chilly Pom Pom Pee”, The Radio Franks. Grade 9. 604 605mw. Nipper paper mache dog measuring approximately 11” tall. In rough condition. 606mw. Nipper 18” paper mache dog with red studded collar. Needs restoration. 607cm. Phonograph – Standard Talking Machine, Model X2, disc table model phonograph w/original red morning glory horn. 608jbl. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder phonograph, 2-4 minute lever, “H” reproducer, complete except horn. SN-332092. 609bfi. Phonograph – Bing Pygmyphone disc phonograph complete with horn, key & 3 Little Wonder records. Poor case paint. 610jbl. Cylinder Records – Band Records in original boxes. 32 total. See owners note. 611jbl. Music Box – Excellent Reginaphone Style 250 disc music box. Plays 15-1/2” discs, has an inside horn, is a combination disc music box and phonograph in an oak serpentine case with matching oak serpentine cabinet that has a pull-out disc changing shelf. Includes eight 15-1/2” disc. A complete unit. SN-2500174 612bfi. Phonograph – Kompact camera phone disc phonograph. Complete. 613bfi. Edison table model Voicewriter. 614jbl. Phonograph – Edison Triumph Model D2 (2-4 minute) cylinder unit w/excellent oak cygnet horn. Complete. SN-78318. 615jbl. Record Cabinet – Very nice oak 6 drawer cylinder record cabinet with large claw feet. 616de. Repeater – The Encore. In the original box. 617bfi. Phonograph – Edison Gem (black) cylinder phonograph w/C reproducer, crank & cover. No horn. SN-308232C 618ep. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder phonograph, 2/4 minute w/ “H” reproducer and a nice bedplate 619de. Belt Buckles – 2 HMV Victor belt buckles. One brass, one marked GEM 620mw. “Barraud” Painting/Chromolithograph – The framed reproduction of the Victor Trademark in oil paint. “His Master‟s Voice” piece was produced is a slightly smaller size and measures 26x20” in original frame. Very good condition with some crazing. See Rolfs book, 2-32. It is hard to believe that there are two in one sale. One from New York and one from the southern part of the United States. 621jbl. Music Box – Ducommun Girod (28181). Cylinder length is 13”. Fully restored by Dave Beck. Excellent playing condition with original tune card. Eight (8) airs. Beautiful inlaid case with key. End drop key wind. 622de. 4 VCR‟s on collecting phonographs. 623bfi. Phonograph – Columbia “BK” cylinder phonograph with Lyre reproducer, crank, cover and all brass horn. 624jbl. Records and Boxes – 36 cylinder records - 20 cylinder records and 16 records in boxes like new. 625s. Music Box – Excellent Criterion 15-3/4” double comb disc comb table model music box. Heavily carved case. No broken teeth. Has crank. One disc. 625jc. Phonograph – Victor “Eldridge R. Johnson” early type M disc phonograph with Concert reproducer and front-mount brass bell horn. SN 8631. Complete and original. Note reference to this machine is in Fabrizio‟s and Paul‟s book “The Talking Machine – revised edition” on page 97 – illustration 3-60. 626s. Roller Organ – Excellent paper roll organ in double spool walnut case. Has one roll. 627s. Music Box Discs – 10 Criterion 15-3/4” discs 628s. Music Box Discs – 9 Criterion 15-3/4” discs 650s. Roller Organ – Grand wood cob roller organ. One cob “Dixie Peer” was written on by owner. The machine plays very well and loud. The cabinets finish is dull and could be enhanced. 651s. Grand Roller organ cob – Messiah Peer

Grand Roller organ cob – Dance Peer Grand Roller organ cob – Washington Post March Grand Roller organ cob – Home Sweet Home Grand Roller organ cob - Minuet Grand Roller organ cob – “Beautiful __________ Waltz” Music Box – Regina Model 13, 15-1/2” disc music box with single comb in a “carved” mahogany case. Excellent condition. Pictured in Q. David Bowers book on page 188. 658cm. Phonograph – Standard Talking Machine (Model A) table model disc phonograph with original black and gold morning glory horn 659bfi. Phonograph – Victor “R” disc phonograph with wood tone arm, Aeolian Vocalion reproducer, and repainted top plate. Brass bell horn with end adapted to reproducer. 660mw. Reproducer – Very rare Victor No. 10 reproducer engraved with HMV on front and around the edge of the same in the original case. Shown in Rolfs book on 2-73 661jbl. Music Box – Stella No. 150 - 15-1/2” double comb disc table model music box in a mahogany case. 12 discs. 54067. Pictured on page 119 of Bowers book. 661.1jbl. Music Box Discs – 1 Stella 15-1/2” disc 661.2jbl. Music Box Discs – 10 Regina 11” discs (Some Porter examples) 661.3jbl. Music Box Discs – 9 Regina 11” discs 661.4jbl. Music Box Discs – 5 Symphonion 8-1/2” discs 661.5jbl. Music Box Discs – 4 Regina 15-1/2” outside drive discs 662bfi. Edison electric Ediphone machine. “Built by Edison for Better Letters” 663de. Miscellaneous – 2 dusters, needle tin, Orthophonic reproducer, radio tube, Nipper porcelain dog, glass, etc. 664ep. Phonograph – Edison “Home” cylinder phonograph, 2 minute, nice bedplate. No reproducer. Looks nice. 665bfi. Phonograph – Harmony disc phonograph with black morning glory horn. Has Exhibition reproducer and crank. 666rm. Misc. – 7 Different Edison First Day Issue Envelopes. Will make a great framed display 667de. Books – 3 Victor record Indexes, 2 Victor records 1921, and How to get the most out of your Victrola 668bfi. Phonograph – Victor VV-VIa disc phonograph in mahogany case w/Orthophonic reproducer. SN-412332 669jbl. Cylinder Records – 29 Vernon Dalhart cylinder records. 670de. Phonograph – Excellent Victor C disc machine with Concert reproducer, record screw, brass horn, leather elbow and crank. SN-11108. 671bfi. Phonograph – Standard Talking Machine disc table model (Style X) phonograph with red morning glory horn. 672jbl. Nipper – Metal Nipper flocked dog bank. No bottom plate. 673de. Book – From Tinfoil to Stereo, First Edition, First Printing, 1959 674cm. Phonograph – Edison Bell cylinder phonograph w/original red embossed morning glory horn. Motor marked. Oak case 675s. Paper Roll Organ – A “Street Organ unit” that plays a small paper roll. The exterior resembles a larger street “Hurdy Gurdy” reed units. The size of the roll is comparable to one that is used on a Celestina unit. 675s. Music Box – Reginaphone Model 155 (?) 15-1/2” disc music box and phonograph. Short bed, single comb. No broken teeth. Has phonograph mechanism with tone arm, reproducer and turntable. SN-255005 676s. Paper Rolls – 6. One lot. 677s. Paper Rolls – 6. One lot. 678ph. Advertising Piece – Interesting “Pathe” counter top advertising rooster, 22” tall x 16” wide. Embossed “Pathe‟ phonographs and records” “No Needles to change”. 679nj. Nipper Statue – 14-1/2” plaster Nipper statue. 680de. Phonograph and Cabinet – Early Edison Triumph with Oak cygnet horn and crane. The unit comes with 5 drawer oak cylinder record cabinet. SN-40260 (1903). Mr. Elliston stated that the unit was once owned by the famous Eugene Jaudas, leader of the Orchestra at the Edison Laboratory in Orange, New Jersey and personal friend of Thomas A. Edison. It was purchased from Mrs. Wilbur Simons of Wainscot, the niece of Eugene Jaudas. 681nj. Victor Straight Pin Advertising Piece. Metal with mirrored back and holes for pins. Page 2-77 variant of Rolfs books 682de. Cylinder Record Cabinet – An oak 5 drawer cylinder record cabinet that matches the one listed above as lot 680de. 683nj. Nippers – 11 Chalk, plaster and iron Nippers including North Shore, advertising and a bookend. Choice 684cm. Phonograph – Thorens “Excelda” Swiss blue cameraphone phonograph. 685nj. Victrola Advertising Mirror. Wurlitzer, Cincinnati. Rectangular variant to one on Page 2-77 of Rolfs book 686de. Oak Phonograph Horn – Victor oak wooden phonograph horn. Some roughness on edge. No elbow. 687ep. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder phonograph, 2/4 minute machine, nice bedplate. No reproducer or crank. 688nj. Needle Case – Excellent Victor Exhibition slanted front Needle Tin Showcase. Pictured on page 2-65 of Rolfs book. 689nj. Stained Glass Window – Stained and leaded glass window depicting His Master‟s Voice. 33-3/4” diameter on an adjustable oak easel. An excellent replica of the tower window on this well made oak easel. 690cm. Phonograph - Thorens “Excelda” Swiss blue camera-phone phonograph 691nj. Advertising pocket mirror. Round. E.M. Abbott Piano Co., on Victrola record. Variant. Page 2-77, Rolfs Book 692nj. Advertising pocket mirror. Round. J.T. Gallagher, Phil, PA. on Victrola record. Variant. Same as above. 693nj. Advertising pocket mirror. Round. M. Steinert and Sons on Victrola record. Pictured on Page 2-77 652s. 653s. 654s. 655s. 656s. 657s.

