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The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nation-                                       When enrollment levels are not met, the course is
ally recognized method of quantifying time spent                                       cancelled. Confirmation notices are not sent. You
in the classroom during professional development                                       must mark your calendar with dates and times.
and training activities.The primary purpose of the
CEU is to provide a permanent record of the edu-                                       FEES Course fees are stated with each course
cational accomplishments of an individual who has                                      description. Payment is due at the time of registra-
satisfactorily completed significant non-credit edu-                                   tion.
cational and career enhancement experiences.
One CEU is equal to ten contact hours of partici-                                      REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS                    Continuing
pation in an organized continuing education expe-                                      Education is self-supporting and costs are covered
rience under qualified instruction. For more infor-                                    through student registration fees. In the event a
mation about customized sources for your busi-                                         course is cancelled or dates and times are
ness, call our office.                                                                 changed, we will attempt to notify you. If you can-
                                                                                       not attend a course, a refund will be granted only
WHEN TO REGISTER Registration should be                                                if you notify us at least 24 hours before the course
completed early to guarantee a space in the class.                                     begins. No refunds will be given once a course
Some courses offer a discount for registering                                          begins.
early. The early bird (EB) deadline is five days
before a class begins. After the early bird cut-off
date, the regular rate applies. Late registrations                                     INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY In the event of
may be accepted if the class is not full. Minimum                                      inclement weather, tune into your local radio or tel-
                                                                                       evision stations for information about closings.
enrollment levels are established for each course.

registration                                                DOES NOT REQUIRE ADMISSION TO THE UNIVERSITY

                                                                    Registration is easy!
Online:         http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed
In Person:      Come to Adams Hall, Room 200
By Mail:        Fill out this registration form and mail to Continuing Education, P.O. Box 8368, Dothan, AL 36304,
By Phone:       334-983-0005 or By Fax: (334) 983-0009

Name                                                                                   SS # (last 4 digits) or Student ID # (for office use only)

Address                                                          City                             State                             Zip

Home number                                Work number                                            Email address

Course ID/Course Title                                                      Date                             Time                               Cost

Course ID/Course Title                                                      Date                             Time                               Cost

Course ID/Course Title                                                      Date                             Time                               Cost

METHOD OF PAYMENT:                         ____Cash(in person only)         _____Check (Payable to Troy University)                 _____Invoice/PO (for Business Only)
                                           ____MasterCard                   _____Visa         _____American Express                 _____Discover

Credit Card Number                                                                                                       Expiration Date

Signature (if paying by credit card)
                                       *TO QUALIFY FOR THE EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTED PRICE,
AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT: Students with disabilities, or those who suspect they have a disability must register with the Disability Services Coordinator in order
to receive accommodations. Students currently registered with the Disability Services Office are required to present their Disability Services Accommodation Letter to each
faculty member at the beginning of each term. Individuals needing special services should contact Keith Seagle, Malone Hall 120, (334)983-6556, ext. 1-221.
                        http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed      *   334-983-0005   *   January-April 2010                                 3

