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November 4-6, 2009
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC


                                                                         Commercial Buildings Program
              Association of Energy Engineers                                Industrial Program
Opening Session: New Directions in Energy • Wednesday, November 4, 2009 • 8:45 – 11:25 am • Ballroom A
Chair: DAVID E. SPEISER, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

8:45-9:15 am                                   9:15-9:25 am                                                9:25-10:10 am                                  10:10-10:35 am
The National Quintet                           Welcome from AEE                                            A Vision for Energy                            SAIC Welcome
of the 257th Army                              ALBERT THUMANN, P.E., C.E.M.,                               Independence, Jobs,                            JOSEPH W. CRAVER, III,
Band and the Armed                             Executive Director,                                         and National Wealth                            Group President,
Forces Colorguard                              Association of Energy Engineers                             ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR.,                        Science Applications
                                                                                                           Environmental Activist                         International Corporation (SAIC)
                                                                                                           and Attorney

CO N F E R E N C E - AT - A - G L A N C E
                                      Energy Policy                               Energy Policy                 Government Energy Management         Government Energy Management
   TRACKS A-G                         (FEMWorks)                                  (FEMWorks)                            (FEMWorks)                           (FEMWorks)
                              How to Leverage Energy Policy                         Green Jobs                         Federal Government—                      Water
 Sessions A1-G1                  & Regulatory Changes                                                            Providing a More Energy Efficient            Management
                                                                                                                       & Sustainable Future
                                    High Performance                             Industrial Energy                      Industrial Energy                       Energy
   TRACKS H-N                           Buildings                                  Management                             Management                          Management
                            Benchmarking Energy Performance                     Industrial Process                      Industrial Energy                    Lessons Learned
 Sessions H1-N1             Case Studies—Using ENERGY STAR                  Optimization Case Studies                  Management Strategy                from Around the World
                                    Portfolio Manager

                                      Energy Policy                               Energy Policy                 Government Energy Management         Government Energy Management
   TRACKS A-G                         (FEMWorks)                                  (FEMWorks)                            (FEMWorks)                           (FEMWorks)
                                     Federal Buildings                                Smart                               Selecting Smart                        Smart
 Sessions A2-G2                        Challenges &                                    Grid                                   ESCOs                             Metering
                                    High Performance                             Industrial Energy                      Industrial Energy                       Energy
   TRACKS H-N                           Buildings                                  Management                             Management                          Management
                            Insulation, the Proven But Forgotten         Process & Energy Optimization:                  Integrating Climate                 How to Finance
 Sessions H2-N2              Technology for Energy Efficiency &           How to Increase Your Savings              Strategy in Corporate Energy         Your Energy Projects in
                            Conservation & Emission Reduction                        by 4X                               Managers Programs              Uncertain Economic Times

                                      Energy Policy                               Energy Policy                 Government Energy Management         Government Energy Management
   TRACKS A-G                         (FEMWorks)                                  (FEMWorks)                            (FEMWorks)                           (FEMWorks)
                                    City, State, & Local                      Stimulus Funding,                           DoD Services                      Low Cost/No Cost
 Sessions A3-G3                    Energy Management                       Taxes & Carbon Reduction                      Energy Programs
                                    High Performance                             Industrial Energy                      Industrial Energy                       Energy
   TRACKS H-N                           Buildings                                  Management                             Management                          Management
                                   Energy Conservation                              Best Practices                          Fortune 500                          Energy
 Sessions H3-N3                       for Hospitals                              in Compressed Air                           Showcase                           Services

   FRIDAY / NOVEMBER 6, 2009 / CONCURRENT SESSIONS / 9:00 – 11:00 AM
                                                                                  Energy Policy                 Government Energy Management         Government Energy Management
   TRACKS A-G                                                                     (FEMWorks)                            (FEMWorks)                           (FEMWorks)
                                                                                   The Business                           Programmatic                    Energy Management:
 Sessions A4-G4                                                                   of Smart Energy                     Approaches to Reducing              A Federal Perspective
                                                                                                                       Energy Consumption
                                    High Performance                             Industrial Energy                      Industrial Energy                       Energy
   TRACKS H-N                           Buildings                                  Management                             Management                          Management
                                        Lighting &                                  Industrial                           Achieving Energy                   Demand Response
 Sessions H4-N4                      Energy Efficient                            Energy Efficiency                      Savings in Industry                  Success Stories
                                   Sustainable Buildings
                                                                                                                                    Bronze Sponsor

                                                                                                                           Government Energy Leaders
               10:35-11:00 am                                              11:00-11:25 am
               Getting Down To Business—                                   New Administration, New Congress—
               Making Things Happen and ARRA                               New Direction in Energy Policy
               MATT ROGERS,                                                C. KYLE SIMPSON,
               Senior Advisor to the Secretary of                          Policy Director,
               Energy for the Recovery Act,                                Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP
               U.S. Department of Energy

                                                                                                                      Red Star Corporate Energy Leaders

                                                            14 CONCURRENT CONFERENCE TRACKS
  Energy Management                                   Carbon                         Green
        Basics                                       Reduction                      Buildings
        Lighting:                              Policies, Programs,              Update on LEED
      Back to Basics                             & Technologies               Certification Program

                                                                                                                     White Star Corporate Energy Leaders
    Superior Energy                                  Renewable               Alternative Energy &
     Performance                                      Energy                Distributed Generation
   Raytheon’s Enterprise             Challenges Facing Renewable Energy—          CHP & DGEN
Energy Management Program                Transforming a 20th Century
                                              T&D Intrastructure
                                                                                                                                  EVENT SPONSORS
                                                                                                                    Networking Reception               New Technologies
                                                            14 CONCURRENT CONFERENCE TRACKS                             and Banquet                       Breakfast

  Energy Management                                   Carbon                         Green
        Basics                                       Reduction                      Buildings
       Saving Energy                           Carbon Reduction                   Green School                           Japan Green Technology & Energy Pavilion
                                                                                                                            and Policy and Technology Breakfast
     in HVAC Systems                            Success Stories                    Initiatives

    Superior Energy                                  Renewable               Alternative Energy &
                                                                                                                   Opening Session Coffee           Banquet Entertainment
     Performance                                      Energy                Distributed Generation
     Achieving Energy                         Maximizing Benefits                    District
        Excellence                            of Renewable Energy                    Energy
                                                                                                                     Exhibit Hall Coffee                 Attendee Bags