694nj. 695nj 696nj. 697nj. 698nj. 699jbl.

700s. 701s. 702s. 703s. 704s. 705s. 706s. 707s. 708s. 709s. 710cm. 711de. 712ep. 713de. 714jbl.

715de. 716rm. 717de.

Needle Tins – All Tungs-Tone. Orange, Yellow/Gold; Samples; Red lettering; Blue; etc. 7 total. Needle Box – Unopened – HMV – Green label. “The Pianissimo” Page 5-49 Letter Opener – Victor and HMV. Advertising Slides – 3 glass advertising slides. Various Dealers. One Lot. Page 2-90 of Rolfs Book. Music Box – Excellent Mira Style 260, Grand floor model (console) machine in a decal-decorated mahogany cabinet. There are fifteen (14 or 15) - 18-1/2” discs in very good condition. Case is in original condition and measures 39-1/2” high x 30” wide x 22-1/2” deep. Pictured on page 121 of Bowers Book. Roller Organ – McTammany Organette Co. paper roll organ. Walnut case with good stenciling. Roller Organ Cobs – 6 Roller Organ Cobs – 6 Roller Organ Cobs – 6 Roller Organ Cobs – 6 Roller Organ Cobs – 6 Roller Organ Cobs - 6 Roller Organ Cobs - 3 Cylinder Record – Edison Royal Purple “29041” Paper Rolls for Organs – 3 Phonograph – Cameraphone (1924) English picnic player w/tortoiseshell horn. Ephemera – Instructions for Victrola XI (2), The Victrola, Record postcard, Talking Wax (Hughbanks) Phonograph – Camera style pocket phonograph, complete with “tortoiseshell” horn. Book – Look for the Dog, Baumbach, New edition Music Box – An excellent Mermod Freres Sublime Harmony interchangeable cylinder music box (2 – 17-3/4” cylinders with storage drawer) and Jacot and Sons, New York celluloid tag in back of same. Swiss made. The machine has a tune indicator, speed adjustment and outside crank. 2 comb unit. Fully restored by Dave Beck. Book – Uncle Josh‟s Punkin Center Stories. The Talking Machine Stories by Cal Stewart. Copyright 1905 Book - Menlo Park Reminiscences, F. Jehl. Volume 1. 1937 Book – New Guide to Recorded Music, Irving Kolodin

718.1dd 718.2dd 718.3dd. 718.4dd. 718.5dd. 718.6dd. 718.7dd. 718.8dd. 718.9dd. 718.10dd 718.11dd 1926 Day Fan, Model Daycraft 7, Battery Set, SN-50796. Center knob not correct. Good condition. 1925 Freed Eisemann, Model NR7, Barry set w/headphones. Excellent condition. 1925 Grebe, Model MU1, Battery Set, SN-YPNE. Excellent working condition 1920‟s Jewett Radio Speaker. Very good working condition. 1950‟s Magnavox Radio/Phonograph. Radio works. Excellent condition 1931 Philco Model 90 Cathedral Radio, SN-534994, in excellent restored working condition. 1931 Philco Model 70 Cathedral Radio, SN-B27520. Very good condition, but has hum. 1929 RCA Radiola, Model 33 with legs. SN-259263EL. Parts Set. 1929 RCA Radiola, Model 33 (no legs). SN-30530EM. Parts Set. 1920‟s Kit, 4 Tube Battery Radio. Has battery meter and porcelain tube sockets. 2 Boxes of miniature radio tubes.

Phonographs – Music Boxes – Box Lots Box Lot – Book The Talking Machine by Weber, Porcelain modern sign, all sorts of papers related to collecting. Cylinder Records – 32 Vernon Dalhart cylinder records Victor “V” key Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberola, 5553, “Mamma‟s Grown Young, Pap‟s Grown Old”, J. Kaufman. Grade 9. Group of items including machine plates, needle tins, Nipper piece and advertising premium pieces. Nipper – 9” porcelain bank Nipper. Roller Organ – Gem Roller Organ – Sears, Roebuck and Co. wood cob roller organ Music Box – Imperial Symphonion 13-1/2” disc music box in mahogany case. The double comb machine has no broken teeth and plays well. On-Off control needs attention. Case condition is excellent. 19 Discs. 727s. Carved Box for storage of music box discs with 9 Regina 15-1/2” discs. 727jbl. Music Box Discs – 10 Regina 12-1/4” outside drive discs 727.1jbl. Music Box Discs – 10 Regina 12-1/4” outside drive discs 727.2jbl. Music Box Discs – 11 Regina 12-1/4” outside drive discs 728jbl. Cylinder Records – 26 – Two minute wax cylinder records 729de. Book – Thomas Edison – Benefactor of Mankind. Francis, Trevelyan, Miller 719de. 720jbl. 721de. 722ct. 723de. 724jbl. 725s. 726s.


730nj. 731nj. 732nj. 733nj. 734jbl. 735de. 736nj. 737jbl. 738nj. 739s. 740ep. 741nj. 742jbl.

743de. 744nj. 745nj. 746cm. 747nj. 748jbl. 749de. 750s. 751s. 752ep. 753de. 754de. 755rm. 756jbl. 757de. 758jbl. 759ep. 760de. 761de. 762cm. 763de. 764jbl. 765de. 766jbl. 767de. 768rm. 769de. 770de. 771de. 772ct. 773jbl. 774cm. 775s. 776s. 777ct. 778ep. 779nj. 780jbl. 781nj.