Certificate / License Programs
Introduction to Real Estate                                                                      Paralegal
Instructor: Dwight Wells, CEU: 6.0; Course ID: BUS001
Session A: Mon. & Wed., 5:30-9:30pm, Jan. 13-Mar. 8 or                    LAW006 Legal Research
Session B: Mon. & Wed., 5:30-9:30pm, Mar. 24-May 12                       Thursday, January 14-March 4, 6:00-8:00 pm
You can start an exciting career in real estate! As a growing popula-     Course Fee: $125
tion creates a greater housing need, there is projected to be an          Instructor: David Hogg, CEU: 1.6
abundance of opportunities for real estate professionals. The             Focusing on research, participants will learn how to find
increase in market activity will create an increased need for qualified   the legal authorities, such as statues and cases, that apply
salespeople and brokers. Get your real estate license and enter a         to a legal problem. Computer research using LoisLaw will
profession with career potential!                                         be used during the course. Textbook is required. LAW006
                                                                          and LAW009 should be taken concurrently.
    Be 19 or more years of age.
                                                                          LAW009 Legal Writing
    Have a high school diploma or GED.
    Not have been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral        Thursday, March 11-April 29, 6:00-8:00 pm
    turpitude.                                                            Course Fee: $125
    Take and pass a 60-hours pre-license course.                          Instructor: David Hogg, CEU: 1.6
    Pass state exam with a minimum score of 70%. State exam must          Building on skills learned in Legal Research, participants
    be taken within 12 months of successful completion of                 will learn to apply legal authorities discovered during the
    Introduction to Real Estate course.                                   research process to the facts of a case in written form
                                                                          using the style required by the courts. This course
Course Fee: $325 (includes updated Alabama License Law book).             requires the book from Legal Research and The
Payment is expected at time of registration. Cancellations received       Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 18th edition.
at least 24 hours before class begins will receive a full refund. Once
a course begins, refunds will not be issued. Books are to be pur-         LAW028 Social Security / Disability
                                                                          Tuesday, January 26-March 16, 6:00-8:00 pm                se!
chased at the campus bookstore for an approximate cost of $65.                                                                C our
Students need to read the first three chapters of the text before         Course Fee: $125                                 ew
class begins.                                                             Instructor: Sean Hampton, CEU: 1.6
                                                                          Students will be guided step-by-step through the appeals
                                                                          claim process beginning with the basics of the Social
For more information regarding state requirements visit the               Security Administration and judicial law through terminology,
website of the Alabama Real Estate Commission at                          definitions, and the processes themselves. Whether you are
www.arec.alabama.gov, or call 334-242-5544.                               a legal professional new to this type of practice, or a
                                                                          claimant, you will find this an invaluable guide to the Five
                                                                          Step Sequential Evaluation Process as well as key laws
                                                                          related to Social Security Disability claims.

                                                                          A limited number of online courses are approved for the Paralegal
              Auctioneer School                                           Certificate. Students must check with the Continuing Education Office
                                                                          before taking an online course.

      Friday, January 22 - Sunday, January 30
Discover an exciting career as an auctioneer. The school
consists of the required 85 hours of auction instruction plus                                Are You An Expert?
direct application exercises covering a wide range of topics
including:                                                                Have you ever thought about sharing your knowledge
            Auctioneering History and Ethics
                                                                          by teaching a Community Education class? Do you
            Auction and Commercial Law
            Uniform Commercial Code                                       have an idea for a personal or professional enrichment
            Clerking and Cashiering                                       class or workshop? Are you an expert in arts and
            Advertising an Auction                                        crafts, business and careers, fitness and health, for-
            Site Preparation and Restoration
                                                                          eign languages, living green, music, personal develop-
Register and pay the full tuition by January 8 and pay                    ment or other areas that our community wants to learn
only $895. After January 8, the regular rate is $995. Upon                about? Go to http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed/
receipt of registration and payment, participants will receive
                                                                          to download a proposal form or visit the Continuing
pre-course materials which will include agenda, chanting drills
and a demo CD.                                                            Education Office to pick up a copy.
 4                           http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed          *   334-983-0005    *   January-April 2010

