APPENDIX TO PRINCIPAL CONDITIONS FOR SUPPORT STAFF SECURITY STAFF Security Officers Rotating Shift Avery Hill are normally appointed to work an average of 38.5 hours (exclusive of meal times), on a rotating shift pattern, including nights, weekends, statutory Bank Holidays and University closure periods. All hours worked up to 39 per week will be paid at Basic Rate. SPECIAL RATES Overtime Payments for overtime for hours worked in excess of 39 per week are at the following enhanced rates: Monday - Saturday Sunday Bank Holidays time-and-a-half double time double time and time-off in lieu

Shift Work Enhanced rates for shift workers are 16% of basic pay for rotating shifts. Payments of shift pay precludes payment of night rates, unsocial hours payments and overtime rates set out above. Overtime work on rest days and other off duty periods, in excess of 39 hours will be paid at time and a half. HOLIDAYS Paid holiday entitlement is: basic leave entitlement - 26 days Rotating Shift (38.5 hours) 16½ shifts

In the year of entry, leave entitlement will be on the basis of one-twelfth of the full allowance for each complete calendar month of service as follows: after 5 years continuous service after 10 years continuous service after 15 years continuous service after 20 years continuous service after 25 years continuous service - 27 days - 28 days - 29½ days - 31 days - 33 days 17 shifts 18 shifts 19 shifts 19½ shifts 21 shifts

Paid holiday entitlement for part-time staff is pro-rata to the full-time entitlement.

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Security staff receiving a shift allowance and working overtime on Public or Bank Holidays will be paid at double time (at basic rate only, ie not including London Weighting or Shift Allowances) for all overtime hours worked: TOIL will not be available to Security Staff receiving shift allowance. Security staff rostered to work on closure days (eg at Christmas) as part of their normal shift pattern will continue to be paid at plain time and will not be entitled to TOIL. Security staff working overtime on closure days will be paid at plain time plus a half and will not be able to take TOIL. Leave of security staff will be adjusted in accordance with the length of the shift which is not worked. ie where leave entitlement for staff generally is 26 days (26 x 7 hours = 182 hours), this may be represented as 16½ shifts of 12 hours each (including 1 hour lunch) for rotating shift staff.

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