                                                            14 CONCURRENT CONFERENCE TRACKS
  Energy Management                                   Carbon                         Green
        Basics                                       Reduction                      Buildings
    Energy Auditing—                          Strategies to Reduce                   Green
    Matching the Audit                         Carbon Footprint                   Data Centers
       to the Goal                                                                                                                MEDIA SPONSORS
                                                                                                                           Building Operating Management Magazine
                                                                                                                                 Compressed Air Best Practices
    Superior Energy                                  Renewable               Alternative Energy &                                 Distributed Energy Magazine
     Performance                                      Energy                Distributed Generation                                       enerG Magazine
                                                                                                                                 National Insulation Association
                                                                                                                                      Project Energy Savers
     Energy Efficiency                               Geothermal                       Solar                                            Sustainable Facility
      Success Stories                                                              Applications                                             Earthtoys
                                                                                                                        American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)
                                                                                                                                      Alliance to Save Energy
                                                                                                                      Alternative & Renewable Energy Development Institute
                                                            13 CONCURRENT CONFERENCE TRACKS                                                    (AREDI)
                                                                                                                                       Architects Newspaper
  Energy Management                                   Carbon                         Green                                              Automated Buildings
                                                                                                                            Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO)
        Basics                                       Reduction                      Buildings                        Geothermal National & International Initiative (GEO-NII)
     Energy Efficient                                 Carbon                    Existing Building                                
    HVAC Methodology                                 Reduction                   Commissioning                               International District Energy Association
                                                                                                                  International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA)
                                                                                                                                       Lonmark International
                                                                                                                    New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability
    Superior Energy                                  Renewable               Alternative Energy &                                             (NJHEPS)
     Performance                                      Energy                Distributed Generation                                       Recharge Magazine
     Perspectives on                                Turning Waste                 Solar Energy                                Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA)
                                                                                                                             United States Energy Association (USEA)
   Energy Management                                 into Energy                 Success Stories                       U.S. Combined Heat & Power Association (USCHPA)
                                                                                                                       U.S. Green Building Council–National Capital Chapter
                                                                                                                                    Speaker/Press Room 102B
                                                                 TRACK A                    TRACK B                    TRACK C                      TRACK D                       TRACK E                      TRACK F                      TRACK G
                                                               ENERGY                     ENERGY                GOV. ENERGY                  GOV. ENERGY                     ENERGY                         CARBON                       GREEN
                                                               POLICY                     POLICY                MANAGEMENT                   MANAGEMENT                    MANAGEMENT                      REDUCTION                    BUILDINGS
                                                            (FEMWORKS)                 (FEMWORKS)               (FEMWORKS)                   (FEMWORKS)                       BASICS
                                                               SESSION A1                SESSION B1                 SESSION C1                   SESSION D1                    SESSION E1                   SESSION F1                   SESSION G1
                                                                ROOM 201                 ROOM 202A                  ROOM 202B                   ROOM 203AB                     ROOM 204A                    ROOM 204B                    ROOM 204C
                                                          How to Leverage                   Green               Federal Gov.—                   Water                          Lighting:                   Policies,                    Update
                                                           Energy Policy                     Jobs               Providing a More              Management                        Back to                   Programs,                     on LEED
                                                           & Regulatory                                        Energy Efficient &                                                Basics                       &                       Certification
                                                                                                               Sustainable Future
                                                             Changes                                                                                                                                     Technologies                  Program
                                                          Chair:                    Chair:                     Chair:                       Chair:                        Chair:                       Chair:                       Chair:
                                                          CLAY CROWNOVER,           MONICA HALE,               PHILIP W. Le GRAND,          KATE L. McMORDIE              JOHN L. FETTERS.,            STEPHEN A. ROOSA,            NICK J. STECKY, C.E.M.,
                                                          Policy Manager,           Sustainability Director,   C.E.M., B.E.P., C.E.P.,      STOUGHTON, C.E.M.,            C.E.M., C.L.E.P., C.E.A.,    Ph.D., C.E.M., C.M.V.P.,     LEED AP, Resource
                                                          Alliance to Save Energy   Science Applications       C.D.S.M., C.S.D.P., Senior   LEED AP, Program Dir.–        President, Effective         C.D.S.M., Account            Efficiency Manager,
                                                                                    International              Account Mgr., Southern       Resource Effic. Mgmt.,        Lighting Solutions           Executive, Energy            Sain Engineering
                                                                                    Corporation (SAIC)         California Edison            Sain Engineering                                           Systems Group                Associates, Inc.
                                                                                                                                            Associates, Inc.
                                                                                                               2:30-3:00 pm
                                                          2:30-3:00 pm              2:30-3:00 pm               Reduction of Building        2:30-3:00 pm                  2:30-3:00 pm                 2:30-3:00 pm                 2:30-3:00 pm
                                                          Energy Efficiency         The Reality of Green       Energy Use at the USPS       Federal Energy                Electronic Ballasts          Approaches to Carbon         Achieving Maximum
                                                          Opportunities in the      Jobs in the U.S. 2009      ROBERT K. McNIECE,           Management Program–           MICHAEL J. SMITH,            Reduction for                Energy Points for LEED
                                                          American Recovery &       ROGER BEZDEK, Ph.D.,       P.E., C.E.M., LEED AP,       Water Efficiency              Manager, Ballast Sales       Sustainable & Energy         Certification—The River
                                                          Reinvestment Act          President,                 Manager, Energy              Program                       Development, GE              Efficient Facilities         Resource Center Case
                                                          WILLIAM R. PRINDLE,       Management Information     Program Management,          WILLIAM LINTNER,              Consumer & Industrial        STEPHEN A. ROOSA,            Study
                                                          Vice President,           Services, Inc.             U.S. Postal Service          C.M.V.P., Federal Water                                    Ph.D., C.E.M., C.M.V.P.,     BILL AMANN, P.E.,
                                                          ICF International                                                                 Coordinator, U.S. DOE                                      C.D.S.M., Acct. Executive,   LEED AP, President,
                                                                                                           3:00-3:30 pm                                                                                Energy Systems Group         M&E Engineers, Inc.
                                                                                                           Matching Agency Mission
                                                          3:00-3:30 pm            3:00-3:30 pm             to Energy Goals — A              3:00-3:30 pm                  3:00-3:30 pm                 3:00-3:30 pm                 3:00-3:30 pm
                                                          Energy Efficiency &     The District of          Pathway to Success               Maximizing Water Energy       Sustainable Fluorescent      The Perfect Storm for        LEED V3 2009 & Beyond
                                                          Global Warming Policy Columbia’s Approach to STEPHEN E.                           Mgmt. at the City of          Lamp Solutions               Energy Efficiency            JASON KLIWINSKI, AIA,
                                                          DAVID WOOLEY,           Conducting a Green Jobs BUTTERWORTH, Regional             Cleveland Div. of Water       JOHN L. FETTERS.,            ROBERT J. DIXON,             LEED AP, Director of
                                                          Vice President,         Demand Study             Energy Program Coord.,           CARL W. EGER, III,            C.E.M., C.L.E.P., C.E.A.,    Senior VP & Global           Sustainable Design,
                                                          The Energy Foundation HOWARD WAYS, Special National Park Service                  Energy Manager, Office        President, Effective         Head, Efficiency &           Spiezle Architectural
                                                                                  Assistant, AICP–DC                                        of Sustainability, City of    Lighting Solutions           Sustainability, Siemens      Group
                                                                                  Office of Planning       3:30-4:00 pm                     Cleveland                                                  Industry, Inc.
                                                                                                           GSA’s Interdisciplinary
                                                          3:30-4:00 pm            3:30-4:00 pm             Planning for High                3:30-4:00 pm                  3:30-4:00 pm                 3:30-4:00 pm                 3:30-4:00 pm
                                                          Upcoming Policy &       Getting the Right People Performance                      Marshall Space Flight         Lighting Surveys & Audits:   The Critical Role of         Sustainability Actions by
                                                          Regulatory Changes in to Advance GE’s Position KATHLEEN CRUISE,                   Center Water Efficiency       Recent Lessons Learned       Green Buildings in an        Leading Corporations
                                                          the Energy Field (From as a Leader in Green      Pacific Rim Region,              Initiatives                   MATTHEW FETTERS,             Effective Urban Climate      MICHAEL ARNY P.E.,
                                                          the State Perspective)  Innovation               Senior Asset Manager,            KATE L. McMORDIE              Project Manager, and         Change Initiative            MSME, LEED AP,
                                                          JEFF GENZER,            MARK M. LITTLE,          Portfolio Management             STOUGHTON, C.E.M.,            JOHN L. FETTERS.,            ARUN JHAVERI, Ph.D.,         President,
                                                          General Counsel,        SVP Global Research,     Division, U.S. GSA               LEED AP, Prog. Dir.—          C.E.M., C.L.E.P., C.E.A.,    C.S.D.P., Senior Advisor/    Leonardo Academy Inc.
                                                          National Association of General Electric                                          Resource Effic. Mgmt., Sain   President, Effective         Consultant, Arun Jhaveri
                                                          State Energy Officials                           4:00-4:30 pm                     Engineering Assoc., Inc.      Lighting Solutions           & Associates
                                                                                                           Resource Efficiency
                                                          4:00-4:30 pm            4:00-4:30 pm             Managers—Human                   4:00-4:30 pm                  4:00-4:30 pm                 4:00-4:30 pm                 4:00-4:30 pm
                                                          Using Energy Savings    Recruiting for the New Performance Contracts              Federal Water Efficiency      Lighting Controls:           Carbon Footprints for        Get Green by Going
                                                          Performance Contracts Green Jobs Era — So        STEPHEN P. SAIN, P.E.,           Case Study–                   Effective Applications for   Wastewater Plant &           Green—Congress Extends
                                                          to Leverage Federal     What is New?             C.E.M., C.M.V.P., B.E.P.,        Saving Water Saves            Saving Energy                Landfills                    Energy Efficiency Tax
                                                          Energy Policy & Funding JOSEPH AMARA, M.S., C.E.P., President, Sain               Taxpayers’ Dollars            DAVID WEIGAND, LC,           WAYNE E. McFARLAND,          Benefits to 2013
                                                          Initiatives             Senior Consultant,       Engineering Assoc., Inc.         PAUL E. BASSETT,              Product Manager of           P.E., C.E.M., C.R.M.,        JULIO P. GONZALEZ,
                                                          DON GILLIGAN,           Alternative Energy                                        LEED AP, Vice President,      Energy Management            LEED AP, Principal,          CEO, Engineered Tax
                                                          President,              Practice Lead,           4:30-5:00 pm                     Water Savers, LLC             Controls, Leviton            GHD, Inc.                    Services, Inc.
                                                          NAESCO                  The Lucas Group          Energy Management:                                             Lighting Management
                                                                                  Executive Search Firm Providing a Sustainable                                           Systems
                                                                                                           Future for Federal
                                                                                                           SUSAN SHARESHIAN,
                                                                                                           Business Development
                                                                                                           Solutions Manager,
                                                                                                           Cisco Systems, Inc.

                                                                              AEE Books                                              New Technologies                                                  Conference Attendee
                                                           Be sure to visit the AEE Books booth to see the lat-                         Breakfast                                                      Networking Luncheon
                                                           est energy efficiency, power, renewable and facili-                       Wednesday, November 4, 2009                                                      WHEN:
                                                           ties management professional reference books.                           7:45-9:00 am • Room 207A • FREE                              Wednesday, November 4, 2009 • 12:00 noon
                                                           Special show pricing is available.                                                                                                   Thursday, November 5, 2009 • 12:00 noon
                                                                        MEET THE AUTHORS                                                                                                                      Rear Exhibit Hall D
                                                           Thursday, November 5 • 1:30-2:30 pm • Booth #259                  Leviton Manufacturing Company is pleased                              Walter E. Washington Convention Center
                                                           Authors Arun Jhaveri, Barney Capehart, Bill                       to sponsor the New Technologies Break-                                                    WHO:
                                                                                                                             fast, a concise and informative forum for                      All paid conference delegates are welcome as well as
                                                           Younger, Clark Gellings, Eric Woodroof, Mark                                                                                     attendees who have pre-purchased luncheon tickets.
                                                           Gabriel, Shirley Hansen, Stephen Roosa, Wayne                     WEEC attendees to preview the new and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SPONSORED BY:
                                                           Turner, and Al Thumann will be on hand to discuss                 innovative products and services on dis-
                                                           their books. Be sure to attend!                                   play at the expo.
                                                                       Note: Program subject to change.

      TRACK H                     TRACK I                    TRACK J                    TRACK K                      TRACK L                   TRACK M                    TRACK N
     HIGH                    INDUSTRIAL                 INDUSTRIAL                   ENERGY                      SUPERIOR                   RENEWABLE                ALTERNATIVE
 PERFORMANCE                   ENERGY                     ENERGY                   MANAGEMENT                     ENERGY                      ENERGY                   ENERGY
   BUILDINGS                MANAGEMENT                 MANAGEMENT                                              PERFORMANCE                                             & DGEN
    SESSION H1                 SESSION I1                  SESSION J1                 SESSION K1                  SESSION L1                 SESSION M1                SESSION N1
   ROOM 208AB                  ROOM 207B                   ROOM 207A                  ROOM 206                    ROOM 209C                  ROOM 209B                 ROOM 209A
  Benchmarking               Industrial                 Industrial                  Lessons                    Raytheon’s Challenges Facing                                CHP
Energy Perf. Case             Process                     Energy                  Learned from                  Enterprise Renewable Energy—                                &
  Studies—Using                                                                                                              Transforming a
  ENERGY STAR               Optimization               Management                  Around the                 Energy Mgmt. 20th Century T&D                               DGEN
Portfolio Manager           Case Studies                 Strategy                    World                       Program      Infrastructure
Chair:                    Chair:                      Chair:                     Chair:                      Chair:                     Chair:                    Chairs:
National Program          Chief Energy Advocate,      Energy Manager,            P.E., LEED AP,              P.E., C.E.M., G.B.E.,      LINDERMAN,                Senior Project Manager,
Manager, U.S. EPA         Advanced Energy             Saint-Gobain Corporation   Assistant Vice President/   Principal Energy           Staff to ACORE Electric   and JOSEPH M. COHEN,
ENERGY STAR               Innovations                                            Program Manager,            Engineer, Raytheon         Services Committee,       Science Applications
                                                                                 Science Applications        Company, Integrated        ACORE                     International
                                                                                 International               Defense Systems                                      Corporation (SAIC)
                                                                                 Corporation (SAIC)

