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3    A child’s education is a responsibility shared by the school and family. The purpose
4    of this School Board policy is to emphasize the importance of parent/family
5    involvement in a student’s education. It is intended to enhance parent/family
6    involvement in the schools and to address the specific needs of students and their
7    families.

 8   Accordingly, the Board, and its schools, pursuant to the “No Child Left Behind” Act,
 9   shall establish programs and practices that enhance parent/family involvement and
10   that reflect the specific needs of students and their families. The District shall
11   coordinate and integrate parental involvement strategies with the School
12   Improvement Process (SIP), Federal and State requirements and entitlements,
13   existing District community involvement programs, the District Communication &
14   Information Office (CIO), the business community, and all other community partners
15   serving the needs of children. This policy is a guide to be used to develop and
16   implement program strategies that will actually help the District and schools
17   strengthen the home-school partnership. It shall be made available to parents and
18   to the local community and updated periodically to meet changing needs of parents
19   and schools.

20   To realize the objectives of parent/family involvement, Board supports development,
21   implementation, and regular evaluation of parent/family involvement programs in
22   each school. Each Title I school is expected to adopt a school-level parent
23   involvement policy, developed jointly with and agreed on by parents of children
24   attending the school. The parent/family involvement programs will include, but not
25   be limited to, the following components:

28                  Communication is the foundation for all parent/family involvement
29                  activities. This policy promotes clear, effective, meaningful and
30                  continuous two (2) way communication between home and school.

31                  1.     General Communication
33                         Meaningful parent/family involvement can only happen when
34                         school activities and events are widely publicized.        The
35                         schools will communicate directly with parents. Additionally,
36                         the District will assist each school with its efforts to reach
37                         mass media to promote home-school communication. The
38                         District will conduct annual training sessions with principals
39                         on Public Relations (PR) techniques. The District will provide
40                         principals with a PR Guide.
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1               2.   Cooperative Discourse
3                    Communication between school and parents shall be
4                    encouraged at all grade levels and should include regular
5                    parent-teacher communication.

 6              3.   Linguistic Access
 8                   Reasonable efforts shall be made to communicate with
 9                   parents in their primary language whenever possible.
10                   Information related to the school and parent programs,
11                   meetings, and other activities is sent to parents in a format
12                   and, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can
13                   understand.

14              4.   Access to Schools
16                   The school building shall be made a “welcoming place” for
17                   parents and families during school hours and non-school
18                   hours.

19              5.   Diversity Awareness
21                   Students, school personnel, and parents will be given the
22                   opportunity to learn about various cultures, cultural
23                   practices, and preferences to promote understanding and
24                   communication.
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 1              6.    Sensitivity to Exceptionalities
 3                    Parents of students with disabilities will receive timely
 4                    information about Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
 5                    programs and services in accordance with the
 6                    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Florida
 7                    statute.    A District ESE Advisory "Sharing the
 8                    Commitment" meets every other month and parent
 9                    representatives serve on the committee. The meetings
10                    are open to the public and the focus is on the
11                    commitment to providing quality services in the schools
12                    and the collaborative cooperation of the school, home,
13                    and community. District wide informational meetings
14                    regarding disabilities and parent rights are held
15                    throughout the year at various school sites. Each school
16                    hosting an informational meeting for parents receives a
17                    parent library of resources.
19                    Reasonable efforts shall be made to assist parents with the
20                    understanding of the needs and rights of their exceptional
21                    children.

22              7.    Accommodation to Parent Schedules
24                    Reasonable efforts should be made to accommodate the
25                    schedules of parents, by conducting parent meetings and
26                    events at different times during the day whenever possible.

27              8.    Title I and Title III
29                    Parents of children attending Title I and Title III Schools will
30                    receive timely information about the Title I and Title III
31                    programs.

34              District staff shall support policies that empower parents to become
35              actively involved in the education of their children.

36              1.    Space for Parents
38                    In keeping with the “welcoming” environment in the schools,
39                    whenever practicable, principals will provide a special place
40                    for parents to meet, to post notices, and review current
41                    bulletins and to exchange information.
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1               2.    Parent Orientation
3                     Principals will conduct parent orientation meetings during
4                     which parents will be provided with information about school
5                     programs and procedures. Parents will also be made aware of
6                     opportunities to participate or volunteer.

