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0145 English part II 0259 German


									1 0427 English part II ЕCTS credits: 3 Weekly workload: 0l+0s+0lab+3p Assessment: continuous assessment Type of exam: written Department involved: Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Law Lecturers: Senior Lecturer Mariela Georgieva Risova, MA, Department of Foreign Languages, tel:++359 82 888 816 Email: Senior Lecturer Pencho Konstantinov Kamburov, MA, Department of Foreign Languages, tel:++359 82 888 816 E-mail: Senior Lecturer Diana Ilieva Stefanova, MA, Department of Foreign Languages, tel:++359 82 888 230 Email: Lecturer Elitsa Dimitrova Georgieva, MA, Department of Foreign Languages, tel:++359 82 888 816 E-mail: Abstract: The foreign language module 2 is also aimed at achieving communicative competence in the area of the subject specialism and the future job. The teaching objectives comprise the development of reading comprehension skills to handle specialist texts and the acquisition of communication skills to interact successfully in professional settings and everyday situations. Course content: Higher education. Reading strategies. Note taking. Structure and organisation of a scientific text. Describing a process. Components and specifications. Describing graphs. Writing a CV. Announcements and messages (formal and informal). Enquiries, letters of complaint and orders. The grammar material is connected with the lexical topics and situations. Teaching and assessment: To acquire the necessary language knowledge and to develop skills in using the language as a means of communication a wide range of authentic and specially constructed texts ( i. e. articles, diagrams and tables, brochures, catalogues, manuals etc.) as well as audio , video, and multimedia materials are used. Students are offered lessons in computer laboratories, in which multimedia learning packages and on-line materials in Internet are used according to the modern trends in foreign language teaching. In class students participate in role-plays, pair and group activities and they are encouraged to work on their own on their translation assignment. Continuous assessment involves at least two written tests and oral testing as well.

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