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					Brain & Mind Research Institute
Postgraduate Program in
Brain and Mind Sciences
Why choose the                               Course Overview                              development to improve capacity and
                                                                                          capability in preventive health. The
University of Sydney?                        The Brain & Mind Research Institute          courses will address the national need
The University of Sydney was founded         (BMRI) is a centre for discovery,            for specialised mental health workforce
in 1850 and was the first university in      innovation and integrative research          training, providing onsite education and
Australia. For over 150 years we have        strategies, clinical product development     supervision for local students along with
maintained a national and international      and actions that translate research          online modular learning and remote
reputation for academic excellence.          into improved treatment and disease          access to lectures and symposia for
We strive constantly for excellence in       prevention strategies. The Postgraduate      distance education. The BMRI leads a
intellectual inquiry, academic freedom       Program builds on existing undergraduate     number of research and clinical initiatives
and integrity, and ethical practice in       offerings of The University of Sydney        in the wider community which will allow
academic endeavors. At the heart of          with studies that cut across boundaries      students valuable clinical placement
all of this is an exciting and stimulating   between traditional subject areas. The       experience.
student-centered learning and teaching       postgraduate courses offered contribute
environment.                                 to the University’s undergraduate
                                             strengths in Physiology, Psychology,         Who should apply?
                                             Molecular and Microbial Biosciences and
Respected as not only a provider of          Pharmacology.                                •	 Psychiatry registrar trainees who are
quality teaching but also as a leader in                                                      required to complete postgraduate
research, the Sydney Medical School                                                           education and training.
attracts over $200 million in competitive    The Postgraduate Program is currently        •	 General Practitioner (GP) registrar
research funding from state, national        open to applications for the Doctor              trainees that require postgraduate
and international bodies. Covering 19        of Philosophy or Master of Philosophy            education and professional
disciplines and with over 40 specialist      research courses. In 2010 we will also           development.
research units, Sydney Medical School        have available the following new award
is conducting cutting-edge education         courses: the Graduate Certificate in Brain   •	 Sleep related professional groups
and research in the full spectrum of         and Mind Sciences, the Graduate Diploma          with a focus on non-respiratory
health and medical knowledge from            in Brain and Mind Sciences, the Master of        circadian and sleep disorders in
the medical sciences through to clinical     Brain and Mind Sciences, and the Master          relation to neurodevelopmental and
medicine, public health, health service      of Brain and Mind Sciences in Psychiatry.        neurodegenerative disorders of the
delivery and medical education.                                                               brain and mind.
                                                                                          •	 Clinical psychologists that require
                                             The courses will provide focused                 postgraduate professional
For further info about the                   education and training for the next              development educational products.
University of Sydney                         generation of science, medical, nursing,                       psychiatry and psychology workforces to      •	 Graduate scientists working in
                                             better meet the needs of those suffering         industry.
                                             from disorders of the brain and mind.

                                             These courses are consistent with the
                                             government health reform agenda
                                             particularly in relation to workforce
Postgraduate Program in
Brain and Mind Sciences
Graduate Certificate in                      interdisciplinary research, broadening the     Master of Brain and Mind
                                             scope of investigation to address disease
Brain and Mind Sciences                      areas of the brain and mind rather than
                                                                                            Sciences in Psychiatry
(24 credit points)                           disparate biomedical disciplines. For          (3 years part-time)
                                             example, in the search to ameliorate
Graduate Diploma in Brain                    dementia, whether the postgraduate
and Mind Sciences                            student is scientific or clinical, they will
(36 credit points)                           receive core training which exposes            Considering the changing pace in the
                                             them to the connection between basic           neural sciences, particularly in the
Master of Brain and Mind                     laboratory research in Alzheimer’s,            last decade in relation to psychiatry,
Sciences                                     Parkinson’s and Prion disease; access          the BMRI perceived the need for the
                                                                                            establishment of a formal education
(48 credit points)                           to human imaging facilities for
                                                                                            program at postgraduate level focused
                                             research to better understand active
                                             processes within the brain; clinical           on brain and mind sciences and research
                                             neuropsychological principles and              that is appropriate for psychiatry trainees.
