FY 2003-04 Goals, Objectives, Perf Measures

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					City of West Palm Beach
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Fiscal Year 2003-04 Goals,
Objectives, and
Performance Measures


                                             CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

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Mission, Vision, and Values.........................................................................................8

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Organizational Chart..................................................................................................11

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Parking System........................................................................................................179

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                       City of West Palm Beach
           Elected Officials

                                Mayor – Joel T. Daves

Commissioner - District 1                                 Commissioner - District 2
    James Exline                                             Ike Robinson, Jr.

Commissioner - District 3
   Kimberly Mitchell                                      Commissioner - District 5
                                                              William Moss

                              Commissioner - District 4
                                  Richard Linn


           City of West Palm Beach
Commissioner Districts

                          CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

 Mission, Vision, and Values

To protect and enhance the quality of life through providing efficient and
effective customer-focused services.

West Palm Beach will be a vibrant, attractive and safe City recognized as
a model community which:
   ! Takes pride in history, diversity and environment.
   ! Promotes and enjoys community respect, pride and cooperation.
   ! Provides visionary and creative governmental leadership.
   ! Is a celebrated cultural and recreational destination.
   ! Values its public employees and recognizes their achievements.

Integrity         Demonstrating the highest moral and ethical conduct
                  with a sense of fairness.

Respect           Treating every individual with dignity.

Leadership        Individuals setting and promoting standards of

Cooperation       Working together for the benefit of the whole
                  regardless of differences.


Special recognition is given to the following
individuals for their efforts in coordinating and
preparing the FY 2003-04 Goals, Objectives, and
Performance Measures.

               Finance Department
                     (in alphabetical order)

           Sherry Brown          Budget Manager
            Ben Couden           Senior Accountant
      Thomas G. Harris           Director of Finance
         Shawn Mitchell          Budget Supervisor
               Mary Ptak         Fiscal Analyst

Special Thanks to:
Mayor and City Commission
City Administrator and Assistant City Administrators
Department Heads and their staff

                      CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                  City of West Palm Beach
     Management Staff
                    City Administrator
                        Edward Mitchell

             Assistant City Administrators
                         Dorritt M. Miller
                         John R. Zakian

             Executive Management Staff
Director of Economic &
                                         Sharon Jackson
Community Development
Construction Services Director           Neil Melick
Director of Finance                      Thomas G. Harris, C.P.A.
Fire Chief                               Kevin R. Carter
Director of Human Resources              Karen Riches
Library Director                         Pamela Smith
Internal Auditor                         Imogene Isaacs
Planning Director                        Dan Cary
Chief of Police                          Ric Bradshaw
Director of Support Services             William G. Swisher
Director of Parks & Recreation           Laura Schuppert
Director of Public Utilities             Kenneth Rearden
City Attorney                            Claudia McKenna, Esq.


                   City of West Palm Beach
Organizational Chart

                   Citizens of West Palm Beach

City Commissioners                        Mayor

Internal Auditor

                         City Administrator

  Finance Department                            City Attorney

Economic & Community
                                              Police Department
  Development (ECD)

   Fire Department                        Planning Department

 Construction Services                          Public Utilities
     Department                                  Department

  Library Department                          Parks & Recreation

 Department of Support
       Services                               Human Resources

                        CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                     City of West Palm Beach
      Strategic Priorities

       Our goal is to eliminate and prevent visible disorder and assure
       community safety. We will strive for:

       • increased partnering between community organizations and
         the Police Department
       • aggressive code enforcement City-wide
       • education of citizens to prevent root causes of crime


       Our goal is to develop a high level of citizen-government
       interaction. We will strive for:

       •   increased voter turnout
       •   more partnerships with neighborhood associations
       •   effective town meetings
       •   increased communication between the City and its
           customers and employees

3.   PROMOTE OPPORTUNITIES                FOR     YOUTH,     FAMILY,

       Our goal is to develop a healthy family-oriented environment.
       We will strive for:

       •   improved ratings on customer satisfaction surveys
       •   celebration and inclusiveness of our cultural diversity
       •   enhanced recreational programs and facilities
       •   attractive and appealing parks and green spaces
       •   increased availability of affordable housing units and home
           ownership opportunities



         Our goal is to ensure prudent management of tax dollars. We
         will strive for:

         •   a steadily increasing tax base
         •   ways to decrease Millage rates (property taxes)
         •   a steadily expanding fund surplus
         •   joint private/ government partnerships
         •   increased grant funding
         •   increased quality of services


         Our goal is to provide enhanced government services to meet
         our customer’s reasonable expectations. We will strive for:

         •   friendly, considerate, and timely customer service
         •   responsiveness and innovation
         •   continuous quality improvement
         •   sound maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructure


         We believe that a quality employee experience translates to a
         quality customer experience. We will strive for:

         •   a competitive pay and benefits structure
         •   continuous training and leadership development
         •   tracking employee satisfaction levels by survey
         •   participatory management and open communication


    City of West Palm Beach
Goals, Objectives, and
Performance Measures


  Performance Measures 101
Performance Measures help determine the quality and cost efficiency of
government services. They identify the results achieved and the benefits
delivered to citizens, and they indicate how well government resources
are being used. In addition to improving accountability to the public,
performance measurement data can guide public officials in making
resource allocation decisions and can aid organizational managers in
program evaluations.
       The following chart explains how performance measures work:

                                                     Inputs: The resources used by the
                                                     program.     Common      inputs     are
                                                     “expenditures” and “employees”. Some
All departments, divisions, and                      programs may have other types of inputs
programs exist to accomplish a                       as well.
                                                     Outputs: The work that is produced.
                                                     Outputs provide information about
                                                     program workload.

       Link the mission to the inputs (resources used) and the outputs (work
       produced). They are used to see if a program is achieving its mission and
       how well the resources are used.

     Effectiveness Measures:                     Efficiency Measures:
     Describe the results achieved and           Describe the cost per unit of output, the
     the    quality   of    the   service        productivity    of     employees       or
     (timeliness, customer satisfaction,         equipment, etc. Typically, Efficiency
     etc.).   Effectiveness     Measures         Measures are displayed as a ratio of
     indicate whether the program is             input to output. Efficiency Measures
     achieving its mission.                      indicate how “efficiently” resources are
                                                 being used.



                        City of West Palm Beach
       Mayor’s Department

To protect and enhance the quality of life for all residents by providing efficient and
effective customer-focused services.


The Mayor’s Department is the executive branch of city government and includes
administrative functions, Community Events, City Clerk, Small Business (SB), Code
Enforcement, and Youth & Family Services. This Department is responsible for
providing direction to department directors, administering ordinances and resolutions
of the City Commission, meeting the public and providing information on matters of
community concern, and resolution of citizen complaints.

The Division of City Administration provides leadership and administrative support
to the Mayor in the administration and execution of policies and objectives formulated
by the Mayor; develops and recommends solutions to community problems for
consideration by the Mayor and City Commission; and plans, develops, and monitors
programs to meet current and future physical, social, and cultural needs of the
citizens of West Palm Beach.

Reporting to the Mayor, the Community Events Division produces numerous
events, such as Clematis by Night, GreenMarket, 4th on Flagler, Kaleidoscope… A
Celebration of Many Cultures, Sunday at the Meyer and several smaller events such
as Share a Supper. Weather permitting, Clematis by Night (CBN) is held forty-eight
times per year, and the Green Market is open each Saturday from late October
through late April. In addition, the Community Events Division also schedules and
permits more than 70 events on public property including concerts and other
activities in the Meyer Amphitheater, more than 50 events on private property and
oversees the maintenance of the Meyer Amphitheatre.

The City Clerk’s Office acts as a custodian of all official records and documents of
the City and serves as a source of information for the Mayor, City Commission, City
Departments, and the general public in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.
Specifically, the City Clerk’s Office serves the following functions: Official Record
Custodian, Official Custodian of the Seal of the City, Supervisor of City Elections, City
Records Management and Records Disposition Program Administrator, attends all
City Commission Meetings, prepares the Official Minutes for City Commission
Meetings,      Community      Redevelopment       Agency      Meetings,      Community
Redevelopment Agency Workshops, Commission Workshops, Commission Work
Sessions, and Ad Hoc Committee Meetings, assists in the preparation of Official
Documents, countersigns Official Documents, attests to all City Documents, codifies

                               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

and records all local laws, Ordinances, Resolutions and legal documents adopted by
the City Commission, records Official Documents with appropriate agencies,
supervises the sale of City cemetery plots, researches public records requests,
administers oaths and affirmations, publishes legal notices, gives Notice of Public
Meetings as required by law, updates and distributes supplements to the City Code,
updates City Financial Disclosure Statements; serves as a member of the Policy and
Procedures Committee, Web Page Advisory Committee, the Channel 79 Advisory
Committee, and serves as the City’s Legislative Research Analyst.

The Small Business Division is responsible for carrying out provisions of Ordinance
No. 3366-00, the Small Business Program “Ordinance.” The Division’s purpose is to
foster the maintenance, and to a lesser degree, creation of small businesses in Palm
Beach County. The Division takes the following steps to accomplish this purpose: 1)
establishes goals in City contracts for small business participation, 2) identifies
certified businesses within specific categories of work for use by City prime
contractors, 3) provides technical assistance to small businesses and 4) insures
compliance with the “Ordinance.”

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for the investigation and
enforcement of various codes and ordinances, including, but not limited to, property
maintenance codes, minimum housing codes, zoning violations, and occupational
and rental licenses. This program receives and investigates citizen complaints,
provides surveillance for general compliance in designated zones, and provides
assistance for determining corrective action. In addition, the division conducts
periodical sweeps for the purpose of targeting specific areas or focusing on specific
codes. When properties are not properly corrected, administrative remedies used
include presenting violations before the Special Master, issuance of a citation and
appearance in County Court, or the use of contractual services (board and secure, lot
clearing). Compliance is the primary objective of the Code Compliance Division;
penalties and punishment are secondary. Resolution of enforcement cases is
accomplished through compliance, which in turn serves as the means to achieving
City and community goals.

Through the Youth & Family Services Division, participants from the community
have made a commitment to form partnerships to enable citizens to work together to
overcome many of our communities’ challenges. In order for diverse communities in
our City to develop to their fullest, development must first take place from within that



Community Events Division

     Kaleidoscope… a Celebration of Many Cultures
     The City produced the sixth annual Kaleidoscope 2003 event on February 2,
     2003. Working in partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County
     and the Milagro Center, the City matched twenty-nine area elementary,
     middle, and high schools with nineteen local cultural organizations to create
     19 “villages” for the event. To further cement the educational and mentoring
     role of Kaleidoscope and to expand the number of schools participating, the
     City and the School District partnered elementary, middle and high schools
     together to work on individual villages. This process developed new
     relationships between schools (i.e. Elementary/Middle/High School) and
     exposed students to their next educational environment years in advance. For
     example, students from Lantana Elementary School worked with Lantana
     Middle School to create the village of Colombia. After-school mentoring
     programs, separate from Kaleidoscope, developed due to the school’s
     involvement in the event.

     More than 25,000 attendees enjoyed the foods, traditional dress and customs,
     art, and entertainment of countries from around the world. The International
     Festivals and Events Association recognized the vast educational importance
     of the Kaleidoscope event by naming it among the “Best Educational
     Programs in the World”.

