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 is eternal.
 Yves Saint Laurent

 Fashion Design & Technology Program

    B             e daring, be different,
be impractical, be anything that will assert
integrity of purpose and imaginative
vision against the play-it-safers, the
creatures of the commonplace, the slaves
                                                                                                        Powder Room by Carina Gonzalez

of the ordinary.”                                         Cecil Beaton

fash-ion [fash-uh n] – noun
Fashion is that which characterizes or distinguishes
the habits, manners, dress etc., of a period or group.

Fashion is more than this. It is art, it is business, it
is critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
If your goal is to make an impact in the alluring world
of fashion and you have the ambition to follow your
passion, Kwantlen has the degree program that will
nurture your creative talents to your fullest potential.

                                                                         Pure Magnolia by Patty Nayel

The Kwantlen Polytechnic University campus is
located in beautiful metro Vancouver, host city for
the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and a vibrant
cosmopolitan city that is consistently ranked as the
world’s most livable city. Our students appreciate
the city’s mild climate, its safe and secure reputation
                                                                                                                                         Cavalier by Kiomi Renwick
and all the cultural experiences that one would
expect as part of a pacific rim economy.
The Bachelor of Design
in Fashion and Technology
At Kwantlen our curriculum is
renowned for developing design
solutions that are both creative and
marketable for the global apparel
economy. Thanks to our internship
opportunities, over 90% of our
graduates enter the fashion industry
with qualifications and professional
experience which enable them to
move into leadership roles.

                                       FIRST YEAR:                                      SECOND YEAR:                                    THIRD AND FOURTH YEAR:                                  “THE SHOW”
                                       Year one sets the tone by introducing students   Year two focuses on fashion disciplines and     Years 3 & 4 feature opportunities to apply your newly   The final semester culminates in a highly acclaimed
                                       to the principles of fashion design, drawing,    skill development to take your creativity to    acquired skills and knowledge to challenging real       fashion show presented to a critical audience of over
                                       pattern drafting and industrial sewing. Add      the next level. You’ll be working with design   world applications. Students design for mass and        3,000 people and industry reps. Your creations will
                                       cutting edge computer applications for            companies of international fame, like          niche markets, combining creativity with market-        be part of “The Show”.
                                       fashion and marketing and you’ll be well          Lululemon (, Sugoi (sugoi.       ability and production planning from a local and
                                       on your way to refining your vision.               com), Nike (, Abercrombie & Fitch     global perspective. International student exchange      So... you wanna be in “The Show?” Come join us at
                                                                                         (, and Nordstrom        opportunities and extensive internships provide         Kwantlen and we’ll help you realize your goals and
                                                                                         (                              students with professional industry practices and       aspirations.
                                                                                                                                        lasting contacts.

    i   ’m a big fan of Kwantlen
Polytechnic University. I’ve employed
over 30 Graduates from the Fashion
Design & Technology program...”
                                                                                                                       Chip Wilson (Founder of Lululemon)
                                                                                                                                                            Eri Akai
                                                                                                                                                            International student from Japan
                                                                                                                                                            Having spent more than three years at Kwantlen’s
                                                                                                                                                            fashion program, I can say that studying fashion
                                                                                                                                                            definitely needs more than just a one year program.
                                                                                                                                                            The best thing about the fashion program here at
                                                                                                                                                            Kwantlen is that I have learned from very hands-on
                                                                                                                                                            and in-depth classes taught by amazing people who
                                                                                                                                                            are not only our teachers, but are also our mentors
                                                                                                                                                            and inspirations. They truly believe in the ability in
                                                                                                                                                            all of us both, encouraging us to think of the bigger
                                                                                                                                                            picture. I am always learning at the threshold of my
                                                                                                                                                            ability and beyond, realizing that one day I could be
                                                                                                                                                            a part of making our world a better place.