                                             interventions in degenerative dementias        The learning and teaching objectives of
Traditionally research has been divided      such as cognitive behavioural therapy          the Master of Brain and Mind Sciences
into a series of distinct departmental       and the clinical treatment of movement         in Psychiatry will be consistent with the
specialties, but as science has advanced     disorders. It is this link between basic       education based objectives of RANZCP
it has become clear that the study           and clinical research that is particularly     Curriculum for Basic Training and the
of human biology and behaviour is            promoted by the Brain & Mind Research          Faculty of Medicine principles of modern
fragmented and the traditional divisions     Institute. This provides a unique              adult education, including independent
within health research may be a barrier      opportunity for students to have access        learning, peer interaction and effective
to the progress of scientific discovery.     to specialised training and will equip         skill development.
The further advancement of research into     them with a valuable understanding             The main aim of the course will be to
the amelioration of disorders of the brain   of interdisciplinary research, open            provide the psychiatry trainee with a
and mind can be optimally achieved in a      opportunities for future research              thorough evidence based education in
model which acknowledges the integral        collaborations, as well as refining specific   the brain and mind sciences and research
link between laboratory and clinical         skills and methodology in mental health        in relation to psychiatry, through the core
research.                                    research and clinical service provision.       units of study and via a series of relevant
The postgraduate coursework available at     There is a demonstrated need to improve        elective units of study. In the second
the BMRI strongly promotes the idea of       the training capacity of the higher            semester of the third year of the part-
                                             education sector to meet national labour       time course students will be required to
                                             market needs in mental health research         conduct supervised research activity that
                                             service provision. The Brain & Mind            will act as a capstone experience.
                                             Research Institute concentrates basic,
                                             translational and clinical researchers,        Entry Requirements
                                             community clinicians, clinical practices
                                                                                            •	 Bachelor degree in relevant discipline.
                                             and non-government community
                                             organisations, networks, professional          •	 Accredited psychiatry trainee.
                                             societies and industry to foster the
                                             development of new professional
                                             interactions, programs and research
                                                                                              Course availability
                                             Entry Requirements                               In 2010 courses will be available
                                             •	 Bachelor degree in relevant discipline.       part-time only. In 2011 full-time, part-
                                                                                              time and distance modes of learning
                                                                                              will be available with a selection of
                                                                                              subspecialty electives.
Core units of study                            BMRI5004 Pathways to Illness                 •	   Chronobiology and Sleep in
                                               This unit of study will ask students to           Psychiatry
                                               consider “How does an environmental          •	   Circadian based and non-respiratory
BMRI5001 History, Philosophy and               factor get inside the nervous system              sleep disorders
Ethics of Brain and Mind Sciences              and alter its elements to generate the
The history and philosophy section of          symptoms of a disordered mind?” The
this core unit examines the conceptual         challenge for the student lies in using      Further Information
foundations of cognitive neuroscience          new neuroscience tools to help us            Phone: +61 2 9114 4027
in the context of animals’ psychological       understand which specific environmental      Fax: +61 2 9114 4055
abilities. These foundations are               factors, occurring at which points
constituted by the relationships among                                                      Email:
                                               along the postnatal to postpubertal
the psychological concepts involved            developmental course, have the capacity      Web:
in investigations into the neural              to result in such profound perturbations
underpinnings of human cognitive,              of central nervous system function.
affective and volitional capacities. The       Unit Coordinator: Prof. Ian Hickie AM
ethics section examines the ethical
considerations that arise from the rapid
pace of research that has led to new ways      Proposed electives for 2011
of understanding brain function. The           Students with a subspecialty interest will
scope of these questions is enormous,          be able to stream their elective choices
and the majority of cultural, philosophical,   from 2011.