     Revised Special Event Ordinance
     The City’s Special Event Ordinance was revised during the FY 2003 Budget
     Year which resulted in the development of a street pole/banner advertisement
     program, and the transfer of responsibility for permitting events on private
     property from the Construction Services Department to the Community
     Events Division. Additional Community Events revenue opportunities were
     created with the increase in public property special event permit fees (first
     time since 1994), the addition of private property permit fees and fees for
     street pole banners.

     Clematis by Night
     The City’s international award winning weekly fountain-side concert series
     celebrates its 8th anniversary on June 5, 2003. The Thursday night event
     continues to draw 4,000 to 6,000 people and shows no signs of slowing down.
     It is apparent at every Clematis by Night that the event has become an
     institution for this community. Not only is it a vital outlet for community
     involvement and spirit but the local and out of town event patrons continue to

                      CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

pump money into the downtown economy. A 2002 survey produced the
following results:
Specifically, the survey found that each party spends an average of $25.25 on
food, drinks and merchandise in downtown restaurants, bars and shops prior
to visiting Clematis by Night. They spend another $40.17 per party at the
event and an average of $33.78 at Clematis Street restaurants and bars after
attending Clematis by Night.

The Community Events Division continues to initiate new programs and
promotions to draw additional audiences to Clematis by Night and encourage
event patrons to visit downtown businesses. The Clematis by Night After
Work Association (AWA) continued with two more successful evenings.
Environmental Night on April 18, 2002 hosted employees from South Florida
Water Management District, John D. MacArthur State Recreation Area, the
City of West Palm Beach Grassy Waters Preserve, Solid Waste Authority of
Palm Beach County, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, Audubon Society of the
Everglades, Resource Depot and Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful. Event
attendees were able to view educational booths from all participating agencies
while employees of the agencies were recognized and given a Sweet Deal
Coupon book good at dozens of Downtown Businesses. The focal point of the
evening was a publicity stunt that raised money for the recently vandalized
Busch Wildlife Sanctuary by making local media celebrity Cynthia Demos
perform various environmental related “stunts”. The entire evening was a
great success and recently was awarded a Gold Pinnacle award by the
International Festival and Events Association for “Best New Event Within An
Existing Event”.

On September 19, 2002 Clematis by Night hosted another AWA evening
highlighting the Health Industry in Palm Beach County with the Brew and Bra
Ha! Ha! event. Over 8,000 Sweet Deal coupon books filled with coupons from
downtown merchants were distributed to employees at the following medical
institutions: Jupiter, St. Mary’s, Good Samaritan, Palm Beach Gardens, JFK
Medical Center, and the American Cancer Society. Event attendees were
able to view educational booths from all participating agencies and employees
of all groups were recognized. In a prelude to the Making Strides Against
Breast Cancer walk on Flagler Dr., event participants were encouraged to
bring a new bra to the event to exchange for a beverage of their choice. The
“cup for a cup” promotion continued for one week as flyers, posters and radio
spots encouraged the community to donate a bra at E.R. Bradley’s Saloon,
O’Sheas Irish Pub, and Roxy’s Bar and Grille. The Brew and Bra Ha! Ha!
generated $3,000 for the American Cancer Society and the hundreds of bras
that were turned in were donated to local women’s charities. In addition, the
unique event generated publicity for the issue of breast cancer and what
citizens in our community should be doing to prevent it.


Rediscover Clematis and Park for Pink
On Columbus Day, Monday October 14th, residents were encouraged to set
sail downtown for fine shopping and dining and to receive a free Sweet Deal
Coupon book for discounts at participating Clematis District merchants. All
funds placed in City parking meters on Columbus Day were donated to the
American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign -
a grand total of $3,004. In addition, the promotion received coverage
throughout the day on the three major television stations and a front page
(Local Section), full color photo in the October 15th edition of the Palm Beach

Additional Downtown Promotions
A joint effort between the Community Events and Parking Divisions will result
in exciting new promotions for 2004 that should generate additional merchant
traffic downtown. Valentines Day promotions include Paint the Downtown Red
and Hearts for the Arts. The Valentines Day promotions, started on February
13 at Clematis by Night as Dreyfoos School of the Arts students painted
hundreds of hearts on the 200 block of Clematis Street in pink, white and red
water based paints. Media was pitched for advance publicity to see students
turn Clematis Street into Lovers Lane for Valentines Day. On February 14,
from 5pm - 9pm, the 200 block of Clematis was closed so folks could come
downtown and "buy" a heart on Clematis Street- the pulse of West Palm
Beach. School of the Arts students “sold" the hearts (complete with personal
inscriptions) for donations. With the purchase of a heart, patrons received
discount coupons for dinner at participating downtown restaurants on
February 14, 15 and 16. Dreyfoos students continued the romantic evening by
serenading couples with song, dance, and instruments for small
tips/donations. All proceeds from heart sales and street performer tips went to
the Dreyfoos School of the Arts- i.e. Hearts for Arts. The heart theme
continued as parking tickets with special heart stickers randomly spit out of the
ticket machines all day on February 14 – with the lucky recipients receiving
free parking. Mayor Joel Daves stated, "Lets get to the heart of the matter, the
City wants to romance its residents and encourage everyone to have a love-ly
weekend in downtown WPB."

Paintin’ of the Green
St. Patty’s Day promotions are scheduled for Thursday, March 13 at Clematis
by Night and include Dreyfoos School of the Arts students painting hundreds
of green shamrocks on the 200 block of Clematis Street in different sizes with
green water-based paints. Media has been pitched for advance publicity as
student leprechauns paint the luck of the Irish on Clematis Street. On Friday,
March 14, the 200 Block of Clematis Street will be closed from 5pm – 9pm so
School of the Arts students can “sell” their sidewalk shamrocks (complete with
personal inscriptions) for donations. With the purchase of a shamrock, patrons

                       CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

will receive a discount coupon for dinner at participating downtown restaurants
from March 14 through March 17. Dreyfoos students will dress up as
leprechauns and provided street entertainment for tips. All proceeds from the
shamrock sales and street performer tips will go to the Dreyfoos School of the
Arts. The Paintin’ of the Green theme will continue as parking tickets with
special shamrock stickers randomly spit out of the ticket machines all day on
March 17- with the lucky recipients receiving free parking. Mayor Joel T.
Daves will state, “Irish eyes are smiling on downtown West Palm Beach, wear
your green and enjoy a magically delicious dinner downtown.”

Non-Profit Fund-Raising Program
Clematis by Night has always been an excellent source for non-profit
organizations to raise money for their respective causes. By working as
volunteers at the event’s beer locations, organizations take home an average
of $1,000 to $1,500 per night (approximately 4 hours of work). Since the
beginning of CBN, West Palm Beach neighborhood associations, as well as
service organizations and various non-profit agencies have collectively raised
$463,056 for projects such as new streetlights, scholarships for
underprivileged children, and environmental concerns.

Sunday at the Meyer
To continue the effort to maximize usage of the Meyer Amphitheatre, the
Community Events Division initiated Sunday at the Meyer (SAM) in January
2001. SAM provides families and neighbors an afternoon of free, community-
based entertainment on Sundays when other events are not scheduled. The
community is encouraged to bring their own picnic baskets and blankets for a
casual afternoon on the lawn of the Meyer Amphitheatre.

Community Events Division Awards
The Community Events Division received numerous awards during FY 2002,
        International Festivals & Events Association:
               Gold Pinnacle Award, “Best New Event within an Existing
               Festival”, Clematis by Night Environmental Night
               Silver Pinnacle Award, “Best Educational Program”,
               Kaleidoscope 2002
               Silver Pinnacle Award, “Best Promotional Brochure”, Clematis
               by Night
               Bronze Pinnacle Award, “Best Miscellaneous Printed Materials”,
               Kaleidoscope 2002

Sponsorship Issues
As CBN, 4th on Flagler, Kaleidoscope, and the GreenMarket continue to
strengthen in attendance and reputation, local and regional corporations have
shown increasing interest in sponsoring City events. The return of the full time


     Sponsorship Coordinator position, eliminated during the FY 1999 budget year,
     would allow for many more of these sponsorship opportunities to be explored
     and enacted. For example, due to the large number of annual City events
     (75+), a single staff person can only devote approximately 25% of his/her time
     soliciting, negotiating, and servicing sponsors.

     West Palm Beach GreenMarket
     As the competition increases, with more markets offering discounted vendor
     fees, the West Palm Beach GreenMarket has increased its patron and vendor
     base by being true to its concept of a farmer’s market. In its eighth season,
     the market has been a strong presence in the developing downtown.
     Awareness and success of our GreenMarket has spread south and north of
     Palm Beach County and has attracted vendors from as far away as Miami

Office of the City Clerk

     Recodification of the City Code
     During the past few years, a number of amendments have been made to the
     City Code: mayor/commission form of government, strong mayor form of
     government, franchises, communications towers, annexations, special taxing
     districts, single member districts, at-large districts, and, most recently, internal
     reorganization of departments and divisions.

     The present Code has been amended to reflect these and other changes as
     well, with every effort made to ensure there are no conflicts, inconsistencies or
     obsolete provisions. In light of the number of changes to the Code, and the
     domino effect those changes may have had on other sections of the Code, it
     is appropriate to recodify the current City Code. This project is anticipated to
     be completed by April 1, 2003. Elected officials, City staff and the public will
     have easy access to the Code of Ordinances on the City’s web site.

     Computerized Agenda Preparation Process
     Due to the increase in the number of Commission meetings, agenda items
     and documentation, and the location outside of City Hall of departments that
     are substantial users of the agenda process, it is beneficial to implement an
     electronic agenda process system.

     The development and implementation of an “electronic packet process” would
     create a uniform standard for document submission, promote faster
     turnaround time, promote more efficient use of funds and staff time, and
     provide direct and easy access to agenda items by Commissioners, staff, and
     the general public by accessing the City’s web site. The “electronic agenda
     process” is anticipated to be fully functional by April 1, 2003.

                             CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Small Business Division

     Nationally, because of recent court cases that struck down Minority Business
     Enterprise (MBE) programs, cities are terminating MBE (race-conscious)
     programs and in their place implementing small business (race-neutral) ones.
     While this practice generally keeps cities out of legal difficulty, it does not
     benefit minority businesses as MBE programs did. This statement is
     supported by relevant statistics on programs from cities that have done so.

     The City Commission’s political will is to continue to provide benefit to minority
     businesses, while avoiding legal difficulty in this area. Staff complied with the
     will of the City Commission by implementing a Small Business Program that
     includes an ongoing disparity study component (handled by software). Thus, if
     the ongoing disparity study produces a statistical inference of disparity for
     minority businesses, the City will, again, implement an MBE program.

Youth & Family Services

     In 1996, the City of West Palm Beach adopted six strategic priorities as goals
     to take us into the new millennium. One of these strategic priorities, “to
     promote opportunities for Youth, Family and Community” dictated the
     development of the Youth & Family Services Division.

     As immigration increases, homelessness prevails, and youth at risk are in
     crisis, it is vital for the Youth & Family Services Division to continue its work in
     creating community partnerships, developing new resources, and enlisting
     volunteers while gaining community support for conquering these growing
     community challenges.

