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                                                    December 11-12 – 25 Kislev 5770
                                          Parashat Vayeshev – Shabbat Mevarchim – 1 Chanukah

Early Minchah .............................................. 1:15 PM
Kindle Chanukah Light ............................... Before 4:18 PM
Candle Lighting Friday................................ 4:18 PM
Minchah ....................................................... 4:25 PM
Shacharis Shabbat……………………………7:15 AM HASHKAMA
Sof Zman Kriat Shma (GR”A) 9:34 AM                              9:00 AM MAIN SANCTUARY
                                                                9:00 AM Sephardic Minyan/Lower Level
                                                                9:15 AM Beit Medrash
Minchah Shabbat ......................................... 2:45 PM OR 4:05 PM
Rabbi Shmidman’s Medrash Class ............ 3:35 PM
Maariv Motzei Shabbat ................................ 5:23 PM
Shabbat Ends .............................................. 5:28 PM

Kiddush this Shabbat has been sponsored by Marc &                               FELDMAN, AND PETER AND KARA FELDMAN.
Mona Yudkoff, with love, in honor of the aufruf of Ariel                        PLEASE JOIN US IN HONORING THE REVESZ-FELDMAN
Glasner and the upcoming marriage of Aliza Yudkoff and                          FAMILIES AND THEIR DECADES OF SERVICE TO THE
Ariel Glasner. Mazel Tov!                                                       SHUL AND OUR COMMUNITY. Invitations for the LMS Gala
                                                                                dinner were mailed. Tribute Book ads are due by
Flowers are sponsored by the Yudkoff Family in honor of                         Wednesday, December 9th. If you require additional forms,
their new Family Sol and Nina Glasner and their children.                       please contact the shul office.