Computers and Technology                                                                    Healthcare Seminars
CIS080 ACCESS                                                                   Pre-registration is required. Troy University, Dothan Campus,
Level I: Mon/Tue, Jan. 11 & 12, 5:30-9:30pm
Level II: Mon/Tue, Feb. 8 & 9, 5:30-9:30pm                                      is an approved provider for nursing continuing education con-
Level III: Mon/Tue, Mar. 8 & 9, 5:30-9:30pm                                     tact hours, ABNP0208 valid through August 14, 2013. Courses
Cost: $100; CEU: .8                                                             are taught by Dr. Habiba Shaw, M.S. Ed.D. Payment is expect-
Microsoft Access is an interactive relational database manage-                  ed at the time of registration.
ment system for Windows that puts the power to organize, find,
and present information in your hands.
                                                                                COUNSELING FAMILY TO PROMOTE A HEALTHY
CIS 047 BASIC COMPUTER MAINTENANCE                                              LIFESTYLE FOR CHILDREN
Fri., Feb. 19, 8:00am-12noon; Cost: $40; CEU: .4
Learn to troubleshoot, repair, maintain, and upgrade a personal                 Wednesday, March 10; 9:00am - 4:00pm; $65; CEU: .6
computer. Topics include problem determination, diagnostic pro-                 This one day seminar encourages a health-centered rather than
grams, data recovery techniques, preventive maintenance, clean-                 weight-centered approach that focuses on the whole child, physically,
ing and more.                                                                   mentally and socially. The emphasis is on living actively, eating in nor-
                                                                                mal and healthy ways and creating a nurturing environment that helps
CIS046 EXCEL                                                                    children recognize their own worth. This seminar will educate, inspire
Level I: Mon/Tue, Jan. 25 & 26, 5:30-9:30pm or                                  and provide nutritional information, physical activities as well as fami-
           Wed., Jan. 27, 8:00am-5:00pm (2007 only)                             ly counseling to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids whose health is at
Level II: Mon/Tue, Feb. 22 & 23, 5:30-9:30pm or                                 risk from an overweight lifestyle.
           Wed., Feb. 24, 8:00am-5:00pm or
           Wed., Mar. 31, 8:00am-5:00pm                                         TAKING CARE OF AGING PARENTS AS A FAMILY
Level III: Mon/Tue, Mar. 29 & 30, 5:30-9:30pm                                   Wednesday, April 21; 9:00am - 4:00pm; $65; CEU: .6
Cost: $90; CEU: .8                                                              More than 25 percent of American families are involved in some way
Learn to create a spreadsheet, enter and format data, cut, copy,                with elder or parent care. For many, the responsibility of caring for
paste, enter formulas, create lists, sort, filter, get subtotals, create        aging parents comes at a time when they are also raising children.
charts and much more in this powerful spreadsheet program.                      Caring for aging parents can be challenging and difficult at times, but
                                                                                it can also be an honor and privilege to do so. Take care of the elder-
CIS078 POWERPOINT                                                               ly can put a strain on a marriage unless clear boundaries are set and
Mon/Tue, Apr., 12 & 13, 5:30-8:30pm; Cost: $80; CEU: .6                         adhered to, along with getting supportive help and assistance of all
A complete presentation graphics program that creates professional              siblings. This seminar is design to provide tools to help the family
presentations. Learn to outline, draw, use graphs and clip art to design        make informed choices regarding care options.
overhead presentations and animated computer presentations.
Students must have experience working with Windows.
                                                                                COOK ONCE, EAT HEALTHY ALL MONTH!
CIS103 PEACHTREE                                                                Wednesday, March 24, 10:00am-12noon; $40; CEU: .2
Wed., Mar. 24; 8:00am-5:00pm; Cost: $160; CEU: .8                               Do you believe that healthy foods are bland and tasteless?
Designed to keep track of business functions such as accounts                   That is simply not true! There are many healthy foods that are
payable/receivables and payroll. Course includes purchase orders, ven-          absolutely delicious with adding anything and there are other
dor invoices, inventories, quotes and credit memos.
                                                                                foods that just need a little TLC with herbs and spices to make
CIS049 QUICKBOOKS                                                               them delicious. The purpose of this seminar is to provide
Wed., Apr. 28; 8:00am-5:00pm; Cost: $160: CEU: 8                                strategies and techniques of meal-planning and preparation for
An easy program for non-accounting people, Quickbooks will help you             quick, easy dinner every night. Learn to plan and cook meals
use your computer for invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receiv-             ahead of time and how to prepare in one day a month’s worth
able, checking accounts, and cash flows. Can be used for personal               of family-pleasing, quick-prep suppers loaded with nutrients.
and business records.
                                                                                Have home-made meals in the freezer ready for being defrost-
                                                                                ed and cooked and eat more meals as a family. Learn to elim-
            Register early to avoid cancellations
                                                                                inate fat, cholesterol, sodium and keep flavor in your cooking.

