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									                                            Faculty of Business and Enterprise
                                            BCOJ160 Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts (Japanese) Beginner
                                            (Accounting Major)
                                            Program Planner
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 PROGRAM PLAN                                                                                                            Complete in
 Unit Code   Unit Title                                                          Pre-requisites          Unit Type       Sem    Year
 HBLAN110N                Introduction to Languages                                                      Language Unit
 HAJ102N                  Introduction to Japanese                                                       Language Unit
 HBC110N                  Accounting for Managers                                                        Major
 HIT1401                  Introduction to Business Information Syst                                      Major
 HAJ103N                  Elementary Japanese 1                                                          Language Unit
 HBH110N                  Organisation and Management                                                    Major
 HBE110N                  Microeconomics                                                                 Major
 HBL111N                  Introduction to Business Law                                                   Major

 HBG0004                  Careers in the Curriculum
 HAJ104N                  Elementary Japanese 2                                  HAJ103N                 Language Unit
 HMB110/111               Quantitative Analysis A or B*                                                  Major
 HBC220N                  Financial Information Systems                          HBC110N                 Major
 HAJ105N                  Elementary Japanese 3                                  HAJ103N                 Language Unit
 HAJ203N                  Intermediate Japanese 1                                HAJ103N                 Language Unit
 HAJ204N                  Intermediate Japanese 2                                                        Language Unit
 HBE220N                  Macroeconomics                                         HBE110N                 Major
 HBC221N                  Financial Accounting                                   HBC110N, HBC220N        Major

 HAJ205N                  Intermediate Japanese 3                                HAJ203N                 Language Unit
 HBC228N                  Management Accounting for Planning and                 HBC110N, HBC220N        Major
 HBC229N                  Analysis for Competitive Advantage                     HBC228N                 Major
 HBL221N                  Company Law                                            HBL111N                 Major
 HAJ303N                  Advanced Japanese 1                                    HAJ204N                 Language Unit
 HBC225N                  Auditing                                               HBC110N, HBC221N        Major
 HBC224N                  Finance                                                HBC110N,                Major
 HBC330N                  Accounting Theory                                      HBC221N, HBC228N        Major
 HBC331N                  Taxation                                               HBC221N recommended     Major
 HALM104                  Media Literature and Film: Texts and Cont                                      Arts Unit
                          Optional IBL Placement (6 or 12 months) – Available to local students only

 HBY301N                  Project Practicum                                      Nil                     Capstone
 HAJ304N                  Advanced Japanese 2                                    HAJ303N co-req          Language Unit
 HAP100                   Australian Politics                                                            Arts Unit
 HAH100                   Introduction to Philosophy                                                     Arts Unit
 HBY302N                  Major Project                                          Nil                     Capstone
 HAS100                   Sociology 1A                                                                   Arts Unit
 HAJ305N                  Advanced Japanese 3                                    HAJ303N                 Language Unit
 HBI314N                  Asia Economic Integration and Global                   All foundation units    Language Unit
                                                                                 (highly advisable)

   •   HMB110 Quantitative Analysis A (for students without Year 12 Maths Methods) offered in Semester 1 only
   •   HMB111 Quantitative Analysis B (for students with at least a ‘C’ grade in Maths Methods – Units 3 & 4) offered in Semester 2

BCUJ140- B (Accounting Major)
Faculty of Business & Enterprise
Version1 13/11/2009
                                          Faculty of Business and Enterprise
                                          BCOJ160 Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts (Japanese) Beginner
                                          (Accounting Major)
                                          Program Planner

About This Program
The Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts (Japanese) is a vocationally orientated degree designed to equip students
with the practical skills and knowledge for a career in their area of specialisation.

Accountants are much more then just ‘number crunchers’, they are business professionals and valued members of the
management team. Accounting is the ‘language of business’ and those skilled in it are able to operate on a global stage;
evaluating, analysing and communicating the financial position of an organisation or individual. They inform key business
decisions and increasingly may progress to senior management or Board positions.

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Japanese (Accounting Major) Program Structure

                                                                      Total of 34 Units
                                                                     (plus Careers in the Curriculum)

                                   Commerce Major (18)                                                        Arts (Japanese) Units (16)

                                    Accounting Specialisation (10)               Capstone (2)           Foundation         Language Specialisation (12)
            Studies (6)
                                                                                                        Studies (4)

The following program restrictions apply:
        A minimum of 100 credit points must be completed at Swinburne University. This regulation must be observed
        in Program plans that include unit exemptions; studies completed through international exchange, cross-
        institutional study or study abroad.
        Students will not be allowed to study more than thirty-four units (425 credit points) as part of the Bachelor of
        Commerce /Bachelor of Arts (Japanese)
        There are no minors or co-majors offered in this program.
        Students will be required to do the two capstone units in their final year over two semesters.
        Students should complete HBG0004 Careers in the Curriculum before doing IBL. Students from Pathways
        with 12 exemptions should complete this unit in their first semester of the program. Students enrolling from
        year 12 should complete it in the first semester of their second year in this program.

CHECKLIST: You must ensure that all of the following have been met to fulfil the requirements of your program

       Have you completed HBG0004 Careers in the Curriculum?
       Have you completed the units for the Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts (Japanese) major including Major
       Have you included only approved units for your major, co-major or minors?
       Have you met pre-requisite requirements?
       Have you completed two capstone units?

BCUJ140- B (Accounting Major)
Faculty of Business & Enterprise
Version1 13/11/2009

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