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									Improving Recruitment in Call Center Industry of Pakistan

Summary of presentation
Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Introduction Problem statement Objectives Significance Major Literature Reviews Theoretical Framework Hypothesis Methodology Data Analysis Conclusion Limitation Recommendations

Today, business process outsourcing is a unique way to make profit. CRM and IT are its major components, and call center is a major element. “Reaching and satisfying customer is first priority” is the whole idea which surrounds the call center concept. This industry offer many jobs but why people do not join it? My research has tried to find the reason/s for that. Business BPO CRM Call Center

Pay, career path, and working conditions play the main part regarding work. People flock to those firms which provide above factors satisfactorily, and if they do not then their recruiting factor decline. My research has done to find how pay, career path, and working conditions regulate recruitment process in call center industry.

Problem Statement
Do pay, career path and working conditions effect level of recruitment?

The objec v hi s re sear chi s tofin di ff eren w a ndmean s eo d t ays to recruit more people to call industry. I have searched to fidt he n prevailing payment, career path, and working environments structures and their effctonr ecrui tm nt .I haves ear ched e e answers for following three points: • How payment systems affct recrui tm nt ? e e • How the career paths affct recrui tm nt ? e e • How the working condi o a ns ffect re ui t m t ? cr en

• My research work is very important especially for the general public and generally for the economy of Pakistan, a poor third world country, plague with high unemployment rate. My study has explored the call center industry to find the clues which can be rectified to make recruiting process more successful. My research has proposed a better recruitment process to stabilize an important service industry which generates precious foreign exchange and creates employment opportunities to all Pakistanis with flexible time shifts, regardless of their race, gender, religion, color, caste, ethnic background. It will also improve, fractionally, Pakistan’s economic conditions and prospect. I hope my endeavor will prove to be beneficial for people, employers as well as for employees, generally, and for Pakistan, particularly.

Major literature reviews
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Theoretical framework
Independent variables Moderating variable Dependent variable

Good payment Good career path Better working conditions A g e Recruitment

• The hypothesis has been developed as follows: • Null Hypothesis • H0: There is no relation between good payment & recruitment. • Alternative Hypothesis • H A: There is relation between good payment & recruitment. • Null Hypothesis • H0: There is no relation between better career path & recruitment. • Alternative Hypothesis • HA: There is relation between better career path & recruitment.

Null Hypothesis H0: There is no relation between better working conditions & recruitment. Alternative Hypothesis HA: There is relation between better working conditions & recruitment


• Data collection tools
Questionnaire and personal interview.

• Research design
The purpose of study is descriptive as well as exploratory.

• Population
Employees of call centers in Karachi.

• Sample and sampling technique
Targeted population: Employees of five call centers of Karachi. Systematic sampling procedure selected 15 employees from each of five call centers. Through simple random sampling, total 25 employees, five from each call center, were selected. Sample size was 25 and each employee was a unit of analysis.

Data analysis
• Data analysis tools
• 5 point Likert’s scale and ranking question has been used in questionnaire. • Data has been arranged in EXCELL & following analysis has been done. • I have tested, using correlation between, those variables which had a major impact in our study, just to make look my findings more authentic. Frequency tables have been developed. The ratio of respondents regarding certain aspects have been shown by some pie charts. The attitude of respondents, intensity of attitude, regarding certain aspects have been gauged through those pie charts. There general perception about a particular issue & a situation have been explored.

Statistical analysis (Pay)
Q.No 11. Is call center salary package at par with other industries? This chart shows the pay difference.

Statistical analysis (Career path)
Q.No.22. Is Call center job good if career path comes along? Q.No.23. Would you agree to continue with call center if it offer career path? These answers show people interest in career path.
Q.No.23 Frequency
Extremely Agreed 12 25 8 4 1 0 Some what agreed Neither agree nor disagreed Some what disagree

Statistical analysis (Working conditions)
Q.No.32. Working environment are on scale of one to five: Q.No.33. Working environment can be improved.

Statistical analysis
• Feel of the data • I have found the trend by putting frequencies distribution on the data. Result of the findings can be seen in tables. Pie charts are also used to analyze the data visually. • Goodness of data • Reliability of data has been checked by correlation. According to result, data is good since the value is over 0.9 of compensation, career, path and working conditions and recruitment

To show the relationship between dependent variable (recruitment) and independent variables (compensation, career path and working), I have used multiple regression analysis. (Table 2). In the regression model, R (0.99), is the correlation of the three independent variables with the dependent variable. Correlation has been used to show relation between compensation & recruitment & it is shown in table 3. The value is 0.9.