                         Courses involve intense exam prep instruction by Dr. Shane Stonesifer
           (MCT and MCSE NT/2000/2003; MCITS/MCITP Vista/2008; CCNP/CCDP; CIWI, CISSP; CEH; CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+)

CompTIA A+ Essentials Certification Exam 220-601 Prep ($400) - Jan 8-10 or Feb 12-14 or Apr 9-11
CompTIA A+ IT Technician Designation Exam 220-602 Prep ($400) - Jan 15-17; Feb 19-21; Apr 16-18
                                                                                                                  Class times are scheduled on a weekend format
CompTIA Security + Exam Prep ($400), Jan 22-24; Feb 28-Feb 28                                                     as follows:
CompTia Network + Exam Prep ($400), Jan 29-31; Mar 5-7                                                                        Friday: 5:00pm - 9:00pm
                                                                                                                              Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Microsoft Vista/XP/Server 2003/Server 2008 exams as requested ($400), Mar 19-21, 26-28                                        Sunday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

                                              Pre-registration required! Call 334-983-0005
                                http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed        *   334-983-0005      *   January-April 2010                                   5

Business / Professional / Finance
WHAT THE TWEET? SOCIAL MEDIA                        ORGANIZATIONAL & TIME                                    SEMINAR IN HUMAN TRAFFICKING
AND YOUR BUSINESS                                   MANAGEMENT SKILLS                                        Friday, February 12, 2010
Instructor: Jeffery Biggs                           Fri., Apr. 2, 9:00am-12noon or                           Dothan Campus, Sony Hall
A look at how Facebook, Twitter, and other          Tue., Apr. 13, 5:30pm-8:30pm                             8:00am – 4:00pm
social media affects your business and              CEU: .3, Instructor: Jim Smith; Cost: $49                Cost: $35 for those needing CEUs (.6);
organization. You will learn how to set up an       This seminar provides proven strategies to increase      $15 for non-CEU attendance
account to promote your business. Handouts          productivity and reduce on-the-job stress. Employees     Often human trafficking is thought to refer to
included.                                           will learn to organize by conquering time wasters,       young women emigrating to find work in other
Wed        Feb. 24            1:00pm-5:00pm         eliminating clutter, and setting priorities and goals.   countries, but who are tricked into prostitution
Wed        Apr 7              1:00pm-5:00pm                                                                  rings. Human trafficking is that and more.
           Cost: $55                   CEU: .4                                                               Trafficked persons may work in the commer-
(This course meets the requirements toward          GRAMMAR / PUNCTUATION REVIEW                             cial sex industry, but they also work in agricul-
a certificate in Nonprofit Administration.)         Tue/Thu, April 6 and 8, 5:30-7:30 pm                     ture, as street panhandlers, as day laborers,
                                                    CEU: .4; Instructor: Mary Davis                          housekeepers, in factories and in other serv-
FUND RAISING                                        Cost: $49 if registered by Mar. 30/$59 after.            ice industries. Their servitude can be main-
Instructor: Cynthia Green                           Create a positive impression in writing                  tained by physical force or coercion and
Develop basic fundraising skills through            emails, papers, memos or letters in your job.            deception. After drug dealing, human traffick-
the use of marketing strategies, direct             Review punctuation rules and correct word                ing is tied with the illegal arms industry as the
mail and community events. Boost your               usage that you may have forgotten since high             second largest criminal industry in the world
organization’s income and community                                                                          today, and it is the fastest growing. This sem-
awareness by learning about raising                 school. Words frequently confused or mis-
                                                    used, figures written out or in numerical form,          inar will increase your awareness of the prob-
money from individuals, corporations and
foundations.                                        and most up-to-date forms of business letters            lem and how rapidly it is growing in our own
Wed        Mar 31              1:00pm-5:00pm        will be a part of the review.                            area, as well as throughout the world. Credit
           Cost: $40                    CEU: .4                                                              for Social Workers and Counselors applied for.
                                                                                                             Call for brochure.
(This course meets the requirements toward
a certificate in Nonprofit Administration.)         COMMUNICATION, CONFLICT, AND
                                                    PERSONALITIES AT WORK AND
                                                                                                             COMMON SENSE ECONOMICS
