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					Conference Schedule

 7:00 AM    8:00 AM    Pre Conference Registration                                                                  Ballroom Office
 7:00 AM    8:00 AM    Quality Assurance Review (QAR) Breakfast                                                           Peachtree
 8:00 AM    4:00 PM    QAR Team Service Training                                                                           Piedmont
12:00 PM    1:00 PM    QAR Team Service Lunch                                                                             Peachtree


 7:00 AM     8:00 AM   QAR Team Breakfast                                                                          Peachtree Foyer
 8:00 AM    4:00 PM    QAR Team Service Training                                                                          Peachtree
 8:00 AM   11:30 AM    AdvancED/ACSI Administrator Meeting                                                               Piedmont I
11:00 AM    5:00 PM    Conference Registration                                                                      Ballroom Office
12:00 PM    1:00 PM    QAR Team Service Lunch                                                                  Buckhead Ballroom II
12:00 PM    3:00 PM    Committee on American & International Schools Meeting                                             Piedmont I
 3:00 PM    4:30 PM    AASSA Board Meeting                                                                              Piedmont II
3:00 PM     4:30 PM    Tri-Association Board Meeting                                                                    Mexico City
5:00 PM     6:30 PM    GENERAL SESSION I                                                                         Grand Ballroom III
                       Opening Remarks: William Scotti and Jim Stiltner
                       Welcome Address: Mary Virginia Sanchez
                       Keynote Address: Bror Saxberg
                       Bowyer Scholarship: Burton Fox
6:30 PM     8:00 PM    Meet & Greet Dinner                                                                        Grand Ballroom II

7:15 AM 8:30 AM        Continental Breakfast                                                                        Prefunction III
8:00 AM 9:00 AM        AASSA General Business Meeting                                                                        Lenox
8:00 AM 10:00 AM       Final Conference Registration                                                               Ballroom Office
9:00 AM 10:45 AM       GENERAL SESSION II                                                                        Grand Ballroom III
                       Welcome Address: Yvonne Caamal Canul
                       Keynote Address: Yong Zhao
10:45 AM   11:30 AM    Coffee Break/Vendor View                                                                  Prefunction III & IV
11:30 AM   12:30 PM    Town Hall with Dr. Mark Elgart                                                            Grand Ballroom III
12:30 PM    1:30 PM    Lunch                                                                                                 Azalea
 1:45 PM    2:45 PM    STRAND SESSIONS -- SERIES A Select one of the following…
                       Session A1: Powerful Professional Learning!                                                          Lenox I
                       Session A2: Dancing with the Data Devil: Using Data for Continuous School Improvement             Piedmont I
1:45 PM   2:45 PM   Session A3: Partnerships between High Schools and Universities:                            Peachtree
                    Strategies for Promoting U.S. Studies to Latin American Students
                    Session A4: ASSIST                                                                          New York
                    Session A5: International Benchmarking through use of the International                   Piedmont II
                    Schools’ Assessment
                    Session A6: Attractive Yield Opportunities in a Low Yield Environment                  San Francisco
                    Session A7: Web Applications and Other Practical Technology Tools for                       Lenox II
                    Educators & Administrators
3:00 PM   4:00 PM   STRAND SESSIONS -- SERIES B Select one of the following…
                    Session B1: Powerful Professional Learning!                                                  Lenox I
                    Session B2: Advancing the Next Generation of AdvancED Standards                           Peachtree
                    Session B3: Forming Partnership with Local Universities:                               San Francisco
                    A Win -Win Proposal for International Schools, the Community, and the Students
                    Session B4: Collaborative Structures in Schools that Facilitate Learning                    New York
                    Session B5: International Schools and E-Learning: Creating Opportunities for               Piedmont I
                    Students and Teachers
                    Session B6: Evidence Online: a Friendly Template                                             Lenox II
                    Session B7: Today's Communication Shift: From Gatekeeper to People Powered               Piedmont II
4:00 PM   4:15 PM   Afternoon Break                                                                   Prefunction III & IV
4:15 PM   5:00 PM   STRAND SESSIONS -- SERIES C Select one of the following...
                    Session C1: Q&A Session with Bror Saxberg                                                    Lenox II
                    Session C2: International Schools Go Green!                                               Piedmont I
                    Session C3: Cultural Competencies for 21st Century Learning                               Piedmont II
                    Session C4: “Everybody Knows but Nobody’s Talking”:                                        Peachtree
                    Effective Practices in Early Intervention
                    Session C5: Using Web-based Video Analysis to Support Training, Development,                  Lenox I
                    and Decision Making: An Introduction to the Video Analysis Tool
5:30 PM   6:30 PM   Tri-Association General Business Meeting                                                       Library
6:30 PM   7:30 PM   ACCAS General Business Meeting                                                                 Library

7:15 AM 8:30 AM     Continental Breakfast                                                                 Prefunction III
8:45 AM 10:00 AM    GENERAL SESSION III                                                                Grand Ballroom III
                    Welcome Address: Paul Poore
                    Keynote Address: Chris Bigenho
10:00 AM 11:00 AM   Coffee Break/Vendor View                                                          Prefunction III & IV
10:15 AM 11:00 AM   Discussion Groups With Spring 2010 Chairs and Heads of                           Buckhead Ballroom I
                    Schools for Upcoming QAR Visits
11:00 AM 12:15 PM   STRAND SESSIONS -- SERIES D -- Select one of the following…
                    Session D1: Q&A Session with Chris Bigenho                                                  New York
                   Session D2: Hosting a Successful QAR Visit Through the Use of Graphic Organizers         Piedmont I
                   Session D3: Ready to MUVE Toward the Virtual Classroom                                      Lenox II
                   Session D4: MAP: The Power of Information Driven Instructions                           Piedmont II
                   Session D4: Panel Discussion With Reader Reviewers: What Makes a Good QAR Report             Lenox I
                   Session D5: The Missing Link: How Building Community Can Increase                     San Francisco
                   Student Achievement in Reading and Writing
12:30 PM 2:00 PM   AWARDS & RECOGNITION CLOSING LUNCHEON                                              Grand Ballroom III
2:00 PM 5:00 PM    AdvancED Search Committee Final Interviews--                                                Chicago
                   Director, Latin America (Invitation Only)