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Vocabulary Lesson 14


									Vocabulary Lesson 14
Complete each of the following activities in your vocabulary notebook. The lesson is due on Friday. 1. Rewrite each of the following vocabulary words in your notebook, *divide each word into syllables, *identify the part of speech * provide a brief definition in your own words. 2. Using at least 5 of your vocabulary words listed below, write a paragraph that begins with a topic sentence and has a minimum of 3 supporting details. 3. Choose 5 more words from your word list, and list other related words. Eg. Polite=politely, impolite, politeness 4. Write an analogy for each of the following vocabulary terms; flaunt, impair, clarify

Vocabulary words this week:
analogy baron bias caption clarify debut deflect distort entrust flaunt grant impair media persuade subdue

Directions on how to write an analogy:

Word analogies test your ability to figure out relationships between words. You need to look at a pair of words (for example, cold : frigid) and decide how they are related. Common Kinds of AnalogiesSet and subset (color: blue) Succession or pattern (zig: zag) Synonyms (dry: parched) Antonyms (cold: hot) Greater than or less than (skyscraper: house) Relationship (or proportion) to each other (adult: child)

 

Decide which kind of analogy you want to write from the list above. Write the first pair of words like so; color : blue (example of set/subset)


Then write a second pair of words with the same relationship, but a different topic- like so; mammal : horse (example of set/subset)


Each analogy should be written so it reads in a single line like below; color : blue :: mammal : horse

read- “is to”

read- “as”

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