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Wednesday 28 October 2009
Supported by NSW Department of Education, UNICEF (Aust) and NSW Teachers Federation

SAMPLE STUDENT SPEECHES Sample 1 Hi, my name is ……… and I am in class… I am here today as part of our schools celebration of UNICEF Day for Change. The reason that this day is special is that it makes us think about other children around the world who are less fortunate than we are. All public schools in NSW are celebrating UNICEF Day for Change on October 25, UNIVERSAL Children’s Day, which makes what I am going to talk about even more important, because it is all about children. We are very lucky in Australia, but around the world over 115 million children don’t go to school. This can be because they are sick, their parents are sick, they can’t afford to buy books or they don’t have enough food so they have to work to help get enough food to feed the whole family. Other children live in parts of the world where people are fighting and it is dangerous. If children can’t get to school it means that they can’t learn to read and write and it makes it harder for them to get jobs. Today I am going to ask you to think about those children around the world who are sick or in places where there is no water, food or possibly war. There is something that we can do to help UNICEF help these children; we can give some spare change to make a difference to their lives. So, if you have any change in your pocket that you can spare, can you please put it in the buckets that are being taken around the assembly by……….. Thank you very much for helping.

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