Carlie Wong                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Chip Wilson
Alumni/Designer/Project Runway Contestant                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Founder of Lululemon
I have loved the world of fashion all my life. I couldn’t                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I’m a big fan of Kwantlen Polytechnic University.
wait to get into a Fashion Degree Program as soon                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I’ve employed over 30 Graduates from the Fashion
as I could. I found Kwantlen and I got through it                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Design & Technology program. They come from
with hard work and determination. I had an amazing                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kwantlen so well qualified that I hire them directly.
experience there and I really think that it helped                                                                                                                                                                                                                          It shows that commitment to the 4-year degree
me in a big way to get where I am today with my                                                                                                                                                                                                                             program gets very positive results. I look forward to
own business and making waves in the industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              many more of my designers and technical sta
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            coming from Kwantlen!

                                                            Elizabeth (Liz) Morelos                                                                                                                                  Tyler Wilson
                                                            3rd year student/internship at Kersch                                                                                                                    2nd year student
                                                            (subdivision of International Fashions/Jana)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Although it was intimidating to be applying for the
                                                            Working in the industry while doing my degree has                                                                                                        best fashion design program in Canada, the sta
                                                            its challenges and its rewards. It’s just one big learn-                                                                                                 as well as the other students were encouraging and
                                                            ing experience from my teachers at Kwantlen, to my                                                                                                       helpful. With a lot of preparation and a bit of raw
                                                            employers and colleagues at work. To me, getting a                                                                                                       skill, I was accepted. Now that I am in my second
                                                            degree is so important and I can’t wait to learn more                                                                                                    year at Kwantlen, I can tell my experience here will
                                                            and finish at the top of my class and get working full                                                                                                    be life changing.
                                                            time in the fashion industry!
Our faculty and sta care about you.
Working with specialists from the fashion industry we
provide individual attention to help you achieve your
educational goals and succeed in your chosen career path.
Barbara Duggan – Dean, Faculty of Design & Communication

PORTFOLIO & ADMISSIONS                                                                                                                                                                 PROGRAM COSTS & SCHOLARSHIPS