Phonograph – Columbia BY “Improved Imperial” disc phonograph with serpentine mahogany cabinet, rear-mount smooth mahogany horn. External metal parts replated. See Fabrizio‟s and Paul‟s book “The Talking Machine – revised edition”, page 147 – illustration 4-49. Tip Tray – Berliner Gram-o-phone. Round w/red border. Gram-o-phone priced from $15 to $65 Page 2-50 of Rolfs boo Tip Tray – Berliner Gram-o-phone. E. Berliner. Blue border. “Sold on easy terms.” Page 2-50 of Rolfs book Tip Tray – Berliner Gram-o-phone. Black border rectangular. Page 2-50 of Rolfs book Tip Tray – Berliner Gram-o-phone. Round w/black border. Page 2-50 of Rolfs book Cylinder Records – 32 records, All Everlasting 2 minute. 2 - 2004 Thomas Edison Commemorative Coin. U.S. Mint. Proof Silver Dollar coin in box. Puzzles – Choice – 7 – “His Master‟s Voice”. Stained Glass Window Puzzle. Page 5-20 of Rolfs book. Spring – Spring for Victor III phonograph. Nipper Dog – 13-1/2” – Paper Mache. Brown ears. Cylinder Records in case – 24 cylinder records in average condition. Phonograph – Edison Amberola V cylinder with C reproducer. Paperweight – His Master‟s Voice. Wurlitzer – Cincinnati. Glass Cylinder Records – 32 total. - Harry Lauder – 3-It‟s nice when you hove a Wee Lassie; Just a Wee Goodbye; „Til We Meet Again; A Wee Hoose „Mang The Heather; Breakfast In Bed; A Wee Hoose „Mang the Heather; I love a Lassie; Mr. John Mackie, series 5000; Just a Wee Dock and Doris; She‟s My Daisy AND Sousa arrangements including Jolly Fellows Waltz; 3-Manhattan Beach; United Service Passing In Review; 2-Stars and Stripes Forever; Three Quotations; Who Paid the Rent for Mrs. Rip Van Winkle; Angel‟s Dream; King Cotton March; Whistler and His Dog; Saber and Spurs March; Chicago Tribune March; Medley of War Songs; Fourth of July Patrol; U.S. Mint – Edison Collectors Set, 2004 silver coin. Letter Opener. “Silas E. Pearsall Company” w/His Master‟s Voice. Needle Tin – Pink His Master‟s Voice, 50, Long Life Golden Needles. Phonograph – Mikiphone (1926) Swiss picnic player with plastic horn in round silver case. Straight Pin Advertising Piece. Front and back view shown on page 2-77 of Rolf‟s book Cylinder Records – 32 Vaudeville records Book – Edison – The Man who made the future. Clark Roller Organ – Gately Automatic Organ, Boston. Paper roll organ with one roll Music Box – Britannia 11-3/4” (B.H.A.), B.H. Abrahams, St. Croix, Switzerland. Single comb. Very good sound. One broken tooth. In Bowers book on page 243. Phonograph – Edison Amberola VI cylinder phonograph with reproducer. Book – Edison – A biography by Matthew Josephson. Book – Edison – A Century of Light – James A. Cox Book – Edison (soft cover) “Inspiration To Youth”, 1954 Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph w/C reproducer. SN-598520. Complete except no horn. Very good Book – Edison and the Electric Chair. A Story of Light and Death. Essig. Cylinder Records - 32 Records – All original boxes and lids except three. Like new. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 cylinder phonograph with reproducer. No crank. Book – Edison, Inventing the Century. Neil Baldwin Book - Same Phonograph – Mikkyphone (1929) Japanese picnic player in metal case (missing case handle) Book Set – Edison Diamond Disc Record Labels and Discography by Charles Gregory. All 4 volumes. One lot. Cylinder Records - 40 Records – Amberola – 4 minute. One lot 3 Antique pamphlets on Edison records. Cylinder Records Group – Over 30 coins and medallions of Edison, Edison bottle, First Day cover, Edison oil bottle, parts & others. Vogue Record – 732/13 Reproducer – Edison H reproducer. Reproducer – Edison H reproducer w/weight ring. Reproducer – Edison C reproducer w/weight ring Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberola – ”Soliloquy”, Donaldson. Grade 9. Cylinder Record – 25 records including Lauder, Christmas, Humphrey, Jazz, etc. Phonograph – Mignonphone (c.1928) Swiss blue picnic player w/leatherette horn. Music Box Discs – 8 – Symphonion 9-1/2” music box discs. Music Box Discs – 8 – 12-1/4” Symphonion (?) music box discs Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberola –5515, “Sunshine”, V. DeLeath. Grade 9. Phonograph – Edison Amberola X cylinder phonograph complete with reproducer in working condition. Nice. Nipper Statue – 17-1/2” Zinc Nipper Statue with glass eyes. Average condition. Similar item on page 2-43 of Rolfs book Phonograph – Edison Home “Suitcase” cylinder phonograph with “H” reproducer and crank. SN-H33137. Metal Record Display Holder – Rare antique metal record display holder w/back support. Page 2-92 of Rolfs book

782jbl. 783nj. 784nj. 785jbl.

786dd. 787nj. 787dd. 788nj. 789jbl. 790nj. 791rm. 792jbl. 793nj. 794ct. 795jbl 796nj. 797cm. 798jbl. 799nj. 800s. 801s.

802s. 803md. 804md. 805md. 806md. 807md. 808md. 809md. 810s. 811s. 812s. 813nj. 814md. 815s. 816s. 817s. 818s. 819s. 820s. 821nj. 822md. 823nj. 824nj. 825s. 826nj 827rm. 828jbl. 829nj. 830jbl. 831nj. 832cm. 833nj. 834de. 835de.

Phonograph – Pathe Diamond table model machine in mahogany cabinet. Horn repainted. Very good. Calendar – His Master‟s Voice. RCA Victor Television. 1956. Sund TV, California. Framed Calendar – 1909 His Master‟s Voice. W.C. Bauman. Pianos, Organs & Musical Instruments. Lock Haven, PA. Framed Music Box – George Baker-Troll Company, Geneva, Switzerland. An interchangeable cylinder Sublime Harmony Piccolo Bell large cylinder music box. Ten bells, zither attachments, original tune sheet, three (3) - 16-1/4” cylinders, tune indicator and ratchet wind. 4 comb machine. Television – 1950‟s Motorola TV – Model 21K73B, SN-649243, Blonde Mahogany. Very good condition. Nipper Bank – 6” Nipper metal “flocked” bank. Television – 1950‟s Mallory Ultra High Frequency Television Channel Unit, SN-542823, Very good condition. HMV Framed Print and Poem. 1969. Requiem for Little Nipper. Cylinder Records – 32 total. Most with original boxes and lids. Vaudeville Coffee and tea pot with phonographs on lids. Vogue Record – 771, Art Kassel Phonograph – Edison Fireside Model B cylinder phonograph with crank and all brass horn. No clips on case. SN-109396 Brass Victor Fire Hose Nozzle – Marked V.T.M. Co.. 14” long. Pictured on page 2-96 of Rolfs Book Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol – 5503, “Red Headed Widow Was the Cause of It All”, W. Hodgin. Grade 7. Cylinder Records – 32 all in original boxes, like new. Victor replica of three dimensional His Master‟s Voice. Victor‟s Wreath for First Prize at St. Louis. Phonograph – Mignonphone (C.1928) Swiss red picnic player with leatherette horn. 5” Cylinder Record – Columbia in excellent condition. Nipper Calling Card Holder – Pictured on page 3-45 of Rolf‟s book. Roller Organ – Celestina paper roll organ Music Box – A fantastic Paillard and Company, St. Croix, Switzerland Interchangeable cylinder music box. There are 5 – 14-5/8” cylinders, double comb, double spring on right crank winding side of unit, tune indicator, mandolin attachment, cast bronze handles and a heavily inlaid case. This is an exceptional machine from the West Virginia collection. Music Box Discs – 17 Regina 15-1/2” music box discs Cylinder Records – 20 total. Cylinder Records – 20 total Cylinder Records – 20 total Cylinder Records – 20 total Cylinder Records – 10 total. 4 blue Amberol and 6 others. Box lot of 78 rpm record albums and empty sleeves Box of 78 rpm albums and records. Music Box Discs – 21 Regina – 12-1/4” outside drive discs. Music Box Discs – 20 Regina 15-1/2” music box discs. Music Box Discs – 2 - 15-3/4” Symphonion disc music box. Nipper – Paper Mache 11” dog with painted eyes and green ears. Roller Organ Cobs – 15 wood roller cobs for roller organ. Music Box Discs – 10 Regina 15-1/2” outside drive music box discs. Same Same Same Same Same Nipper – 10” dog with black ears and painted eyes. Phonograph – Columbia Graphophone “BKT” cylinder machine with 8 panel back mount horn. Complete & Sharp. Antique Store Victor Record Sign – “Chiquita”. Waltz played by Victor Arden. New Orthophonic Victor Records Clock – Mirrored face 8” diameter dial wall clock marked Victor, “LaVozDel Amo” Music Box – Early cylinder music box with 15” cylinder. Triple comb with hidden percussion (drum, etc), and hidden bells. Similar box pictured on page 35 of Bowers book. The box is has a brass inlay in the cover. Lighted Sign with HMV in box. Victor Talking Machine Company, 1901. HMV. 9-1/2x11” Records – Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, Ford Orchestra, and Sun label Johnny Cash Folsom Prison (78 rpm) Cylinder Records – 32 Vaudeville Calendar – “His Master‟s Voice” Calendar. Radio & Records. Pictured on page 3-16 of Rolfs book. 5” Cylinder Record – Excellent example in Columbia box. Nipper Statue – 14” Nipper paper machine statue, painted eyes and brown ears. Unmarked. Phonograph – Peter Pan, English picnic player with leatherette horn. Puzzle – His Master‟s Voice” Puzzle. Rectangular w/Nipper. Page 3-17 of Rolfs book. Horn – Edison No. 10 cygnet horn. Horn – Edison No. 10 cygnet horn.

