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									Committee executive: Anne Coleman (President) …………………… Scott Snyder (Vice President) ………………..0419850 724 Jan Thomas (Under 16’s & 18’s Coordinator) ….0429359 687 David Alexander (Secretary) ………………….0401118278 Geoff Nourse (Treasurer) …………………….0414476 739 Neil Smit (Under 10’s to 14’s Coordinator) ……. Paul Hunt (Club Delegate) …….…………………0407612574 Newsletter: March, 2007 Editor: Mark Tinley:  89455997 or 0417850651 or Email: mark@transhose.com

Congratulations to all the Ansett players selected in the China/Singapore teams;

Many of the Ansett basketballers went to China and Singapore to experience the basketball exchange of a lifetime. The cultural experience alone was tremendous and everyone, including the coaches and managers, learnt a whole new world. They are such nice people. Above is one of the opening ceremonies we attended. The boys were inundated with female fans seeking their autographs. In fact several thousand girls had our boys signing autographs and posing for photos and detailing sms addresses and email addresses. It’s a wonder any of them found time to play!

A fine welcome from our Chinese hosts. This is the banner on the front of the hotel we stayed at. There were also giant banners at the two schools we played at. One of them is mounted in our new stadium.

A couple of the classrooms we were invited to attend. Once everyone overcame their shyness, new friends were made and at the end, it was a task to get our kids out of there, they enjoyed themselves so much! A few twisted ankles were experienced here doing the pole dance. Some attitude from the kids!

Our own Mitchell was one of many that had to Escort some of the many performers that Entertained us during the opening ceremonies.

Some Ansett boys competing against the Singaporeans.

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Ansett Training Times & Coaches, Dry Season 2007
U10 Boys U10 Girls U12 Girls Div 1 U12 Boys Div 1 U12 Boys Div 2 U14 Girls Div 1 Blue U14 Girls Div 1 White U14 Boys Div 1 Blue U14 Boys Div 1 White U14 Boys Div 2 U14 Girls Div 2 U16 Boys Div 1 Blue U16 Boys Div 1 White U16 Boys Div 2 16 Girls Div 1 U18 Boys Div 1Blue U18 Boys Div 1 White U18 Girls Men’s League Reserve Woman’s League Men’s League *

Training Time
Wed, 56pm Thur, 56pm Thur, 56pm Thur, 56pm Wed, 56pm Wed, 56pm Wed, 56pm Wed, 56pm Wed, 56pm Wed, 56pm Thur, 56pm Wed, 67:15 Wed, 67:15pm Thur, 56pm Sun, 1011:30am Thur, 67pm Thur, 67pm Sun, 1011:30am Sun, 11:301:00pm Sun, 1011:30am Sun, 11:301:00pm

5 4 5 3 5 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 4 2 5 5 2

Dry Season Coaches
Neil Smit Lori Cogo Jess Hunt Neil & Arjen Smit Neil Smit Paul Hunt Tom Hunt Steve Smith Mark Nichols Sasha Nourse Nicole Simons Kym Prestwood Ian & Andrew Furness Simon Dorman Kevin Heslop Jake Feeney Chris Fitzgerald Ross Vasic

89209271 w 89452362 h 89483920 h 0417813104 89452826 h 89209271 w 89452362 h 89209271 w 89452362 h 0407612574 89462675 w 89452826 h 89278095 h 0418706700 89813820 w 89811178 0414476739 0400595562 0423240010 0428824928898 11262 h 0429678687 89851441 89280354 0402358864 0422716374 0401317743 89278012 h 0432585980 0428824928 0419843799 0404403656 0439472452

Neil.Smit@nt.gov.au ecomistnt@bigpond.com.au phunt@tiofi.com.au Neil.Smit@nt.gov.au Neil.Smit@nt.gov.au phunt@tiofi.com.au phunt@tiofi.com.au smithysd@tpg.com.au steve.smith@nt.gov.au t.unif@bigpond.net.au nourse@dodo.com.au

1 Game
(See note 1)


Crt 2 11/08 10:00am U 10’s bye Crt 2 11/08 11:00am Crt 2 11/08 12:00pm Crt 3 11/08 1:00pm Crt 1 11/08 4:00pm Crt 1 11/08 2:00pm Crt 2 11/08 1:00pm Crt 1 11/08 1:00pm Crt 4 11/08 2:00pm Crt 4 11/08 3:00pm

kymsim@optusnet.com.au ian.furness@ausfuel.com.au simondlikesafish@yahoo.com .au Kevin.Heslop@cdu.edu.au Kevin.Heslop@bdo.com.au jake.feeney@hotmail.com chrisfitzgerald_08@hotmail.c om bball_09_23@hotmail.com

Crt 1 10/08 6:30pm Crt 2 10/08 7:30pm Crt 1 10/08 7:30pm Crt 3 10/08 7:30pm Crt 2 13/08 8:30pm Crt3 13/08 6:30pm Crt 1 13/08 TBA Crt 2 1/08 8:30pm Crt 2 31/07 6:30pm


Jake Feeney Steve MCGugan Don Sheppard


2 2


Crt 1 31/07 7:45pm

* Men’s league training for Sunday and Thursday may change after Brunei Men’s team leaves. T.B.A. Note 1: Start times are correct as at 26 July. Please check with DBA website closer to the dates. Welcome to our new coaches: Don Sheppard, Steve McGugan, Steve Smith, Nicole Simons (14G Div2), Sacha Nourse (14B Div2), Kevin Heslop. Thankyou to all outgoing coaches! Selection criteria; The Ansett Committee has agreed that for the Championship Season all grades from Under 14 and above, where there are two Division 1 teams, there will be a "strongest" team and a "development" team selected. All coaches for that age group will be responsible for the team selections. The teams will be selected before the season.

Please see;
Mark & Diana Nichols or pop into their shop at

Territory Uniforms
Ph: 89813820 for new uniforms.

“Feel free to fax or email orders”


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