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									Singapore’s First e-Family Engaged in Infocomm Training Character

Name Biodata

Mr Ang Chinese, married to Mala Ang 44 Primary, Chineseeducated Technician

Mrs Mala Ang Indian, mother of Mark & Jane 42 Secondary & Englisheducated Former clerk turned homemaker - Join CC's cooking class - Watch TV - Travel in nearby countries - Parenting - Internet safety - Rejoining workforce - Manage family expenses

Grandpa Ang Modeled after the dispatch rider who upgraded his skills 60 Primary Retiree

Puan Aminah The Neighbour

Age Education Occupation

44 Secondary Sole proprietor in small scale catering business - Relax at home - Learn basic IT so she can surf for info (recipes) - Malay Cultural / community - Keeping in touch with her roots - Find out about government grants to bring/expand her business online


- Spend time with family - Hunt for 'makan' places

- Spend time with Mark - Sports news (soccer) - Reads news - Movie reviews - Keep healthy - Wants to keep upgrading his skills (learn video conferencing next) - Keeps in touch with old friends/ colleagues - Keeps in touch with roots Seniors


- Parenting - Making enough money to support his wife, son and retired father - Improving finances from 4D/ insurance (NTUC income)

Target Audience Objectives/ Relevance of Infocomm Training


Homemakers/ Indian Community - Upgrade infocomm savviness to rejoin workforce - Parenting tips and eTransactions and eLearning

Malay Community

- Upgrade infocomm savviness to enhance employability - e-Learning and eEntertainment

- Become infocomm literate as part of lifelong learning - Health awareness, eCommunications & eTransactions

- Upgrade e-Business savviness to eempower small catering business - Community awareness

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