836nj. 837jbl. 838nj. 839cm. 840de. 841nj. 842jbl 843nj. 844de. 845cm. 846nj. 847jbl. 848. 849cm. 850s. 851ct. 852jbl. 853nj. 854cm. 855jbl. 856nj. 857nj. 858jbl. 859nj. 860jbl. 861jbl. 862nj. 863nj. 864jbl. 865nj. 866rm. 867cm. 868nj. 869de. 870ct. 871nj. 872jbl. 873jbl. 874nj. 875ct. 876cm. 877nj. 878cm 879cm. 880nj. 881jbl. 882jbl.


Antique Store Victor Record Sign – “Invitation to the Waltz”, played by Leopold Stokowski and the Phil. Symphony Orchestra. The Gift that keeps on giving, “Victor Records” Music Box – Mira 6-7/8” mahogany case disc music box. No broken teeth, plays very well with original lid picture, crank and 12 discs. Calendar – 1951 “Season‟s Greetings.” , Sneedville Electric Co., Sneedville, TN. Variant to one on Page 3-16 in book. Phonograph – Kompact (Plaza Music Company (c.1925) American picnic player (missing case handle) Horn – 30” all brass phonograph. Advertisement (framed) – Will there be a Victrola in your home this Christmas? Artists and Santa ;under the tree. Cylinder Records – 32 Vaudeville Sign – French “Radio” sign with Nipper. His Master‟s Voice. Metal. Page 3-9 of Rolfs book Floor crane – Assembled horn floor crane. Phonograph – The Midget (c.1929) English (?) picnic player, missing case handle. Advertisement – Victor Talking Machine, Saturday Evening Post. The Voice of Melba, Caruso and others with Nipper. 5” empty box and 5” record (cracked) in box. One lot Sign – French Trademark Sign – Cardboard. His Master‟s Voice. Page 3-9 of Rolfs book Phonograph – Pixie Grippa Perophone (c.1929), English picnic player, missing horn. Music Box – Polyphon Style 105 – 15-1/2” coin operated disc phonograph. An upright double comb, counter top unit with base drawer in a walnut cabinet. Plays well w/crank and key. No broken teeth. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol – #5502, “Baby Your Mother”, W. Scanlan. Grade 9. Horn Cranes – Approximately 11 horn cranes ranging from Gem & Fireside to Floor. Choice. Puzzle – All that, the Victrola gives to other it will give to you. Miniature Artist in living room next to phonograph. Pictured on page 2-37 of Rolfs book. Phonograph – Edison Model C250 diamond disc floor model phonograph in Chippendale style case. Gold plated mechanism, automatic stop, lock and “E” Edison key. Fitted also with gold plated after market battery light. Cylinder Records - Special 32 total including 5000 Series, Dalhart, Lauder, Edison blanks, Everlastings, etc. Group of Victor, Victrola and Radio paper items in display case Nipper bank, 9”, porcelain. RCA. Made in Japan. Phonograph – Victor “R” disc phonograph with Exhibition reproducer, wood tone arm and black horn. SN-40567 Group in display case including “His Master‟s Voice” story, Robert White Tenor, needles, Victor dial list, etc. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder unit w/2-4 minute w/lever control, H reproducer &crank. Clean unit. SN-H221394 Cylinder Records – 27 cylinders, all 2 minute wax. Framed HMV “The Hallmark of Quality” Needle Tins – HMV – Red; Blue Melba; Green “La Voix”; Brown Ex. Loud; Yellow Half Tone; Phonograph – Early Home cylinder phonograph. Not complete. H42691 Fan – Fan shape, showing dancing couples next to phonograph. Spears Music Co., Rome, NY. Album – Ellington, Multi-record set. Excellent. Phonograph – Edison A-100 Modern diamond disc floor model phonograph. SM-9040 Group of paper including Victor talking machines and records (letter), RCA telephone directory, Wendheiser‟s Music Store w/HMV on back; HMV & Victor Exhibit mailing post card for San Francisco Exhibit, Victrola X instructions, etc. Phonograph – Columbia Grafonola mahogany case table model disc phonograph w/louver speakers. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberola. 5246 (original lid) “Cluck Old Man”, Fiddlin Powers. Grade 9. Calendar – “His Master‟s Voice”. Marvel Art Calendar. Music Box – Delft tea tile with music box movement on base. 6 airs. Tune card intact on bottom. Approximately 30 empty cylinder record boxes. Novelty – Victor record shaped pieces (2) with Bridge, card game instructions on reverse. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol, #5190. “Sesquicentennial Expo”, Sodero‟s Band. Grade 7. Phonograph – Victor Victrola Model XVI floor model mahogany phonograph. “L Shaped Doors”. The unit has a lock & “V”, 10 original record albums marked A thru J, as well as an unused record index. Paper – Sales tags (large and small, Little Nipper Record Club, etc. Page 2-97 of Rolfs book Dictaphone recording machine, table model. Phonograph – Victor Orthophonic VV-4-3 floor model disc phonograph. Needle Cutter – “His Master‟s Voice Limited” fibre needle cutters in original box 2 small miscellaneous music and trinket boxes. Cylinder Records – 29 Total - Blitz and Blatz at the Ballgame; I can‟t say you‟re the only one; Lonesome; I‟m afraid to come home in the dark; Casey Jones; Goodbye Broadway, Hello France; Silver Bells; Every Day will be Sunday when…; A Bullfrog „am no nightingale; The traveling salesman; When I get you alone tonight; On the Old Front Porch; Goodbye Alexander; In Siam; Snow Deer; AND all of the following Uncle Josh – At the Roller Skating Rink; Ground Hog Day; Aunt Nancy‟s Visit To NY; Trip to Coney Island; At a Bug House; Jim Lawson‟s Horse Trade; At a Camp Meeting; And the Lightning Rod Agent; In a Dept. Store; In a Chinese Laundry; On a Bicycle; Gets A Letter From Home; I‟d like to be a Soldier Boy in Blue, Harlow; Tenting On the Old Camp Ground, Quartet; ONE LOT Duster – Plastic duster marked La Voix De Son Maitre, made of plastic in original cardboard box.

884ct. 885dd. 886nj. 887dd. 888jbl. 889nj. 890rm. 891jbl. 892nj. 893jbl. 894nj. 895cm. 896nj. 897ct. 898jbl. 899nj. 900nj. 901ct. 902cm. 903nj. 904nj. 905jbl. 906nj. 907nj. 908nj. 909nj. 910nj. 911cm. 912ct. 913dd. 914nj. 915nj. 916cm. 917nj. 918dd. 919nj. 920nj. 921jbl. 922nj. 923dd. 924nj. 925jbl. 926cm. 927nj. 928dd. 929jbl. 930nj. 931nj. 932nj. 933nj. 934nj. 935cm. 936nj. 937nj. 938rm. 939cm. 940nj. 941dd. 942dd. 943nj.

Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol - #5170 (original lid), “The Drunkards Lone Child”, V. Dalhart. Grade 9. Wire Recorder – 1950‟s Webster wire recorder, Model 15-1. Not working. Tack Pin – Nipper Gramophone tack pin and chain. Page 3-82 of Rolfs book. Recorder – 1960‟s Sony Reel to Reel Recorder. SN-77118. Not working. Phonograph – Edison cylinder phonograph with C reproducer in weight ring for use with cygnet horn. SN-S299507. Straight Pin Advertising Piece – His Master‟s Voice – Pictured on page 2-77 of Rolfs book 2 Piece 45 Picture sleeves – ½ full, 7 Elvis, Checker, Darim, etc. Basically Rock. Leatherette record case for carrying 78 rpm records. Sleeves inside. Thimbles – 7 different Nipper plastic thimbles. Page 3-83 of Rolfs book 2 Boxes of Edison Diamond Disc record sleeves. Nipper – Paper mache, 12” with brown ears and painted eyes. Phonograph – Pathe Model XI floor model disc phonograph. Original box of Victor Fibre (wooden) needles and original box of Victor motor grease Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol - #5089 (original lid), “Rock All Our Babies to Sleep”, Thompson. Grade 9. Edison diamond disc motor and bedplate parts and Fischer 78 rpm player works, Needle Holders – “His Master‟s Voice”. Multi-compartment with revolving cover. Same as above. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol - #5088 (original lid), “The Letter Edged in Black”, V. Dalhart. Grade 9 Phonograph – Pooley console model disc phonograph. Pooley Furniture Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sun Glasses – 3 pairs of RCA glasses, one box – one lot Needle Tins – 6 Victrola Tungs-Tone Stylus (3-Soft tone, Sample, Ex. Loud, & The Tungstyle Gramophone-Extra Loud) Diamond Disc Records – 40 “white label”, excellent Lighter – Zippo Cigarette lighter in original box with RCA and HMV. Page 3-84 of Rolfs Lighter – Zippo Cigarette lighter in original box , “Nipper Forever” Similar to one on page 5-40 of Rolfs book Lighter – Zippo Cigarette lighter in original box. Nipper Forever. Nipper – Antique 14” plaster Nipper dog with brown ears. Some cracks. Nipper – Nipper (Made by Old King Cole Company w/label), 14” example with glass eyes. Page 2-48, Rolfs book. Phonograph – Sonora (c.1918) floor model disc phonograph w/gold plated mechanism, automatic stop and record index Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol. #5080. “Stone Mountain Memorial”. V. Dalhart. Grade 9. Book – “Talking Wax”, by Leroy Hughbanks, 1945, Very good condition with dust cover. Nipper – Scarce “Squeaky” Nipper toy. 4” soft rubber squeaking Japanese toy. Page 3-38 of Rolfs book Same as above. Slight separation behind ear. Phonograph – Stewart round disc table model phonograph. Nipper Statue – 6” porcelain bank. RCA Corporation. Made in Japan. Roller Organ Cobs – 8 total (each) including Hot time in the old town; Yankee Doodle; Home Sweet Home; Massa‟s In the Cold Ground; On the Banks of the Wabash; Blue Bells of Scotland; Irish Mask; We Shall Meet Beyond The River; Advertising Pocket Mirror – Victor record. Page 2-77 of Rolfs book. Bottom right. Same as above. Phonograph – Victor mahogany case VV-50 portable phonograph with Exhibition phonograph. Advertising Pocket Mirror. HMV. Page 2-77 of Rolfs book. (top center) Phonograph – Edison (1919) Model C-19 diamond disc phonograph w/mahogany cabinet. SM77948. Very good, works Nipper – Porcelain Nipper used under the license from G.E. Corp. Sarsaparilla, Korea. 8-1/2” Diamond Disc Record – 38 “white label” records, excellent Phonograph – Bing Pigmyphone (c.1930) green child‟s phonograph. No horn. Nipper Advertising Pins – 4 total. One lot. 1”x1-1/4” celluloid Nipper advertising pins. Page 2-79 of Rolfs book. Parts – Miscellaneous phonograph motors. Choice. Diamond Disc Records – 40 “white label” diamond discs, excellent Nipper Watch Fob – Top right on page 2-78 of Rolfs book. Nipper Watch Fobs – 3 total. Similar to ones pictured on page 2-78 of Rolfs book Nipper Watch Fobs – 2. One lot. HMV. Enameled examples. Pictured on page 3-69, Rolfs book. Needle Tins – Large brown Half tone; 3 green tungs-tone and 2 red tungs-tone. Needle Tins – Light red (200) Loug; “Grammophon” HMV Mittellaut; Dark green RCA Victor Agujas; Red Victor 300; Phonograph – Carola child‟s floor model (black) phonograph. The Nightingale of Phonographs, Cleveland. Ruler – Geo. C. Beckwith Company, Minneapolis. Radio, Wholesale Only, Victor Records, Victrola‟s. Etc. Nipper – 11-1/2” paper mache Nipper dog with brown ears and painted eyes. 21 – 12/45 rpm with sleeves (contemporary and easy listening; 9 sleeves only, etc. Phonograph – Lindstrom Model 276 (c. 1930) electric child‟s phonograph with graphics. Pin – HMV – Wurlitzer-Cincinnati. Advertising round piece. Top round pin on page 3-81 of Rolfs book Miscellaneous – 7 Hoosier Spice Jars (Reproductions) Miscellaneous – Oak desk lamp, 4 pane stained glass, very good condition. Nipper – HMV Nipper stuffed 23” tall.

944nj. 945de. 946de. 947de. 948nj. 949cm. 950dd. 951nj. 952dd. 953nj. 954nj. 955de. 956de. 957nj. 958nj. 959cm. 960ct. 961dd. 962nj. 963dd. 964rm. 965dd. 966nj. 967nj. 968cm. 969nj. 970dd. 971nj. 972cm. 973dd. 974dd. 975nj. 976jbl. 977nj. 978jbl. 979cm. 980nj. 981jbl. 982cm. 983nj. 984jbl. 985jbl. 986nj. 987cm. 988nj. 989nj. 990jbl. 991jbl. 992nj. 993nj. 994nj. 995jbl. 996nj. 997nj. 998jbl. 999nj. 1000nj.

