Mentoring Program for Chebeague Island Chebeague Island School by mfuw0ekd999


									                                           Mentoring Program for Chebeague Island
   Chebeague Island School Committee goal established before the 2008-2009 year: Encouraging post secondary education
   for all of our students, financial support for higher education, and mentoring program for supporting secondary education
                                                    and post secondary education.

   Mentoring program for Post Secondary Education
   To establish a means for students, parents, community members to access materials, information, and human resources for
   furthering their education.

   Materials and Resources:
            Deb Bowman has numerous books and resources about colleges, scholarships and careers at the Chebeague Island

   List of people on Chebeague Island who are willing to help with various aspects of college searches, scholarships, writing
   prompts, financial aid, interviews etc. Students, parents and community members are encouraged to seek out help from
   these people who would love to work with you or your children to achieve success in their future.

        Name                     Position                      Expertise                 Tel number
Bev Johnson             School Board             Experience, computer apps              846-4850
Phil Jordan             College President        Interviewing, recommendation           846-5618
Donna Damon             Educator                 Experience, scholarship, letters of    846-5140
Donna Colbeth           Retired educator         Writing scholarship and college        846-3097
Susan Stranahan         Writer                   Writing scholarship and college        846-9378
Deb Bowman              Librarian/parent         Resources, scholarship apps            846-4351
Laura Summa             Parent/librarian         Resource for having gone through       846-1575
                                                 the process
Eli Bossin              Island Fellow            College Experience, application        846-5237
                                                 Process                                781 690-1595
Island Institute        Education Director       Educator – college connection          691-2504

Island Institute        Island Scholar           College Experience – writing           594 -9209
Ben Ogdren              Network Coordinator                                             x128

Mary Holt               Guidance Councilor       College applications, support          846-5040

Bob and Nancy           Educator/parent          College process experience             846-0924

Carol White             School Board/parent      Financial Aid, application process     846-4769

Leila Bisharat          Educator/parent          international affairs, public health   846-1610
                                                 (surveys and statistics; planning;
                                                 various languages
Mary and Tom            Counselors               discerning educational/vocational      846-6263
Cushman                                          desires, and possible options to
Bradley Putnam   College Graduate   Help with all aspects of high school,    putnammeister@g
                                    college, testing, writing, living away
                                    from home …                              617-388-1905

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