2:30-3:00 pm              2:30-3:00 pm                2:30-3:00 pm               2:30-3:00 pm                2:30-4:30 pm               2:30-3:00 pm              2:30-3:00 pm
Using ENERGY STAR         Use EPAct to Optimize       How We Used ENERGY         ESCOs Around the            During this session        Smart Grid: A Key to      CHP—Why Post
Portfolio Manager to      Your Industrial Project’s   STAR to Save               World: Lessons Learned      members of Raytheon’s      Managing Increasing       Installation Analysis is
Benchmark, Measure, &     Economics                   TRISTA CLAXON, MBA,        in 49 Countries             Enterprise Energy Team     Grid Variability          Critical
Improve Building          KEN PATTERSON,              PMP, Manager of            SHIRLEY J. HANSEN,          will provide an overview   BRENDAN HERRON,           RAFAEL NEGRON,
Efficiency                Chief Energy Advocate,      Strategic Projects,        Ph.D., C.M.V.P., CEO,       of it’s nationally         V.P.–Corporate            C.E.M., B.E.P.,
JONATHAN B. TODD,         Advanced Energy             FetterGroup                Hansen Associates, Inc.     recognized energy          Development &             Principal, Norgen
LEED AP, Regional Sales   Innovations                                                                        conservation program,      Strategy,                 Consulting Group, Inc.
Manager–Sustainability                                                                                       including how the          CURRENT Group, LLC
Services, Johnson                                                                                            company achieved a
Controls                                                                                                     38% reduction in
                                                                                                             greenhouse gas
3:00-3:30 pm              3:00-3:30 pm                3:00-3:30 pm               3:00-3:30 pm                              3:00-3:30 pm
                                                                                                             emissions per dollar                                 3:00-3:30 pm
Partners in Energy        Maintain It & Save          Engaging PepsiCo’s         The Interface of Global                   Smart Grid:
                                                                                                             revenue between 2002                                 CHP Applications for
JOHN H. HARVEY, CPM,      PETER C. TOUSLEY,           Supply Chain to Deliver    Warming Solutions and       and 2008.     Transforming the                       High Temperature Fuel
Regional Manager,         C.E.M., C.S.D.P.,           Energy Savings Through     Economic Development                      Electric Supply Chain                  Cells
Central Region, ABM       President,                  Resource Conservation                     Panelists:
                                                                                 BRACKEN HENDRICKS,                        Douglas Jester,                        CHRIS PAIS, P.E.,
Engineering Services      TCorp Inc.                  ERIC P. BATTINO,           Senior Fellow, DAVID R. CHAMBERLAIN, Solution Architect–                         D.G.C.P., Manager,
                                                      PepsiCo Supplier                          P.E., C.E.M., G.B.E.,
                                                                                 Center for American                       Global Energy &                        Applications
                                                      Sustainability Manager,    Progress       Principal Energy           Utilities Practice,                    Engineering,
                                                      PepsiCo, Inc.                             Engineer, Raytheon         Verizon Business                       FuelCell Energy
                                                                                                Company, Integrated
3:30-4:00 pm            3:30-4:00 pm             3:30-4:00 pm          3:30-4:00 pm             Defense Systems            3:30-4:00 pm                           3:30-4:00 pm
Benchmarking Energy Be Green—Save Water— Energy Management for Sustainable                                                 Smart Grid:                            Wind & Solar Hybrid
Performance             Eliminate Scale—         2015                  Development in Energy STEVEN J. FUGARAZZO, Applications Under                              Dispatchable Power
ED SCHLECT, P.E.,       Reduce Your Water &      RICHARD MARKLEIN, Sector of Brazil             Facilities Engineering     Development by the                     System
C.E.M., G.B.E.,         Energy Costs!            Director of Global    JORGE ALBERTO            Manager, Raytheon          City of Austin                         MARK KAPNER, P.E.,
Executive Vice          MARK WILSON,             Energy Services,      ALCALA VELA,             Company, Integrated        Michael Webber, Ph.D.,                 Senior Strategy Engineer,
President, Advantage IQ CG Solutions             Kimberly-Clark        Engineer, Eletrobras     Defense Systems            University of Texas at                 Austin Energy
                                                 Corporation                                                               Austin
                                                                                                TRACY L. FIALLI,
4:00-4:30 pm            4:00-4:30 pm             4:00-4:30 pm          4:00-4:30 pm             Senior Energy Engineer, 4:00-4:30 pm                              4:00-4:30 pm
GreenQuest–             A Best Practice          Strategies for Energy Assessment of Title      Raytheon Company,          Panel Discussion                       Where Can a Solar
Benchmarking Made       Approach: How to Plan, Sustainability          Power                    Integrated Defense                                                System Generate a
Simple                  Execute, & Thrive in the KEN RODEN,            BINOY K. CHOUDHURY, Systems                                                                Quicker Payback—
STEVEN D. HEINZ, P.E., “Changing” World of       Nissan North America, Ph.D., C.E.M., Assistant                                                                   California or the Mid-
C.E.M., CEO,            Energy Management,       Inc.                  Professor, IISWBM        REESE BRENTZEL, P.E.,                                             Atlantic?
Good Steward Software, Energy Efficiency, &                                                     C.E.M., G.B.E., NCS Senior                                        KERINIA CUSICK,
LLC                     Climate Change                                                          Energy Engineer,                                                  Renewable Energy
                        C. NICHOLAS SPATES,                                                     Raytheon Company,                                                 Consultant, Syn-Dex
                        Senior Vice President,                                                  Network Centric                                                   Consulting
                        Modular Process                                                         Systems
                        Control, LLC

   Exhibit Hall                                 AEE Annual International Awards Banquet                                                                      WEEC 2009
   Networking                                                        Wednesday, November 4, 2009                                                            Exhibit Hours
    Reception                                  BANQUET RECEPTION • 6:00 – 7:00 pm • Prefunction Area/Ballroom A
                                                 AEE ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET • 7:00 – 10:00 pm • Ballroom A                                                       Wednesday
       Wednesday                                                      Sponsored by:
    November 4, 2009                                                                                                                                         November 4, 2009
    4:30 pm – 6:00 pm                                                                                                                                       10:00 am – 6:00 pm
      Exhibit Hall D
      Sponsored by:                                                                                                                                              Thursday
                                                                    Banquet entertainment sponsored by:
                                                                                                                                                             November 5, 2009
                                                                                                                                                            10:00 am – 4:00 pm
                                                                                                                                            Speaker/Press Room 102B
NOVEMBER 5, 2009 — 9:00 – 11:00 AM — THURSDAY MORNING
                                                               TRACK A                        TRACK B                        TRACK C                        TRACK D                   TRACK E                     TRACK F                        TRACK G
                                                             ENERGY                        ENERGY                    GOV. ENERGY                    GOV. ENERGY                  ENERGY                        CARBON                         GREEN
                                                             POLICY                        POLICY                    MANAGEMENT                     MANAGEMENT                 MANAGEMENT                     REDUCTION                      BUILDINGS
                                                          (FEMWORKS)                    (FEMWORKS)                   (FEMWORKS)                     (FEMWORKS)                    BASICS
                                                             SESSION A2                    SESSION B2                     SESSION C2                    SESSION D2                 SESSION E2                  SESSION F2                     SESSION G2
                                                              ROOM 201                     ROOM 202A                      ROOM 202B                    ROOM 203AB                  ROOM 204A                   ROOM 204B                      ROOM 204C
                                                            Federal                           Smart                       Selecting                       Smart                Saving Energy                   Carbon                          Green
                                                           Buildings                           Grid                        Smart                         Metering                 in HVAC                     Reduction                        School
                                                         Challenges &                                                      ESCOs                                                  Systems                      Success                       Initiatives
                                                         Opportunities                                                                                                                                         Stories
                                                        Chair:                       Chair:                        Chair:                         Chair:                      Chair:                      Chair:                       Chair:
                                                        MILLARD E. CARR, P.E.,       CLARK W. GELLINGS,            DARRELL MITCHELL,              CURT PHILLIPS, C.E.M.,      GARY D. HOGSETT, P.E.,      PETER J. GARFORTH,           RICHARD J. COSTELLO,
                                                        C.E.M., Vice President,      P.E., Vice President-         Vice President,                C.M.V.P.,                   C.E.M., LC, LEED AP,        P.E., Principal, Garforth    P.E., C.E.M., G.B.E.,
                                                        Operations,                  Technology,                   Project Development,           Senior Energy Engineer,     Sr. Energy Management       International LLC            President, Acela Energy
                                                        Sain Engineering             Electric Power Research       Benham/ SAIC                   NORESCO                     Specialist, Mid-America                                  Group, Inc.
                                                        Associates, Inc.             Institute                                                                                Mfg. Technology Center

                                                        9:00-9:30 am                 9:00-9:30 am                  9:00-11:00 am                  9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am                 9:00-9:30 am
                                                        Energy Security—             Southern California           SAIC is proud to be            Overview of Smart           Multiple-Zone HVAC:         Assessing Legislative        Economic Renewable
                                                        How is DoD Pursuing          Edison’s Smart Grid           hosting the Selecting          Metering                    An Obsolete Template        Climate Risk for             Energy Generation
                                                        This End-State               PERCY HARALSON,               Smart ESCOs panel              CURT PHILLIPS, C.E.M.,      DONALD R.                   Manufacturing Sites          System & Education
                                                        BRIAN J. LALLY, P.E.,        Manager Field                 discussion. Join us and        C.M.V.P.,                   WULFINGHOFF, P.E.,          PATRICK JACKSON,             Program for Our Nation’s
                                                        Facility Energy Director,    Technologies,                 hear from industry             Senior Energy Engineer,     President,                  Global Energy Manager,       Schools
                                                        Headquarters,                Southern California           experts covering the           NORESCO                     Wulfinghoff Energy          Corning Incorporated         GARY WESTERHOLM,
                                                        U.S. Air Force/A7CAE         Edison                        entire range of issues                                     Services, Inc.                                           Special Advisor, Project
                                                                                                                   and opportunities                                                                                                   Evergreen Schools
                                                                                                                   associated with the
                                                        9:30-10:00 am                9:30-10:00 am                 selection of Energy            9:30-10:00 am               9:30-10:00 am               9:30-10:00 am                9:30-10:00 am
                                                        The FEMP                     ONCOR’s Smart Grid            Services Companies             Success Stories in          Energy Savings Through      The Journey to the           Marking Energy
                                                        Energy Program &             BILL E. MUSTON,               most suited to your            Cutting Facility Energy     Economizing—                Competitive Zero             Attributes at Schools
                                                        Implementation of            Manager, Research and         organization’s needs.          Costs Using Electric        Knowing the                 Emissions Auto Plant         MEL JONES, President
                                                        Legislation for All          Development, ONCOR            This panel will discuss        Submeters                   Opportunity                 BRUCE BREMER,                and CEO,
                                                        Federal Agencies             Electric Delivery             the identification of          JACK GROUP, Eastern         RUSS McINTOSH, P.E.,        C.E.M., Manager, Facility    Sterling Planet
                                                        BRAD GUSTAFSON,                                            energy projects,               Regional Manager,           C.E.M., Senior Energy       Engineering, Toyota
                                                        Manager,                                                   implementation, and            E-Mon, LLC                  Engineer, Sebesta           North America
                                                        U.S. DOE, FEMP                                             measurement and                                            Blomberg & Associates,
                                                                                                                   verification.                                              Inc.

                                                        10:00-10:30 am               10:00-10:30 am                Panelists:                     10:00-10:30 am              10:00-10:30 am              10:00-10:30 am               10:00-10:30 am
                                                        Making Sure Energy           CenterPoint’s Smart Grid      BILL WALLEMON,                 Integration of Energy       Heat Recovery in Central    From Energy Efficiency       Tools, Techniques, and
                                                        Projects Work                DON CORTEZ,                   Energy Manager,                Management, Electrical      Heating & Cooling Plants    to Sustainability            Strategies for High
                                                        JOHN GRABOWSKI,              Vice President,               Ford Motor Company             Submetering, & Time         RICHARD D. HERMANS,         MARC BLANCHARD,              Performance, Energy
                                                        Senior Consultant,           Operations Technology,                                       Sensitive Pricing in a      P.E., HFDP,                 Global Energy Demand         Efficient HVAC Solutions
                                                        American Energy              CenterPoint Energy, Inc.      CDR BRAD HANCOCK,              Large Res. Community        Director of Applications,   Leader, Owens Corning        in Schools
                                                        Partners                                                   CEC, U.S. Navy                 Utilizing Wireless          McQuay International                                     MAUREEN J. LALLY,
                                                                                                                                                  Communications—Phase                                                                 Vice President,
                                                                                                                   TIM DAVIDICK,                  II                                                                                   Americas Marketing,
                                                                                                                   C.E.M., C.S.D.P.,              HERBERT E. HIRSCHFELD,                                                               Trane Commercial
                                                                                                                   Managing Director,             P.E., C.E.M., CCP,                                                                   Systems
                                                                                                                   ADM Micro                      Principal, Herbert E.

