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CSUN Virtual Reference Pilot Pro


									CSUN Virtual Reference Pilot Program Part 2: Survey Results April 28, 2003
Contacts: Marcia Henry, (818) 677-3012, Katherine Dabbour, (818) 677-4706, Number of Responses

Overview: Survey Dates: September 10, 2002 to April 18, 2003 Distribution: Automatic email form from the CSUN IP. Total completed transactions: 361 Total surveys returned: 110 Return Rate: 30% Service Issues: Overall, patrons were quite satisfied: Ninety-one percent found the information relevant or very relevant; and 86% found the librarian to be helpful or very helpful. Technical Problems: Ninety-six percent reported having technical problems. Of the 17 users who commented on the problems they encountered, six (35%) seemed related to the co-browsing feature. The rest ranged from slowness complaints to error messages and disconnects. However, despite this, 89% found the service to be easy or very easy to use, and 84% reported that they would use the service again. CSUN Patron Characteristics: Students made up 80% of the respondents. Of the 81 respondents who indicated their major, a variety of departments in each of the eight colleges at CSUN were represented. Most came from the colleges of social and behavioral sciences (14); arts media and communication (14); health and human development (13), and business (13). Humanities, including the liberal studies program, had nine respondents. Engineering and computer science had seven, and science and mathematics had six respondents. These data are in keeping with overall enrollment percentages by college.

Question Relevance Very Relevant Or Relevant Somewhat Or Not Relevant No Answer Helpfulness Very Helpful Or Helpful




9 1

8% 1%

94 14 2 106 0 4

86% 12% 2% 96% 0% 4%

Somewhat Or Not Helpful No Answer Technical Problems? Yes No No Answer Ease of use Very Easy Or Easy


89% 6% 5% 84% 12% 3% 2%

Sample Comments: Most who commented seemed satisfied:  I used this "program" before and got lots of help. This time I got the 80% same quality. Thanks for all your help!!! 6%  The Ask a Librarian feature is wonderful. I plan on telling all my 1% friends and colleagues. Thanks again for making a search so easy. 13% There really was not much printed info that I'd been able to find. This prevented further delays.  Wonderful service. Saves me from having to pull my hair out and stay up all night trying to find and figure out stuff. However, some who commented seemed quite dissatisfied:  The librarian never answered my question on the live chat.  I would have liked to continue to talk to the librarian before they logged off. The conversation was not complete.  Librarian didn't have a clue and said to call someone else.  It would be more helpful if one could chat with a librarian at a specific library. The librarian I chatted with knew no more than I had already found out by searching the catalog.

Somewhat Or Not Easy 7 No Answer 5 Use again? Yes 92 Maybe 13 No 3 No answer 2 CSUN Status Student 88 Faculty 7 Staff 1 Unknown 14 *Percentages Were Rounded

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