     To achieve these goals the Youth and Family Services Division, along with
     volunteers and community partners, restored the historic Vickers House,
     creating a community resource center which offers the community a
     compassionate place to receive information, referrals, counseling, translation
     assistance, and aid with problems and crises; a place where community
     resources are brought together to offer a one-stop assistance center.

     Services are offered for veterans, homeless, women in crisis, youth, elderly
     and families, as well as information and referrals for jobs, training, housing,
     shelters, childcare, food programs, emergency assistance, literacy and
     transportation. There are also services for special populations, such as people
     with disabilities. We have also established an outreach program for the
     Guatemalan community, as well as referrals and assistance for any member
     of our Latino community.

     The Vickers House provides opportunities for Volunteers, Interns and
     community service hours. These programs are developed to initiate


     community partnerships and act as a matchmaker to link and coordinate
     services in the community.

Code Compliance Division

     The Code Compliance Division was reorganized in October, 2001, in an effort
     to become a more comprehensive and proactive division while being more
     responsive to the needs of the community. The merging of Licensing
     Inspectors and Sanitation Inspectors into the Code Compliance Division,
     combined with the addition of CDBG funds, has resulted in an increase in the
     number of Code Enforcement Officers from 10 to 18. This increase in
     inspectors and the resulting corresponding smaller zones has led to the
     following results:

        "   Quicker response time and resolution of code complaints emanating
            from citizens, neighborhood associations, and the Mayor’s Response

        "   Notice of Violations issued to property owners increased over 100%
            between 2001 and 2002. A statistic that is indicative of the Division’s
            proactive approach is the 614 Notice of Violations issued for
            unlicensed rental properties in 2002; this contrasts significantly with the
            previous years total of 30 violations. Of the total Notice of Violations
            issued in 2002, over 80% are the result of discovery and initiated by
            the Code Enforcement Officers.

        "   Allows inspectors to become familiar with their area of responsibility
            and develop an understanding of the violators through personal
            contact – which ultimately will result in compliance with less Notice of
            Violations and litigation.

        "   While Notice of Violations increased initially, the Division emphasizes
            the use of educational procedures towards explaining code violations
            to violators and obtaining voluntary compliance. To this end, an
            educational brochure was developed to explain the top ten code
            violations and property maintenance standards.

        "   Strategic planning which enables the Division to conduct code sweeps
            in targeted geographical areas and to use object targeting which
            focuses on a particular code violation. Successful large-scale sweeps
            have specifically targeted junk vehicles, unlicensed rental properties
            and portable signs.

                             CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH


Division:   Mayor’s Office

1.    Goal:
      To promote improved relations with the community through departmental
      programs, the news media, and informational literature.

      a.    Continue support for the City’s neighborhoods through clean-up
            programs, neighborhood grants, and other means.

      b.    Improve communication with citizens through the City’s TV channel
            (TV 79), newsletters, the City Website, public meetings, and other
            forms of informational literature.

      c.    Support community events that encourage citizen participation and

      d.    Continue to have public meetings where citizens can voice their
            concerns and receive information.

2.    Goal:
      To achieve maximum operational efficiency by introducing new values and
      ideals to the City’s employees through training and education.

      a.    Continue organizational development training.

      b.    Continue to improve communication with the City’s workforce through
            written and verbal communication.

      c.    Maintain a high level of communication with the City Commission, City
            Administrator, and Department Heads.


Division:   City Administrator

3.    Goal:
      In collaboration with the Mayor and City Commission, develop the general
      goals and objectives of the City and direct the City team, along with their
      resources, to accomplish the City’s Vision.

      a.    Provide general guidance and management to City departments on a
            daily basis.

      b.    Facilitate implementation of the vision statement and the City’s long-
            range goals and objectives.

      c.    Provide quality customer service to the Commission, staff, residents,
            and visitors.

      d.    Promote diversity in staffing, procurement, and contract services.

4.    Goal:
      To provide assistance to the Mayor and Commissioners concerning policy
      direction and general guidance for all fiscal matters.

      a.    Prepare financial analyses of City operations to assist with
            management decisions.

      b.    Coordinate City efforts to accomplish cost savings and increased

5.    Goal:
      To assist in the development, implementation, and monitoring of effective
      administrative policies and procedures.

      a.    Provide professional supervision of each department through
            department directors.

      b.    Research, prepare, and disseminate information regarding policies and
            procedures to all departments.

      c.    Provide professional support to the City’s boards and committees as
            directed by the Mayor.

      d.    Research and prepare policy for Commission approval.

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:      Community Events

6.     Goal:
       Produce and permit special events throughout the year that entertain
       residents and visitors, encourage family activities, and provide a variety of
       affordable entertainment that attracts people to West Palm Beach from all
       over the world.

       a.    Recruit corporate sponsors and create individual sponsorship
             packages that will tie in with the corporate sponsor.

       b.      Use sponsorship monies to help defray the cost of special events.

       c.      Solicit and maintain chair people for all key event areas for 4th on
               Flagler and Kaleidoscope.

       d.      Solicit and coordinate Palm Beach County schools and cultural
               organizations to participate in Kaleidoscope.

                                   FY 2002           FY 2003          FY 2004
Selected Performance                Actual           Estimate          Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Number of participating
                                      17                29               30

Number of participating
                                      17                19               19

Savings to City through
sponsorship (cash and in-          $ 499,700         $ 509,000        $519,000

Number of “villages” at
                                      17                19               19


  7.     Goal:
         To produce the CBN Fountain-side concert series each Thursday evening to
         entertain local residents, encourage family activities, and provide a variety of
         affordable entertainment that will attract people to West Palm Beach from
         around the world.

         a.    Develop four (4) “special” Clematis by Nights that would significantly
               increase attendance, enthusiasm, awareness, and revenues for their
               respective dates.

         b.     Incorporate downtown merchants into the event throughout the year.

         c.     Recruit corporate sponsors and create individual sponsorship
                packages that will tie in with the corporate sponsor.

                                                  FY 2002        FY 2003        FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                      Actual        Estimate        Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Number of CBNs’                                       4              4              4

Savings to City through sponsorship (cash and
                                                  $ 869,100      $ 870,000      $880,000

  8.     Goal:
         To produce the West Palm Beach GreenMarket from the last Saturday in
         October through the last Saturday in April.

         a.    Begin the sourcing of a location change of venue in the downtown
               corridor that could be a permanent structure (not enclosed, just
               identifiable as the WPB GreenMarket and offering limited weather

         b.     Review the GreenMarket dynamics (by number of vendors and by
                category) to establish an ideal ratio to ensure the best possible overall
                farmer’s market.

         c.     Review the food and beverage component of the GreenMarket to
                create a beautiful breakfast/early lunch café. Maintaining this social
                interaction is critical to the success of the market, a pleasing and
                conceptually defined area needs to be developed.

                                   CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                                                         FY 2002    FY 2003    FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                             Actual    Estimate    Target

Workloads/ Outputs
# of 501C 3 organizations involved with education
                                                            10        15         20
as their objective

# of volunteers                                             40        40         40

Savings to City through sponsorship (cash and
                                                        $ 50,000    $ 50,000   $ 50,000

  Division:       City Clerk

  9.      Goal:
          Prepare, setup, and provide staff support for all City Commission and
          Community Redevelopment Agency meetings.

          a.    Provide accurate, high quality minutes of City Commission and
                Community Redevelopment Agency meetings in a timely manner.

          b.      Preserve document history of all meetings.

          c.      Maintain and file official records of the City.

          d.      Provide support to the Mayor, City Commission, City staff, and
                  members of the public in attendance at City Commission meetings.


                                         FY 2002   FY 2003       FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures             Actual   Estimate       Target

Workloads/ Outputs
City Commission Meetings
Total # of Commission Meetings             41         45           45
Total Hours - Commission Meetings          205        225          225
Total # of Agenda Items                   1,535      1,575        1,575

CRA Meetings
Total # of CRA Meetings                   20          24          24
Total Hours – CRA Meetings                25          29          32
Total # of Agenda Items                   140         172         216

Commission Workshops
Total # of Workshops                      50          52          52
Total Hours – Workshops                   100         104         104
Total # of Workshop Items                 50          52          52

CRA Workshops
Total # of Workshops                       7          10           10
Total Hours – Workshops                    9          12           12
Total # of Workshop Items                  7          12           12

Commission/ CRA Agenda Review
Total # of Meetings                        66         69           69
Total # of Hours                           65         73           73
Total # of Items                          1,675      1,743        1,743

City Commission Work Sessions
Total # of Meetings                       30          30          30
Total # of Hours                          45          45          45
Total # of Agenda Items                   360         360         360

Ad Hoc Committee Meetings
Total # of Meetings                        5           5           5
Total # of Hours                           20         20           20
Total # of Agenda Items                    5           5           5

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:      Small Business Division

10.   Goal:
      Monitor and enforce compliance with the Small Business Program Ordinance.

      a.      Encourage the use of certified small businesses (SB’s) on
              procurements valued at less than $25,000.

      b.          Establish Small Business Goals on procurements valued at over

      c.          Monitor the City’s purchasing practices to ensure that the goals set
                  for SB’s are being met. In the event that the goals are not met,
                  ensuring corrective action is sought.

      d.          Create and maintain data that is needed to provide justification (i.e.
                  disparity studies) for turning on the M/WBE program.

      e.          Certify businesses meeting the SB criteria

      f.          Be an advocate for SB’s.

                                                   FY 2002      FY 2003       FY 2004
  Selected Performance Measures                     Actual      Estimate       Target

  Award of Professional Services contracts
                                                     (*)           12            12
  (% of contracts)

  Award of Construction Contracts (% of
                                                     (*)           12            12

  Award of Goods & Services Contracts (%
                                                     (*)            8            8
  of contracts)

            (*) Information is unavailable.


Division:      Youth & Family Services

11.     Goal:
        To develop community partnerships by serving as matchmaker, which
        includes researching and understanding the community’s resources and how
        to best develop these resources.

        a.    To maintain the Vickers House Community Resource Center where
              the poor, homeless, helpless, and hopeless can access services to
              become self-sufficient.

        b.     To act as a liaison between grassroots groups, businesses, and civic
               organizations concerning the needs/ projects that are happening in our
               community. Identify resources for partnerships including fundraising,
               grant-writing, and project collaboration.

        c.     To serve as an advisor and facilitator to community organizations in an
               effort to develop outreach programs throughout our community for
               special populations such as the elderly, disabled, homeless, children
               and family in distress, teens, immigrants, and minority populations.

Selected Performance               FY 2002                          FY 2003                          FY 2004
Measures                            Actual                          Estimate                          Target
                                                                                               To increase community
                           Will conduct Citywide school
                                                                  Will conduct other              awareness and
Community Projects          supply scavenger hunt for
                                                                                                 participation of the
                                                              neighborhood projects as
Administration               kids in poverty with 500
                                                                      necessary                  Homeward Bound
                                  college students
                                                                                               Program for Homeless.