I have used correlation to show relation between career path and recruitment & it is shown in table 3. The value is 0.9. Correlation has been used to show the relationship between working conditions and recruitment (table 4). The value is 0.9.

Valid 25 I have used internal consistency reliability procedure to find the reliability of data. This process does the comparison of responses of those questions which are related to same variable. Data of those questions ( to 18) which require finding the intensity of compensation has very close similar responses (0.9). Data of those questions ( to 26) which require finding the intensity of career path has very close similar responses (0.9).

Data of those questions ( to 35) which require finding the intensity of working conditions has very close similar responses (0.9). Data of those questions (,) which require finding the intensity of recruitment has very close similar responses (0.9). Data of those questions ( to 50) which require finding the intensity of age has very close similar responses (0.9). The mean of above calculations show that reliability of my data is good.

They will leave their current job if different industry offers with same compensation, offer job. The employees of call center are not satisfied with salary structure. They feel it can be improved. They don't get salary on time. They believe that organization can afford better salary for employees. Management prefers high turn over, over increase in salary.

Ø They think after salary most important thing is career path in job. They believe all industries offer career path. Qualification does not hinder career path. Respondents feel that call center can be made attractive if career path comes along. They are ready to stay with their job if career path is offered. Ø They do not favor of adding handicapped in call center jobs. Respondents express that every group should get equal pay. They do not believe in discrimination on any pretext. They would not accept job in other industry with no career path.

They believe work load is big. They feel irritated or tense during duty. They don't like autocratic behavior of supervisors. Working environments are bad and can be improved. They do not recommend call center job to others. Shift timing is not good but it can't be improved. Proposal of 4 hour working alternately in 16 hour shift is not recommended. Shift timing is a major hurdle in recruiting females. They don't like it. But respondents prefer to recommend this job to females since environments are satisfactory. Currently married females are not suitable for this job. Females will prefer this job, even with less pay, if working conditions are improved.

Salary structure is same for every same level employee of same call center but varied across industry. There is none of bias/harassment exist in call center industry. Age factor plays important parts in these job therefore senior citizens are not welcome by employees. In rare cases, organization prefers senior citizens for less pay. Call center job causes stress. Customers some time irritate call center agents. Customers usually don't take calls seriously. Therefore most of the time they don't pay attention to the content.

Ø Job functions of the agents can be improved. Job, physically is not demanding, therefore do not cause any medical problem but it do cause sleep disorder occasionally. Ø Answers of many question related to salary, career path and working conditions, the three independent variables, indicate that they like to have drastic changes in above said variables in positive direction. They want better compensation package, progressive career path and improved working conditions. They are of opinion that industry can improve all three things easily without any sacrifices.

Ø The major difficulty which was faced during research was to locate and select appropriate call centers whose employees could act as respondents. It was hard to persuade them and their organizations to participate in research due to prevailing economic conditions generally and country political and international situations particularly. But after persuasion, they cooperate diligently and helped me to achieve my task. Fortunately, I did not confront any problems regarding non-response error or sampling procedures. This research is only applicable to call center industry of Pakistan, since other industries have their own needs, environment and wants.

Ø Call centers owners must share their profit with their employees. To satisfy and motivate employees, they should follow the open book system. This will show their profit. When employee will know the profit, then they can adjust their salary to that profit which consequently will eliminate the hard feelings between employees and the firm. Now the responsibility of making profit is on employee shoulder. They will struggle to improve profit if it is less than expected. This practice will make employee feel important and will increase the recruitment.

Ø Job structure should be split in many levels from current with a noticeable variation of salary. Posts of assistant call agent, deputy call agent, junior call agent, senior call agent, junior specialist, senior specialist, junior manager, senior manager should be created. This will give a career path to employees and their grievances against non-existent of career path will diminish and will increase the recruitment.

Ø Working conditions can be improved by making employee responsible for cleaning their own working area. Fines should be imposed on those who discard rules. In America, during a financial crunch in late 80’s, to cut the cost, Executives were assigned on alternate basis the duty of cleaning their office toilets. They cut the costs and working conditions were also remained same. The call center industry should cut all external services which are not necessary for survival and assigned them to employees. It will improve working conditions as well as saving to distribute in employees. Management should change its style to participative style. This will increase confidence and motivation in the employees. Word of mouth will spread and that will increase the recruitment.

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