Statue – RCA Victor Distributing Corp. Chicago. Awarded to Dealers with Outstanding Sales. Page 4-8, Rolfs book. Player Piano Rolls – 33 total. Player Piano Rolls – 35 total Player Piano Rolls – 36 total Pennant – Japanese Pennants. Blue and Red w/HMV logo. Page 3-92 of Rolfs book. Phonograph – French toy player in leatherette case, unmarked. 1919 Renu Life, Quack Doctor Outfit, SN-1162125 with instruction manual. Very good condition, works. Excellent display of 7 Victor Employee pass pins, Dealer pin, Little Nipper Club Member and others. One lot. 1920‟s Genesee Electric, Quack Doctor Pad, Very good condition. Nipper – 18” Nipper – Radio Corp. of America. Stuffed dog. Nipper Cut-Out – No base, approximately 15” tall. Originally had back self standing support. Music Box Discs – 3 Stella 17-1/4” music box discs. One lot. Music Box Discs – 2 Symphonion 9-1/2” music box discs. One lot. Nippers – 2 Stuffed dogs. RCA and HMV. One lot. Porcelain oval sign marked “HMV” made for The Gramophone Co. Ltd., white, middle side, Page 2-73, Rolfs book. Phonograph – Red octagon base toy player with cardboard horn (and spare horn), missing key. Cylinder Record – Edison Blue Amberol. #5011. “In the Baggage Car Ahead”, V. Dalhart. Grade 9 Toy – Cragston's “Crapshooter”, mechanical toy. In excellent working condition. A group of discs, advertising tokens, Victor, Gramophone, Discos, Nipper tie tacks, ash tray, pill box, matches, tag, RCA (HMV) money clip, coasters, Japanese coasters, Cigarette Stand – 1930‟s Art Deco cigarette stand with night light. Missing lighter. Small Group including Christmas/Frosty/Rudolph/Showboat; Girl Scout-Rhythm and Blues. Mantle Piece – Old Horse Drawn Carriage Mantle Piece, 25” long x 8” wide x 8” high; Good condition Wrist Watches – Nipper and Chipper. From the maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife in the original box. Same Phonograph – “Baby” black steel toy phonograph with Little Wonder record. 3 Stuffed Nipper – HMV, RCA and “Santa” Nipper. One lot. Old Yale brass padlock w/2 keys Cigarette Lighters – 8 – Various types and ages. Choice. Phonograph – Victrola portable suitcase player, black. Old Slaymaker 6 lever padlock w/key Eleven (11) assorted clock winding keys. Money Clip with initial “S” and RCA/HMV. Phonograph – Outing 1998 Nipper Calendar Phonograph – Birch Model 700 portable suitcase phonograph. Complete. Phonograph – Victor VV-VI table model disc phonograph. Spring is broken, but has spare. Group of Tie Tacks – RCA/HMV. 7 total. One lot. Phonograph – Edison Triumph bedplate, motor and carriage. No cabinet. Phonograph – Outing portable phonograph. Rocker Blotter – Victor/HMV. Howard George Victrola‟s, Victor Records, Frankford, PA. Page 3-91, Rolfs book. Phonograph – Outing suitcase model disc phonograph in wood case. Diamond Disc Records – 39 “white label” diamond disc, excellent Nipper Limited Edition Plate Phonograph – Geib electric portable phonograph. RCA Victor Authorized Dealer Signs. Frank Shumski. Gold color. Page 3-2, Rolfs book. Same as above, but silver Olde Tyme Music Scene, Boonton, USA. Page 3-2, Rolfs book. Phonograph – Victor III (marked Victor V on plate) with Exhibition Reproduction and black Victor horn. SN-35368. Automaton – Automaton of Bisque girl playing the piano. Key wind and in working condition. Nipper Phonograph and Dog in box salt and peppers; 3 HMV Tray; Frisbee‟s; Nipper figurine; Nipper Stained Glass Window dedication, 1979 paperweight; License plate; Tin; 2 HMV glasses; Store Poster – Francaise du Gramophone. Juillet 1935. Booklet – The Cleveland Talking Machine Co. booklet. Celluloid cover w/badge & green paper. Page 2-81, Rolfs book Diamond Disc – 40 black label diamond disc records, excellent Framed ad of Victor w/Santa; Group of Victor Record books; World‟s Greatest Books; What we hear in music; 1938-39 Recorded music; 2 Victor record indexes; How to get the most out of your Victrola HMV cigar band. Suitcase for cylinder records – 36 records. Part of the pegs missing. Needle Tins – Victor green extra loud; Victor red full tone, HMV red; HMV blue fibre needles & HMV yellow half tone Paper – Kansas City Home of the Edison and Victor Talking Machines

1001nj. Paper – Postcards (3) One lot. Victor (Stewart Talking Machine Co.) Woman with calendar 1917; The Fair, Victrola Dept. Fairfield, Iowa; The Music Temple, Greater NY Phonograph Co., 1920. One lot. 1002nj. Paper – Booklet with celluloid cover – A.J. Lindgren, Duluth, Minnesota. Victor/HMV with butterfly 1003nj. 4 Excellent Victor Advertising Cards – 7”x10”. Early HMV on front with Gramophone. The reverse of card gives information on “You the Know the Dog. And the dealers in the United States. CHOICE. 1004jbl. Cylinder – Group of 12 Blue Amberol in original cardboard shipping box. 1005jbl. Cylinder Record Suitcase - 48 pegs. Fully intact. A nice example. 1006nj. 2 Sets of Nipper salt and pepper shakers; 1007nj. Record Books – 1919, 1920, 1922, 1923 and 1924. Victor. 5 total. One lot. 1008jbl. Phonograph – Edison Home cylinder phonograph with C reproducer. A nice clean unit. SN-H139694 1009jbl. Phonograph – Kompact portable “cameraphone” style phonograph. 1010nj. 2 Sets of Nipper salt and pepper shakers; 1011nj. Record Books – Victor 1940, 1915, 1929, Library of Famous Voices & Music Appreciation w/Victrola for Children‟s. 1012jbl. Autoharp unit in good condition. 1013nj. Metal Victor Record. His Master‟s Voice 1014jbl. Phonograph – Peter Pan portable Cameraphone leather case machine. Switzerland. 1015nj. Record Books – 7 Victor monthly record books. 1016nj. Record Books – 7 Victor monthly record books. 1017jbl. Group of 9 reproducers for 78 rpm disc phonographs. Choice. 1018nj. Nipper, Salt and Pepper Set, compliments of your RCA Victor Dealer. In original box. 1019nj. Stick Pin – Victor – HMV oval stick pin 1020jbl. Group of phonograph and music box cranks – Choice. 1021jbl. Phonograph – Kameraphone portable phonograph. Complete. 1022nj. RCA Limited Edition Airplane in box.. Page 5-31 of Rolfs book. 1023cm. Candlestick telephone 1024nj. Nipper items – Statue, RCA mugs; Sarsaparilla dogs, linen w/HMV and others 1025jbl. 4 Modern Rastus “Dancer” with base. Choice 1026nj. Needle Tin – Gramophone Needles – HMV, Berliner Gramophone Co. Limited. 1000 needles. Red and gold. 1027cm. Typewriter – Antique Blickensderfer, #7, Sanford, Ct. An interesting unit. 1028nj. Paper – 12 Copies “The Voice of Victor” magazines and a letter to an employee regarding insurance. Choice. 1029cm. Needles – Bags of steel, Tungs-Tone, German and wood fibre needles. Per bag. 1030nj. Advertising Pocket Mirrors – 2 round examples w/HMV. Cream HMV and a Red example 1031jbl. Records – 3 full albums of 78 rpm records of “Two Black Crow‟s” 1032nj Records and Albums including Mario Lanza; Bambi; Little Black Sambo; Danny Kaye, 2 Roy Rogers; Pinocchio; Cinderella, One lot. 1033nj. Antique “His Master‟s Voice” Fibre Needle Cutter in original box. 1034 1035nj. Paper – Instructions of the Victor III; Instructions of the Victor IV; and miscellaneous 1036nj. Modern cast iron Nipper (HMV) on cast iron base. 1037 1038nj. Nipper Salt and Pepper Sets (Dog & Phonograph), presented by your RCA Dealer, in box. 1039cm. Phonograph – Kameraphone picnic phonograph. Incomplete. 1040nj. Clock – Fenton glass Nipper table clock. Page 5-32 of Rolfs book. 1041cm. Cylinder Records – Good cylinder records in boxes (15 total) with an additional 6 empty boxes. 1042nj. Belt Buckles – 3 different HMV belt buckles. 1043 1044nj. Salt and Pepper Shaker Set – “Is There A Victor Dog”, set in original box. Page 3-23, Rolfs book. 1045 1046nj. Antique Ruler – Kirk Johnson, Lancaster, Pa. – The place to buy Victrola, Sonora, Cheney, or Star phonographs. 1047 1048nj. Dusters- Manegold Music House-Pianos and Victrolas; Victor; Louis Epstein, Bronx; One lot; 1049nj. Record Holder – Antique record Display Holder, Marked Mfg. by BOC, Mpls, Minn. Chalk. 5-3/4”x14-1/2”. Bottom of Page 2-93, Rolfs 1050 1051nj. Duster – Ask Christine, Bangor, PA “Victor Victrola”; Victor; Thomas Music Store –Pianos-Victrolas-Music 1052 1053nj. Duster- Edmund Gram, Victrola and Records, a wooden example. This dealer was in Milwaukee, WI 1054nj. Sign – 12x18” porcelain sign. “His Master‟s Voice”. Accredited Dealer. One sided. Very good condition. 1055 1056nj. Duster – Houston Phonograph Co., Edison Jobbers, Houston TX. Excellent example with Edison icon & HMV 1057rm. 5 Sun 45‟s – Rock „A Billy, Perkins/ Cash, J. Lee Lewis and Smith

1058nj. 1059 1060nj. 1061 1062nj. 1063 1064nj. 1065 1066nj.