                                                                                                 To increase services
                                                                                               through our Job Program
                              Will be opening another       Will be opening other facilities
Community Projects                                                                                by developing new
                           clinic in cooperation with the   with community partners as
Administration                                                                                   partners to offer jobs
                            Jericho Road Foundation                   necessary
                                                                                                  opportunities to our

                           Will be working with M-Fuge      Will be working with M-Fuge         Will be working with M-
Community Projects           to repair homes for the        on an annual basis; projects       Fuge on an annual basis;
Administration             elderly and other outreach            to be determined by           projects to be determined
                                     services                     Community needs                by community needs
                                                                                                 Install Vickers House
                              Organized homeless
                                                                                                Information Boards in
Community Partnership       memorial day vigil with 6       Will conduct other programs
                                                                                               other public places such
Coordination               area churches with over 70       as needed by the community
                                                                                               as the Police station, Fire
                                 in attendance
                                                                                                 Stations, and Library.

                                  CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

12.     Goal:
        To provide information and resources to those in need while offering
        opportunities for the public to give back to their community through
        volunteerism and advocacy.

        a.    To serve as an advocate notifying the community about critical needs
              and new projects to address those needs - enlisting support,
              donations, and volunteers.

        b.      To establish and develop a volunteer program for the City of West
                Palm Beach, which will recognize people from the entire community for
                their grassroots efforts.

Selected Performance                FY 2002                     FY 2003                      FY 2004
Measures                             Actual                     Estimate                      Target

                                                                                         To develop cultural
                                                                                           diversity training
                              Offering two immigration                                   programs for City
                                training seminars to                                        staff and other
                                                          Target is to offer classes
Cultural Diversity Programs   churches and agencies
                                                          from other ethnic groups
                                                                                        interested groups, to
                               countywide in Spring                                    better understand the
                                        2002                                           cultures and traditions
                                                                                             of our ethnic

                                 Approximately 1,500
                              people a month come to                                    To increase staffing
                                                          Target is to increase the
                                the Vickers House for                                  and the ability to reach
                                                            number of volunteer
Community Resource             resources and general                                      out to the Latino
                                                             agencies offering
Development                      assistance; currently                                 community by adding
                                                           services at the Vickers
                              house over 25 agencies                                     a full time Bilingual
                                 that volunteer at the                                         Secretary
                                    Vickers House

                               Developed newsletter                                      To translate all our
                                   with a quarterly                                     Outreach Flyers and
                                                          Target is to develop an
Community Outreach            distribution – over 3,000                                    Vickers House
                                                           Immigrant Resource
Services                       newsletters distributed                                 Newsletter in Spanish
                                    throughout the                                       to reach out to the
                                      community                                        Hispanic community.

                                                                                       Develop computerized
                               Currently receive daily                                   client records and
                                                           Target is to continue
Community Resource              donations of food,                                       statistical reports
                                                           seeking donations for
Development                     clothes, tools, toys,                                  which can be used to
                                                           projects and services
                                 house wares, etc.                                        develop service
                               Organized Immigrant                                     Will Conduct “A Safe
                              Christmas party for 700       Target is to conduct         Christmas at the
Community Outreach
                                  children all with        Immigrant Christmas          Vickers House” for
Services                      donations and volunteer         party for 2002           Immigrant and Poor
                                      staffing.                                              Children


Division:   Code Compliance

13.   Goal:
      Develop and define the goals and objectives of a comprehensive code
      enforcement program.

      a.    Establish measurable goals based on identified community needs.

      b.    Evaluate enforcement issues before drafting ordinances and designing

      c.    Coordinate and integrate implementation with enforcement. Vital for
            long-term success is closer interaction between the Planning and
            Zoning Division, which is designed to implement, and the Code
            Compliance Division, which is designed to enforce.

      d.    Evaluate all enforcement options and remedies to resolve enforcement
            cases effectively.

      e.    Continue to stress compliance, not penalties, as the primary objective.

14.   Goal:
      Clearly define the budgetary impact of enforcement on the division, and
      establish methods of recovery of associated expenditures.

      a.    Include code enforcement charges in the accounting system regarding
            the processing of licenses (rental and occupational) and boarding
            certificate permits.

      b.    Examine the recovery of code enforcement costs associated with
            prosecution of Special Master Cases and contractual services cases.

      c.    Tap into volunteerism through neighborhood associations and utilize
            community workers in special clean-up projects.

      d.    Establish per case costs and time associated with enforcement from
            initial inspection through to litigation.

                                 CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

  15.    Goal:
         Use of strategic planning as an enforcement tool.

         a.    Examine technology as it relates to the enforcement of codes and
               incorporate into the budgetary process.

         b.      Establish divisional priorities based upon community input.

         c.      Allocate resources – both internal and external.

         d.      Coordinate and assign departmental responsibilities regarding the
                 enforcement of various codes; determine which department will serve
                 as lead agent.

         e.      Develop additional methods and measures as to evaluating divisional

  16.    Goal:
         Improve contract administration over board and secure and lot clearing.

         a.    Add to established procedures that currently restrict the authorizing of
               contractual services by insuring that all work is monitored, verified and
               approved for payment.

         b.     Establish administrative procedures and checklists for monitoring
                contractor’s performance.

         c.      Communicate with contractors on a regular basis to effectively convey
                 the City’s expectation of performance.

Selected Performance Measures                 FY 2002          FY2003          FY 2004
                                               Actual          Estimate         Target

Monitor and verify work before approval       Complete          Ongoing        Ongoing

Administrative performance checklist          Planning          Complete       Ongoing

Quarterly meetings with contractors           Planning          Complete       Ongoing


  17.     Goal:
          To improve customer service through personnel training/certifications and the
          use of the Sungard Pentamation computer application.


          a.     Ongoing Pentamation training of Code Officers and Clerical Staff.

          b.     Beyond initial requirements of certification for Code Officers allow for
                 additional training and multiple certifications.

          c.     Customer Service training for Officers/Clerical staff (internal and

          d.     Implement and educate citizens on the use of Sungard Pentamation’s
                 E-AccessGOV “One Stop Shop”.

Selected Performance Measures                       2002         2003         2004
                                                   Actual      Estimate      Target

Pentamation computer training                      Operating    Ongoing    Complete

Customer service training Officers/Clerical        Planning     Training   Complete

Code Officers Certified                              50%         100%         100%

Implementation of “One Stop Shop”                  Planning    Implement    Ongoing



                      City of West Palm Beach
            City Commission

To represent the public interest, promote quick & courteous responses to residents’
problems, provide leadership and direction to the City’s future, and assure the
present and future fiscal integrity of the municipal government.


1.    Goal:
      Serve as the governing body for the City of West Palm Beach.

      a.    Establish City policy and enact ordinances, rules, and regulations that
            provide for the general health and welfare of the citizens and their

      b.     Adopt the Annual Budget.

      c.     Authorize most contracts.



                        City of West Palm Beach
                   Internal Audit

To help the City achieve the highest efficiency and effectiveness with integrity.


The Internal Auditor’s Office serves as an independent, objective assurance and
consulting activity designed to add value and improve City operations. The Internal
Auditor’s Office reports to the City Commission (Mayor and five City Commissioners)
through an Audit Committee. This organizational structure affords the Internal Auditor
and staff the independence to perform audit work objectively.

The Internal Auditor’s Office assists management in effective and efficient operations
and in the achievement of goals and objectives consistent with applicable laws,
regulations, ordinances, and other policies. To this end, the Internal Auditor’s Office
conducts performance, compliance, financial related and investigative audits and
provides analyses, appraisals, recommendations, and information.

The management analyst, in addition to assisting the internal auditors, assists the
City Commission during the budget process and on selected items for City
Commission actions, performs special studies, reviews and comments on policies
and procedures being developed or revised and assists departmental staff with
establishing performance measures and standards.

The Internal Auditor’s Office also provides advice, assistance, and interpretations on
policies and procedures, systems of internal control, contracts, problem areas, and


The Internal Auditor’s Office continues to have a positive impact on the operations of
the City. As a result of audit efforts, the City’s systems of internal control have been
strengthened, emphasis has been placed on the development or revision of policies
and procedures, and costs in several instances have been controlled or reduced.
While the Internal Auditor’s Office does not want the generation of revenues to be the
driving factor for staffing and other considerations, the Internal Auditor’s Office in
reality has generated more than sufficient recurring resources to finance its

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH


1.     Goal:
       Perform audits and provide other services to help the City achieve the highest
       effectiveness and efficiency with integrity.

       Organizational (City Related) Objectives:
       a.    Promote adequate systems of internal control.
       b.      Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
       c.      Advance contract compliance.
       d.      Optimize value received from City resources.
       e.      Increase awareness and understanding of emerging issues.

       Functional (Internal Audit Specific) Objectives:
       f.    Expand staff knowledge, skills, and abilities.
       g.      Stay current on issues and trends affecting governments.
       h.      Increase audit efficiency.
       i.      Increase audit effectiveness.
       j.      Provide customer valued audit and consulting services.
       k.      Meet government auditing standards.

                                                     FY 2002     FY 2003       FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                         Actual     Estimate       Target

Percent of direct time to available time*             83%          73%           74%

Percent of recommendations accepted*                  100%         93%           95%

Percent of staff fulfilling training requirements*    100%         92%           93%

Percent of customers rating services as               100%         82%           88%
adding value*
Percent of special requests completed timely          N/A           N/A          90%
Percent of audits completed within time
                                                      N/A           N/A          58%

* Estimate and target percentages are based on National Association of Local Government
Auditors published benchmarks.


                       City of West Palm Beach
      Finance Department

To recommend and implement sound fiscal policies, assure the effective and efficient
use of fiscal resources, establish controls to adequately safeguard assets, and to
provide stakeholders with reports that demonstrate fiscal accountability in
accordance with the highest accounting standards.


Reporting to the City Administration, the Finance Department serves the Mayor,
City Commission and City Administration as Financial Manager, City and CRA
Treasurer, Budget Officer, Accounting Manager, Purchasing/Contract Administrator,
and Risk Manager.

The Finance Department develops and implements financial and accounting policies
and procedures. The department also provides a sound accounting system for
protecting the City’s assets by recording and reporting financial transactions in
accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, Government Accounting
Standards Board Pronouncements and other legally mandated standards.

The Finance Department maintains the City’s general ledger, accounts payable,
accounts receivable, cash receipts and investments and provides monthly
statements to the operating departments and other reports as requested. The
Finance Director and his/her staff assist the Mayor and City Administration in the
preparation, implementation and monitoring of the City’s annual operating budget. At
year-end, the Finance Department prepares the City’s annual financial statements for
audit by the City’s Independent Certified Public Accountants and publishes the City’s
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

Finance Administration is responsible for the direction, administration, and
evaluation of the City’s financial management systems. Primary services involve:

   ! providing financial advice to the City Administrator, Mayor, Commission, and

   ! evaluating financial impact of Commission agenda items;

   ! conducting studies of City programs and assisting with the implementation of
     recommended improvements;

                             CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

   ! planning for future financial needs through the development and maintenance
     of a 5 year Capital Improvement Plan and 3 year operational plan;

   ! developing citywide financial policies;

   ! maximizing the collection of moneys due the City;

   ! preparing and reviewing formal contracts; and

   ! providing cost effective liability insurance and risk management services to
     the City.

The Budget Office prepares and administers the City’s annual budget in accordance
with Florida Statutes and policies of the City Commission. The Division fulfills an
oversight role on behalf of the City Commission and the City Administration. In
addition, the Budget Office provides general advice and assistance to City
departments, members of the public, media representatives, and other units of
government. Primary services include:

   ! prepare the City’s annual operating and capital budgets;

   ! analyze and process all changes to the adopted budget;

   ! monitor revenues and expenditures;

   ! report quarterly and monthly on financial trends and issues, status of major
     projects and departmental performance measurement data; and

   ! review fiscal impact of Commission agenda items.