                                                        10:30-11:00 am               10:30-11:00 am                                               10:30-11:00 am              10:30-11:00 am              10:30-11:00 am               10:30-11:00 am
                                                        Using LEED to Facilitate     Salt River Project’s Smart                                   Government Resource         The Basics of Thermal       Guelph Community             Vertical Axis Wind
                                                        the EISA Goal of Zero        Grid                                                         Information Systems         Storage Systems:            Energy Plan—From             Turbine & Thin Film
                                                        Fossil Fuel Use in New       JOSEPH M. NOWACZYK,                                          BRIAN LENANE,               The Financial &             Vision to Execution          Solar Project—New
                                                        Federal Buildings            Manager,                                                     Senior Principal/           Environmental Benefits      ROB KERR,                    Bedford Technical
                                                        DANIEL L. BRILLER,           Electronic Systems,                                          Strategic Initiatives,      GUY FRANKENFIELD,           Community Energy Plan        Vocational High School
                                                        P.E., LEED AP,               Salt River Project                                           SRA International           P.E., Manager of TES &      Program Manager,             RICHARD J. COSTELLO,
                                                        Senior Environmental                                                                                                  Biofuels Market,            City of Guelph,              P.E., C.E.M., G.B.E.,
                                                        Engineer,                                                                                                             Natgun Corporation          Environmental Services       President, Acela Energy
                                                        Booz Allen Hamilton                                                                                                                                                            Group, Inc.

                                                               Energy Policy: Impact on the Energy Industry                                                                                                               DOE
                                                           A program for women professionals and women-owned companies                                                                                          Save Energy Now Awards
                                                                              Thursday, November 5, 2009 • 7:30–9:00 am • Room 306
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thursday, November 5, 2009 • 12:00 noon
                                                                                       Join us for a free breakfast and roundtable discussion with women in the energy
                                                                                       and environmental fields, and to network with your peers. This meeting is present-                                          Exhibit Hall Luncheon Area
                                                                                       ed by the Council on Women in Energy & Environmental Leadership (CWEEL).                                              Save Energy Now is a national initiative of DOE’s
                                                                                       This group is being organized to develop a prominent voice for women in the indus-                                    Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) to drive a 25%
                                                                                       try and in AEE. Its goals are to provide representation of women in industry-related                                  reduction in industrial energy intensity over 10 years.
                                                        policy issues to secure a future in energy-related technical fields for women by supporting training, education,                                     Through Save Energy Now, ITP conducts no-cost ener-
                                                        and mentoring of young girls and women; and to contribute to the advancement of women in leadership positions                                        gy assessments at U.S. manufacturing facilities to
                                                        throughout the industry.                                                                                                                             identify ways to reduce energy use in key industrial
                                                                                                              Panelists:                                                                                     energy systems. Individual plants and companies are
                                                                       Stacy Angel, Program Manager, Climate Protection Partnerships Division, U.S. EPA                                                      being rewarded for actively pursuing energy-saving
                                                                              Aleisha Kahn, Executive Director, Building Codes Assistance Project                                                            opportunities identified through a Save Energy Now
                                                                  Shelley N. Fidler, Principal, Managing Director, Environmental and Governmental Resources                                                  energy assessment.
                                                                                         Jennifer A. Schafer, President, Cascade Associates
                                                                         Note: Program subject to change.

       TRACK H                      TRACK I                    TRACK J                     TRACK K                    TRACK L                   TRACK M                     TRACK N
     HIGH                     INDUSTRIAL                  INDUSTRIAL                   ENERGY                    SUPERIOR                   RENEWABLE                  ALTERNATIVE
 PERFORMANCE                    ENERGY                      ENERGY                   MANAGEMENT                   ENERGY                      ENERGY                    ENERGY &
   BUILDINGS                 MANAGEMENT                  MANAGEMENT                                            PERFORMANCE                                                DGEN
    SESSION H2                   SESSION I2                 SESSION J2                  SESSION K2                 SESSION L2                 SESSION M2                 SESSION N2
   ROOM 208AB                    ROOM 207B                  ROOM 207A                   ROOM 206                   ROOM 209C                  ROOM 209B                  ROOM 209A
Insulation, the Proven       Process & Energy Integrating Climate                    How to Finance
    but Forgotten                                                                                                 Achieving                 Maximizing                     District
Technology for Energy       Optimization (PEO):   Strategy in                          Your Energy                 Energy                   Benefits of                    Energy
     Efficiency &            How to Increase Corporate Energy                           Projects in
   Conservation &           Your Savings by 4X     Managers                             Uncertain                 Excellence                Renewable
 Emission Reduction                                Programs                          Economic Times                                           Energy
Chair:                      Chair:                     Chair:                      Chair:                     Chair:                     Chair:                     Chair:
RON KING, Past              WALTER P. SMITH, JR.,      MARTY BROWN,                SHIRLEY J. HANSEN,         GEORGE R. OWENS,           LINDSAY P. AUDIN,          JOSEPH C. HOOSE,
President & Consultant,     C.E.M., President,         Global Energy &             Ph.D., C.M.V.P.,           P.E., C.E.M., G.B.E.,      C.E.M., C.E.P., LEED AP,   President,
National Insulation         CEO, & Founder,            Climate Change              CEO,                       C.D.P., LEED AP,           President,                 Cool Systems, Inc.
Association                 Energy Technology          Program,                    Hansen Associates, Inc.    President, Energy          Energywiz, Inc.
                            Services International,    Pfizer, Inc.                                           and Engineering
                            Inc.                                                                              Solutions, Inc.

9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am               9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am               9:00-9:30 am               9:00-9:30 am               9:00-9:30 am
Insulation, the Proven      An Overview of the PEO     Blending Climate            Project Financing—         Survey of Best Practices   Profiting from PV-         The Impact of Efficiency
but Forgotten Technology    Approach                   Strategy into a Corporate   Your Engineer Can Help!    in Corporate Energy        Assisted Pumping           Gains on Reducing
for Energy Conservation     WALTER P. SMITH, JR.,      Energy Program              JAMES W. BROWN, P.E.,      Management                 PAUL C. SWEETWOOD,         Emissions and Fuel
& Emission Reduction        C.E.M., President,         STEVEN J. FUGARAZZO,        President, Energy          WILLIAM R. PRINDLE,        P.E., Vice President,      Costs at UT Austin
RON KING, Past              CEO, & Founder,            Facilities Engineering      Systems Associates, Inc.   Vice President             Energy/ Utilities          RYAN THOMPSON P.E.,
President & Consultant,     Energy Technology          Manager, Raytheon                                      ICF International          Services Division,         Project Manager, Utilities
National Insulation         Services International,    Company, Integrated                                                               T&M Associates             and Energy Management,
Association                 Inc.                       Defense Systems                                                                                              University of Texas at

9:30-10:00 am               9:30-10:00 am              9:30-10:00 am               9:30-10:00 am              9:30-10:00 am              9:30-10:00 am              9:30-10:00 am
National Institute of       Applying PEO Concepts      Energy Strategy             Buying Down the Cost of    Energy Optimization        Is Real Time Pricing       Maximizing Chilled
Building Sciences,          to a Complex Cogen         Incorporates Climate        Renewable with             Drives Operational         Right for Solar PV?        Water Production with
Mechanical Insulation       Project                    STEVE COPPINGER,            Efficiency Savings         Excellence, Regulatory     JEFFREY PERLMAN,           Multiple Chiller Plants
Design Guide                JOHN MOYNIHAN,             P.E., Director,             PATRICK THOMPSON,          Compliance, &              C.E.M., C.E.A., LEED AP,   on a Campus Loop in
CHRIS P. CRALL, P.E.,       Senior Project Manager—    Energy Services,            President & CEO,           Environmental              President, Bright Power,   New York City
Principal,                  Burrstone Cogen Project,   CalPortland Company         EnergyWorks                Stewardship                Inc., ANDREW J.            TIM ANGERAME,
Ccrall Consulting           Bette & Cring                                                                     SCOTT BECKETT,             McNAMARA, C.E.M.,          C.E.M., Sales Engineer,
                            Construction Group, LLC                                                           President,                 C.E.A., LEED AP, Energy    Utilities Program and
                                                                                                              Q4 Energy Solutions        Engineer, Bright Power,    Metering II
                                                                                                                                         Inc., and LINDSAY P.
                                                                                                                                         AUDIN, C.E.M., C.E.P.,
                                                                                                                                         LEED AP, President,
                                                                                                                                         Energywiz, Inc.

10:00-10:30 am              10:00-10:30 am             10:00-10:30 am              10:00-10:30 am             10:00-10:30 am             10:00-10:30 am             10:00-10:30 am
North American              PEO Implementation         Merck’s Sustainability      Performance                Operationalizing           Campus & Community:        CHP and District Energy,
Insulation Mfrs., 3E Plus   Success at BASF            Strategy                    Contracting: Global        Management Systems for     Adopting Renewables in     Your Most Efficient
Comprehensive EM            Agriculture R&D Center     ROBERT COLUCCI,             Solutions to Energy &      Energy Efficiency &        a College Setting          Source
Software Program            DAVID BROAD, Site          C.R.M., Director,           Environmental Needs in     Renewables                 JOHN NETTLETON,            JOSEPH C. HOOSE,
CHARLES C. COTTRELL,        Facility Manager &         Global Energy & Asset       a Financial Crisis         JOHN R. SAAMS, P.E.,       MCP, Senior Lecturer,      President,
VP, Tech. Svcs., North      Energy Leader,             Management,                 PIERRE BAILLARGEON,        C.E.M., G.B.E., Senior     Department of City &       Cool Systems, Inc.
American Insulation         BASF Agricultural          Merck & Co., Inc.           P.E., C.E.M., C.M.V.P.,    Account Executive,         Regional Planning,
Manufacturers Assn.         Products Research                                      Vice President, Econoler   NORESCO, LLC               Cornell University

10:30-11:00 am              10:30-11:00 am             10:30-11:00 am              10:30-11:00 am             10:30-11:00 am             10:30-11:00 am             10:30-11:00 am
Insulation Systems          PEOs at Navistar & How     How Managing Climate        Investing in Greenfield    Inside the World’s         Getting the Best Deals     Innovative MASDAR
Management—An               to Quickly Identify/       will Require Good Energy    Energy Projects: What      Greenest Building          When Buying Green          District Cooling Strategy
Opportunity to Improve      Fund Energy Savings        Management at               are Financiers Looking     STEVEN RIBEIRO,            Energy                     in the Middle East
Operations & Receive a      JACK SHIH, P.E.,           ArcelorMittal               for Today?                 Principal,                 KENNETH IVANIC,            SUBHASH BHATIA, P.E.,
Return on Your Invest.      Director,                  LARRY F. FABINA,            STEPHEN P. ROCHEREAU,      Aldeia, LLC                Vice President,            C.E.M., LEED AP, MS, PMP,
RON KING, Past Pres. &      Environmental & Energy     Manager of Continuous       Managing Director,                                    Environmental Markets,     CH2M Hill Project Manager
Consultant, National        Affairs, Navistar, Inc.    Improvement,                National Capital                                      World Energy               –District Cooling, Masdar
Insulation Association                                 ArcelorMittal USA           Merchant Banking, LLC                                                            Development