Welcome to Ariel's parents, Sol and Nina Glasner and their                      Tea & Torah
family and extended family, as well as Aliza's maternal                         There will be a Tea & Torah this Shabbat, December 12 at the
grandmother, Roslyn Goldman. Welcome also to the                                home of Michael Gordan and Shifra Vega – 113 Summit Lane
friends of the Yudkoff and Glasner families who are here                        at 3:30 p.m. Joan Betesh will be the speaker.
this Shabbat!
                                                                                End of Year Contributions
Flowers in the Beit Medrash have been sponsored by
                                                                                We would like to remind everyone that in order to qualify
Libby Schwartz in honor of her family’s Chanukah                                for a charitable contribution that is deductible on your
Birthdays.                                                                      income tax return you must make your payment to LMS
                                                                                by December 31st. You can help yourself and the shul
Shalosh Seudos this week as been sponsored by the                               at the same time by taking advantage of this opportunity!
Finkle, Seligsohn, and Sulman families to commemorate
the 11th yahrzeit of Dr. Jerry Sulman z”l.                                      The Chai Kiddush
                                                                                Do you have an upcoming simcha? A birthday, anniversary,
Mazel Tov to Len and Aliza Silverstein upon Isaac’s                             yarzheit or other milestone? Or, do you just want to see a more
engagement to Caryn Keller!                                                     exciting Kiddush? The Sisterhood will be having a monthly
                                                                                communal Kiddush called The Chai Kiddush. Sponsorships
Mazel Tov to Dr. Elaine Zackai upon the engagement of her                       are available starting at $18, $36, $54 and up. The first Chai
son, Dr. Sheemon Zackai to Briana Moskovic!                                     Kiddush will be held on Shabbat, December 19th. If you are
                                                                                interested in sponsoring please contact Myra Pressman at 610-
The Lower Merion Synagogue Men's Club is proud to                               664-1963 or myra.pa@comcast.net or Dvasha Stollman at
present LMS BAGELS!                                                             dvasha@gmail.com. Checks should be made payable to the
Delicious H&H bagels will be baked fresh every Sunday                           LMS Sisterhood. For inclusion in the Shabbat announcements,
morning at LMS! If you haven't tried an H&H bagel, you don't                    please reply no later than the Wednesday immediately
know what you are missing. A variety of bagels will be sold for                 preceding the Kiddush.
$8/dozen, $4/half dozen Nova, whitefish salad and assorted
cream cheeses from R & R will also be available. All profits                    Special Chanukah Book for Mrs. Gelb
directly benefit LMS. **You do not need to pre-order. Simply                    The community is putting together a special Chanukah
come to the shul between 7:15 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Sunday                        present/book for Mrs. Gelb entitled: "Why You Are Special To
mornings to purchase. H&H Bagels are Pareve, Pas Yisroel                        Us". We would like this book to provide her with nice
and certified kosher by StarK. Volunteers are needed to help                    remembrances, pictures and photos of our community that she
with the bagel sales. If you are interested, please contact                     can share with her new friends and family in Houston. If you
David Stein.                                                                    might be interested in participating and would like more
                                                                                information, please contact either Mira Korn at 610-617-9552 or
SAVE THE DATE!                                                                  Elise Ciner at 610-667-3150 or email: ebciner@hotmail.com.
THE LMS DOR L'DOR GALA WILL BE HELD ON JANUARY 9,                               The deadline is this Sunday morning December 13 .
Game Night at LMS, Thursday December 24 at 8:00 p.m.:                              http://lmsonline.org/cholim.asp in advance of Shabbos. Ideally
Sisterhood is sponsoring Game Night at the shul on Thursday                        any name provided should include the Hebrew name and
December 24th at 8:00 p.m. Hang out with friends, meet new                         mother‟s Hebrew name of the individual whom you would like
ones, learn a new game, or play an old favorite! You can bring                     included on the list. Where the Hebrew names are unknown the
your own game or try one of ours. All ages are welcome.                            English ones will suffice. Where the mother‟s name is unknown
Refreshments will be provided. Teens/others: Please let                            but the father‟s name is available, it should be provided. Names
Sharon Joshowitz know if you are interested in being put on a                      supplied to this list will be recited for two consecutive
list of available babysitters for that night for those families that               Shabbosim after which time they will be automatically removed
might need one - email Sharon Joshowitz at                                         from this list. At that time if you would like to maintain a name
spressne@yahoo.com your name, age, and contact                                     on the list please resubmit it on this web page. We ask that you
information.                                                                       resubmit these names to assure that our list is accurate and
                                                                                   that all those on the list are in fact in need of a mi sheberach
LMS ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP BOOKLET                                                      prayer. All mi sheberach prayers from this list will be recited at
LMS will once again be publishing its annual membership                            the main minyan. We of course recognize that there may be
booklet. It is due out towards the end of December. Your listing                   instances where people are unable to supply us with names
will include your name, address, phone number. If you had your                     prior to the aforementioned Friday noon deadline. We will still
e-mail address listed in the „08-„09 membership booklet, that                      take names in person. Thank you for your cooperation.
address will be automatically be included in the „09-„10 edition.
Note, only LMS members in good standing will be listed.                            Membership Profiles
• If you do not want your name listed in the booklet; please                       Thank you to everyone who has submitted their membership
contact the shul office: shul@verizon.net or 610-664-5626.                         profile. If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to fill
• If you want your e-mail address to be added to your listing,                     out the form which is an important element of the shul's new
please contact the shul office at shul@verizon.net with that                       database system. The profile form is available on-line at
address;                                                                           http://www.lmsonline.org/RH+YK%205768/LMSMemberProfile.
• If you do not want to include your 2008-09 e-mail address in                     pdf and should be returned to the shul office. If you require help
your listing or you want to change your e-mail address, street                     with the form, please call the office at 610-664-5626
address, phone number, or any other information from what
was listed in the 2008-9 edition, please contact the shul office:                  LMS Birkat Ha'Adamah
shul@verizon.net;                                                                  Sign up early for the 2010 season for the discounted rate (valid
• If you want to advertise in the „09-„10 membership booklet,                      through this month). CSA members pre-pay a farmers'
please contact:                                                                    cooperative in Lancaster County for weekly deliveries of
Audrey “should be on commission” Whitman;                                          organic produce. For more information, contact the Site Host,
Audrey.whitman@verizon.net;                                                        Hannah Lee, 610-668-8590 or hannah@barzel.org.
                                                                                   ADDRESS UPDATE
LMS Members To Be Honored
                                                                                   Helen Gelb
Philadelphia Community Kollel's Ninth Annual Dinner will take
                                                                                   c/o Amanda & Morris Gelb
place on Sunday, January 3, 2010 at the Lower Merion
                                                                                   3649 Meadow Lake Lane
Synagogue. The Kollel will be honoring LMS members Drs.
                                                                                   Houston, TX 77027
Jay and Mindy Rosenblum as Guests of Honor, and LMS
                                                                                   (713) 961-0561
member David Kosloff and Rabbi Chesky Weiss as
Chavrusahs of the Year. To place an ad in the dinner journal,
                                                                                   Helen is staying with her family until she moves into her own
Contact the Kollel office at 610-668-9557 or at
                                                                                   Men’s Black/Gray Woolen Dress Coat Returned
                                                                                   A men‟s black/gray woolen dress coat was returned to the shul
In an effort to assure proper respect and decorum during the
                                                                                   office this past week. It had accidentally been taken last winter.
recitation of the mi sheberach l‟cholim in the main minyan, we
                                                                                   There are keys in the pocket, including an LA Fitness tag. If you
ask that you kindly submit names of ill individuals for whom you
                                                                                   know who the owner might be, please contact the shul office.
wish to have a prayer recited by Noon on Friday using this link:

  Shacharit Sunday ...................................................... 6:45 AM, 7:30 AM OR 8:30 AM
  Shacharit Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ................ 6:45 AM OR 8:00 AM
  Shacharit Thursday, Friday (Rosh Chodesh) .......... 6:30 AM OR 8:00                  AM

  Minchah Sunday - Thursday ..................................... 4:25 PM
  Early Minchah Friday ................................................. 1:15 PM
                                    Lower Merion Synagogue Youth Program
                                                     25 Kislev 5770
                                  Parashat Vayeshev – Shabbat Mevarchim – Chanukah I
                                            RABBI ARI SILVER, YOUTH DIRECTOR

                                   SHEVET ACHIM SHABBAT MORNING CHILDREN’S PROGRAM

                               “ACHDUT” 10:00-11:20 AM PRE-SCHOOL GROUP FOR AGES 3-5/6
                                                  Leader: Leta Borck
                                              and the skilled help of teens
                                          Upstairs classroom, snacks provided

                                 “Achva”  10:00 – 11:20 AM First-Second Grade Children
                                         Leaders: Aleeza Kabel and Michal Philip
                                       Meet in lower level classroom, snacks provided

                                        “Batya” 10:00 – 11:20 AM Third-Fifth Girls
                                                      Leader: Miri Philip
                                       Meet in the upstairs classroom, snacks provided

                                      “Chaverim” 10:00 – 11:20 AM Third-Fifth Boys
                                                     Leader: Oded Philip
                                       Meet in the upstairs classroom, snacks provided

                                              Babies’ Room opens at 10 AM
                                                Upstairs double classroom
                                Open for parent supervised play with babies and toddlers

                                          Teen Minyan starts at 9:15 AM
                   Led by Jonathan Seligsohn, Isaac Silverstein, Daniel Sherman and the LMS Teens
                                                   Begins at 9:15
                                                  On the lower level

                             Shul'z Cool (Middle School Girls) Sixth-Eighth Grade Girls
                                This Shabbos – Rebbetzin Shmidman – 10:30 a.m.
                                                 Meets twice a month
                                    Leader: Rebbetzin Shmidman, Nofar and Yirat
                                       Meet in the Social Hall, snacks provided

                                   Bnos: 2:45 -3:45 p.m. on the upstairs level
Surprise BnOs ChAnUkAh Event - this Sunday, Dec. 13 from 1 - 3 pm at LMS - all girls 3Y through 6th grade are welcome!
                                        $4 for memebers, $8 for non-members.
   Yearly membership is due! ($36/girl, $90 family maximum)-Checks can be made payable to Bnos and sent to Meira

                      Torah Youth - Pirchei of Bala Cynwyd: 2:45 -3:45 p.m. in the Social Hall.
          Chanukah Mesiba! Sunday, December 13 , from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at LMS. $12/person, $40 max.
Grades K-8 . If you would like to help sponsor a Shabbos or want information contact Rabbi Ari Silver at 610-6686-6833 or

                   Bnei Akiva Snif: 3:05 – 4:05 pm, 1 hour before Mincha, on the downstairs level.
                rd   th
        Grades 3 – 8 . For more information contact Bina Peltz or Hannah Dardashti at lmbneiakiva@gmail.com

                                   Sr NCSY Oneg This Friday night at 8:30 p.m.
                                               At the home of the Ciner‟s
                                                     18 Maple Ave
          For more information speak to Dovid Halpern at Djhalpern@comcast.net or Orly Lebor at orly.lebor@gmail.com

                                              Teen Shalosh Seudos This Shabbos
                                                For high school and college students
                                              Lower level of LMS following 2 Mincha
                                                     Food, zemiros and stories
            For more information contact either Adi Ciner at bballadi94@yahoo.com / 610-304-9136, Evan Finkelstein at
                              Evan.Finkelstein@jbha.org, or Rabbi Silver at SilverDollar@verizon.net
                                                                  Youth During the Week

    Program                   Day          Time      Grades              Location                           Contact

NCSY Latte and                                        High            Starbucks, 138         Rabbi Yitz Levi at 215-341-2204 or at
                          Wednesday       8-9 pm
  Learning                                           school          Montgomery Ave                  Rabbiyitz@ncsy.org

*Ivrit with Nofar &                                   th   th                                  Rabbi Ari Silver: 610-668-6833 or
                            Monday        6-7 pm     6 –8             LMS lower level
        Yirat                                                                                     SilverDollar@verizon.net

*Ivrit with Nofar &                                  th      th                                Rabbi Ari Silver: 610-668-6833 or
                            Monday        7-8 pm    9 – 12            LMS lower level
        Yirat                                                                                     SilverDollar@verizon.net

                                    * New program! Absolutely free! Donations are encouraged to help cover costs.