Advertisement from the Saturday Evening Post. Jan. 17, 1914. All these great artists sign for you in your home. Victrola Dusters – O.E. Soderberg, Victrolas; Forbes and Wallace, Talking Machine Store, Greenfield; & one w/HMV New boxed set of Nipper and Chipper in original box. Made by Dakin. Dusters – Cable Piano Co., Detroit; Kaeppel Bros., Buffalo, NY Collectors Wood Box – Limited Edition collector‟s box was commissioned by Command Performance catalog for audiophiles and authorized by RCA. Page 5-19, Rolfs book.

1067 1068nj. 2 Fans including a RCA Radiola Dealer example; One lot. 1069 1070nj. Nipper Advertising Print – HMV Nipper and phonograph. RCA & HMV logo and the words Victor Records at bottom of piece. Original frame. Similar to piece pictured on page 3-1, Rolfs book. 1071. 1072nj. Paper – 1988 HMV calendar; Old advertisements; prints; record sleeve; magazines ads. 1073 1074 1075nj. RCA 3 fine silver .999 one ounce ingots in the original box. 1076nj. 3 Pieces. RCA that appears to be .999 one ounce silver ingot, a Canada Commemorate 25 year piece, 1982 Mardi Gras, RCA coin box (empty), Victor needle box. 1077 1078rm. Record Holders for Albums (3) and 45‟s (5) 1079 1080nj. Victor HMV ashtray. Silas Pearsall Co., Wholesale Only. Copper. 1081cm. Horn – 23” Hawthorne and Sheble silk finish black and gold horn. 1082cm. Horn – 31” red eleven (11) panel horn. 1083cm. Horn – 24” black “witches” horn 1084cm. Horn – 29” brass morning glory horn 1085cm. Horn – 24” blue and gold morning glory horn 1086nj. Die Cut copper His Master‟s Voice, framed. Also RCA pocket watch, Berliner needle tin 1087jbl. Record Cabinet – 2 door oak disc record cabinet two level store (dividers on top level only), stain to wood on top. 1088 1089jbl. Autoharp – Autoharp in original carrying by Oscar Schmidt. 1090nj. Stick Pin – His Master‟s Voice. Silver color. 1091 1092jbl. Phonograph – Edison Standard cylinder phonograph (Combination 2-4 type) with H reproducer. SN-663297 1093 1094nj. His Master‟s Voice, “The Hallmark of Quality”, freestanding cardboard sign. 1095 1096 1097jbl. Phonograph – Edison Amberola 30 cylinder phonograph. Veneer problems on case. SN-SM89341 1098jbl. Old “Album” of Hit Parade Record Coasters, complete 1099nj. His Master‟s Voice salt and pepper shaker. Presented by your RCA Victor dealer. Original box. Tear in box. 1100jbl. Group of 5 Victor “V” keys. Choice. 1101jbl. Group of 5 Excellent box for Victor Exhibition reproducers. One lot. 1102 1103 1104nj. His Master‟s Voice brass finish paperweight on black platform. Similar to one pictured on cover of Rolfs book. 1105jbl. 4 Victor Needles cardboard divided boxes. One lot. Very good condition. 1106 1107 1108nj. Henry Mielke Nipper Statue 4” heavy cast iron statuette. Pictured at bottom left of page 2-84, Rolfs book 1109jbl. Sound box 9-A and another reproducer box. 1110 1111 1112nj. Heims Nipper Statue. Metal. 4-1/2”. Bottom center of page 2-94, Rolfs book. 1113jbl. Brass Victor HMV belt buckle. Marked on reverse Lewis Buckles, Chicago. 1114jbl. Gear assembly for Edison cylinder phonographs 1115jbl. Same as above

1116 1117nj. Nipper – Nickel Nipper for radiator cap. 3-1/4” tall. Bottom of page 2-64, Rolfs book 1118 1119jbl. Edison Standard Phonograph Model B combination attachment in original box. Excellent. 1120 1121nj. Paperweight/Snow Dome – 4” high Nipper snow dome made by Atlas Crystal Works. Page 3-67, Rolfs book. 1122 1123jbl. 4 Tubes of Edison spring lubricant. One lot. All nearly full 1124 1125 1126nj. Nipper – North Shore 5-1/2” tall plaster Nipper. “Victor Talking Machine Co.”. Page 2-103, Rolfs book 1127jbl. New In Box Cheney Reproducer. 1128 1129jbl. 5 cabinet keys and small “circus” child‟s crank organ/music box. One lot 1130 1131nj. Nipper – Victor 7” plaster Nipper w/baby blue eyes. Professionally crafted Victor letter. Page 2-103, Rolfs book. 1132jbl. 6 Edison related First Day Covers. 1133 1134jbl.. Excellent lot of 12 Edison First Day covers and medallions. One lot. 1135 1136nj. Nipper – Plaster Nipper supplied to dealers by EMI Sales & Service Advertising Division, 3-3/8” x 4”. Page 3-46, Rolfs. 1137jbl. Antique jointed wooden “Dancing Rastus”. Figure only. 1138 1139jbl. Parts – One lot of back brackets, tone arms and 2 reproducers. 1140 1141nj. Clock – RCA Alarm Clock. Page 3-70, Rolfs book. 1142 1143jbl. Cabinet Parts – Victor III base and 2 covers. One lot. 1144jbl. Cabinet Parts – Tops and b bottom of cylinder machine cabinets. One lot. 1145 1146nj. Plate – 10” diameter. Stained glass window w/HMV. Page 4-3, Rolfs book. 1147 1148jbl. Phonograph - Pathe Actuelle table model phonograph. SN-11014H 1149 1150nj. Nipper listening to “His Master‟s Voice. Trademark of RCA. 9-1/2” Dog on walnut platform. Page 4-6, Rolfs book. 1151 1152jbl. Phonograph - Pathe Actuelle mahogany case console unit w/refinished cabinet. Very quiet motor. SN-12115. Excellent. 1153 1154 1155nj. 10” Nipper Flocked Dog. Page 4-6, Rolfs book. No platform found yet. 1156 1157 1158jbl. Radiola – RCA Radiola (Brunswick) Super Heterodyne, Model BR-160 with record albums. Excellent. SN-172453 1159 1160nj. His Master‟s Voice – Statue #137, brass. Pictured on page 5-68 of Rolfs book. Has wooden shipping box. 1161 1162jbl. Phonograph – Edison Fireside cylinder phonograph, Model A with H reproducer and repainted Fireside horn. Complete. SN-109396 1163 1164nj. Cast iron “His Master‟s Voice” statue on iron platform 1165jbl. Phonograph – Silvertone crank suitcase model disc phonograph. Complete 1166 1167 1168jbl. Phonograph – Victor VV-IXa mahogany case table model disc unit w/Victrola No. 2 reproducer & crank. SN-393854 1169nj. Clock – His Master‟s Voice and Victor on dial. No. 2. Marked Bingo on back. 1170 1171 1172jbl. Cabinet – Oak 6 drawer cylinder record cabinet with large claw feet. No pegs. A good unit 1173nj. Nipper – 14 Plaster and Chalk statues. Advertising examples, etc. Choice. 1174 1175jbl. Phonograph – Edison Triumph cylinder phonograph with “C” reproducer w/witches hat horn. Very good. SN-60126

