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                       PATHWAYS TWO

The Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission is pleased to announce it will soon be
accepting applications for the Pathways Two Cooperative Agreements.

Pathways Two seeks proposals that increase the capacity of Ohio to serve persons with
disabilities. This is accomplished by agreements with local government entities and local
education areas which supplement Ohio’s ability to match and utilize federal dollars
allocated to the state for vocational rehabilitation (VR) services as defined in the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It is anticipated that projects generating ten million dollars to
serve persons with disabilities will be awarded in the competitive application process.
Full application materials will be available as indicated in this announcement.

The Pathways Two projects will build upon the success of the original Pathways program
by: targeting specific groups within the VR general population for projects; allowing
increased flexibility in the design and implementation of the projects; increasing the
dollars of the service delivery system through reducing administrative costs; improving
quality control by management of programs at the local level and, implementing
increased state-wide quality control measures.

                                   Project Priorities

   1. Proposals which seek to increase the capacity of Ohio to provide the full menu of
      vocational rehabilitation services. Selected projects will address the provision of
      VR services in models which replicate the VR service delivery system.
   2. Proposals which seek to improve the educational outcomes of students with
      significant disabilities who are currently enrolled in secondary public schools or
      are drop-outs within the entitlement age.
   3. Proposals which seek to improve the access of students with significant
      disabilities to public post-secondary programs.
   4. Projects which seek to increase the vocational rehabilitation outreach activities to
      veterans with disabilities.

                     General Criteria for Proposal Package

      Provide, without supplanting existing services, a menu of selected vocational
       rehabilitation services consistent with section 103 of the US Rehabilitation Act of
       1973 and amendments and all federal regulations tied to this section. See Section
       103 of the Rehabilitation Act for a list of all vocational rehabilitation services.
      Delineate the funding source(s) and dollar amounts for the proposal which
       requires a 21.3 percent local match to federal dollars. Projects must have a
       minimum match of $200,000 and may not exceed a maximum of $ 500,000.
      Provide such services with qualified personnel as described in the Rehabilitation
      Clearly define the geographical area for such services.
      Provide 6month, 12month and 18month proposed outcomes for the project and
       describe measurable RSC VR performance goals tied to the outcomes.
      Document collaboration with VR Area Management in achieving the goals of
       the proposed project. Projects must include a joint work plan.
      Develop a budget consistent with the proposal outcomes which includes a
       minimum 15 percent administrative cost allocation to RSC for year one.
      Describe information technology available to the project and identify personnel
       responsible for implementation of project’s technology plan.

                 Full application materials will be released July 9, 2008
                       On the ORSC website

                   RSC Bidders Conference to be held July 11, 2008
                             RSC Crosswoods Office
                          400 E Campus View Boulevard
                              Columbus, Ohio 43235
                                 9:30-11:30 AM

                           Videoconference Locations
Central Office – Scioto Room, 400 East Campus View Blvd. Columbus, Ohio 43235
Toll free: 800.282.4536

Akron - 161 S. High Street, Ste. 103, Akron, Ohio 44308-1615
Toll free: 800.251.2368

Lakewood - 14650 Detroit Avenue, 3rd Floor, Suite 300, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Dayton - One Elizabeth Place, West Medical Plaza, G, Dayton, Ohio 45408
Toll free: 800.582.1589

Cincinnati - 617 Vine Street, Ste. 925, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2815
Toll free: 800.686.3323

Toledo - 5241 Southwyck Blvd., Ste. 100, Toledo, Ohio 43614
Toll free: 800.589.5811