          FREE Policy and Technology Breakfast                                                                 AEE National Capital                                     AEE Salutes
            Thursday, November 5, 2009 • 7:30–9:00 am • Ballroom A                                              Chapter Luncheon                                       Its Corporate
                                                                                                    Thursday, November 5, 2009 • 12:00 noon • Room 207B                  Members
                                                                                                 “Energy Security in a Climate Change Economy”                        Stop by the AEE
                                                                                                 This conference attendee luncheon is sponsored by the                  Membership
                                                                                                 AEE National Capital Chapter and will feature a special
                                                                                                 presentation by Brian J. Lally, P.E., Facilities Energy and
                                                                                                                                                                         Booth #263
        “Prospects and Challenges for a New Energy Future”                                       Utilities Privitization Director for the Deputy Under                and find out why
 Join the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) for a free breakfast.                        Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment.               your company
 This breakfast meeting will feature prominent U.S. and Japanese speak-                          Mr. Lally is responsible for strategy, policy, and advoca-            should become
 ers discussing the potential benefit of energy efficiency, alternative ener-                    cy of DoD installations energy and utility privatization                a Corporate
 gy, and GHG reduction.                                                                          programs. This lunch is free for conference attendees.                   Member.
                                                                                                                                      Speaker/Press Room 102B
NOVEMBER 5, 2009 — 2:30 – 4:30 PM — THURSDAY AFTERNOON
                                                                 TRACK A                       TRACK B                   TRACK C                     TRACK D                       TRACK E                     TRACK F                      TRACK G
                                                              ENERGY                         ENERGY                GOV. ENERGY                 GOV. ENERGY                    ENERGY                        CARBON                        GREEN
                                                              POLICY                         POLICY                MANAGEMENT                  MANAGEMENT                   MANAGEMENT                     REDUCTION                     BUILDINGS
                                                           (FEMWORKS)                     (FEMWORKS)               (FEMWORKS)                  (FEMWORKS)                      BASICS
                                                              SESSION A3                    SESSION B3                 SESSION C3                  SESSION D3                   SESSION E3                  SESSION F3                   SESSION G3
                                                               ROOM 201                     ROOM 202A                  ROOM 202B                  ROOM 203AB                    ROOM 204A                   ROOM 204B                    ROOM 204C
                                                          City, State, &    Stimulus                                DoD Services                  Low Cost/                   Energy                       Strategies                       Green
                                                          Local Energy Funding, Taxes,                                Energy                       No Cost                  Auditing—                      to Reduce                        Data
                                                          Management        & Carbon                                 Programs                                              Matching the                     Carbon                         Centers
                                                                         Reduction Credits                                                                                Audit to the Goal                Footprint
                                                         Chair:                         Chair:                    Chair:                      Chair:                       Chair:                      Chair:                       Chair:
                                                         RICHARD G. LUBINSKI,           RICHARD J. COSTELLO,      BUSTER G. BARKSDALE,        JAMES E. WOODS, C.E.M.,      BILL YOUNGER, C.E.M.,       ERIC A. WOODROOF,            JAMES F. HOLDENER,
                                                         C.E.M., C.D.S.M., B.E.P.,      P.E., C.E.M., G.B.E.,     JR., C.E.M., C.S.D.P.,      C.S.D.P., Vice President,    B.E.P., Manager,            Ph.D., C.E.M., C.R.M.,       P.E., ESE Chief Engineer,
                                                         C.S.D.P., C.E.A., President,   President, Acela Energy   Senior Vice President,      Business Development,        Business Energy             CRM Board Chairman,          The MITRE Corporation
                                                         Think Energy                   Group, Inc.               Primary Integration         Sain Engineering             Management,                 Founder-www.Profitable-
                                                         Management, LLC                                          Energy                      Associates, Inc.             Puget Sound Energy

                                                         2:30-3:00 pm                   2:30-3:00 pm              2:30-3:00 pm                2:30-3:00 pm                 2:30-3:00 pm                2:30-3:00 pm                 2:30-3:00 pm
                                                         Ramping Up Local               The Future of Carbon      Navy Energy Program         Go Green, Get Healthy:       Conducting Your Own         SunChips from the Sun:       An In-Depth Look at
                                                         Government Energy              Compliance                WILLIAM F. TAYLER,          Low Cost/No Cost             Energy Audit                Renewable Energy &           Power & Cooling Support
                                                         Management Programs            LARRY GOLDENHERSH,        C.E.M., Director,           Sustainable Solutions at     JIM N. PHILLIPS, P.E.,      Carbon Reduction             Systems for Data Centers
                                                         ANN ELSEN, C.E.M.,             President & CEO,          Department of Navy          the Centers for Disease      C.E.M., G.B.E., C.E.A.,     FRED MANER, Senior           JOHN P. CILIA, Senior
                                                         President, Elsen Energy        Enviance                  Shore Energy Office,        Control & Prevention         Vice President–             Engineer, Energy &           Consultant, Data Center
                                                         Associates, LLC                                          Naval Facilities            LIZ YORK, A.I.A., LEED       Engineering,                Utilites Group,              Lab Services, IBM-Systems
                                                                                                                  Engineering Command         AP, Chief Sustainability     Independent Energy          Frito-Lay, Inc.              and Technology Group
                                                                                                                                              Officer, Centers for         Alternatives
                                                                                                                                              Disease Control &

                                                         3:00-3:30 pm                   3:00-3:30 pm              3:00-3:30 pm                3:00-3:30 pm                 3:00-3:30 pm                3:00-3:30 pm                 3:00-3:30 pm
                                                         Dynamic Energy                 Update on Carbon          Humor in Saving Energy      Finding and Defining         Top 10 Opportunities in     An Exposition of             Improving Data Center
                                                         Management: Portfolio          Reduction Credits         DON JUHASZ, P.E.,           Conservation Measures        Industrial Plants           Implemented Emission         Efficiency
                                                         for the City of Seattle        ALEXANDER SHEETS,         C.E.M., DLA Energy          KEVIN VIDMAR, MS,            GARY D. HOGSETT, P.E.,      Reduction Projects—          SEAN F. ANDERSON,
                                                         HARRY INDIG, PMP,              Account Manager,          Resource Manager,           C.R.M., C.E.M., C.E.A.,      C.E.M., LC, LEED AP,        Experiences & Lessons        C.E.M., CPE, C.E.A.,
                                                         Senior System Energy           World Energy              U.S. Army Headquarters      Vice President,              Senior Energy               AL CHAN, Ph.D.,              Assistant Vice President
                                                         Engineer, KDS                                                                        Energy Services,             Management Specialist,      Managing Scientist &         Facilities & Director of
                                                         Alternative Energy, LLC                                                              Loureiro Engineering         Mid-America                 Technologist,                Green Initiatives, Mass
                                                                                                                                              Associates                   Manufacturing               The AES Corporation          Mutual Financial Group
                                                                                                                                                                           Technology Center

                                                         3:30-4:00 pm                   3:30-4:00 pm              3:30-4:00 pm                3:30-4:30 pm                 3:30-4:00 pm                3:30-4:00 pm                 3:30-4:00 pm
                                                         The Illinois Smart             Doing Business            Air Force Energy Strategy   Low Cost/No Cost             Audits to Action Leads to   Fordham University: A        Passively Cooled Data
                                                         Energy Design                  with the Federal          CATHERINE A. FAIRLIE,       Simple Easy Ways to          ENERGY STAR at JC           Case Study on Reducing       Centers
                                                         Assistance Center              Government                RA, Chief,                  Save Energy                  Penney                      the Carbon Footprint         JAMIL R. SCOTT,
                                                         DONALD FOURNIER,               BILL GORMLEY,             Energy Management           JACK AMES, P.E.,             CHARLEY HAUPT,              MARCO VALERA, Vice           Principal Information
                                                         Chair, Building Research       President & CEO,          Branch,                     Problem Solving              Principal,                  President, Facilities        Systems Engineer,
                                                         Council,                       The Washington            HQ USAF                     Engineer                     New Energy                  Management, Fordham          The MITRE Corporation
                                                         University of Illinois         Management Group                                                                   Technology, Inc.            University, and NATALE
                                                                                                                                                                                                       DiDONATO, C.R.M.,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Director, Energy Services,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Luthin Associates

                                                         4:00-4:30 pm                   4:00-4:30 pm           4:00-4:30 pm                                                4:00-4:30 pm                4:00-4:30 pm                 4:00-4:30 pm
                                                         Technological &                Applying for Renewable Panel Discussion                                            Targeted Auditing Based     Plug in to Power Down:       Energy Efficient Data
                                                         Investment Reasons to          Energy Cash Grants                                                                 on Substation Load          Opportunities to Reduce      Centers Separated Hot &
                                                         Require Net Zero Energy        PAUL LUKITSCH,                                                                     JEFFREY D. MITCHELL,        the Carbon Footprint         Cold Aisle Technology
                                                         Today                          Regional Facilities                                                                P.E., C.E.M.,               Through                      JEFF SLOAN, P.E.,
                                                         JOHN KENNEDY, P.E.,            Manager, Millipore                                                                 Supervising Engineer,       Telecommunication-           LEED AP, Design
                                                         Senior Manager,                Corporation                                                                        Business Energy             Based Solutions              Manager,
                                                         Autodesk                                                                                                          Management,                 BRUCE MEHLMAN,               McKinstry Co.
                                                                                                                                                                           Puget Sound Energy          Co-Chairman,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Internet Innovation

                                                                                    FREE Workshops                                                                                 FREE Poster Sessions
                                                                                                                                                                           Wednesday, November 4, 2009 / 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
                                                                                   held in Exhibit Hall                                                                     Thursday, November 5, 2009 / 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
                                                                                                                                                                         Exhibit Hall D — Walter E. Washington Convention Center
                                                          As an attendee at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC), you
                                                          are invited to learn about the latest new products, services, and solutions                    Complementing this year’s World Energy Engineering Congress conference, ex-
                                                          by attending the interactive 20-minute exhibit hall workshop presenta-                         position, and related events, this year’s poster sessions will provide an opportu-
                                                          tions held Wednesday, November 4, and Thursday, November 5, which                              nity for authors, session presenters, conference attendees, and exhibit hall visi-
                                                          are offered at no cost. There will be two areas located in the rear of the                     tors to interact, and give and receive ideas on a one-on-one informal basis.
                                                          expo hall labeled Presentation Area 1 and Presentation Area 2. Please
                                                          refer to the signage in the workshop presentation area for the complete                                               Presenters will be available for Q&A:
                                                          schedule of topics, speakers, and times.                                                                  Wednesday from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm and from 4:30 – 5:30 pm
                                                                                                                                                                    Thursday from 11:00 am – 12:00 noon and from 1:30 – 2:30 pm
                                                                         Note: Program subject to change.

