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									                          CONTRACT FOR SERVICES

This Contract for Services (the “Contract”) is made as of _______________, 20____, (“Effective
Date”) , by and between __________________________________________________
(“Contractor”) and ______________________________________________ (“Company”) a
company incorporated in England & Wales (registration number [no]) of [address] (individually
the “Party” and collectively the “Parties”).


       I.          Contractor is an individual engaged in ____________________ and desires to
            provide _____________________services (“Services”) to Company from time to time;

      II.          Company wishes to engage Contractor on demand for the provision of Services
            offered under this Contract and detailed within Schedule 1 attached hereto and
            incorporated by reference;

     III.          Company and Contractor enter into this Contract and will abide by the terms and
            conditions stated hereunder for the engagement of Contractor and the performance of
            services hereinafter referred to as “Services” as specified herein.

The Parties agree as follows:

1. Services:

Company hereby engages Contractor and Contractor accepts engagement to provide the Services
described in the ‘Scope of Services’ specified in Annexure 1 attached hereto as part of this
Contract and from time to time agreed and amended in writing and executed by both Company
and Contractor. The Company reserves the right to enter into other contracts and engage others
to perform and carry out other or like Services. The Contractor shall fully cooperate with such
other Contractors and do all acts and things necessary to ensure the success of the Company’s

2. Term:

This Agreement will commence of the date mentioned above (“Effective Date”) and shall
continue with full effect unless terminated earlier in the manner described below.

3. Payment:

In exchange for the specified Services, Company agrees to pay Contractor as follows:

Contract for Services                                                                    1
be the agreed terms and method of payment)

Terms for additional phases of the specific Services shall be agreed upon by Contractor and
Company prior to the beginning of each additional phase and added to this contract as a written
amendment. The Contractor acknowledges and agrees that, except as provided in this Clause 3, it
shall not be entitled to, and the Company shall not be obligated to pay, any monies or other
compensation for the services provided and rights granted under this Contract.

4. Other Expenses:

The Company shall reimburse the Contractor for the following expenses
only:____________________________________________________________ (OPTIONAL).

5. Invoices:

Payments shall be preceded by an invoice from the Contractor (or the Contractor’s authorised
agent), which the Company shall then pay in the ordinary course.

6. Value Added Taxes:

At Contractor’s request, Company shall remit to Contractor all sales, VAT or similar tax
imposed on the provision of the services (but not in the nature of an income tax on Contractor)
regardless of whether Contractor fails to collect the tax at the time the services are provided.

7. Warranties:

(a) All Services shall be completed in a workmanship like manner, and if applicable, in
compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. To the extent required by law all Services
shall be performed by individuals duly licences and authorised by law to perform the Services.

(b) The Contractor has full power and authority to enter into and perform its obligations under
this Contract; this Contract is a legal, valid, and binding obligation of Contractor, enforceable
against it i
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