IMPROVE YOUR PUBLIC SPEAKING                        Mon., January 25, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
                                                                                                             Tue, March 30, 3:00-6:00 pm
Mon., April 5 and 12, 5:30-8:30 pm                  CEU: .6; Instructor: Belinda Blackburn
                                                                                                             CEU: .3; Instructor: Dr. Lane Boyte
                                                    Cost: $75 if registered by Jan. 11 / $85 after.
CEU: .4; Instructor: TBD; CEU: .6                                                                            Cost: $39
                                                    This course is both fun and an eye-opening
Cost: $79 if registered by Mar. 29 / $89 after.                                                              A new and refreshing approach to a some-
                                                    experience. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
                                                                                                             times dismal science. Come learn about those
                                                    will be administered and results delivered pri-
                                                                                                             basic economics concepts you already prac-
                                                    vately. You will learn how your “type” impacts
                                                                                                             tice in life! Plus, find out more about items
                                                    how you interact with peers, manager, and
ESSENTIALS OF SUPERVISION                                                                                    such as: the necessity of a budget, good debt
                                                    subordinates. You will also discover how eas-
Tue., March 23, 1:00-5:00 pm                                                                                 vs. bad debt, income and choices, the invisi-
                                                    ily conflict and miscommunication can hap-
Instructors: Ed Kirkland & Kathy Farley                                                                      ble hand, jobs of the future, the pros of bank-
                                                    pen between types. You will leave with a dif-
Cost: $45; CEU: .4                                                                                           ing, unintended consequences of our actions
Learn how supervisors from the highest position     ferent perspective on co-workers and family
                                                                                                             and so much more! This is a crash course in
to the lowest relate to the work force and is a     members who drive you crazy.
                                                                                                             all things economics that you always wanted
major contributor to the success or failure of a                                                             to know but never were brave enough to ask.
business. The relationship of supervisor to the
business is key to leading the workforce toward     IMPROVE YOUR WRITTEN & ORAL
a productive and profitable performance. This       COMMUNICATION
workshop will offer insight into understanding      Tue/Thu January 26 and 28, 5:30-7:30 pm
workforce behavior, communication and dealing       CEU: .4; Instructor: Mary Davis
with stress associated with the job.                Cost: $49 if registered by Jan. 20 / $59 after.
                                                    All you really need to know, you learned in kinder-                        Please register early.
                                                    garten, but have you forgotten some of those princi-
MANAGING CONFLICT IN THE                            ples during the in-between years? If you need to
WORKPLACE                                           review or learn changes that have been made, this
                                                                                                                            If we do not have
Thu., Mar. 18, 5:30pm-8:30pm                        class is for you. Upon completion of this class, you        sufficient enrollment to cover
CEU: .3; Instructor: Jim Smith                      will be more confident in your writing and in your          our costs within three working
Cost: $49 if registered by Mar. 10 / $59 after.     conversations.
Learn to recognize conflict within an organi-                                                                   days of the class start date, we
zation and the different approaches for how                                                                     may cancel the class.
to resolve that conflict to improve productivity,
job satisfaction, and personal well-being.          OSHA - $125 each
                                                    Construction, Mar., 1-2, 8:00-1:00 pm
                                                    General Industry, Mar., 3-4, 8:00-1:00 pm
6                         http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed    *   334-983-0005   *   January-April 2010

Business / Professional / Finance
 FREE courses. Please pre-register to insure that classes are not cancelled and a sufficient number of handout
 materials are available.