       TRACK H                      TRACK I                    TRACK J                     TRACK K                       TRACK L                     TRACK M                    TRACK N
     HIGH                     INDUSTRIAL                 INDUSTRIAL                   ENERGY                        SUPERIOR                    RENEWABLE                 ALTERNATIVE
 PERFORMANCE                    ENERGY                     ENERGY                   MANAGEMENT                       ENERGY                       ENERGY                   ENERGY &
   BUILDINGS                 MANAGEMENT                 MANAGEMENT                                                PERFORMANCE                                                DGEN
     SESSION H3                  SESSION I3                 SESSION J3                  SESSION K3                    SESSION L3                  SESSION M3                 SESSION N3
    ROOM 208AB                   ROOM 207B                  ROOM 207A                   ROOM 206                      ROOM 209C                   ROOM 209B                  ROOM 209A
    Energy                   Best Practices                 Fortune                      Energy                      Energy                     Geothermal                   Solar
 Conservation                in Compessed                     500                        Services                  Efficiency                                             Applications
 for Hospitals                    Air                      Showcase                                              Success Stories

Chair:                      Chair:                     Chair:                      Chair:                        Chair:                      Chair:                     Chair:
STEVEN C. GANZER,           RODERICK SMITH,            LARRY F. FABINA,            KEITH A. WILLIS, Ph.D.,       TIMOTHY B. JANOS,           JACK P. DiENNA, JR.,       KATHLEEN STAHL, P.E.,
President,                  Publisher,                 Manager of Continuous       C.E.M., B.E.P., C.S.D.P.,     C.E.M., B.E.P., C.D.S.M.,   Executive Director,        C.E.M.,Demand Side
SEE Solutions, Inc.         Compressed Air Best        Improvement,                New Technologies              C.S.D.P., C.E.A.,           Geothermal National &      Management & Energy
                            Practices Magazine         ArcelorMittal USA           Leader, Trane USA             President, Spectrum         International Initiative   Efficiency, Progress
                                                                                                                 Energy Concepts, Inc.                                  Energy Carolinas

2:30-3:00 pm                2:30-3:00 pm               2:30-3:00 pm                2:30-3:00 pm                  2:30-3:00 pm                2:30-3:00 pm               2:30-3:00 pm
Difficulties of Achieving   Advances in Air            How Toyota Approaches       Riding the Next Wave of       Developing a Voluntary      Reviewing Real World       Evaluating the Economics
30% Better Than             Compressor Automation      Industrial Lighting         New Energy                    Manufacturing Plant         Commercial Geothermal      of Solar Applications for
ASHRAE 90.1 for             are Reducing Energy        Efficiency                  Technologies for High         Energy-Efficiency           Heat Pump Applications     Commercial & Industrial
Hospitals                   Consumption                BRADLEY J. REED,            Performance Buildings         Certification Program       PHIL RAWLINGS,             Facilities
JOHN K. PARK, P.E.,         BILL SCALES, P.E., CEO,    C.E.M., C.P.Q., Assistant   BOB VORWALD,                  PAUL SCHEIHING,             C.G.D., Director of        HENRY M. HEALEY,
C.E.M., C.S.D.P.,           and NIFF AMBROSINO,        Project Manager, Toyota     Measurement &                 Technology Manager,         Geothermal Services,       P.E., President, Florida
Portfolio (Energy           General Manager, Scales    Motor Engineering &         Verification Manager,         U.S. DOE                    Trison Construction Inc.   Alternative Energy Corp.
Program) Manager,           Industrial Technologies,   Mfg. North America          Trane                                                                                and PAUL McCRONE,
Department of Veterans      Inc.                                                                                                                                        Economic Analyst, Florida
Affairs                                                                                                                                                                 Alternative Energy Corp.,
                                                                                                                                                                        Healey & Associates

3:00-3:30 pm                3:00-3:30 pm               3:00-3:30 pm                3:00-3:30 pm                  3:00-3:30 pm                3:00-3:30 pm               3:00-3:30 pm
Case Studies: Energy        Managing Compressed        Back to Basics Energy       Lessons Learned from a        The Certified Energy        Combing Split System       Solar Re-Roofing of
Assessments for             Air System Efficiency in   Management at Boise         Failed Energy Efficiency      Manager: How it is Being    GSHP Systems & ERV’s:      Government Buildings
Hospitals—Finding           a Global Corporation       COLIN MILLER,               Project                       Used in Industry            Improve Efficiency &       JOHN P. ARCHIBALD,
ECMs That WORK              DEAN SMITH,                Director of Engineering,    JOHN M. AVINA, C.E.M.,        TIMOTHY B. JANOS,           Decrease Cost              President,
JAMES J. PARKER, P.E.,      President,                 Boise, Inc.                 B.E.P., C.S.D.P., C.M.V.P.,   C.E.M., B.E.P., C.D.S.M.,   LAWRENCE D. JOHNSON,       American Solar, Inc.
C.E.M., C.M.V.P.,           iZ Systems LLC                                         President,                    C.S.D.P., C.E.A.,           C.G.D., Mech. Design
Engineer, Square D                                                                 Abraxas Energy                President, Spectrum         Engineer & Consultant,
Engineering Services                                                               Consulting                    Energy Concepts, Inc.       U.S. Air Force

3:30-4:30 pm                3:30-4:00 pm               3:30-4:00 pm                3:30-4:00 pm                  3:30-4:00 pm                3:30-4:00 pm               3:30-4:00 pm
Dehumidification in         Compressed Air Leaks—      SABIC-IP’s Energy           M&V of Energy                 Overcoming Barriers to      Advanced Geoexchange       It Takes a Solar Village:
Hospital Operating          The Myths and The Facts    Management Program          Efficiency Savings in         Increased Energy            Utilizing Seasonal         The 2009 DOE Solar
Rooms                       HANK P. VAN ORMER,         DEBORAH DOWNEY,             Industrial Facilities: The    Efficiency Projects         Underground Thermal        Decathlon
RAY KERR,                   President,                 Global Energy Process       Flaw of Using Energy          RICHARD J. GOFFI,           Energy Storage             CASSANDRA
President,                  Air Power USA, Inc.        Leader, SABIC Innovative    Intensities to Determine      Principal,                  LYNN F. STILES, Ph.D.,     QUAINTANCE, C.E.M.,
AC Quest                                               Plastics                    Savings                       Booz Allen Hamilton         Professor of Physics,      LEED AP, MAS,
                                                                                   LJ GROBLER, Ph.D., P.E.,                                  Richard Stockton           Energy Market Segment
                                                                                   C.E.M., C.M.V.P., Dir.,   4:00-4:30 pm                    College, NJ                Manager,
                                                                                   Energy Cybernetics,       Saving Energy &                                            Schneider Electric
                                                                                   School for Mech. Eng.,    Improving Comfort at
                                                                                   NorthWest University      Boeing
                                                                                                             STEVE TOM, Ph.D., P.E.,
4:00-4:30 pm                4:00-4:30 pm               4:00-4:30 pm                4:00-4:30 pm              Director of Tech. Info., 4:00-4:30 pm                      4:00-4:30 pm
Efficient Lighting          The Hidden Costs of        Benchmarking to             Energy Efficiency Project Automated Logic Corp. Creative Financing or                Implementing a Solar
in Hospitals                Operating Deeper Than      Improve Performance         Portfolio                                            Buying Comfort                  Farm on a University
EDWIN W. DOVEL,             Necessary in Rough         THOMAS PAGLIUCO,            Management–Linking        4:30-5:00 pm               JACK P. DiENNA, JR.,            Campus
Vice President,             Vacuum                     Director of Energy,         Strategy & Audit Results Dynamic Data Exchange Executive Director,                   MICHAEL D. KORNITAS,
Public Sector Sales,        JESSE KRIVOLAVEK,          Schering-Plough             JOSEPH BERNATOWICZ, & Dash Board Reporting Geothermal National &                     C.E.M., LEED AP,
Harris Lighting             President,                 Corporation                 C.E.M.,                   PHILLIP A. COLLINGWOOD, International Initiative           Energy Conservation
                            Independent Vacuum                                     Account Engineer,         C.E.M., C.D.S.M., C.E.P.,                                  Manager,
                            Solutions, Inc.                                        Booz Allen Hamilton       C.S.D.P., Director, Energy                                 Rutgers University
                                                                                                             & Sust. CB Richards Ellis

                                New at the Career Center — Onsite Industry Expert
                                                  Wednesday, November 4 and Thursday, November 5, 2009
  This year in the Career Center booth we are pleased to have a National Energy Expert available for you to meet: Mark Dillon, President of Natek Energy. Mr.
  Dillon has over 20 years of energy placement experience. The firm has led energy recruiting activities for one of the largest global energy service providers
  and has placed over 1,000 energy professionals nationwide. The booth will also contain a diversity of information available to bolster your career, including
  instructions on how to register for the Comprehensive 5-Day Training Program for Energy Managers—the preparatory course for CEM® certification—and how
  you can possibly enroll for free under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The Association of Energy Engineers has been designated as an
  Eligible Training Provider for specific energy training in several states at this time. To see if you qualify for training funds, contact your local Workforce Board
  at or contact Visitors to the Career Center can also broaden their understanding of how
  to write an effective resume that will be read. Employers who visit the booth will be able to learn winning strategies for recruiting and retaining skilled ener-
  gy professionals and gain insight for future employement trends in the energy industry. Visit Booth #238 onsite at WEEC for details.
                                                                                                                         Speaker/Press Room 102B
NOVEMBER 6, 2009 — 9:00 – 11:00 AM — FRIDAY MORNING
                                                                                  TRACK B                    TRACK C                   TRACK D                      TRACK E                      TRACK F                       TRACK G
                                                                                ENERGY                 GOV. ENERGY               GOV. ENERGY                    ENERGY                        CARBON                         GREEN
                                                                                POLICY                 MANAGEMENT                MANAGEMENT                   MANAGEMENT                     REDUCTION                      BUILDINGS
                                                                             (FEMWORKS)                (FEMWORKS)                (FEMWORKS)                      BASICS
                                                                                SESSION B4                SESSION C4                 SESSION D4                  SESSION E4                   SESSION F4                    SESSION G4
                                                                                ROOM 202A                 ROOM 202B                 ROOM 203AB                   ROOM 204A                    ROOM 204B                     ROOM 204C
                                                                             The Business                Programmatic               Energy                     Energy                          Carbon                     Existing
                                                                               of Smart                   Approaches             Management:                   Efficient                      Reduction                  Building
                                                                                                          to Reducing
                                                                                Energy                       Energy                A Federal                    HVAC                                                   Commissioning
                                                                                                         Consumption              Perspective                Methodology
                                                                           Chair:                     Chair:                    Chair:                      Chair:                       Chair:                        Chair:
                                                                           CHERYL HEFFT,              STEVEN A. PARKER,         WILLIAM D. CHVALA, JR.,     JON R. HAVILAND, P.E.,       HENRY R. PIO, M.S.,           MALCOLM E. VERDICT
                                                                           Vice President-            P.E., C.E.M.,             C.E.M., Senior Research     C.E.M., G.B.E., Assistant    P.E., Senior Engineer,        Assistance Director,
                                                                           Sales and Marketing,       Program Manager,          Engineer,                   Vice President,              Water Department,             Energy Systems
                                                                           Richards Energy            Pacific Northwest         Pacific Northwest           Marx/ Okubo Associates       City of San Diego             Laboratory, Texas A&M
                                                                           Group, Inc.                National Laboratory       National Laboratory                                                                    University

