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					Research Office PhD Conference Support Application – Guidance Notes

1. Background PhD students in the Faculty of Education may apply for Faculty conference support funding for presenting a paper, of which they are the author or co-author. The current maximum award is £600 per application, and a student is permitted to make a maximum of two applications during the period of their studies. Applications should be made on the PhD Conference Support Application Form, available from the Faculty’s research website. A copy of the paper’s abstract and, where possible confirmation of your paper’s acceptance, should be attached to the application form. Retrospective applications cannot be considered. Please note that funding is not guaranteed and only where funds permit.

2. Forms The following forms are available from the Faculty Research Office on request, as well as from the Faculty’s research website. PhD Application Form for Conference Support PhD Conference Support Application Guidance Notes

3. Procedure for applying for Conference Support Applicants can normally expect a decision within two to three weeks. 1. Complete the form “PhD Conference Support Attendance Application for Funds” indicating the proportion of costs to be sought from the Faculty research budget (The applicant should note the limits on the reimbursement set out on the application form). Please note funds will not be available for attendance only at a conference. Students need to present a paper. 2. Once countersigned by the student’s supervisor, the applicant should submit their application to the Faculty Research Office. This office will refer the application to the student’s Research & Knowledge Transfer Group (RKTG) Leader for consideration. Students need to ensure that a copy of their abstract is attached and, where possible, a letter confirming acceptance of the paper. Applications submitted that do not have a copy of the abstract attached will not be considered. 3. The RKTG Leader will review the application. If the funding is agreed, applicants are notified by the Faculty Research Office. Applicants are requested to sign and return the copy of the approval form to the Faculty Research Office.

4. Criteria Conference Attendance Support:


Currently each bid is processed through the applicant’s supervisor and commented on in terms of its relationship to the Faculty’s research strategy. The bid is then vetted by their supervisor’s RKTG Leader. The following criteria have been applied: a) That the PhD student presenting work that has arisen from their studies. b) Demonstration that the conference is of appropriate academic standing and offers significant opportunities forming partnerships and/or raising the Faculty’s profile. c) Definite plans for the development of any paper for publication in an appropriate outlet.

5. Claiming Funds The following points are offered as guidance: 1. Funds allocated for conference attendance cannot be held over from one financial year to the next. The University’s financial year starts on 1 August and ends on 31 July. Students should familiarise themselves with University policy regarding claims for expenditure. Claims must be submitted in the Financial Year the award was made. Expense claims must be made within two months of the expense being incurred. Claims which are submitted after the end of the Financial Year cannot be processed. 2. If a student requires conference registration or travel costs to be paid up front they should contact their RKTG Leader for assistance. 3. After attending the Conference the applicant should claim reimbursement by forwarding to the Faculty Research Office a completed relevant University Student Expenses Claim Form (available from the Finance Office website) together with receipts and where appropriate a certificate of attendance. Claims for reimbursement of expenditure will only be processed once a copy of the paper is lodged with the Research Office. Where applicants were unable to supply initial confirmation of their paper’s acceptance they will be required to supply it at this point. Claims for expenditure should not exceed the amount of funding originally approved and must be submitted to the Faculty Research Office within two months of the conference taking place. Any funds unclaimed after this period will be used to benefit other students. 4. Conference attendance claims, or requests for pre-payment of registration fees must be timely and should not exceed the amount originally approved.

Any queries regarding PhD student conference support should be referred to: Faculty of Education Research Office, Room 425D, St Andrew’s Building, 11 Eldon Street Telephone: 0141 330 4101 E-Mail: Version 04 08/09


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