The Accounting Division is responsible for providing accounting services to all
departments and divisions in the City. The division provides financial information to
be used by citizens, legislative and oversight bodies, investors and creditors to
access accountability and make social and economic decisions. Primary services

   ! production of monthly financial statements and budgetary reports;

   ! development of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
     representing the financial condition of the City;

   ! posting of all financial data to the City’s general ledger and maintenance of
     approximately 42 funds or account groups;

   ! maintenance of City’s fixed asset records including conducting periodic
     inventories and reconciliations;


   ! processing and payment of financial obligations of the City;

   ! coordination of financial requirements for all City departments and offices;

   ! maintenance of accounting records for the East Central Regional Wastewater
     Treatment system and the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA); and

   ! processing and issuance of paychecks for all City employees.

To better meet the higher standards of public accountability, the Finance Department
together with the Human Resources and MIS Departments implemented an Oracle
finance and human resources system in 1998 and 1999. The strength of the Oracle
system is in maintenance of management information. An upgrade to the most recent
version of the Oracle software was accomplished in the spring and summer of 2002.
Future challenges related to these systems include creation of more useful report
formats and publishing reports on the web for easier accessibility.

The Accounting Division of the Finance Department has recently had to adjust to the
most significant change in government accounting in the past few decades. The
Governmental Accounting Standards Board has issued Statement No. 34 that,
together with Statements No. 33, 36, 37 and 38, required the City to provide financial
statements using a different measurement focus and basis of accounting for much of
the financial data. New statements, formats and note disclosures were required. The
City implemented this new reporting model for the year ending September 30, 2001,
one year earlier than required. The City of West Palm Beach was one of only a
handful of municipalities in the State of Florida that implemented early. GASB
Statement 34 also requires the retroactive addition of infrastructure assets, including
streets, sidewalks and street lights, acquired prior to October 1, 2000. As allowed by
the statement, the City has elected to defer implementation of this provision until a
future fiscal year, but not later than fiscal year 2006. The City welcomes this
requirement as a potentially better way to provide sound funding policies and assure
our citizens that infrastructure is being adequately replaced and maintained. This will
place greater emphasis on capital planning for the Budget Office of the Finance

The Cash Management Division manages all banking relations, controls and
maintains bank balances, bank accounts, and delinquent debt collection; manages
the City investment program to ensure safety of capital, provide liquidity to fund
operating expenses and achieve a rate of return that adequately compensates the
City for any incremental risk assumed; and monitors and deposits City revenue. The
Cash Management Division also provides marketing data for bond operating and
presentation statements, arbitrage calculations, and insures bond compliance on
debt issues, as well as assisting in other financial matters affecting the City. Primary
services include:

                             CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

   ! This division provides necessary support services to ensure City funds are
     managed as efficiently as possible.

   ! Monies invested by this division earn interest to help fund City services. This
     division will generate an estimated $1,750,000 in interest income (non bond
     funds) for the City in FY 2002/2003.

   ! Manages collection practices and resources to ensure recovery of public

   ! Manages the recording and billing of accounts receivable.

In response to purchase requisitions from user departments and divisions or in
anticipation of probable needs the Procurement Division is responsible for the
determination of applicable procurement procedures, the selection of vendors and
price, and placement of purchase orders for the central procurement system. This
division also coordinates procurement contract administration after award and
issuance of purchase orders.

The Purchasing/Contract Compliance Division is also responsible for the City
Warehouse which maintains a stock of approximately 13,000 different items, issues
items in response to stock requisitions from other Departments and Divisions, and
either transfers within City government or disposes of all tangible personal property
reported as surplus.

The Risk Management Division plans and develops insurance programs, loss
control procedures, and compliance with environmental and occupational safety and
health rules and regulations. Primary services include:

   ! Manages workers’ compensation claims,

   ! Works to reduce workers’ compensation accidents through safety procedures
     and training,

   ! Manages property insurance and self-insurance programs

   ! Manages vehicular claims; and

   ! Investigates accident and injury claims.



As with many cities across the country, the City of West Palm Beach is faced with
meeting the increasing service demands of its citizens while holding the line on taxes.
Funding these service demands is further hindered by legislation enacted under the
Save Our Homes Amendment, which limits the annual growth in assessed value of a
residence to the lesser of 3% or the annual growth in CPI. Recently, this growth has
been limited to less than 2%. That is, without continual new development
(commercial and residential), property taxes, at a constant millage rate, will begin to
fund less and less of the operating budget. Additionally, the slowing economy (both
before and after September 11, 2001) is restricting the City’s inflow of revenues.

Based on current projections, growth is expected to continue through the next few
years. West Palm Beach should remain Palm Beach County’s largest city. While
having a positive impact in terms of potential economic development, it also presents
significant challenges to the City. The City is trying to maintain the present high level
of services, particularly in the areas of public safety and downtown revitalization. To
fund services, the City will need to explore additional methods of financing. These will
include annexation, increased and new user fees or taxes, maximization of current
revenue, operational efficiency, privatization, elimination of unnecessary services,
and prioritizing community needs.

The City currently has roughly $60 million of general capital improvements (non-
utility) underway. Besides the challenge of completing these projects on-time and
within budget, the City is currently assessing ways to fund and contain the annual
maintenance costs for these improvements. In addition, the City is reviewing potential
funding sources for needed Storm Water and Water/Sewer improvements. The
Finance Department has produced a 5 Year “funded” Capital Improvement Plan
(CIP) in excess of $81 million as well as a list of un-funded capital needs in excess of
$244 million. Prioritizing the un-funded list and securing a revenue source will involve
strong commitments by the Citizens, Commission, Mayor, Administration, and
Finance Department.

As with most Cities, containing personnel costs while attracting and retaining good
employees remains a challenge. This is highly important as approximately 70% of
the operating budget is currently personnel and any new initiatives will be difficult to
embark on if the personnel percentage increases. All unions (PBA, IAFF, PMSA,
SEIU) have successfully negotiated multiyear contracts through fiscal year 2004.
However, certain provisions such as health insurance are considered annually and
cost containment is becoming critical as these costs are expected to rise a minimum
of 20% annually. Finance and Human Resources staff will need to spend significant
time evaluating new health care options.

One of the City’s most significant accomplishments in the last few years is the
financial stability that we have achieved. In just over ten years, the City has increased
the emergency reserve account together with the unreserved/undesignated fund

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

balance from $6,000 to almost $18.3 million, through sound budget practices. Under
a new emergency fund balance policy, the City has set aside $14.8 million for
emergencies – leaving $3.5 million for one-time expenditures. The City has lowered
the ad-valorem operating millage rate from 8.8747 mills in the mid 1990's to a current
operating millage rate of 7.90 mills. This millage rate, however, still remains one of
the highest in the County, and is only approximately 2.1 mills from the 10-mill cap.

To better meet the higher standards of public accountability, the Finance Department
together with the Human Resources and MIS Departments implemented a new
finance and human resources system. The strength of the new ORACLE system is in
management reporting. The systems, as implemented, are providing the required
functionality but are not as of yet providing the management reporting nor the
process efficiencies desired. As anticipated at time of implementation, auxiliary
software purchases are needed along with an upgrade to the most recent release to
ensure that we continue to receive ORACLE support and more fully utilize the
systems to their fullest. The ORACLE upgrade will be required in FY 2001/2002.

The accounting division of the Finance Department will need to adjust to the most
significant change in government accounting in the past few decades. The
Governmental Accounting Standards Board has issued Statement No. 34 that will
require the City to provide financial statements using a different measurement focus
and basis of accounting for much of the financial data. New statements and formats
are required. Furthermore, for the first time, the City will be required to report on
infrastructure assets. Assets such as streets, sidewalks, and lights will need to be
recorded and depreciated. A firm has been hired to inventory these assets and
provide a condition assessment, the results of which should be available in late
summer. Inherent in this new requirement is not only the change in accounting which
will be demanding upon the Finance Department’s accounting staff, but the need to
provide fiscally sound funding policies to ensure our citizens that infrastructure is
being adequately replaced and maintained. This second condition will place greater
emphasis on capital planning for the Budget Office of the Finance Department.



Division:    Finance Administration

1.    Goal:
      Improve the City’s bond ratings with Moody’s Investors Service, Standard &
      Poor’s Corporation, and Fitch Ratings.

      a.    Maintain unreserved General Fund balance, together with the
            Emergency Reserve account, at 15% of revenues.

      b.     Maintain or reduce the Operating Ad Valorem Millage Rate (currently
             7.90 mills).

      c.     Establish additional approaches for capital funding and infrastructure

                                                 FY 2002      FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                     Actual      Estimate      Target

Moody’s Bond Rating
 General Obligation Bonds                          Aa3           Aa3         Aa2
 Water & Sewer Bonds                               A1            A1          A1

Standard & Poor’s/ Fitch Ratings
 General Obligation Bonds                          AA-           AA-         AA
 Water & Sewer Bonds                                A             A           A

2.    Goal:
      Maintain a strong system of internal controls throughout the City.

      a.    Train departments in the procedures to be followed for each function of
            the Finance Department and re-iterate the importance of internal

                                                FY 2002       FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                    Actual       Estimate      Target

Hours of Training Provided                         40            40          40

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

3.    Goal:
      Monitor adherence to Financial Plan.

      a.    Development of a 5-year CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) and 3 year
            Operating Plan (Financial Plan) with specific objectives.

                                             FY 2002   FY 2003     FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                 Actual   Estimate     Target

                                                       Under        Issue to
Compliance with Financial Plan Objectives     N/A
                                                       Review     Commission


 Division:    Budget Office

 4.     Goal:
        Facilitate and monitor the City’s budget process and provide information for
        decision making to the Mayor, City Commission, City Administration, various
        boards and taxpayers in order to produce a legally and politically acceptable
        balanced budget that meets GFOA standards.

        a.    Coordinate budget preparation and review process and provide staff

        b.    Prepare an Annual Operating Budget for the City which provides for
              the efficient and cost effective operation of the City in accordance with
              all the legal requirements incorporated with the directives of the City

        c.    Monitor budget expenditures and prepare expenditure and revenue

        d.    Perform research and policy analysis.

                                                 FY 2002       FY 2003        FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                     Actual       Estimate        Target

Workloads/ Outputs
# of Budget Amendments/ Transfers Processed         380           350           340

Selected Performance Measures
Balanced Budget presented to Mayor by June
                                                    Yes           Yes           Yes
15 deadline.

% of General Fund Departments at/or below
                                                   94%           100%          100%
Budget (at year end)

Received GFOA Budget Award                          Yes           Yes           Yes

                           CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:   Accounting

5.    Goal:
      Disseminate financial information to employees, the Mayor, the Commission,
      the public, bondholders, and outside agencies in an accurate, timely and
      efficient manner

      a.    Process transactions through the centralized financial system and
            distribute system generated management and departmental reports.

      b.    Prepare the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report in
            accordance with the new governmental reporting standards and again
            receive the GFOA Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in
            Financial Reporting.

      c.    Process bi-weekly and special annual payrolls for the employees and
            post the transactions to the General Ledger.

      d.    Process vendor payments and other disbursements and post the
            transactions to the General Ledger.

      e.    Ensure that adequate controls are maintained for all disbursements of
            the City in both the payroll and accounts payable areas.