                                                                           9:00-9:30 am               9:00-9:30 am              9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am                 9:00-9:30 am                  9:00-9:30 am
                                                                           The U.S. Department        Where & How Energy is     Renewable Energy in         How to Improve Air-          The Potential to Reduce       Commissioning for
                                                                           of Energy’s Net-Zero       Consumed in Federal       Fitness Centers             Cooled HVAC by 12%           CO2 Emissions by              Efficiency
                                                                           Energy Commercial          Facilities                WILLIAM D. CHVALA, JR.,     TOM B. LOWERY, P.E.,         Expanding End-Use             MARK S. SANKEY,
                                                                           Building Initiative        STEVEN A. PARKER,         C.E.M., Senior Research     LEED AP,                     Applications of Electricity   C.E.M., C.D.S.M., C.M.V.P.,
                                                                           BRIAN HOLUJ,               P.E., C.E.M.,             Engineer,                   Director of Energy           CLARK W. GELLINGS,            CB, Vice President,
                                                                           Commercial Buildings       Program Manager,          Pacific Northwest           Programs,                    P.E., Vice President-         VS Energy, Inc.
                                                                           Specialist,                Pacific Northwest         National Laboratory         MACTEC                       Technology, Electric
                                                                           U.S. DOE                   National Laboratory                                                                Power Research Institute

                                                                           9:30-10:00 am              9:30-10:00 am             9:30-10:00 am               9:30-10:00 am                9:30-10:00 am                 9:30-10:00 am
                                                                           Improving Business         New Technologies to       A “Variable Speed           Sustainability Through       Sustainability/Climate        Continuous
                                                                           Through Smart Energy &     Reduce Energy Use in      Everything” Chiller Plant   Energy Efficient Central     Change                        Commissioning® of the
                                                                           Environment                Federal Facilities        for the Navy                Plant Chilled Water          PETER BELISLE,                Dallas/Fort Worth
                                                                           CHRIS O’CONNOR,            CHARLIE WILLIAMS,         SCOT M. DUNCAN, P.E.,       Distribution                 President,                    International Airport
                                                                           Vice President,            Ph.D., Supervisor,        Vice President,             VERLE A. WILLIAMS,           Project & Development         JERRY R. DENNIS,
                                                                           Tivoli Strategy, Product   Applications Team,        Retrofit Originality        P.E., C.E.M., C.S.D.P.,      Services,                     C.E.M., C.E.P., Energy
                                                                           Management & SWG           Lawrence Berkeley         Incorporated                President, Utility           Jones Lang Lasalle            Manager, DFW
                                                                           Green, IBM                 National Laboratory                                   Services Unlimited, Inc.                                   International Airport

                                                                           10:00-10:30 am             10:00-10:30 am            10:00-10:30 am              10:00-10:30 am               10:00-10:30 am                10:00-10:30 am
                                                                           Making the Most of         How ARRA is Reducing      Energy Savings              Use of Variable              Reporting/Registering/        U.S. Army Medical
                                                                           Energy Initiatives         Federal Energy            Performance Contracting     Frequency Drives to          Verification of               Command Energy
                                                                           EDDIE HICKERSON,           Consumption               with New                    Optimize HVAC Systems        Greenhouse Gas                Efficiency Continuous
                                                                           Staff Marketing            BRAD GUSTAFSON,           Construction=Energy         BRETT RASMUSSEN,             Emissions                     Commissoning® Program
                                                                           Specialist,                Manager,                  Security at White Oak       P.E., C.E.M.,                JAMES HAVEN, C.E.M.           JAMES K. BUTTS, C.E.M.,
                                                                           Schneider Electric         U.S. DOE FEMP             PHILLIP L. SMITH, P.E.,     Utilities/Energy                                           Energy Program
                                                                                                                                C.E.M., C.E.P., G.B.E.,     Engineer,                                                  Manager,
                                                                                                                                C.S.D.P., Director,         Nissan North America–                                      U.S. Army Medical
                                                                                                                                Federal Project             Canton                                                     Command
                                                                                                                                Development, Honeywell
                                                                                                                                Building Solutions SES

                                                                           10:30-11:00 am             10:30-11:00 am            10:30-11:00 am              10:30-11:00 am               10:30-11:00 am                10:30-11:00 am
                                                                           The Impact of Energy       Solid State Lighting:     HOTD Implements GSA         Assessment of the Low        Achieving Green Results       Commissioning of an
                                                                           Escalation Factors on      Opportunities, Caveats,   Web-Based Energy            Delta T Issue in a Chilled   by Employing                  LEED-EB Gold
                                                                           Energy Efficient Project   & DOE’s Programs          Management System           Water Distribution Loop      Unconventional                Commercial Office
                                                                           Savings                    MARC LEDBETTER,           MICHAEL RICHARD             CHANGLIN SUN, Ph.D.,         Technologies in Central       Building
                                                                           CARL TETER, Associate,     Program Manager,          BOYETTE,                    Director of Engineering,     Energy Plants                 PAUL M. McCOWN, P.E.,
                                                                           and PATRICK FINCH,         Emerging Technologies,    Supervisory                 Building Energy Solutions    JON BENSON,                   LEED AP, C.E.M.,
                                                                           LEED AP,                   Pacific Northwest         General Engineer,           & Technology, Inc. and       Sales Director,               Senior Project Engineer,
                                                                           Senior Consultant,         National Laboratory       U.S. General Services       GUOPENG LIU, Ph.D.,          Strategic Accounts,           SSRCx, LLC
                                                                           Booz Allen Hamilton                                  Administration              P.E., LEED AP, Director      TAS
                                                                                                                                                            of Engineering,
                                                                                                                                                            Bes-Tech, Inc.

                                                                    Japan Green Technology & Energy Pavilion                                                                      Cleaner and Greener Event
                                                                        Booth Numbers 239 through 347

                                                      Attendees are invited to the Japan Green Technology & Energy Pavilion to network with par-
                                                      ticipating companies to see advance technologies firsthand, and to discuss potential business                     The 32nd WEEC is a Certified Cleaner and Greener event.
                                                      relationships. Today, Japan is leading the way in reducing carbon emissions through the adop-                     This recognition is provided through the program of the
                                                      tion of energy efficient technologies and alternative energy resources. An increasing number of                   Leonardo Academy, a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit orga-
                                                      companies around the world are partnering with Japanese companies to develop these innov-                         nization. AEE would like to thank FuelCell Energy, Inc. of
                                                      ative technologies, products, and services. JETRO will be assisting companies interested in                       Danbury, CT, for its donation. Visit FuelCell Energy, Inc.
                                                      doing business in Japan.                                                                                          at Booth #606.
                                                                           Note: Program subject to change.

       TRACK H                      TRACK I                      TRACK J                      TRACK K                            TRACK L                   TRACK M                       TRACK N
     HIGH                      INDUSTRIAL                  INDUSTRIAL                   ENERGY                             SUPERIOR                     RENEWABLE                   ALTERNATIVE
 PERFORMANCE                     ENERGY                      ENERGY                   MANAGEMENT                            ENERGY                        ENERGY                     ENERGY &
   BUILDINGS                  MANAGEMENT                  MANAGEMENT                                                     PERFORMANCE                                                   DGEN
    SESSION H4                   SESSION I4                   SESSION J4                   SESSION K4                        SESSION L4                  SESSION M4                   SESSION N4
    ROOM 208AB                   ROOM 207B                    ROOM 207A                     ROOM 206                         ROOM 209C                   ROOM 209B                    ROOM 209A
  Lighting &                     Industrial                Achieving     Demand                                          Perspectives                    Turning                   Solar Energy
Energy Efficient                  Energy                Energy Savings  Response                                          on Energy                     Waste into                   Success
 Sustainable                     Efficiency               in Industry Success Stories                                    Management                      Energy                       Stories
Chair:                      Chair:                      Chair:                      Chair:                              Chair:                      Chair:                       Chair:
NICK BLEEKER,               ERIC W. SODERBERG,          ASAD GILANI, C.E.M.,        LAURIE WIEGAND-             JAMES J. PARKER, P.E.,              JASON SAFARZ, Senior         FREDRIC S. GOLDNER,
Manager of Business         C.E.M., C.M.V.P.,           B.E.P., C.D.S.M., Energy    JACKSON, C.E.P., President, C.E.M., C.M.V.P.,                   Account Executive,           C.E.M., C.E.A.,
Development,                C.S.D.P., Energy Eng.,      Manager/Project Engineer,   North America Power         Engineer,                           CEC Combustion               Principal,
                                                                                    Partners, LLC                                                                                Energy Management &
Day-Brite Capri Omega       NCSU-Industrial             General Motors/DTE                                              Square D Engineering        Services Group, Inc.
                            Extension Service.          Partnership Team                                                Services                                                 Research Associates

