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									Bursary Programme to support research on Sustainability The Programme The Welsh Assembly Government is one of the few administrations in the world with sustainable development central to its statue. It is committed to the principle of sustainable development as a touchstone of its programme. To support this, the Welsh Assembly Government is offering bursary funding to students who focus their research on strategically important areas of sustainability. The research on sustainability would need to be on critical, realtime issues and would need to be high quality, comprehensive and relevant. In providing this support, the Welsh Assembly Government aims to increase specialist knowledge on sustainability issues in Wales as well as enabling the production of high quality research on key sustainability issues. Who should apply? Applications for the bursary are welcomed from practicing middle or senior managers currently employed by a Welsh public service organisation (including the third sector) who are applying for or have been accepted by an institution to begin an accredited taught or research based doctoral level programme from a Welsh university. You should have identified an area of focus and be able to explain how you would undertake the research. Being of an applied nature, your research will be exciting and dynamic, with the intention that your research will contribute directly to organisational development and government policy development. What support is available? Sponsorship is being offered to each successful candidate of up to 50% of their annual tuition fees up to a maximum of £3,500 per year over 3 years only (from 2008/09)*. Payment will be made directly to the academic institution. Employing organisations or the applicants themselves will be expected to pay the remaining fees. Employer endorsement will be necessary when sponsorship is required. It is anticipated that the number of applications for funding will exceed the availability of financial resources. In these circumstances, funding will be made to the best candidates on the basis of open and fair competition according to the criteria set out below. Formal agreement to provide funding will only be agreed once you have secured your placement. How do I apply? If you are interested in applying for bursary funding and would like to receive an application pack, please contact: Christine Jones Public Service Management Wales (PSMW) Tel: 02920 681386

e-mail: Christine.jones@wales.gsi.gov.uk Your application will need to outline: 1. Details of your proposed area of research. This will need to be aligned to a key area of strategic importance to the Welsh Assembly Government in order to be eligible for sponsorship**. Key areas of particular interest for research include: Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Sustainability in Health International Sustainable Development (especially in Africa) Energy Efficiency Sustainable Transport Sustainable Buildings Climate Change Sustainable Communities Sustainable Economy

2. How you will ensure that your research will: - be focussed on its practical application - demonstrate you will take a cross-sectoral approach where appropriate, taking into account relationships between different sectors - demonstrate how you intend to transfer the knowledge and share it with others sectors who may wish to take forward any issues/recommendations. When is the closing date? Applications are required to be submitted by 31 October 2008. *Should candidates need to take longer than 3 years to complete their research, any additional fees to complete the study thereafter would be payable by the candidate. Failure to complete the course will result in the student reimbursing any subsidy given. Please note that additional costs such as travel to and from places of study, overnight accommodation, lunches etc. will not be met. ** Before final agreement is given to any funding, it will be necessary to discuss your proposal with a relevant Assembly Government policy official and secure their endorsement of your proposed area of research. The Assembly Government official will remain the key contact for the student in the development of the research and you will be expected to periodically update them on your progress.

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