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									                JOB DESCRIPTION – Operations Manager

POSITION:                            Operations Manager - Corporate Travel

REPORTS TO:                          Vice President, Operations

DIRECTLY SUPERVISES:                 Corporate Travel Consultant Team

INDIRECTLY SUPERVISES:               Leisure Consultant Team

EFFECTIVE DATE:                      TBA


To direct the day-to-day operations of MKI Travel’s front line travel consultants with the
objective of implementing standardized processes as well as increasing efficiency and
accuracy at point of sale. Plans, organizes and controls daily activities to accomplish
integrated Company objectives and to optimize the utilization of resources.


           1. As a member of the MKI Travel Management Team, the Operations
              Manager assists in the development and implementation of the Company’s
              strategic and operational plans.

           2. Ensures that all Company branches are adequately staffed with skilled and
              trained consultants to service the needs of our clients.

           3. Manages the performance and development of all travel consultants
              employed or contracted by the Company.

           4. Conducts annual and semi-annual individual and team development
              meetings to set goals and objectives and to review performance

           5. Commits to ongoing personal professional development and to
              understanding emerging trends and industry best-practices.

           6. Conducts weekly and monthly staff meetings to gather and share
              information openly.

                                   February, 2008
               JOB DESCRIPTION – Operations Manager
          7. Assists in the development, implementation, training and management of
             standardized policies and best practices throughout the Company.

          8. Ensures accuracy at all levels of travel consultant performance as they
             relate to regulatory compliance, invoicing, reporting and quality control

          9. Actively manages the daily use of MKI’s phone system, monitors call
             queues, and reviews daily/weekly/monthly performance reports.

          10. Develops and implements standardized point-of-sale phone scripting.

          11. Assists in the development and support of MKIonline, MKI’s policy-
              compliant corporate online travel management booking platform.

          12. Participates in the budget planning process relative to Corporate Travel
              Management services, and works with the Controller to adhere to the
              budgetary plan.

          13. Works to ensure the Operations Team integrates well with other
              departments within MKI, including but not limited to: Accounting, IT,
              Business Development, Management, Administrative Support.

          14. Assists in researching technology solutions to drive efficiencies in our
              daily operations or to enhance the client experience while driving the
              return on investment for MKI.

          15. Other duties as assigned from time to time by the Vice President of
              Operations, or as agreed upon by the Management Team.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

        The Operations Manager supervises directly a team of 25+ travel consultants
which may exceed 100 in the next 1-3 years. These supervisory responsibilities are
carried out in accordance with Company policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities
include recruiting and training consultants; planning, assigning and directing work;
evaluating performance, rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing and resolving
customer or staff complaints.

                                November 16, 2009                                        2
               JOB DESCRIPTION – Operations Manager

  1. General Education: CTM Designation or Equivalent Experience

   2. Minimum Experience: Ten (10) years of direct supervision of front line travel
      consultants in a corporate travel environment.

   3. Experience for Additional Consideration: Managing a 24/7 corporate call
      centre, integrating the cultures of multiple merged businesses, experience
      managing leisure, group or event travel.

  4. Minimum Skills:        Expertise with the Sabre GDS platform and web fares
     integration, working in an automated Quality Control environment, and
     implementing best practices. Solid working knowledge of Microsoft Excel,
     Word, Outlook and other industry related applications used in daily processing.

   5. Skills for Additional Consideration: PBX Phone system management, Sabre
      Script writing, TRAMS Interface experience, Client Base Plus development,
      integration and deployment for leisure or corporate travel, automated ticket-based
      ticketing and tracking system.

  In order to perform the job successfully, the Operations Manager must demonstrate
  the following competencies:

       1.  Strong People Management
       2.  Effective Personal and Team Time Management
       3.  Display efficient organizational skills
       4.  Exhibit effective Leadership and Supervision
       5.  Promote the power and importance of Teamwork
       6.  Demonstrate the ability to interact with staff and Management with open and
           honest candour.
       7. Demonstrate high standards of Integrity and Ethics
       8. Acknowledge accountability within the scope of the position
       9. Assertive and confident when facing issues and problems head on with the
           main objective of seeking intelligent resolution.
       10. Keen awareness of customer service elements and nuances.
       11. Able to propose and agree upon budgets for various segments of the business.
       12. Solid and intelligent decision making skills.
       13. Strong initiative, self-direction, and follow-through skills.
       14. Contribute forward thinking innovation in all aspects of the Company’s focus.
       15. Excellent interaction and communication skills – bilingual an asset.

                               November 16, 2009                                       3

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