9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am                        9:00-9:30 am                9:00-9:30 am                 9:00-9:30 am
Solid-State Lighting in     Applications of             Employee Motivation is      Implementing Load                   Successful Energy           So You’d Like to Burn        Utilizing Solar Power for
Sustainable Buildings       Advanced Transport          Energy Conservation         Curtailment at a Medical            Management: An Electric     Biogas Instead of Natural    Competitively Priced
RICK HAMBURGER,             Membranes for Energy        ASAD GILANI, C.E.M.,        Research Institution                Utility Perspective         Gas?                         Energy
Strategic Marketing         Efficiency                  B.E.P., C.D.S.M., Energy    MICHAEL WINKLER,                    MARK P. JOHNSON,            MATT HAAKENSTAD,             ROSE HANZLIK, C.E.M.,
                                                                                    C.E.M., Dir. of Energy &
Manager, Philips            PAUL MEHTA, Director,       Manager/Project             Sustainability Programs,            C.E.M., C.D.S.M., C.D.T.,   P.E., C.E.P., C.M.V.P.,      Sr. Business Development
Lumileds Lighting           Industrial Assessment       Engineer,                   Einstein College of Medicine        LEED AP,                    Manager,                     Manager, Constellation
Company                     Center, Professor,          General Motors/             of Yeshiva University               Regional Sales Manager,     Commercial Services,         Energy Projects & Svcs.,
                            Mechanical Engineering      DTE Partnership Team                                            Alabama Power               U.S. Energy Services, Inc.   & DENNIS E. WOLCOTT,
                            Departent,                                              9:30-10:00 am                       Company                                                  Corporate Energy Mgr.,
                            Bradley University                                      Energy Effic. & DR in                                                                        Parker Hannifin Corp.
                                                                                    Competitive Electricity
                                                                                    Markets: Opportunities &                                                                     9:30-10:00 am
9:30-10:00 am               9:30-10:00 am               9:30-10:00 am               Challenges for Energy
                                                                                                                        9:30-10:00 am               9:30-10:00 am
What You Need to Know       Assessment of Energy        Energy Conservation         Managers                            Energy Management for       The Promise & Realities      Utility Grade Solar
About Lighting              Efficiency Opportunities    Opportunities in            RAHUL WALAWALKAR,                   Commercial Office           of Biogas Produced from      Concentrator Systems,
Standards for Energy        for the U.S. Iron & Steel   Industrial Waste Heat       Ph.D., C.E.M., C.D.S.M.,            Buildings from an           Landfills & Farm Waste       Electrical Storage, &
Efficency &                 Industry                    Recovery System             C.S.D.P., Sr. Energy                Owner/Operator’s            PETER V.K. FUNK, JR.,        Integrated Renewable
Sustainability              ERNST WORRELL, Ph.D.,       KAUSHIK                     Consultant, Customized              Perspective                 Attorney & Partner,          Building Technologies
CRAIG A. BERNECKER,         Director of Energy          BHATTACHARJEE,              Energy Solutions, and               STEVE DIXON, P.E.,          Duane Morris, LLP            MICHAEL J. BETSCH,
Ph.D., FIESNA, LC,          Efficiency/                 C.E.A., C.E.M., B.E.P.,     BRUCE K. COLBURN, Ph.D.,            C.E.M., Corporate                                        C.L.E.P.,
                                                                                    P.E., C.E.M., G.B.E.,
Founder and Director,       Professor, Ecofys/          Principal,                  C.S.D.P., D.G.C.P., COO,            Manager of Building                                      President,
The Lighting Education      Utrecht University          Reipower                    EPS Capital Corp.                   Operations, Highwoods                                    GreenTech Energy
Institute                                                                                                               Properties, Inc.                                         Services, Inc.
                                                                                    10:00-10:30 am
10:00-10:30 am              10:00-10:30 am              10:00-10:30 am              Successful Reduction of             10:00-10:30 am              10:00-10:30 am               10:00-10:30 am
Application Case Studies    Improvements Resulting      Predictive Maintenance      Energy Use in Stone Bridge          What’s In It for Me? The    Why Plasma? Evaluating       A Solar-Driven 2E
of Energy Efficient         from Implementing           for Significant Energy      HS Through Participation in         Fiscal Dynamics of          New Energy from Waste        Absorption Chiller
                                                                                    PJM DR Program                                                                               Cooling & LP Steam
Lighting Designs            Energy Efficiency           Savings                     JOHN R. LORD, C.E.M.,
                                                                                                                        Energy Management           Technologies
DAVID C. GHATAN, LC,        JOSEPH C. CANTWELL,         DALE P. SMITH, CMRP,        C.S.D.P., C.D.S.M., C.E.A., and     CHRISTOPHER H.              JEFF SURMA,                  System in New York City
Associate,                  Senior Engineer,            Corporate Managers          MICHAEL J. BARANCEWICZ,             RUSSELL, C.E.M., C.E.P.,    Chief Executive Officer,     MARK D’ANTONIO, Vice
C.M. Kling & Associates     Science Applications        Program,                    C.E.M., B.E.P., C.E.P., C.S.D.P.,   Principal, Energy           S4 Energy Solutions          President of Engineering
                            International               Predictive Service          C.D.S.M., C.E.A., Energy            Pathfinder Management                                    Operations, Energy &
                            Corporation (SAIC)                                      Education Specialists,              Consulting, LLC                                          Resource Solutions (ERS)
                                                                                    Loudoun County Public
10:30-11:00 am              10:30-11:00 am              10:30-11:00 am              Schools                             10:30-11:00 am              10:30-11:00 am               10:30-11:00 am
Sustainable Outdoor         Strategies to Reduce        The Impact of Water on      10:30-11:00 am                      Knowledge is Power:         Converting Waste Plastic     Cooling by Solar Energy
Lighting—Making Bldgs.      Energy Cost by 20-40%       Energy Conservation         Integrating Energy Efficiency       Seeking Energy              to Hydrocarbon Fuel          ALBIN ZSEBIK, P.E.,
Even More Green             GARY A. SWANSON,            JERRY ZOLKOWSKI,            & DR: Unlocking the Full            Intelligence in the         Materials                    C.E.M., Professor,
RONALD B. GIBBONS,          P.E., President,            P.E., C.E.M.,               Potential of Commercial             Manufacturing Industry      MOINUDDIN SARKER,            Budapest University
Ph.D., Group Leader,        Energy Management           Demand Side Energy          Properties                          SHIVA SUBRAMANYA,           Ph.D., MCIC,                 of Technology &
Lighting & Infrastructure   Solutions, Inc.             Engineer,                   TOM ARNOLD,                         Chief Business              Vice President,              Economics
Technology,                                             Shaw Industries, Inc.       Vice President,                     Development Officer,        Natural State
                                                                                    Energy Efficiency &
Virginia Tech                                                                       Carbon Solutions,
                                                                                                                        EPS Corp.                   Research, Inc.
Transportation Institute                                                            EnerNOC, Inc.

                                     32nd World Energy Engineering Congress Advisory Board
             AEE extends its appreciation to the following individuals for their help in developing the 32nd World Energy Engineering Congress program:
  Buster G. Barksdale, Jr., C.E.M., C.S.D.P.                 Shirley J. Hansen, Ph.D., C.M.V.P.                                                Stephen P. Sain, P.E., C.E.M., C.M.V.P., B.E.P., C.E.P.
  Primary Integration Energy                                 Hansen Associates, Inc.                                                           Sain Engineering Associates, Inc.
  Millard E. Carr, P.E., C.E.M.                              Timothy B. Janos, C.E.M., C.D.S.M., B.E.P., C.S.D.P., C.E.A.                      Nick J. Stecky, C.E.M., LEED AP
  Sain Engineering Associates, Inc.                          Spectrum Energy Concepts, Inc.                                                    Sain Engineering Associates
                                                             Graham Parker, C.E.M., B.E.P.
  Richard J. Costello, P.E., C.E.M., C.L.E.P.                Pacific Northwest National Laboratory                                             Albert Thumann, P.E., C.E.M., C.R.M.
  Acela Energy Group                                                                                                                           Association of Energy Engineers
                                                             Steven A. Parker, P.E., C.E.M.
  Jack P. DiEnna, Jr.                                        Pacific Northwest National Laboratory                                             Joseph E. Turk
  Geothermal National & International Initiative             Curt Phillips, C.E.M., C.M.V.P.                                                   PWI Energy, Inc.–A Johnson Control Company
                                                             Siemens Building Technologies
  Elizabeth A. Dutrow                                                                                                                          Kaushik K. Vyas
  ENERGY STAR, U.S. EPA                                      Bradley J. Reed, C.E.M., C.P.Q.                                                   Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
                                                             Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America
  Kameshwar Gupta, P.E., C.E.M., C.S.D.P.                    Stephen A. Roosa, Ph.D., C.E.M., C.I.A.Q.P., C.M.V.P., B.E.P., C.D.S.M.           Eric A. Woodroof, Ph.D., C.E.M., C.R.M.
  General Motors Energy & Utilities Services Group           Energy Systems Group                                                              Founder–
W E E C 2 0 0 9 SP E C I A L E V E N T S                 CLOSING KEYNOTE LUNCHEON                                                                     2010 WEEC
                                                              Friday, November 6, 2009                                                              CALL FOR PAPERS
                                                          11:15 am – 1:00 pm • Ballroom A
                                                                “Combating Climate Change”
                                                                IRA C. MAGAZINER
                                                                Clinton Climate Initiative
                                                                The keynote lunch is included in your full conference registration.   The Advisory Board and the Association of Energy En-
                                                                                                                                      gineers cordially invites you to submit a one-page
                                                                                                                                      abstract for consideration to speak at the WEEC. The
                                                    2009 ENERGY MANAGERS HALL OF FAME                                                 WEEC is the largest energy efficiency and renewable
                                                                                                                                      energy conference and exposition in the nation. The
                                           During the Closing Keynote Luncheon, the Association of Energy                             deadline for receipt of abstracts is March 26, 2010. The
                                           Engineers will introduce the 2009 AEE Energy Managers Hall of                              conference registration fee will be complimentary for the
                                           Fame. This high honor is reserved for those individuals who have                           presenters. Individuals wishing to participate as a ses-
                                           distinguished themselves with a lifetime of achievement in the ener-                       sion chair should contact Michelle Oxner by email at
                                           gy profession.                                                                    To submit an abstract for WEEC
                                                            THIS YEAR’S INDUCTEES:                                                    2010, go to
                                                       RANDOLPH L. HAINES, C.E.M.,                                                    If you have any questions concerning abstract submis-
                                                  Energy Manager, Thomas Jefferson University                                         sions for WEEC 2010, please contact:
                                                   DAVID A. KEITH, P.E., C.E.M., C.D.S.,                                                              Michelle Oxner
                                                                PA Consulting Group                                                            Conference Speakers Director
                                                                                                                                           Phone: (770) 447-5083, Extension 215,
                                                 HELP DRIVE THE AEE FOUNDATION                                                               or email:
                                              SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR YOUR CHANCE
                                                TO WIN A KUDO SOLAR CRUISE CAR
                                           The AEE Foundation will be partnering again this year with Cruise                                       AEE IS PLEASED
                                           Car, Inc., an alternate transportation-solution company founded on
                                           the principal of providing quality products that enhance your
                                                                                                                                                   TO ANNOUNCE
                                           lifestyle. They have generously donated a 4-seat KUDO Solar Cruise
                                           Car to the AEE Foundation to help raise money for the 2009 scholar-
                                           ship program. One entry in your name will be made for every $50
                                           donation to the AEE Scholarship Foundation. Entries and donations
                                           can be submitted:
                                             •During Expo hours at the AEE Membership Booth #263
                                             •Outside the AEE Awards Banquet, Ballroom A, from 6:00 -7:00 pm,
                                              on Wednesday, November 5, 2009
                                             •Outside the Keynote Luncheon, Ballroom A, from 10:00 -11:00 am,
                                              on Friday, November 6, 2009
                                           Your donation supports the AEE Scholarship Foundation and is 100%                                    WILL HOST
                                           tax deductible. The drawing will be held and a winner announced at
                                           the close of the Keynote Luncheon on Friday, November 6, 2009.
                                                                                                                                                THE 2010
                                                                                                                                             WORLD ENERGY
                                                                                                                                          ENGINEERING CONGRESS

                                                                                                                                                  NEW FOR WEEC 2010:
                                                                                                                                           Co-Located with EcoBuild
                                             Platinum Supporter
                                            of the AEE Foundation
                                                     Visit Cruise Car, Inc. booth #234 on GreenStreet

                                                           REGISTRATION HOURS:                                                        Thank you for your participation in this year’s Congress.
                                                    Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
                                                    Thursday, November 5, 2009, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm                                     We hope to see you next year at WEEC 2010, being held
                                                     Friday, November 6, 2009, 8:00 am – 11:00 am                                     again at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on
                                                                                                                                      December 8-10, 2010.

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