                                                               LMS Chanukah Party
                                                              Tuesday, December 15
                                                                  5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
                                                                 At LMS, lower level
                                                                               st th
                                                                    Grades 1 -6
                                                                      $5 per child
                              For more information please contact Ari Silver at 610-668-6833 or SilverDollar@verizon.net.

                                                          Surprise BnOs ChAnUkAh Event
                                                               Sunday, December 13
                                                                   From 1 – 3 pm
                                                             Lower Merion Synagogue
                                                             Girls 3Y through 6th grade
                                             For more information contact Meira Friedman (610-617-9529)

                                               Torah Youth – Pirchei Bala Cynwd’s Chanukah Mesiba
                                                                Sunday, December 13
                                                                  From 6:30-8:00 pm
                                                               Lower Merion Synagogue
                                                              $12 a person, $40 family max
                      To help sponsor or for more information please contact Ari Silver at 610-668-6833 or SilverDollar@verizon.net
Lower Merion Community Announcements                                                     12.12.09
Community Announcements are published weekly as a separate service to the LMS membership and
do not necessarily reflect an endorsement by the Lower Merion Synagogue. Due to time and space
limitations the Lower Merion Synagogue will provide only direct links to local Orthodox
congregations/institutions on the LMS website at: http://www.lmsonline.org
Lecture Series by LMS Member Dr. Nili Samet
Dr. Nili (Elitzur) Samet will give 3 more lectures in Hebrew, on the   day schools). They must live in the five-county region and may
theme "The Hebrew Bible and its relation to archeological findings     not have previously attended an overnight Jewish summer
in the Middle East". Dr. Samet, a graduate of Bar Ilan University,     program of three consecutive weeks or more. For more
is pursuing post-graduate studies in Biblical and Sumerian studies     information, please visit: www.onehappycamper.org,
at the University Of Pennsylvania. The lectures will cover the
following topics:
The righteous who suffer: The book of Job and its relation to          Stern Hebrew High School's Benefit Concert
ancient Near Eastern literature – Sunday, December 27 at 6 PM          Stern Hebrew High School's Benefit Concert will take place on
at the Gevaryahu residence, 77 Raynham Rd. Merion Station.             Saturday night, December 19th at 8 pm the Gratz College
The Destruction of the Temple. megillat Eichah and Near Eastern        Auditorium in Elkins Park. Featured is Six13, an award-winning
lamentations about the destruction of ancient cities – Sunday,         six-man vocal band with a Jewish repertoire and in their debut is
January 10 at 4 PM at the Toaff residence, 379 N. Latches Lane         Stern's own band, Tongue and Sole. Advance admission is $25,
in Merion Station. Many facets of the history of Israel: concerning    at the door $36, $10 students. Sponsorships are available. For
king Ahab in the Bible and in the royal Inscriptions from Assyria –    information and reservations contact Mindy Baum at 215-725-
Sunday, January 24 at 4 PM at the Nahmias residence, 136               3800 x111 or shhsbusiness@comcast.net.
Broome Lane in Merion Station. The talks will be followed by a
question and answer period. Please RSVP at                             Community-Wide List-Serve Ready to Serve Your Needs
ephidardashti@gmail.com                                                We now have 768 subscribers on our community-wide list-
                                                                       serve that serves the needs of the Orthodox community in the
RACE FOR THE CURE                                                      Lower Merion area. Your postings will be read! The list creator
Early registration is now open for this year's Susan G. Komen          and webmaster is Eitan Dvir. To subscribe (at no cost) to this
Race for the Cure. SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010                                 new service, log onto www.LowerMerionShuls.com and follow its
Join Team LMS1 as we run or walk in the 5K (3.1 mile) race for         prompts. If you would like more information, contact LMShuls
our 8th year as a team to support breast cancer research.              Project Coordinator, Hannah Lee at Hannah@barzel.org or 610-
?? Questions?? jpomerantz2@comcast.net. To sign up,                    668-8590.
                                                                       Torah Academy’s Annual Dinner – Date Change
Overnight Camp Incentive Grant from the Jewish Federation              Torah Academy Dinner Date Change: Torah Academy's Annual
The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia is once again            Scholarship Dinner will IY"H take place on Sunday, February
conducting an Overnight Camp Incentive Grant program. For the          21st, 2010 and not March 7th, 2010 as originally listed.
summer of 2010, 185 first-time grants and 145 second-time
grants are available to distribute. The program is intended to help    Amit Book Club
families who might not be able to afford to send their child to        The Amit book club meets once a month in an LMS member‟s
overnight camp or to appeal to those who have not considered           home to discuss novels and books by Israeli authors. Please call
Jewish overnight camp as their preferred option. Campers who           Shirley Fishman for more information, 610-664-1761.
are in a daily Jewish educational program are not eligible (e.g.