THREE STEP APPLICATION PROCESS                                  PORTFOLIO REVIEW CHECKLIST                                                                                             The following are estimates, based on full-time
                                                                                                                                                                                       attendance and are subject to change. For further
1. Application                                                  Transcripts and Certificates                                  Design Components                                         details related to tuition go online to:
Apply in person at any Kwantlen campus or online -              Provide O cial Transcripts, photocopies of Certifi-           Submit the following 3 components:               A non-refundable application             cates and written statements covering the following          • 1-2 current (worked on within the last year) sketch-
fee must be submitted with the application form                 subject areas:                                                 books of any size showing your design ideas and
Applications are accepted from November 1 to March                                                                             drawings. Sketchbooks should give a sense of how
31 for the following September. Early application               English Requirement (see preceding section under                                                                                                   University Expenses                                                                               Living Expenses
                                                                                                                               you work, and may include drawings, writings,
is strongly recommended as successful applicants                Documentation)                                                 photos, fabric swatches, etc. Date all work, and
are assigned a seat based on date of application.                                                                              show written thoughts about your work. We are
Confirmations will be sent by mail for applications              Clothing and Textile Studies:                                                                                             Domestic Student Tuition*                        $CDN                4,050.00             Room and Board                                            $CDN               12,800.00
                                                                • O cial Transcript must indicate proof of a minimum           more concerned with evidence of attempting to
received via mail or online.                                                                                                   draw out ideas than skillfully drawn images.               International Student Tuition                                        12,800.00            Recreation and Public Transportation                                          4,050.00
                                                                  B grade in Textile Studies 11 & 12 or Clothing &
                                                                  Textiles 12A or other related senior high school           • Any two (2) finished pieces of your art or design           Books and Supplies                                                    1,200.00            Medical Insurance                                                               500.00
2. Documentation                                                                                                               work in any medium. Write a brief analysis of why
Submit all required documents to the Admissions                   courses or provide a written statement indicating
                                                                                                                               you included these particular pieces (not a descrip-       Fashion Industry Events **                                              200.00
O ce at any Kwantlen campus. All applicants to the                extensive sewing experience (can be self taught or
                                                                  learned via non-credit courses or tutoring).                 tion of the pieces themselves). Photographs of
FASN program must submit ONE of the following:                                                                                 larger pieces are acceptable.
                                                                Related Skills and Courses:                                  • Along with your invitation to the Portfolio Review                                                 Approximate expenses based on one year, full-time study from September to April
• English 12 with a minimum of a B grade (or equivalent)
• IELTS of 6.5 with no band below 6                             • O cial Transcript, Certificates or written state-             you will receive instructions for a simple design
• TOEFL score of 88                                               ments should provide evidence of fine art skills,             exercise to be included in your portfolio.                 *     Based on 30 credits/yr. and includes student fees, medical and dental (no medical/dental for International Students).
• Kwantlen English Placement Test, with a recom-                  computer skills, math skills, and any other skills,                                                                     **    Fashion Industry events - i.e. fashion shows, gallery tours.
  mendation to English 1100                                       training or experience.                                    Computer Skills
                                                                                                                             Submit printouts or digital files of computer-gener-                Pending for Fall 2010: The Fashion Design program will be delivered in an e-mobile environment which includes laptops, computers, software and support.
• Equivalent English course completed and trans-                                                                                                                                                Students need to include “fee for service” costs of the laptop and requisite course software for the duration of the 4 year degree program (approximately $1,250 each year).
  ferred from another post-secondary institution                Sewn Garments                                                ated work, i.e. documents, graphics, spreadsheets,
                                                                Submit a total of 6 – 10 garments (made from                 designs or pattern drafts.
All applicants must also submit o cial transcripts              commercial patterns, draping or applicant’s drafts):
of secondary and/or post-secondary courses.                     • Include at least 4 di erent types of garments              Industry Awareness                                        SCHOLARSHIPS & AWARDS
                                                                  (i.e. skirts, pants, tops, dresses, jackets) in di erent   Statement of Interest                                     Kwantlen students may apply for a number of
NOTE: Applicants currently attending Grade 12 must submit
interim grades by March 31st. Upon completion of courses, the     types of fabrics.                                          • In 500 words or less provide the rationale for your     general scholarships and awards. For more informa-
applicant must arrange for the submission of final grades to     • Garments should include the following garment                pursuit of a fashion education.                         tion go to Fashion specific
Kwantlen Admissions in order to meet entrance requirements.       components: darts, 2 di erent types of zippers, 2          • Submit a research journal, or diary of fashion indus-   scholarships donated by the local apparel industry
                                                                  di erent types of pockets, set-in sleeves, collars,          try related readings and information about apparel      go to deserving fashion students on an annual basis.
3. Portfolio Review                                               cu s, buttons, and buttonholes. At least one                 companies in Vancouver and/or in your country or        Award recipients are recognized for their academic
Each qualified applicant will be invited to a Portfolio            garment must be lined.                                       city. Include the names of the companies along          standing, volunteer work in the community and
Review that will take place in May. The applicant               • Garments will be assessed for a variety of styles            with a product and target market description.           apparel industry and contribution to the Kwantlen
will participate in a selection process that includes             and fabrics, range and accuracy of sewing tech-                                                                      program area and community.
a portfolio review, a math exercise and a written                 niques, garment components as listed above, and            Resume & Letters
questionnaire. The portfolio review includes sewn                 accuracy of sewing.                                        Applicants must submit a resume (include volunteer
graments, design and art work, transcripts, personal            • Garments included in the portfolio should be               experience and a list of computer skills), and three
writing and letters of reference. For candidates who              clean, well pressed and on hangers.                        (3) letters of reference.
are not in Vancouver, this process will be conducted            • Pattern making experience is not a requirement
on the phone.                                                     but will be noted if samples of work are provided.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Kwantlen Polytechnic University welcomes you to
the world’s most livable city. People from all over the
world love living here – for the very same reasons that
Kwantlen international students love studying here.

The host city for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games,
Vancouver is known for its lively cosmopolitan
flavour, outstanding cultural experiences, and all the
opportunities of a vibrant pacific rim economy.