                                             FY 2002   FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                 Actual   Estimate      Target

Workloads/ Outputs

Vendor Invoices Paid                     31,838        32,200        32,500

Vendor Payments Issued                   15,964        16,500        16,600

Payroll Checks / Direct
Deposit Transactions                     39,606        38,900        39,500

Audit Committee review of Audited
Annual Financial Statements           Not Available    1/15/04       1/15/04

Reports available to Departments by
the 15th of the following month          100%           100%         100%

Received     GFOA       Award     for
Excellence in Financial Reporting     Under Review      TBD           TBD

Audit Adjustments Proposed (#)        Not Available      1             0

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:      Cash Management

6.     Goal:
       Effectively manage cash flow and investments of the City.

       a. City’s primary objectives are safety, liquidity, and yield through the
          administration of the Commission adopted investment program.

       b. Hire consultant to evaluate policies/ procedures and to develop strategic

                                                  FY 2002       FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                      Actual       Estimate      Target

Cash Receipts Processed                           413,922       434,618      456,348

Meet or Exceed SBA Interest Rate – Short-
                                                  1.93% net     2.00% net    2.40% net
Term Portfolio

Meet or Exceed Merrill Lynch 1-3 year U.S.
                                                    N/A           N/A         6.00%
Treasury Index – Long-Term Portfolio

Average monthly rate of return on
                                                   2.17%         2.30%        3.00%
investments (%)

New Benchmark: 3 month Treasury Bill               1.566%        1.10%          N/A

7.     Goal:
       Effectively manage the collection of accounts receivable.

       a.    Increase follow-up and tracking on all accounts receivable systems
             through more assertive collection policies and procedures.

       b.      Review collection efforts with collection agencies.

       c.      Institute new check policy to incorporate the use of the State Attorney’s
               Office in collection efforts.

                                                      FY 2002     FY 2003    FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                          Actual     Estimate    Target

Collection of liens converted to Oracle                   75         100     Complete


Division:     Procurement Division

8.     Goal:
       Provide quality-purchasing services through the use of automation, increased
       efficiency, professionalism and good relations with City departments and the
       business community.


       a.     To comply with the City’s and national institute of Governmental
              Purchasing’s Code of Ethics.

       b.     To obtain and purchase all goods and services at the lowest possible
              total end-use cost, considering the guidelines of price, service, quality,
              and delivery.

       c.     To afford all bidders an equal opportunity to quote and compete on
              equal terms.

       d.     To abide by the State Statutes governing the hiring of architects,
              engineers and surveyors under the Consultant’s Competitive
              Negotiation Act (CCNA).

       e.     To initiate and maintain effective and professional, public, vendor and
              agency relationships.

       f.     To buy from suppliers who maintain adequate financial strength, high
              ethical standards, a record of adhering to specifications, and who will
              maintain integrity in terms, delivery, and a full measure of service.

       g.     To question the quality and types of materials requested in order that
              the best interests of the City may be served.

       h.     To avoid becoming obligated to any supplier or to engage in any City
              transaction from which personal benefit may be directly or indirectly

                                                    FY 2002     FY 2003       FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                        Actual     Estimate       Target
Qualification of Professional Consultants
                                                       90          95            95
through CCNA

Decrease the # of Bid Protests (No more than 1)        3            2            1

Customer Satisfaction                                Above       Above         Above
                                                      Avg.        Avg.          Avg.

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:   Risk Management

9.    Goal:
      Greatly reduce the amount of resources lost to direct and indirect risks
      inherent within the City organization.


      a.    Continually review and evaluate existing property values and insurance

      b.    Ensure departmental adherence to sound loss control procedures
            through inspection programs, training, organization of departmental
            safety committees, loss data analysis and reporting to departments, etc.

      c.    Reduce the number of City vehicular accidents by 3% and the
            associated costs by 5%.

      d.    Implement and maintain a Loss Control Awards Program.

      e.    Decrease employee injuries by 5% and associated costs by 5%.

      f.    Increase accident and injury investigations by 10%.

      g.    Reduce uninsured property losses by 10%.

      h.    Increase the amount of collections (property damage, workers’
            compensation subrogation, Subsequent Injury Trust Fund) by 10%.

      i.    Develop new reporting procedures based on the new Claims Track

      j.    Provide the highest possible levels of benefits (health, dental) to city
            employees while minimizing the premium dollars and administrative
            costs paid for such benefits.

      k.    If approved through City Administration, self-insure the City’s health and
            dental benefits program (s).

      l.    Develop and implement a pilot wellness program for general employees
            to include a wellness newsletter, weight management and nutrition
            education, smoking cessation strategies, and heart-lung health


                        City of West Palm Beach
 Department of Support Services

To aid the planning, control, and operational functions of the City by furnishing
consistently reliable services and information in the proper time frame to maintain
City resources and to assist the decision making process.


The Support Services Department provides a variety of services that support the
daily business of the City of West Palm Beach and the customers that it serves.
These include the following:

   •   Development and maintenance of all City information systems which includes
       Finance, Human Resources, Planning, Construction Services, Utilities and
       Public Safety applications as well as E-mail, website, and Internet services.

   •   Development and maintenance of the citywide digital network consisting of
       Voice, Data, and Video Communications over Fiber Optics, Microwave, Wired
       and Wireless networks in order to support Telephone and Telephony
       Systems, Emergency Radio Communications System and Personal

   •   Fleet Maintenance, Fuel Operations, Building Maintenance, Downtown
       Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Custodial Services, Print Shop, Seaboard
       Station and oversight of Building Capital Improvement Program.


Information system technology is constantly changing and improving the way the
City does business. New computer support systems are being installed that allow
simultaneous processing and access to data in a variety of ways. They provide
analytical capability that enhances the productivity of services provided to the citizens
of West Palm Beach. Lotus Notes provides citywide electronic mail and is allowing
information flow that previously was only available via inter-office mail. Information
now is available immediately and can be tracked throughout the network. New
systems for Finance, Human Resources, Building Permits and Code Enforcement
have greatly enhanced the ability of these areas to serve their customers.

Legacy System Upgrades: The City’s legacy systems continue to be upgraded to
take advantage of the latest advancements in information technology. The MIS
Department is continuing to streamline the process by which the City’s users

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

accesses information and enhance the structure of its’ business process to make
government more efficient and productive.

MIS General Services - achievements include:
      System Support
      Member of “Core Team” responsible for the Utility Billing System upgrade.
      Resolved over 3,000 service requests ranging from recommendation of new
      hardware and software to LAN troubleshooting.
      Annual inventory improvements resulted in 100% accuracy.
      Managed the IP Telephony Project for Construction Service Department from
      start to finish
      Replaced 200 PC’s under the PC Replacement Plan
      Saved City $90,000 in new pc purchases, buying in bulk and negotiating with
      Saved City $100,000 in purchases in negotiation with Oracle
      Upgraded Internet proxy to Microsoft ISA Server.
      Created SQL Server cluster to consolidate SQL servers and provide
      Installed Network Appliance Server and migrated user folders for greater
      capacity, performance and redundancy.
      Setup and installed SUN 6800 and storage edge 3910 for Customer service
      Design and implemented IP wireless network for Construction Service
      Migrate to Windows 2000 Active Directory.

      Disaster Recovery/Network Security:
      Deployed new tape backup library system. Full backup time reduced to less
      than 3 hours.
      Upgraded Norton Anti-virus Corporate to support Windows XP Pro clients.
      Cleaned up NT accounts database. Standardized account names, eliminated
      shared accounts, deleted/disabled inactive accounts.
      Instituted passwords on NT logons. Set screen savers to automatically lock
      PC’s after inactivity.
      Successful recovery of (Notes, Window NT PDC server, Informix and
      Encompass, UNIX and Oracle financials) in Philadelphia recovery center.
      City’s MIS Disaster recovery plan completed


       New Applications:
      Installed Client Profile application for the law department.
      Installed the FileNet suite of applications for Human Resources Services
      Installed Forumscape software for creating and managing forums.
      Installed Infotel software for call accounting at City Hall and Library.
      Successfully deployed time management at library.
      Successfully deployed print management at library.

      Upgraded approximately 2/3 of Windows NT servers to Windows 2000
      Upgraded approximately 1/3 of desktops from Win9.x to Windows 2000
      Upgraded Lotus Notes from 4.6x to R5 (both servers and desktops). Re-
      architected the citywide Notes system to reduce complexity and improve
      Setup Lotus Notes repository to capture all incoming and outgoing emails.
      Upgraded “One Stop Shop” web server.
      Upgraded BackupExec software from v7.3 to v8.6 to support Windows 2000.
      Upgraded City Hall Computer Center UPS to new APC Silcon unit.
      Upgraded desktop PC’s to Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP
      Migrated Lotus Notes repository to new server.
      Assisted in deployment of Fletcher Budget System upgrade.
      Upgraded WebSense to v 4.3 on ISA server for City Hall and Library
      Upgraded First Union bank transfer program for Finance.

Division:    Geographic Information Systems
      Completed end user training on GIS system.
      Completed primary GIS applications.
      Completed custom GIS applications for Construction Services.
      Completed custom GIS applications for Code Enforcement.
      Completed custom GIS applications for Finance.
      Completed input of existing, non-critical data.
      Completed replication of data and applications from city server to web server.
      Completed deployment of real-time GIS through the web.
      Migrated Storm Water Billing from Unix system to Windows 2000.

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

      Completed transfer and input of updated County attribute data.
      Completed transfer and input of updated County raster data.
      Evaluated, purchased and deployed color aerial photography.
      Evaluated, purchased and trained CAD technicians on GIS software.
      Standardized Utilities GIS attribute data layers and names.
      Provided access to GIS data for consultants over the web.
      Trained Finance personnel with GIS software and applications.
      Evaluated and purchased wireless handhelds and software for remote
      database and server maintenance.
      Completed transfer and input of updated street address names and ranges.
      Completed and executed contract for updated and new base-mapping.
      Provided custom maps to all City departments as needed.

      Public Safety:
      Completed the installation of the Police Paperless Reporting System.
      Implemented 325 Mobile Laptop Computers in Police and Fire Vehicles using
      Upgraded CAD and RMS Systems to VisionAir release.
      Added 3 Windows 200 Advanced Servers (Proxy, Printing, File Sharing).
      Added approximately 42 PC’s for Public Safety. Currently providing support
      for over nine hundred Public Safety Personal Computers and Laptops.
      Deployed Cisco 6509 Switch for network connectivity to various locations at
      City Hall, Water Plant, Fire Central, Municipal Complex.
      Deployed Cisco 25 - 3524 switches for direct network connectivity to various
      sites including the Water Plant Admin Building, Fire Central, the
      Communications Shop, Fleet, Purchasing, Warehouse, Municipal Complex
      O&M, and Code Enforcement.
      Nearing completion of Network conversion of public IP addresses to private
      10.x.x.x addresses at the Police and Fire Departments.
      Upgraded 95% of all PC's to Windows 2000/XP Operating System.
      Deployed additional KVM switch in the Police Department Computer Center
      for 6 new Servers.

