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									Premier Support for the Enterprise

Premier Support for the Enterprise

To maintain large, enterprise-wide systems running a broad range of integrated applications at maximum performance, enterprises need well-planned, managed systems support. Microsoft Premier Support for the Enterprise provides proactive access to the professional services and technical expertise that these large enterprises need to help maximize business value and minimize total cost.
Microsoft Premier Support for the Enterprise is designed to help large enterprise customers to successfully develop, deploy, and manage business systems built around a broad range of high-quality Microsoft solutions for the server and the desktop. You receive a proactive account managed relationship, personalized technical services and fast, expert resolution of technical issues for all Microsoft products any time of the day or night. Premier Support provides a comprehensive suite of services focusing on four key areas of customer needs:     Account Management – Personal account management and advocacy within Microsoft to ensure Premier Support meets the unique needs of your enterprise. Proactive Services – Planning and skills transfer services aimed at reducing systems management and support costs by helping to prevent problems before they happen. Premier Online Support – Extensive information services to ensure your staff remains current on technology issues and products. Responsive Services – Fast, accurate solutions to operational problems around the clock.

Key Features
Premier Support for the Enterprise provides the following key features as part of an annual subscription service: Account Management – Customers are assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who works closely with your management and technical staff to help reduce problems and ensure issues are addressed in the most effective manner. The TAM is a Microsoft Certified Professional knowledgeable on Microsoft’s products and support infrastructure. The TAM also conducts the following activities:       Orientation and Planning Session – An initial meeting between the TAM and designated customer contacts to outline all service elements and establish expectations. Status Meeting – A regularly scheduled call or customer meeting providing an overall update on all aspects of the services delivered. Usage Report – Provided on a regular basis, this report gives you details of support activity over the previous period, including information on closed and outstanding support incident status Escalation Management – You can be confident that your issues are escalated promptly to deliver the best resolution in the shortest possible time. Global Coordination – This optional, fee-based service provides a single TAM to coordinate the provision of support services throughout an enterprise’s multinational locations. Dedicated TAM – This optional, fee-based service provides a TAM designated on a full- or part-time basis to you. Full time TAMs may be based at your premises, if desired.

Proactive Services – Enterprises may select from a broad range of Proactive Services which may include:   Support Consulting – Ongoing ad-hoc advice provided by your TAM. Supportability reviews - Offer fine-tuning to help reduce long-term support issues and costs. Implementation planning and migration services provide important counsel as you enhance and upgrade your enterprise system.

Premier Support for the Enterprise     Application Development Lab Services – Assistance with prototyping, performance benchmarking, and migration activities to make in-house enterprise development faster and more cost-effective. ADC Services – An Application Development Consultant designated for your enterprise can provide a wealth of development related services and help coordinate support for your in-house application development needs. Availability and Diagnostic Workshops -- give your staff the knowledge to help improve your systems availability and prepare the right level of diagnostic information when problems occur. Onsite Critical Project Support – Brings Microsoft technical experts to your location to provide added support during important phases of major activities.

Premier Online Support - In addition to the services provided by the TAM, enterprise customers have access to the following information services provided directly by Microsoft Premier Online Support:  Product NewsFlashes - Regular NewsFlashes covering all Microsoft business products, written by senior Microsoft support professionals and containing expert advice on the latest technical information, technologies, support issues, problems, and fixes. Critical Problem Alerts – An email-based subscription service giving early warning of (and guidance on how to avoid) potential high-impact problems. Expert Roundtables –Participation in regularly scheduled teleconference discussions delivered live by Microsoft developers, product managers and senior support staff, covering key areas of Microsoft technology. KnowledgeBase – Online access to Microsoft’s extensive information resource of common problems and their solutions.

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 Quarterly Roundtable CD – Archive of all expert roundtables held during the previous quarter. Microsoft TechNet and MSDN Subscriptions – You receive a one-year subscription to the monthly TechNet CD-ROM (Server License), a comprehensive information resource including 300,000 pages of technical documentation, Resource Kits and Service Packs. You also receive a subscription to the Microsoft Developer Network CD-ROM which provides programming information, development toolkits, and a vast library of code. Responsive Services – Formal escalation procedures ensure the appropriate level of attention is applied to each support incident until final resolution.      Incident Support – Premier Support provides support incidents to be submitted on any Microsoft product. Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Incident Submission – Support incidents may be submitted either via the web or phone. Multi-vendor Coordination –Microsoft and third-party software suppliers work collaboratively to resolve complex multivendor product issues. Emergency Onsite Support – This optional, fee-based service provides expert onsite help when issues cannot be resolved remotely. Additional Incidents – Extra incident support is available as a fee-based option.

Pricing, Flexibility and Scalability
Premier Support for the Enterprise is highly flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Each customized service begins by determining the amount of TAM time allocated for your Microsoft support relationship. Incidents and additional services are added to each package as required:    Premier Support with a full-time dedicated Technical Account Manager Premier Support with a half-time designated Technical Account Manager Premier Support with a quarter-time designated Technical Account Manager

For more information
Contact your Microsoft account representative or call Microsoft Customer Care at (800) 936-3500 in the United States or Canada. Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TT/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in the United States or (905) 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the United States and Canada, contact your local Microsoft office. You can also find us on the web at

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