ethical and legal standards have not kept
up with the rapid pace of technology.          •	   Brain disorders in Childhood to
The goal of this unit of study is to help           Youth
students to identify key ethical, legal and    •	   Brain Disorders in Young People
social aspects of brain research in an         •	   Brain disorders related to Ageing
attempt to develop protocols for thinking
about potentially problematic areas.           •	   Applied Neuropsychopharmacology

Unit Coordinator: Prof. Max Bennett AO         •	   Clinical molecular neurosciences
                                               •	   Animal models in neurological
BMRI5002 Brain and Mind Sciences I
                                               •	   Molecular Imaging
The purpose of this core unit of study is
to ensure that students have the most up-      •	   Drug Design
to-date understanding of neuroanatomy          •	   Human and Experimental
(including the development of anatomic              Neuropathology
structures and the organisation of the         •	   Genetic Principles of Neural
nervous system), neurobiology (including            Development
the cellular and molecular biology of
                                               •	   Advanced Clinical Research
neurons, synaptic transmission and neural
networks), and neural function (including
perception, cognition, emotion and             •	   Neuropsychology
behaviour). Students will then focus on        •	   Psychological Assessment and
comparative neuropathology.                         Intervention in Brain and Mind
Unit Coordinators: Prof. Mac Christie,              Sciences
Prof. Richard Banati, Prof. Manuel             •	   Assessment and diagnosis
                                               •	   Mental health management
                                               •	   Principles in Chronobiology and
BMRI5003 Brain and Mind Sciences II                 Sleep
Students will be able to build on
the Brain and Mind Sciences I unit
of study in specific areas, examing
the more translational and clinical
aspects of the brain and mind sciences
These areas include structural and
functional neuroimaging (PET, MRI,
MRspectroscopy, fMRI), genetics of brain
and mind sciences, gene and environment
interaction, neuropharmacology including
in-depth psychopharmocology, and
Unit Coordinators: Prof. Mac Christie,
Prof. Tim Lambert, Prof. Tom Becker, Prof.
Steve Meikle
How to apply
Domestic applicants                           postgrad/apply. Send completed               Postgraduate research applicants
If you are an Australian or New Zealand       international student coursework             In postgraduate research courses,
citizen or an Australian permanent            application forms with the additional        students undertake a supervised research
resident then you are a domestic              documentation listed on the form to:         project leading to the production of a
applicant. For detailed information about                                                  thesis. For information on the research
application, admission and enrolment          International Office                         application process, refer to the
procedures, including the coursework          Jane Foss Russell (G02)                      website
application form for domestic students        The University of Sydney NSW 2006            futurestudent/postgrad/research.
and a list of essential documentation,        Australia
go to
futurestudent/postgrad/apply/                                                              Fees and scholarships
local.php. Send completed coursework          Closing dates for international              For detailed information about fees
application forms with the essential          applications                                 and scholarships for domestic students,
documentation to:                             •	 31 October 2009 for Semester One          visit
                                                  (commencement in March 2010)             futurestudent/ postgrad/costs
                                              •	 30 April 2010 for Semester Two            and
Postgraduate Student Administration Unit
                                                  (commencement in July 2010)              futurestudent/postgrad/scholarships.
Edward Ford Building (A27)
                                                                                           For detailed information regarding
The University of Sydney NSW 2006
                                                                                           fees and scholarships for international
                                              English language requirements                students, visit
Closing dates for domestic                    If English is not your first language, you   au/futurestudent/postgrad/costs/
applications                                  must demonstrate English language            international.php.
•	 31 January 2010* for Semester One          proficiency by one of the following
    (commencement in March 2010)              means before admission can be
•	 31 May 2010* for Semester Two              confirmed.
    (commencement in July 2010)               1. Provide evidence of satisfactory
* Please note that application closing            achievement in tertiary studies in
dates for some scholarships and                   which the exclusive language of
commonwealth supported places may                 the institution and the exclusive
vary and therefore students should refer          language of instruction, examination
to the website               and assessment was English. These
au/futurestudent/postgrad/apply/                  studies must have been undertaken
local.php for specific application closing        no more than five years before you
dates.                                            submit your application.
                                              2. Achieve the required grades in
                                                  “English for Academic Purposes” at
International students                            the University’s Centre for English
If you not are an Australian or New               Teaching. The course must have
Zealand citizen or an Australian                  been completed no more than
permanent resident then you are an                two years before you submit your
international applicant. You will be              application.
considered as a domestic applicant if you     3. Achieve the required grades on an
hold dual citizenship with Australia or           International English Language
New Zealand and another country. The              Testing System (IELTS) or Test of
University’s International Office processes       English as a Foreign Language
all international student applications.           (TOEFL) test. For more information
The International Office is an important          on these tests, please visit the
resource for international students as            IELTS website (
it provides assistance with application           or the TOEFL website (www.
and enrolment procedures and advice      Please refer to
on admission requirements. For          
detailed information about application,           futurestudent/postgrad/apply/
admission and enrolment procedures                international.php for full details.
for international students, visit www.