LMYA SOCCER—5-6 Grade Boys—2009 Schedule (Lafayette and Moraga) by shini76209


									                  LMYA SOCCER—5-6 Grade Boys—2009 Schedule (Lafayette and Moraga)
#             Team                  Coach              C-Phone                           Email                 Asst. Coach          C-Phone                        Email
A          M-BRAZIL               Walter Horst         925 699-3542     walter.horst@babcockbrown.com          Giora Beeri         510 701-5253          rsniter@comcast.net
B         M-ENGLAND              Conner Hanvey         925 330-6111         janicejwang@netzero.net           Frank Dugan          925 878-9471
C         M-GERMANY               Jim Lawrence         415 412-5491         4lawrencej@comcast.net            Steven Bartis        925 212-1060        bartis5@comcast.net
D             USA                Gerhard Grotke        510 507-0913      gerhardberlin121@yahoo.com            Jeff Walker         (h) 388-0238         jacolper@yahoo.com
E         ARGENTINA                Bob Gonser          925-200-0840           rgonser@hgnlaw.com              Russ Stryker         415 309-8520         rpstryk@pacbell.net
F          L-BRAZIL                F. Clay Fry         925 765-2876            fcpfry@comcast.net             Michael Stoll        925 768-7902      stollmctigue@yahoo.com
G         L-ENGLAND                 Bill Wahl          415 265-5588          bill_wahl@hotmail.com          Michael Donlon         425 922-0842        mdonlon@medicall.us
H         L-GERMANY             Sanjay Govindjee       (h) 283-3020      sanjay.govindjee@yahoo.com        Nicholai Martinsen      925 586-5397        catnic1@comcast.net
I        NETHERLANDS               Marty Lalor         415 601-7581        astridalalor@sbcglobal.net          Joe Grydyk          510 325-9529           jrgrydyk@aol.com
J            SPAIN                  Dan East           925 297-7874       evangeline.east@solano.edu        David Dinerman         925 878-4231      dinermand@sbcglobal.net

Campolindo High School • 300 Moraga Rd., Moraga (Turf Football Field)
Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School • 1010 Camino Pablo, Moraga                                                        5th & 6th Grade RULES, 2009
                                                                                                                Only Official LMYA uniforms may be worn
Burton Valley Elementary School • 561 Merriewood Dr., Lafayette                                                 Home team (listed second) shall select its side of the field and visitors
(Enter   BV fields from the trail at the crest of Rohrer Drive at the Read Dr., intersection)                    must take the other side. All coaches, substitute players and anyone
                                                                                                                 associated with the team must stay on their side of the field.
                   Campolindo                          JM# 1                 Upper Burton #2                    Size 4 Ball
              8:30        10:00        11:30      9:00         10:30       8:30        10:00      11:30         Two 30 – minute halves shall be played. Free substitution system will
 Date                                                                                                            be followed.
               AM          AM           AM        AM            AM          AM          AM         AM
9-12         A vs. B     C vs. I      D vs. H       -            -        E vs. G     F vs. J       -           Equal play for all players is required.
9-19            -           -            -       C vs. A      B vs. J     G vs. F     I vs. D    H vs. E        In Lafayette, first teams of the day must arrive early and set
9-26         A vs. D     H vs. F      B vs. C       -            -        J vs. G     E vs. I       -            up goals, nets and flags. Arrive early so games start on
10-3            -           -            -       J vs. C      D vs. B     F vs. I     E vs. A    G vs. H         time.
10-10        J vs. H     A vs. F      B vs. E       -            -        C vs. D     I vs. G       -           In Lafayette, last teams of the day must take down and
10-17           -           -            -       G vs. A      E vs. C     I vs. H     D vs. J    F vs. B         secure the goals nets and flags.
                                                                                                                11 Players on the field including the goalkeeper.
10-24        D vs. E     B vs. G      C vs. F       -            -        I vs. J     H vs. A       -
                                                                                                                Forfeit: Less than 7 players in attendance, 15 minutes after official
10-31           -           -            -       H vs. B      G vs. C     F vs. D     I vs. A    J vs. E         start of game.
11-7         C vs. H     G vs. D      A vs. J                             E vs. F     B vs. I                   Games will NOT be rescheduled because a team knows in advance it
11-14           -           -            -         A vs. B    D vs. H     C vs. I     E vs. G    F vs. J         will be short players.
                                                                                                                Home team must supply the game ball and game card. Please have
                                                                                                                 game cards filled out prior to the game.
Important Dates:                                                                                                Standings are kept for 5th & 6th Grade. The home team is responsible
                       August 29           Coaches Meeting, Players must be called                               for emailing in the score for each game to:
                                                                                                                 Moraga, Bruce Lyon, blyontricb@hotmail.com
                       August 30           Opening Day Festival at Campolindo
                                                                                                                 Lafayette, see standings sheet
                       August 31           First Week of Practice                                               For information on rain-out days, please call 943-0115. Standings are
                       September 12        First Games                                                           kept in this age group; however, rained-out games WILL NOT be
                       October 3           Picture Day                                                           rescheduled unless needed to determine final standings.
                       October 10          Silent Day (Lafayette Fields)                                        Remove all litter (including orange peels) from fields.
                       November 14         Equipment Return and Trophy Pick-up                                  Problems should be addressed to:
                       November 21         All Star Tournament                                                    1. Harry Crouch, hcrouch@comcast.net
                                                                                                                  2. Bill Wahl, bill_wahl@hotmail.com
                                                                                                                  3. Hillary Johnston, hillarylmya@comcast.net or
                                                                                                                  4. Judy McNeil, jhmcneil@comcast.net.

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