Northeast Heritage Music Camp Daily Schedule, June 13-19, 2010

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					                                  Northeast Heritage Music Camp Daily Schedule, June 13-19, 2010
                  Fiddle:          Fiddle:         Fiddle:       More Fiddle        Banjo,           Guitar,           Singing,           Wind          Keyboard        Dance,
                  Lower            Upper          Advanced                         Mandolin         Repertoire          Songs          Instruments                    Band Classes
               Intermediate     Intermediate

 8:00-8:45a                                                                               Breakfast

9:00-10:15a    Appalachian    Irish             Québecois        Swedish         Clawhammer       Fingerstyle       Early Country Flute &             Improvisation   French
               (Alan Jabbour) (Seamus           (Eric Favreau)   Fiddle          Banjo:           Guitar            Songs from       Whistle: Basic   Workshop: All   Canadian
                              Connolly)                          (David          Intro Level      (Cindy Kallet)    Charlie Poole (Grey Larsen)       Instruments     Step-dancing
                                                                 Kaynor)         (Sarah                             to Bill Monroe                    (Jeremiah       (Alice Bérubé)
                                                                                 Hotchkiss)                         (Peter Langston)                  McLane)

10:30-11:45a Québecois         Appalachian    Cape Breton        Novice Fiddle   Clawhammer       Celtic Fiddle     Song-Writing      Bagpipes        Piano           The Art of
             (Eric Favreau)    (Alan Jabbour) (Kimberly          (Sarah          Banjo:           Tunes on          from Tradi-       Tunes for All   Accompani-      Calling
                                              Fraser)            Hotchkiss)      Intermediate     Guitar,           tional Roots      Instruments     ment: Basic     Contra-dances
                                                                                 (Ken Perlman)    Flatpick Style    (Pete             (Tim            (Grey Larsen)   (David
                                                                                                  (David Surette)   Sutherland)       Cummings)                       Kaynor)

12:00-12:45p                                                                                Lunch

                                                 Free Time (take a nap, practice that tune, call home, read your email...)

 2:00-3:15p    Cape Breton     Québecois        Irish            Novice-Plus     Fiddle Tunes     Celtic Back-up    Make Your         Flute &         Accordion       Southern
               (Kimberly       (Eric Favreau)   (Seamus          Fiddle          on Mandolin      Guitar            Own               Whistle:        Technique &     String Band
               Fraser )                         Connolly)        (Sarah          (Peter           (David            Harmonies:        Advanced        Repertoire      (Pete
                                                                 Hotchkiss)      Langston)        Surette)          Styles & Theory   (Grey Larsen)   (Jeremiah       Sutherland)
                                                                                                                    (Cindy Kallet)                    McLane)

 3:30-4:45p     Irish          Cape Breton      Appalachian    Playing Fiddle    Clawhammer       Breton,           New England                       Piano Accom-    Contra-dance
               (Seamus         (Kimberly        (Alan Jabbour) in a Band         Banjo:           English, &        Folk Songs:                       paniment:       Band
               Connolly)       Fraser )                        (Pete             Advanced         Italian Dance     Repertoire &                      Advanced        (David
                                                               Sutherland)       (Ken Perlman)    Tunes for All     Chorus                            (Jeremiah       Kaynor )
                                                                                                  Instruments       (Cindy Kallet)                    McLane)
                                                                                                  (David Surette)

 5:00-6:00p                Slow Jam                   Intermediate Jam                           Up-to-Speed Jam                                       Vocals Jam

 6:15-7:00p                                                            Dinner - Early-Bird Serving Begins at 6:00 PM

 7:30-9:00p                                                                            Faculty Concerts

9:15-10:30p                                                  Contra Dance (Caller: Dave Kaynor, Band: Different every night)

                                                                                     Jam on Your Own