State of Alabama Sales &                                              Basics of Business Planning
Withholding Tax Workshops                                             Ed Kirkland, SBDC Business Counselor
                                                                      Thursday, February 11, 3:00-5:00 pm
Thursday, March 4, 3:00pm or 6:00pm
                                                                      This workshop is designed to assist those who are planning to
Instructed by State Department of Revenue Representatives, this
                                                                      start their own business as well as those who are still trying to
seminar is offered in cooperation with the Center for International
                                                                      make a decision about what to do. Participants will be led
Business and Economic Development of Troy University.
                                                                      through the process of preparing a basic business plan.

                              ONE-HOUR FINANCIAL WORKSHOPS Ron Sommer, AAMS
Roll It, Take It, Leave It, Move It:          Outlook and Opportunities Seminar               Back on Track: Develop Your
Know Your Employer Retirement                 Wed. Feb. 3 or Mar. 17                          Financial Recovery Plan
Plan Options                                  4:00-5:00 pm                                    Wed. Feb. 17 or Apr. 14
Wed., January 20 or March 3                   This workshop discusses what clients            4:00-5:00 pm
4:00-5:00 pm                                  and prospects need to know about infla-         While you can’t control when the market
How you handle your 401(k), pension or        tion in the coming year and how best to         and economy may improve, you can take
other employer-sponsored retirement plan      prepare for what lies ahead. You will           control of your financial future. You can
when you leave your job is one of the         learn what you need to know about infla-        take steps today to help prepare your
most important financial decisions you        tion, why this recession hasn’t turned          portfolio for a recovery, regardless of
can make. This seminar will teach you the     into another Great Depression and how           when it occurs. This one-hour workshop
five most common distribution options,        to best prepare for what lies ahead.            will teach you to evaluate your current sit-
how to avoid having the IRS withhold                                                          uation and long-term goals, your savings
20% of your retirement distribution, spe-                                                     and spending needs, your comfort level
cial considerations if you own employer                                                       with risk and how you can use tax-advan-
stock, how to factor taxes, penalties and                                                     taged investments to your benefit.
investment options into your decisions.

                           Register Online! Go to http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing ed

Personal Development
Ballroom Dancing                                                                             Contract COURSES
Date: Tuesday, March 9 - April 27                                             The Continuing Education Center is pleased to offer the follow-
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm                                                            ing programs for business, industry, or government organiza-
Course Fee: $95 per couple (class size is limited); CEUs: 1.2                 tions.
Ballroom dancing is back! Come and meet outstanding instructors
          Don and Janet Richardson and in just eight short weeks, you                Business Writing                Change Management
               can be ready for the dance floor. The benefits of learn-              Communication Skills            Customer Service
                 ing to dance are many. Increase your self confidence,               Stress Management               Time Management
                  meet new people, make new friends, enjoy better
             health and physical fitness, improve your appearance,                   Presentation Skills             Technical Writing
             enjoy more parties, overcome shyness, acquire grace                     Myers-Briggs Personality Typing
              and poise and much more! In this course you will learn
            to identify the music beat and the tempo to determine the
            dance most appropriate for the music being played. You            These programs are taught on a contractual basis either
will be taught basic steps including form, style, leading and following.      at the Dothan Campus or at your location. For more
                                                                              information call the office at 334-983-0005.
In the beginning, both the man and woman will find learning to dance
a busy experience. Our instructors make it easy and enjoyable. The
man will be taught to show off the lady, while the lady learns to follow                  Troy Campus - Holocaust Tour
the man’s leads. Each must learn their own part to be a good dancer.                              July 6 - July 16
Course fee includes a CD and materials. Class size is limited.                             Call Dan Puckett to register
Participants must register on a per couple basis.                                           Price: $3,140 for students.
                              http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed                   *    334-983-0005         *    January-April 2010                             7