Kwantlen’s 17,000 students come from all over the
region and from all over the world. Campuses are
located in the smaller surrounding cities of
Richmond, Surrey and Langley – only 15-40 minutes
from downtown.
With our extensive experience in welcoming interna-
tional students, and our friendly and helpful faculty
and sta , we invite you to experience a fantastic
education in Canada. Kwantlen makes it easy for
you to settle into a new city, succeed academically
and connect to a great career.



                                                                                               UNITED STATES

Kwantlen Centre for Design & Communications
So, you’re one of those fortunate individuals to have     Kwantlen’s Fashion Design and Technology degree          Kwantlen’s CIDA accredited Interior Design degree
been blessed with creative talent.                        program prepares students for careers in the global      program’s mission statement is “educating leaders
                                                          apparel economy. This dynamic program features           for the profession of interior design”. The program
At Kwantlen’s Centre for Design & Communications          industry-based education, opportunities to study         works closely with the professional design community
we’ll teach you how to harness that talent and help       internationally, class projects facilitated by promi-    to provide an education that includes all facets of
you become a successful designer and communica-           nent apparel companies such as Lululemon (www.           interior design with emphasis on fostering knowledge
tor through the emphasis of critical- thinking and, and an extensive internship that         and skills in theory, research, and problem-solving,
problem- solving. Our programs work closely with          results in employment.                                   and an awareness of human needs in built environ-
their professions to provide you with a current and                                                                ments. Students develop design concepts, working
relevant educational experience, and prepare you for      We also o er a Fashion Marketing diploma which           drawings and specifications, and incorporate the
career success.                                           combines fashion, communications and business            technology, professional business practices and
                                                          knowledge relevant to careers such as forecasting        procedures necessary for employment in design
Set against the inspiring backdrop of Vancouver,          trends, styling for photo shoots, visual merchandis-
British Columbia, one of the worlds most beautiful                                                                 and architectural practices.
                                                          ing, promotion, buying, and retail management.
and cosmopolitan cities, the Centre o ers six             The program includes hands-on activities as well         The Journalism degree program provides students
excellent programs: Fashion Design and Technology,        as research and writing to promote critical thinking     with a firm grounding in the essentials of the craft:
Graphic Design for Marketing, Interdisciplinary           and synthesis of ideas. It includes work experience,     skills in researching, writing, photography and on-line
Design, Interior Design, Journalism, and Public           attending and participating in fashion events, and       technology, all built on a sound professional and
Relations.                                                excursions to fashion companies and districts.           ethical base. By graduation, they are primed to
Refine your talents at Kwantlen’s Centre for Design                                                                 begin their careers in the new world of multimedia
                                                          Our Graphic Design for Marketing degree program          journalism.
& Communication and embark on an exciting and             focuses on the connectivity between graphic design,
successful career.                                        marketing, public relations and business, and the        Our Public Relations diploma program o ers work
                                                          interaction between design and society. You will         experience coupled with actual client projects to
                                                          develop a comprehensive portfolio that includes          provide students with the necessary skills to succeed
                                                          graphic design, marketing and promotional concepts       in today’s business environment. Students learn
                                                          for a wide range of products and services, preparing     about organizing special events, fund-raising, public
                                                          you for a challenging and career in this dynamic and     speaking, writing, communications, graphic design,
                                                          growing industry.                                        and getting the media on your side. Kwantlen grads
                                                                                                                   are successful in getting excellent jobs within weeks
                                                          You’re looking for a creative future, but can’t decide   of graduation.
                                                          which course would suit you? Our unique Inter-
                                                          disciplinary Design program explores design              Refine your creative talents at Kwantlen’s Centre
                                                          fundamentals and career options in a creative            for Design and Communication and embark on an
                                                          environment, preparing students for entry into           exciting and rewarding Career.
                                                          specialized design-related studies.
Contact Us

For an application and for questions regarding the
application and registration processes, call our
admissions o ce at: 604.599.2512 or email us at

For International Students, please call:
604.599.2534 or emails us at

For further fashion program information please call
one of our coordinators:
Shirley Calla: 604.599.2746 (
Evelyn May: 604.599.2824 (

Or visit our website for more information:

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