 7              3.    Parent Volunteers
 9                    The District has implemented a thorough procedure for
10                    registering school volunteers. District volunteer procedures
11                    and forms will be made available on a continuous basis as
12                    well as during the parent orientation meetings, open houses,
13                    and any other school events.

14              4.    Parent Organizations
16                    Parents are encouraged to get involved in parent
17                    organizations, such as SAC, PTA and PTO, and organizations
18                    such as academic, band, and sports booster clubs at the high
19                    school level.

20              5.    Participation in Planning
22                    Parents will be included in the development, implementation,
23                    and evaluation of family involvement programs and of the
24                    school’s Title I and Title III programs.

27              The entire educational process is enhanced when parents are given
28              an opportunity to improve parenting skills while also learning more
29              about how schools operate, how education is conducted, and
30              community support services.

31              1.    Parent Outreach Liaisons
33                    Each school’s Community Involvement Contact will be asked
34                    to serve as a liaison to all parents in that school’s community.
35                    This person will ascertain the needs of parents and
36                    communicate them to the principal and School Advisory
37                    Council (SAC), and the liaison will, in turn, inform parents of
38                    school and District services, programs, and activities or
39                    events.
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1               2.   Community Cooperation and Assistance
3                    Community businesses, agencies, organizations, and
4                    post-secondary institutions shall be invited to partner with
5                    the District and schools to provide on-site opportunities for
6                    parents to learn more about parenting, the District and
7                    schools, and the educational needs of students.

 8              3.   Other Caring Adults
10                   Community members shall be encouraged to help students by
11                   participating in mentoring, tutoring, or reading programs
12                   through the schools or community partners conducting such
13                   programs.

14              4.   Parent-Friendly Environment
16                   To help with family needs, schools shall make every attempt
17                   to address childcare and transportation issues when
18                   conducting parental training programs. Title I funds may be
19                   used to pay reasonable and necessary expenses associated
20                   with parent involvement activities, including transportation,
21                   childcare, or home visits when feasible. Federal funds
22                   may be used to purchase food to support parent training
23                   and meetings when Federal program guidelines permit
24                   such use.
26                   Differences in language and culture also need to be taken into
27                   account and accommodated. Title III funds may be used
28                   for parental involvement activities, such as workshops,
29                   translation services and software, and, in some
30                   instances, transportation. Reasonable efforts should be
31                   made to hold trainings at times when parents are available so
32                   as to not conflict with work schedules.

33              5.   Schools as Community Centers
35                   Schools shall identify, develop, and implement programs that
36                   give parents an opportunity to learn during school hours and
37                   nonschool hours.
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1               6.    Parenting Skills
3                     Schools shall conduct classes to teach young adults how to
4                     become effective parents. Programs to improve parenting
5                     skills should be available to those who are already parents.
6                     In addition, schools shall provide materials and training to
7                     help parents to work with their children to improve their
8                     children’s achievement, such as literacy training and using
9                     technology, as appropriate, to foster parent involvement.

10              7.    School Readiness
12                    Parenting skills programs shall be developed and made
13                    available to parents of children from birth to age five (5).

14              8.    School-Parent Compact
16                    Each Title I school shall develop, jointly with parents, a
17                    compact that outlines how parents, the entire school staff,
18                    and students will share in the responsibility for improved
19                    student achievement.

22              A child’s first teacher is the parent, and home-school partnerships
23              strengthen this important role. The importance of parents as
24              teachers must be recognized and supported by the District and its
25              schools.
27              Parent Guide
29              A District Parent Guide shall be developed to inform parents about
30              the educational process and to involve them in their children’s
31              education. By placing needed information and contacts into one (1)
32              resource guide, parents’ access to needed services, their ability to
33              make decisions about their child’s educational progress, and their
34              ability to assist their child in navigating the educational process
35              should be enhanced. Law requires that the parent guide be:

36              1.    written in parent-friendly language, free of educational
37                    acronyms;

38              2.    understandable to parents, including translation into other
39                    languages;
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1               3.    distributed to parents, students, and school personnel at the
2                     beginning of the school year (may be included as part of
3                     Student Code of Conduct); and

4               4.    discussed at the beginning of each school year in meetings
5                     with parents, students, and teachers.

