Requirements for the Paraprofessional Stipend Program by mfuw0ekd999


									      Requirements and Procedures for Stipend Program

Prior to approval, the following requirements must be met:

o Submit Application for Arkansas Paraprofessional Stipend Program
o Submit letters of recommendation (principal and special education supervisor)

Upon selection for the stipend Paraprofessionals will be required to complete and submit
the following documentation:

o Submit documentation of enrollment for each term beginning with spring, 2010 term.
   [Note: The stipend will not pay for development/remedial or general  education
courses.] Enrollment must include coursework related to Education.
o Submit Program of Study
o W-9 Form

Upon Completion of coursework: the following documentation is required before
reimbursement is processed:

o Submit official transcript indicating successful completion of the course(s) taken
o Submit Request for Reimbursement Form

.                            Submit All Documentation to:
                                     Donna Broyles
                           Arkansas Department of Education
                                Special Education Unit
                            1401 W. Capitol Ave., Suite 450
                                Little Rock, AR 72201


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