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Written and Performed by            TNT DramaMatters
                            TNT, the only television network dedi-
                            cated to drama, is developing a philan-
                            thropic effort to enhance and expand
                            drama education programs across the
                            country. TNT DramaMatters seeks to
                            raise awareness of the vital benefits
                            drama offers to students, while provid-
                            ing tools and resources for educators,
                            parents and the arts community to sup-
                            port drama programs nationwide. TNT
                            is proud to partner with the Screen Ac-
                            tors Guild Foundation in creating the
                            “How-to-Play” program and video
                            guide which will provide teachers with
                            instruction on how they can create
                            drama programs in their own class-
                            rooms. The TNT DramaMatters pro-
                            gram will be available nationwide Fall,

                            Screen Actors Guild Foundation
                            Established in 1985, the Screen Actors
Actor/Teaching Artists      Guild Foundation is a non-profit, hu-
                            manitarian, education and philan-
                            thropic organization dedicated to serv-
                            ing Guild members and the larger com-
Composer/Musical Director   munity. The mission of the SAG Foun-
                            dation is to assist, educate and inspire
                            actors in their professional endeavors
Sound/Lighting Director     and to give back to the communities in
                            which they live. It is independently
                            managed and financed through private
                            donations, corporate gifts, and be-
Producers/Directors         quests. The SAG Foundation is de-
                            lighted to be collaborating with TNT
                            on this innovative program.


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