Telephones & Networks:
      Wired and Installed 24 Voice & data Telephone services at the New Fire
      Station #2.
      Installed Frame Relay Data connections to new Fire Station #2.
      Installed Frame Relay Data connections to South Olive Park and Coleman


     Added a second T1 data Circuit to 45th Street for additional bandwidth
     requirements and load balancing.
     Installed 22 IP Telephony Telephones at Fire Station #2.
     Added fiber optic connection and 1GB/sec network connection/switch
     between Parking Lot #2/City Hall and 100 South Dixie Hwy.
     Wired and Installed 35 Telephone and related services at 100 South Dixie
     Moved Fiber Optic Cable from Hibiscus Street Parking Lot for the
     reconstruction of North Dixie Hwy.
     Wired and Installed 8 Telephone and related services at Police Special
     Operations remote site.
     Installed Frame Relay Data connections to Police Special Operations remote

Radio System
    Assisted the Municipal Public Safety Communications Consortium with getting
    approval from Palm Beach County for the funding of a countywide radio
    $12.50 traffic ticket surcharge ($9 million).
    Began Radio System contract negotiations with MA/COM and financial
    negotiations with Bank of America for the procurement of a digital,
    interoperable, countywide radio and data system for 21 Municipalities.
    Added 6th System wide 800 MHz receive site at Palm Beach Gardens for
    North County portable and mobile coverage enhancements.
    Redeployed and Installed a Radio Base Station at the Palm Beach Gardens
    Police Station for additional area coverage in the PBG Police Station vicinity.
    Completed a Radio Tower Analysis by the Rohn Tower Company for the
    Waste Water Treatment Plant demonstrating structural overloading of this
    Programmed and Distributed 53 New E.F. Johnson Project 25 Compatible
    (Motorola) Portable & Mobile Motorola Radios to Police and Fire.
    Radio Installation of a Base Station and Alarm System at new Fire Station #2.

                                       CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH


   Division:        MIS General Services

   1.      Goal:
           Replace Mainframe Utility Billing System

           a.    Install Sun midrange Server (utilizing Solaris).

           b.       Upgrade 31 workstations.

           c.       Install and implement external web server.

           d.       Install and implement internal web.

                                               FY 2002         FY 2003             FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                   Actual         Estimate             Target
Complete installation and finish                               Hardware           Complete
implementation of a new C.I.S system             N/A        ordered. Begin      conversion and
for the City’s Utility Department.                           system install         go-live

                                                             Using existing
                                                                                  Complete all
Complete implementation of a new                            system. Create
                                                                                inquiries screen
external web site for Utility billing on-        N/A        web pages and
                                                                                 and customer
line enquiries.                                             customer work
                                                                                   work flow

                                                            Install new web
Complete implementation of a new
                                                            server and web
internal web site for Utility billing client     N/A                               Complete
                                                           logic software for
                                                              client access

                                                                                  Complete by
                                                                                 install client to
Upgrade 31 PC’s and install client               N/A         Upgrade PC         people soft and
                                                                                granting access
                                                                                  to application


2.      Goal:
        Upgrade City Hall phone system to IP telephony system including telephone,
        fax, modem and communications lines.

        a.    Upgrade all Cisco switches to inline power.

        b.     Add telephones and setup voice mail.

        c      Create a dial-plan for City Hall and determine who receives DID

        d.     Provide training to all City Hall employees on new IP telephony

                                           FY 2002        FY 2003                FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures               Actual        Estimate                Target
Upgrade 3524 Cisco switches to 3524
inline power switches to support             N/A               12                   12

                                                        Implement new
Create a dial plan that incorporates all                 dial plan with
City Hall departments and determine          N/A       installation of the       Complete
who gets DID numbers                                        Cisco IP

                                                        To offer classes
                                                                                 Will conduct
                                                         on IP phones
IP phones training program                   N/A
                                                       training to all City
                                                                              training sessions
                                                                                  as needed
                                                        Hall employees

                               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:     MIS Public Safety

3.     Goal:
       Provide information management services to Police, Fire, and Emergency
       Medical Services.

       a.    Support current Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records (RMS)

       b.     Complete installation and finish implementation of a new CAD system
              for the City’s Public Safety Departments. (Completed)

       c.     Complete implementation of a new Police and Fire records
              management system. (Completed)

       d.     Finish implementation of new Mobile Data Terminals (Laptop
              Computers) using CDPD. (Completed)

       e.     Reevaluate VisionAir CAD/RMS systems based on outstanding
              Trouble Tickets and Response Time to fix these problems.

                                               FY 2002     FY 2003        FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                   Actual     Estimate        Target
CAD/ RMS Computer Support calls per Year        3,035         3,100           -

Complete installation and finish
implementation of a new CAD system for the       Yes       Completed          -
City’s Public Safety Departments.

Complete implementation of a new Police
                                                 Yes       Completed          -
and Fire records management system.

Finish implementation of new Mobile Data         Yes       Completed
Terminals (Laptop Computers) using CDPD          Yes       Completed

Number of Outstanding CAD/RMS Trouble
                                                  -            84            20

Average Length of Time for Vendor
                                                  -         3 months       2 weeks
(Visionair) to Fix Trouble Tickets.


Division:       Telephone System and Data Network

4.      Goal:
        Administer telephone and data systems facilitating citywide voice and data
        communications including telephone, fax, modem, data lines, and fiber optic

        a.    Connect to remote site via central office/ private frame relay data line.

        b.      Add telephones switch and new telephone units to Construction
                Services in City Hall. (Pending Completion)

        c.      Expand fiber-optic network to 29 locations.

        d.      Continue to support 1500+ telephones citywide.

                                                FY 2002       FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                    Actual       Estimate      Target
Workloads/ Outputs
Data Frame Relay lines to the City
                                                     14         15            17

IP Telephony stations active at the
                                                     5          40            40
Public Library

IP Telephony telephone stations
installed and activated in Construction         10 (test)       50        Completed
Services Dept. (City Hall)

IP Telephony telephone stations
                                                     8          100           150
installed and activated in City Hall (total)

# Of fiber optic network locations                   28         29            29

# Of telephones supported citywide                  1,475      1,502         1,550

                                 CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:      Telecommunications

5.     Goal:
       Provide uninterrupted trunking radio services for all City users on a 7x24 hour

       a.    Provide interoperability to Palm Beach County and 18 municipalities
             through programming talk groups vial the new MA/COM radio systems
             being installed by the MPSCC Consortium. (Pending Completion)

       b.      Continue the replacement of all citywide portable and mobile radios.

                                             FY 2002        FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                 Actual       Estimated      Target

Workloads/ Outputs
# of hours of Uninterrupted/ Interrupted    8,758.75/       8,760/        8,760/
service per Year.                             1.25            0             0

Replacement of All City Radios                   350          50            300

Provide an additional 16 talk groups on
the WPB radio system for
                                                  -           16        Completed
interoperability to PB County and 18

Provide an additional 28 talk groups on
the WPB radio system for
                                                  -           28            34
interoperability to MPSCC-MA/COM
and 18 Municipalities

Division:      MIS Systems Development

6.     Goal:
       Replace Mainframe Utility Billing System

       a.    Install Platform (utilizing Solaris).

       b.      Install Database (Oracle).

       c.      Install Application (PeopleSoft CIS).


                                             FY 2002     FY 2003      FY 2004
      Selected Performance Measures           Actual     Estimate      Target

      Maintain Oracle Financials Support        yes         yes         yes

7.    Goal:
      Upgrade Cash Management to On-line Payments.

      a.    On-line Payments to Construction Services (Occ/licenses, Permits,

      b.      On-line Payments to Public Utilities (Water bills).

      c.      One-Stop-Shop On-line Payments

Division:     Geographic Information Systems

8.    Goal:

      a.      Contract vendor for next phase of base-mapping and input updated
              and new data.

      b.      Create and fill “Property Coordinator” position for maintenance of a
              standardized property and address database.

      c.      Integrate property and address database with GIS and new CIS

      d.      Input and deploy infrastructure conditions data, gathered by consultant
              for the Utilities Department.

      e.      Evaluate, purchase and deploy updated color aerial photography.

      f.      Install and deploy updated parcel maps from the County.

      g.      Install and deploy Census 2000 demographic data.

      h.      Evaluate, purchase and test wireless tablets for real-time data updates
              in the field.

      i.      Purchase and upgrade Oracle spatial databases to 9i.

      j.      Migrate Engineering CAD techs to ESRI GIS software

                                 CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

  Division:     MIS General Services

  9.     Goal:
         Provide an environment for the installation of new CIS system.

         a.    Install and configure new hardware and database(s) for Customer
               Information System.

         b.     Install and configure tools for developers and users.

  10.    Goal:
         Provide an environment for the database conversion of Construction Services

         a.    Install new release of DBMS (Oracle 8i)

         b.     Port applications to new server and database.

                                                   FY 2002        FY 2003        FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                       Actual        Estimate        Target
CIS System conversion                                yes            yes            yes

  Division:     Air Conditioning

  11.    Goal:
         To provide HVAC repair and maintenance Services for all city of West Palm
         Beach facilities. Note: Since fiscal year 96/97, the A/C Supervisor has seen a
         33% reduction in available workforce. Performance measures indicate the
         number of work orders written requesting A/C service continues to increase
         along with the number of unscheduled repairs. This is because the age and
         condition of the equipment and because of the down sizing of the A/C
         division, we are no longer able to be proactive in preventative maintenance
         but have been reduced to a reactive basis.

         a.    To provide timely and cost effective building climatic control.

                                                     FY 2002       FY 2003         FY 2004
  Selected Performance Measures                       Actual       Estimate         Target

  The monitoring and interpretation of work
                                                    1,617 sch’d    1,810 sch’d    2,135 sch’d
  order demand as captured by the
                                                   249 un-sch’d   344 un-sch’d   481 un-sch’d
  computerized maintenance system


Division:     City Hall Operations

12.    Goal
       To collect, analyze and distribute requests for building maintenance services,
       to pickup and distribute both inter-office and US mail and to manage individual
       contracts for the service. Note: Through the reorganization and restructuring
       process, building maintenance was dramatically reduced. Heavy emphasis is
       currently being placed on out-sourcing services. Functions of Building
       Maintenance have been incorporated into City Hall operations. The City in the
       process has lost the capability to monitor/control costs due to mass
       fragmentation of services. To regain control, centralization of all maintenance
       services is required.


       a.     Insure contract compliance and quality work products for service

       b.     Track and monitor all costs associated with requests for services.

       c.     Insure that mail is handled in a proper and timely fashion.

                                                  FY 2002        FY 2003           FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                      Actual        Estimate           Target
For all programs listed above, monitor the type
                                                    N/A              6       6 (estimated)
and number of complaints received.

                                        CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

      Division:      Downtown Clean-up

      13.    Goal
             The maintenance and upkeep of the downtown area to Disney Standards.
             Note: This division is responsible for the on-going cleaning of the downtown
             area and provides assistance for special events e.g., set-up for Clematis-by-
             Night, breakdown of Green Market, Pik-N-Square and Brown Bag. All parties’
             concerned desire to have a “show place” downtown but “Disney” standards
             would require additional personnel and equipment, costing approximately


             a.      To remove or correct objectionable material or matter from the area
                     before it becomes an issue.