 6              The guide will provide links to the various community services that
 7              are available to parents and families.        It shall also include
 8              information concerning the curriculum in use at the school,
 9              academic standards and proficiency levels students are expected to
10              meet, student assessments, and how to monitor a child’s progress
11              and work with teachers to improve the achievement of their
12              children. The guide will also detail the various educational choices
13              available to parents such as the District’s School Choice program,
14              which gives parents the choice of which elementary, middle, or high
15              school they want to send their child to. It will list other choices
16              such as charter schools and private schools. The guide shall
17              mention home schooling/home education as an option.

20              Schools must recognize that parents have much to contribute to the
21              school.    Taking advantage of the expertise of parents will be
22              beneficial to the school and its students.

23              1.    Utilizing Parents’ Specific Knowledge
25                    Principals shall seek opportunities to use special knowledge,
26                    abilities, talents, and cultural experiences that parents are
27                    able to share with other parents, school staff, or students.

28              2.    Employment of Parents
30                    Schools shall consider parents as resources for various
31                    employment opportunities.
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3               School staff shall look upon parents as advisors and advocates.
4               School staff should reach out to include parents in school
5               decision-making.

 6              1.    School Improvement Process
 8                    Parents shall be made aware of the School Improvement
 9                    Process and shall be urged by the District and schools to
10                    become actively involved in the School Advisory Council
11                    (SAC), School Improvement Process at their home school.
12                    They shall be encouraged to run for available parent positions
13                    on the School Advisory Council, serve on SAC committees, or
14                    to attend the SAC meetings.

15              2.    School Improvement Plan
17                    Parents shall be made aware of the development of the Plan.
18                    The Plan will be made available for inspection by parents at
19                    any time during school hours or during school special events
20                    outside of those hours. Plans shall also be posted on the
21                    District's website.

22              3.    Title I Schoolwide Plan
24                    Parents of students attending a Title I School shall be made
25                    aware of the development of the Title I Plan. An annual
26                    meeting will be held to inform parents of the school’s
27                    participation in the Title I program and to explain the
28                    requirements of the program and parents’ right to be
29                    involved. Parents may submit comments on the plan. For
30                    specific parent involvement activities refer to the "LEA
31                    Parent     Involvement     Plan"   available     online   at
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 3                  School administrators, teachers, and other staff having direct
 4                  contact with students should receive training from the District office
 5                  focusing on the importance of parental involvement; the value and
 6                  utility of parents’ contributions; how to reach out to, communicate
 7                  with, and work with parents as equal partners; and the
 8                  implementation of this policy. Communication with parents and the
 9                  cultivation of parental involvement should be stressed in this
10                  training. Parents will be involved in the training of school personnel
11                  in matters of parent involvement.

12           H.     EVALUATION
14                  The District will report annually on the effectiveness of
15                  parent/family involvement.      The report will evaluate parental
16                  involvement based on the requirements of NCLB and the types of
17                  parental involvement outlined in this policy. In Title I funded
18                  Schools, the Title I “Parent Involvement Policy Checklist Review
19                  Rubric” (pages 84-86 in appendix B of Title I Parental
20                  Involvement Policy/Plan Guidance available online at
21         and the
22                  “Certification of Parent Involvement Regulations” documents will be
23                  used to ensure compliance with NCLB requirements.
25                  The District will use the findings of the evaluations in designing
26                  strategies for school improvement and for revising, if necessary, the
27                  parent involvement policy. The annual evaluation findings will be
28                  reported to the public, the Board, and the Florida Department of
29                  Education to reflect its commitment to openness and public
30                  disclosure of its activities.
32                  Annual surveys are conducted by the DOE and the District ESE
33                  Department with parents of students with disabilities. These
34                  surveys are utilized to improve and enhance parent
35                  participation in Individual Education Plan meetings and
36                  overall school-parent-school communication regarding services
37                  and programs for students with disabilities.

38   F.S. 1000.03

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