1176jbl. Box of turntables. One lot. 1177nj. Nipper Flocked Bank – Radio Corporation of America. Has plug. Page 3-41 of Rolfs book. 1178 1179jbl. Cylinder Record – Columbia 6” cylinder record. 85065. The Rambler Minstrel Company. Grade 5-6 1180jbl. Phonograph – Victor III disc phonograph w/Victrola No. 2 reproducer, crank & black 9 panel horn. Very good SN-34883 1181nj. Visco 1979 Flocked Nipper Edition on walnut platform. “Nipper Listening to “His Master‟s Voice”, Page 4-6, Rolfs 1182 1183 1184jbl. Small music box in shape of clock radio made in Germany and dresser top Grand Piano music/jewelry box. 1185 1186nj. Excellent Noritake (new) tea set. Very nice. Commissioned with Victor Creative Agency in 1997 by Hideki Umeda. Only 30 sets were made. In original box, unused. Page 5-42 of Rolfs book 1187jbl. 2 new cut wooden Edison Amberola grills. Unfinished. 1188jbl. Phonograph – Edison Home 2 minute cylinder phonograph w/shaver, C reproducer and crank. 1189 1190jbl. Phonograph – Victor “HMV” green leatherette case disc phonograph complete with “swing out” needle case. Nice. 1191 1192 1193 1194 1195jbl. Phonograph – Victor M disc phonograph with large 27”x 16-1/2” brass bell back mount horn and Exhibition reproducer. SN-55911 1196jbl. Horn – All brass 24” x 11-1/2” horn 1197jbl. Horn – Edison Fireside 2 piece horn 1198jbl. Horn – All brass early horn measuring 18” x 7-1/4” 1199jbl. Horn – 11 petal morning glory horn, painted 1200jbl. Horn – Edison Standard painted morning glory horn 1201jbl. Horn – Embossed horn with elbow. Black. 1202cm. Horn – Brass morning glory horn. 1203cm. Horn- Blue back mount morning glory horn. 1204cm. Horn – Red morning glory horn, repainted. 1205cm. Horn – Brass bell linen/silk covered horn 1206cm. Horn- All black metal front mount horn 1207cm. Advertisement – Framed and matted ad of a Boat Scene and people listening to a phonograph in a sailboat. 1208cm. Phonograph Cover – Cover for Edison Standard. Piece cut out of lower back trim. Has bail 1209cm. Needles – Display of 13 packs of needles in frame 1210cm. Group of parts including cylinder machine bail, tone arm, needle cups, tuning key, crank, etc. 1211cm. Victor HMV modern record stand 1212cm. Nipper cast iron bank 1213cm. Group of Miniature phonographs. One lot 1300nj. Glasses, Mugs, Etc. – As one lot. 1325nj. Phonograph – RCA Victor electric 45 rpm brown plastic case phonograph. Model 45-HY-4. Auctioneers Note – Throughout the catalog we have used various books as reference to the articles being sold. A large number of items from the Schenkel Collection are pictured in the new book by Robin and Joan Rolfs, “Nipper Collectibles”. This hard cover book is over 350 pages, contains over 1200 full color photographs as well as a value guide. “Nipper Collectibles” can be purchased from Rolfs website at: Order it for $65.00 postpaid within the U.S. from: Audio Antique, W6273 Cedar Cliff Drive, Hortonville, Wisconsin 54944 The Series of books by Timothy Fabrizio and George Paul on Phonograph and Related Article Books – These full color books should also be a must in the library of a collection. The amount of written content coupled with the photographs and examples make them invaluable to a collector and dealers alike. They (and others) can be acquired from Tim Fabrizio at his website - or (585) 582-1586 Office phone. “The Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments” by Q. David Bowers, was used in preparation of this catalog. Many other books on Antique Music Boxes, phonographs and related items were also used in cataloging this sales offering. Please make sure that you look everything over before bidding…as all items are be sold in as is, where is condition.

Sale Location & Directions Sale Location - One mile south of downtown on Cochran Avenue to the Eaton County Fairgrounds, turn in and go to the 4-H Building behind the grandstand, in Charlotte, Michigan. From Lansing - 20 miles southwest of Lansing and I-96 on I-69 to the Charlotte Exit 60, ½ mile west to Cochran Avenue, then ¼ mile south, turn in go to building behind grandstands. From Marshall Area - Go north of the city and I-94 on I-69 to the Charlotte Exit 60, ½ mile west to Cochran Avenue, then ¼ mile south, turn in and go to building behind the grandstands. From Detroit or Chicago - Go west of Detroit or east of Chicago on I-94 to I-69 (Exit 108), go north to Charlotte Exit 60, ½ mile west to Cochran Avenue, then ¼ mile south.

Area Hotels Charlotte -Holiday Inn Express, 500 Meijer‟s Street. (517) 541-5000. East of I-69 at Exit 60. Charlotte - Comfort Inn, 1302 E. Packard. (517) 543-7303. ¼ mile north of I-69 and Exit 61. Charlotte - Super 8 - (517) 543-8288. Just off I-69 Lansing - Holiday Inn West , (517) 627-3211.

Airport - Lansing Capital City - (800) 433-7300. ______________________________
Additional Auction Information - We have done our best to correctly describe and identify the articles being sold; however, everything is being sold in “as is - where is” condition. Obviously, the best way to have all of your questions answered is by your own personal inspection on the day of the sale. If that is not possible, you may know of a friend that could examine the items for you and then represent you in bidding for the same. If neither of these options is possible, call Stanton‟s and we will do our best to answer your questions and then execute your bid on the day of the auction. The following should be noted: Absentee Bids 1. A 15% deposit must accompany all bids unless we have done business with you previously. 2. We execute your bid just as if you were bidding for yourself. The item will be purchased for you at the most competitive amount. Depending on the bidding activity, you may be able to buy the piece for less than the amount of your bid. If two people bid the same amount, the first bid received at that figure will be the purchaser. 3. No bid will be executed if an item is found to be damaged or incorrectly described. 4. Successful bidders will be contacted after the sale. 5. Full settlement will be required immediately. 6. Stanton‟s can handle the shipping of items; HOWEVER, the packing, insuring and shipping charges are the expense of the purchaser. 7. The auctioneers may not be held liable for late received and/or non-executed bids. 8. No phone bids will be accepted on sale day. 9. Buyers Premium - 10% buyer’s premium will be charged at this auction. Sale Information and Terms A. Buyer‟s Premium - There is a 10% buyer‟s premium that will be charged on all purchases. B. Terms of Sale is cash or personal check w/proper ID C. Sorry, No credit cards will be accepted. B. Everyone must register for a buyer‟s number. C. Once the item is sold, it is your responsibility. D. Full payment for all purchases is required at the end of each day of selling, before you leave the grounds. E. Regarding the sale. Examine the pieces prior to the time that the item sells. Do not bid unless you are ready to be the owner of the same. Everything sells AS IS F. Announcements - Any announcements regarding the items being sold will take precedence over printed material. Any statements, whether printed or oral, prior to the day of the sale or on auction day items regarding damage are made to inform al buyers that all pieces are being sold “as is, where is” with no warranty of any kind. G. Sales Tax - Anytime the auction of personal property is held in a facility, off the grounds of where the item originated from, we are required by law to charge 6% Michigan Sales Tax. The only exception to this is if you have a sales tax exemption number

with you or if the item is being shipped out of state. H. You as the buyer hereby agree to hold the Seller and Auctioneer‟s harmless and agree to indemnify them from any future claim, which shall pertain to the fitness or use of the assets being purchased or the loss of the same.

For more information contact: Steven E. Stanton, Evenings (517) 852-9179

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