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					Prudential Support Information

Submit this form by fax or email to the following: Subject: Prudential Support Information Email Address: Fax number: (905) 855-6407 All information submitted in this process will be used by the IESO solely in support of its obligations under the "Electricity Act, 1998", the "Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998", the "Market Rules" and associated policies, standards and procedures and its licence. All submitted information will be assigned the appropriate confidentiality level upon receipt. Terms and acronyms used in this Form that are italicized have the meanings ascribed thereto in Chapter 11 of the “Market Rules”.

Organization Name: Market Participant No.: Prudential Contact #1: Prudential Contact #2: Fax No. (Contact #1): Fax No. (Contact #2): E-mail Address (Contact #1): E-mail Address (Contact #2): Telephone No. (Contact #1): Telephone No. (Contact #2):

Credit Check Type: To reduce prudential support obligations pursuant to Chapter 2, Section 5.8 of the “Market Rules”, please choose one of the following if applicable. Credit Rating Credit Rating Agency Name Note: The credit rating of a parent company may not be used to reduce your prudential support obligation under the provisions of Chapter 2, Section 5.8.1. Or Good payment history for the purchase of electricity in Ontario Date of Rating

IMO-FORM-1044 v.10.0 REV-05-12


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Number of years (attach reference letter)

Note: You may not use the payment history of an affiliate for a reduction in your prudential support obligation (Chapter 2, Section In addition, a market participant that has a credit rating from an IESO approved bond rating agency is not entitled to a good payment history reduction (Chapter 2, Section

You are applying as a: Metered Market Participant Non-Metered Market Participant Yes No
(As per Market Rules, Chapter 11, Section

Do you expect to receive Physical Allocation Data?
(As per Market Rules, Chapter 9, Section 2.4)

Metered Market Participant Daily Energy injections into IESO real-time energy market (complete attached spreadsheet – Tab B)

Daily Energy withdrawals from IESO real-time energy market (complete attached spreadsheet – Tab A)

Estimated Peak Loads for upcoming billing periods (complete attached spreadsheet – Tab A)
(For participants who will be withdrawing from the IESO real-time energy market only)

Or Non-Metered Market Participant Expected net settlement amount Metered and Non-Metered Market Participant Self-Assessed Trading Limit
(As per Market Rules, Chapter 2, Section 5.3)
(Please enter a dollar amount – see guide) (complete attached spreadsheet – Tab C)

Note: Please see guide for steps in determining your self-assessed trading limit. A self-assessed trading limit should be determined by both metered and non-metered market participants.

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IMO-FORM-1044 v.10.0 REV-05-12