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Intensive English Program Georgia State University

General Information
Residents of the United States may attend the IEP part-time if desired. Also, many international visas allow part-time study. However, students with international student visas (F-1) must attend full-time (18 course hours/week.).

Course Selection
On the first day of orientation, students take a placement test to determine proficiency level. During academic advising, students receive the results of the placement test, and with the assistance of a course advisor, students select their classes in accordance with IEP part-time guidelines.

Part-time Guidelines
The goal of the IEP is to move students as quickly as possible into degree studies at Georgia State. The IEP requires part-time students to: 1. enroll for a minimum of 9 course hours/week, and 2. follow course completion order.

Course Completion Order
Students who enroll for 9 course hours should complete IEP courses in a specific order. Course selection and advising will be done on an individual basis if a student enrolls in more than 9 but fewer than 18 course hours. Please refer to the handout, Course Descriptions, for the weekly schedule of classes. 1st semester: 2nd semester: Structure and Composition (6 course hours) Oral Communication (3 course hours) Reading and Listening or Reading Skills (3 course hours) Extensive Reading (3 course hours) Academic Writing at levels 3, 4, 5 (3 course hours) Oral Fluency at levels 1, 2 (3 course hours)

Tuition for Part-time Students
Part-time tuition rates for the academic year 2004-2005 are given below. In addition to tuition, all students (part-time and full-time) must pay a GSU fee for use of library, computers, and so forth. Students with F, B and J visas must also pay insurance fees. Please refer to the brochure insert, Calendar and Fees, for information about these costs. Hours Taken 9 12 15 18 IEP Tuition $1503 $2004 $2505 $3006

A Final Note
We realize that many students need to attend part-time because of financial concerns or time constraints, but we strongly recommend full-time attendance. What a student learns in one class will help in another class, and a student’s knowledge and command of academic English will progress much faster.
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