Personal Development
                  Instant Piano for                                                                                      Interior Design
                                                                                           Wednesday, January 27-March 10, 6:00-8:00 pm
               Hopelessly Busy People                                                      CEUs: 1.4; Instructor: Melissa Pierce
                         by David Haynes                                                   Cost: $79 if registered before Jan. 20; $89 if registered after Jan. 20
                                                                                           Learn to design a room in your home. You will learn not only the basics
Monday, February 22                                                                        of interior design but also the applications for a practical project. Learn
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm                                                                          about color, design principles, furniture, arrangement, accessorizing,
Course fee: $50 plus a materials fee of $25 payable to the                                 lighting and much more.
If you yearn to experience the joy of playing piano but don’t want years of
weekly lessons, this short course is for you! In just one enjoyable evening,                                              Floral Design
you can learn enough secrets of the trade to make piano playing a part of                  Learn the basics of floral design and go from a novice to an expert! In
your life, learning chords, not notes. You’ll learn all the chords needed to               each course you will be guided through the steps to accomplish a flo-
play any pop song, any style, any key, and a healthy does of insider secrets               ral project to take home. Each course is $29 plus a materials fee of
on how to embellish songs. This is an absolute beginning class in chord                    $70 payable to the instructor. Courses are instructed by Aliya Qureshi
piano techniques, and if you can find middle C and know the meaning of                     of Oriental Imports.
“Every Good Boy Does Fine,” you already know enough to enroll. If not,                     Valentine Theme: Mon., Feb. 8, 9:00am-12noon or
                                                                                           Tue., Feb. 9, 5:30pm-8:30pm
send a SASE for a free pamphlet to Music Masters, 90 Molly Lane,
                                                                                           Easter Theme: Mon., Mar. 8, 5:30pm-8:30pm
Ringgold, GA 30736.
                                                                                           Spring Design: Mon., Apr. 19, 5:30pm-8:30pm

                    Beginning Spanish                                                            Continuing Education Center
Monday and Thursday, March 4 - April 12                                                                       Adams Hall, Room 200
(Note: This class begins on a Thursday and thereafter meets every
Monday and Thursday.)                                                                                             334-983-0005
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.; Cost: $125 per person
Instructor: Janet Richardson; CEU: 2.4
This is an introductory course to communicate in Spanish and to                              http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed
learn culture of Spanish speakers. Emphasis is placed on listening,
speaking, reading, and writing the Spanish language in the present                           The more you learn, the more you earn. In
tense. Vocabulary and grammar will be internalized through conver-
sation, video, oral exercises, music, and interactive activities. The
                                                                                               this economic climate, your competitive
skills of reading and writing are emphasized through stories, creative                        edge is that your performance is greater
writing, and written exercises. Cost of class includes book with CD                             than those you compete against. Come
and materials.                                                                               learn more in Continuing Education on the
                                                                                                  Dothan Campus of Troy University.

               Online Classes with Ed2Go - Attend class in the comfort of your home or office!
The Continuing Education Center offers hundreds of online courses for your personal and professional growth. All you have to
do to sign up for online courses is go to the Continuing Education website at http://dothan.troy.edu/continuing_ed and click
on Ed2Go.

                                                 CONTINUING EDUCATION CENTER
                                                  January-April 2010 CALENDAR
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                                                                         OPEN HOUSE
                                                                             Thursday, January 7, 2010
                                                                       Dothan Campus, Adams Hall, 2nd Floor
                                                                                                                                                                Continuing Education Center

                                                                      Certificate Programs
                                                                             Real Estate, Auctioneer, Paralegal

                                                                      Technology and Computers
                                                                             Excel, PowerPoint, CompTIA

                                                                             Tax workshops, Fund Raising, Management
                                                                             and Supervision, Marketing, OSHA

                                                                      Personal Development
                                                                             Piano, Spanish, Ballroom Dancing

                                                                      Stop by for a preview of our 2010 Continuing Education

Leisure-Learning and Career-Enhancing Classes - INVEST IN YOURSELF!
                                                                      programs. Plus, register for a class during this event and
                                                                      receive a 5% discount coupon.
                                                                                                                                                                                                U.S. Postage

                                                                                                                                                                                               Permit No. 390
                                                                                                                                                                                              Dothan, AL 36302

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