                                                          FY 2002         FY 2003       FY 2004
      Selected Performance Measures                        Actual         Estimate       Target
      The number of complaints received.
      Information obtained and verified through              5               5        5 (estimated)
      General Services records.

      Division:      Fleet Maintenance

      14.    Goal
             It is the mission of Fleet Maintenance to furnish its customers with expedient
             service, to provide repair and maintenance in the most cost effective, efficient
             and safe manner possible; establish benchmark measurements ensuring
             achievement goals are maintained.


             a.      To maintain the City of West Palm Beach fleet of vehicles and
                     equipment in a state of operational readiness.

                                                  FY 2002         FY 2003            FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                      Actual         Estimate            Target
Insure compliance with all applicable Federal,
And Local Environmental laws and that no            N/A             N/A               None
violations are cited.
Insure equipment uptime is kept to a
                                                    95%             95%                95%
Insure that parts inventory meets the
                                                  $110,000        $115,000           $107,000
maintenance demands of the fleet.


     Division:      Fuel Operations

     15.     Goal
             To provide uninterrupted and unattended fueling capability, 24/7, for both the
             City of West Palm Beach and the Town of Palm Beach.


             a.     Maintain and evaluate fuel monitoring system, insuring proper fuel
                    inventory levels are maintained.

                                                            FY 2002      FY 2003       FY 2004
       Selected Performance Measures                         Actual      Estimate       Target
       Fuel inventory adjustments do not exceed
                                                              .5%             .5%          .5%
       EPA guidelines of 2% absolute value.

     Division:      Print Shop

     16.     Goal

             Provide for all City of West Palm Beach printing/photocopy needs, either
             through in-house production or sub-contracts with local vendors. Note:
             Proposed/approved staffing levels for this division has been reduced by one
             (25%). Print Shop drastically needs to refill the removed position with a
             bindery type person.


             a.     Insure that quality and cost effective finished products are delivered to
                    the user departments in a timely manner.

                                                         FY 2002      FY 2003       FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                             Actual      Estimate       Target

Through work order review and periodic vendor
surveys, insure that pricing is within acceptable         N/A           N/A          N/A
Quality will be monitored through work order
Review and periodic customer satisfaction                 N/A           N/A           1



                    City of West Palm Beach
 Human Resources Department

Services delivered with competency, care, quality and consistency for the highest
level of applicant, employee and management satisfaction.


The Human Resources Department provides a full scope of human resources
services to the City of West Palm Beach. Services include: the recruitment and
selection of high quality employees, policy development, employee/labor relations
and organizational development strategies, competitive compensation and benefits
programs that enhance employee satisfaction, commitment and retention, and
effective training and development opportunities for employees.

Department objectives include:

      to attract, motivate and retain a highly effective workforce;
      to promote equal employment opportunity and a discrimination-free
      to administer and negotiate collective bargaining agreements in support of
      City goals and in accordance with fiscal objectives;
      to guide, direct and support management staff in policy research,
      development, implementation and enforcement;
      to design and administer effective organizational leadership development
      strategies/programs including training in city policy, procedures and effective
      supervisory practices;
      to establish and maintain an equitable and competitive employee
      compensation program;
      to provide cost effective benefits programs that will help the City attract and
      retain a high quality workforce;
      to promote positive employee relations and a safe and healthy working
      to ensure timely compliance with federal and state legislative mandates;

                               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH


Human Resources (Overall)
The Human Resources Department is organized to ensure that we support the
following strategic priorities adopted by the City Commission in the last strategic
planning process.

Priority 4:   Enhance fiscal stability without sacrificing quality of services.
Priority 5:   Provide required and expected services with responsiveness to
              customer needs.
Priority 6:   Develop an organizational culture to attract, retain, and motivate

The HR staff participated in a management review conducted by MGT of America.
The review was concluded in August, 2002. Many of our performance measures
have been modified based on the study. Therefore, this budget will show new base
lines for comparison.

We will work over the next 3 to 5 years to implement many of the MGT study
recommendations. A key goal from the study involves developing a long-term
technology plan to ensure we remain current with technological upgrades available to
improve efficiency and effectiveness of services. Customer service improvements
are also a high priority. In addition, we will focus on training, policy development, and
legal compliance.

This budget will show costs related to technology improvements. A future goal is
paperless benefits enrollment, employee evaluation and payroll processing. This
budget will seek funds to upgrade our files management equipment for both paper
and computerized systems including our benefits enrollment process, training
administration and applicant tracking software. It will also maintain our investment in
human resources through adequate funding of training seminars and our higher
education reimbursement program.

HR staff continues to streamline and improve key processes involved in hiring,
training, policy development, compensation, benefits enrollment and payroll
processing. Implementation of a new compensation plan and enhanced benefits
programs in 2001 and 2002 improved the City’s competitive standing in the market
place thereby enhancing recruitment and reducing turnover. The separation rate for
FY 2001-2001 was 9.18%, an improvement over the FY 2000-2001 rate of 14.52%.
Recruitment activity for the past two fiscal years shows 378 placements for 2000-
2001 and 292 placements for 2001-2002.

Updated survey data is now used to maintain the City’s market position.
Consolidation of the 401 and 457 programs under a single provider in 2002 has
allowed employees to take advantage of high quality investment opportunities with
reduced investment fees, which is expected to provide a higher long-term rate of


return for retirement savings. Supervisory training programs, public safety
promotional processes, employee orientation, handbook and HR policies were
updated in 2002 and 2003.

The City’s risk management program was transferred under the jurisdiction of the
Finance Director in December, 2002.

Health Insurance (health, dental, & vision):

As health insurance rates continue to rise, the HR staff will work with union leaders to
find long-term solutions to provide employees with benefits choices and minimize
cost increases to the City and employees.

While recruiting challenges have lessened, new challenges arose in the areas of
health insurance cost containment. A key objective for FY 2003-2004 will be the
implementation of a long-term strategy regarding employee insurance benefits. This
budget will project increased insurance costs due to the double digit medical inflation
rate and the hardening of the general property and liability insurance markets.

Human Resources Department Priorities:

1.     Quality of Service Delivery: Human Resources is actively engaged in
       process improvement as we streamline our recruiting, payroll, compensation
       and benefits functions to improve the quality of service delivery to our
       customers. We will seek customer feedback through surveys on training,
       recruitment and benefits programs to enable us to continuously improve our
       service delivery. We will work to improve communication and planning in
       collective bargaining strategy development.

2.     Implement Technology Plan: We have proposed technology upgrades over
       a multi-year period. We seek to upgrade software, add new modules for
       Oracle to administer training and allow employee access to benefits and
       payroll records so that they can make limited changes in information and
       benefits enrollment.

3.     Staff Development and Cross-training: Our current workload continues to
       be high with the number of major projects at any given time. The HR
       Department is planning for the professional development and cross training of
       staff to be able to shift our focus quickly as the needs of the City change or as
       the Department experiences natural turnover.

4.     Competitive Compensation Programs: HR will continue working jointly with
       unions to improve salary survey data used for collective bargaining of pay
       plans. Our challenge is to remain competitive while keeping salary growth
       manageable based on fiscal resources.

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

5.   Managing Benefits Costs and Improving Plan Design:            Although we
     expect an increase in premium costs for employees and the City in the FY
     2003 -2004 budget, labor management committees will continue to work to
     improve benefits levels and consistency among the various groups.

6.   Employee Training and Development: Supervisory training programs will
     continue to target leadership skills, understanding City policies and
     procedures, team building, customer service, diversity and equal opportunity
     programs, legal compliance, avoidance of liability, safety and other effective
     employment practices.

7.   Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity Awareness, and Preventing
     Discrimination in Employment: We continue to seek a reduction in the
     direct and administrative costs of EEO/ADA charge resolution through
     outreach initiatives and intervention at the internal complaint level, increased
     participation in the Alternative Dispute Resolution program for external
     charges, and pro-active discrimination awareness and prevention initiatives.



Division:       Administration, Records and Training/EEO

1.       Department Priority: Quality of Service Delivery

         Goal: To foster a customer service orientation for Human Resources staff by
         providing staff development opportunities, setting appropriate standards, and
         effectively communicating goals and progress to HR staff.

     Objectives:                                      Performance Measures:
     a. To conduct HR staff strategic planning
        workshops in April and September 2004.

     b. To implement division-specific customer
                                                      Completion within the
        service plans, including customer service
                                                      established timeframe.
        skills training for HR staff.

     c. To establish and communicate updated          Publication of performance
        performance measures and tracking system      measures report to HR staff and
        for each division.                            City Administration.

2.       Department Priority: Implement Technology Plan

         Goal: Increase ability to meet changing technology needs.

     Objectives:                                      Performance Measures:
     d. Implement technology improvements by          Completion in accordance with
        adding planned computer modules.              plan target dates and allocated

     e. Implement new or improved applicant
        tracking system.

     f. Move toward paperless HR system.

                                    CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

    3.     Department Priority: Equal Employment Opportunity

           Goal: To provide equal employment opportunities for recruitment and
           employee advancement by establishing highly effective employment practices
           and training supervisors to foster a discrimination-free workplace.

Objectives:                                          Performance Measures:

  A. To address EEO complaints/charges in a          Settlement or successful defense of charges
     manner that provides cost effective             resulting in fewer future charges.
     resolution of charges.

  B. To update and publish the City’s Equal          Publication by September 30, 2004.
     Opportunity Plans.

  C. To conduct semi-annual EEO training for         All new supervisors trained within six months of
     supervisors to improve supervisory skills and   hire or promotion; all existing supervisors attend
     understanding of legal liability.               refresher training at least every 2 years.
  D. To reduce number of valid complaints; to        Positive comparisons with benchmarked peer
     increase employment of individuals in under-    agencies within our local labor market.
     represented groups.

    4.     Department Priority: Employee Training and Development

           Goal: To expand the Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) Program
           based on a comprehensive need analysis and offer continuous opportunities
           for management and supervisory training.

Objectives:                                              Performance Measures:
   A. Develop training plan in accordance with training Training plan objectives are met and
       needs survey and publish annual training catalog. catalog is published prior to January
                                                         1, 2004.

    B. Identify mandatory training and requirements for         Supervisory training requirements
       supervisors and managers.                                published by January 1, 2004.

    C. Increase number of City and HR policy training hours     Offer a minimum of 12 hours of ACE
       offered in ACE.                                          seminars by September 30, 2004.

    D. Increase number of employees trained.                    Train 50% of supervisors through
                                                                attendance of at least 12 hours of
                                                                ACE seminars by September 30,


Division:       Employment, Compensation and Benefits

5.      Department Priority: Quality of Service Delivery

        Goal: To perform ongoing recruitment activities to fill vacant positions as
        quickly as operationally possible without sacrificing equal employment
        opportunity, legal compliance, or the quality of the City’s workforce.

Objectives:                                           Performance Measures:
     A. To improve efficiency of all Time to accept offer: Deliver a list of
        general    employee  selection qualified applicants to requesting
        processes.                     department within 45 days* of request.

     B. Meet contractual requirements for
        public     safety     promotional Compliance with labor contracts.

            *Note: The 2002 MGT study benchmarks for “time to accept offer” in government were a
            mean of 41 days and a median of 47 days. “Time to accept offer” is derived by dividing the
            total number of days to accept offer by the total number of hires for the time period.

6.      Department Priority: Quality of Service Delivery

        Goal: Maintain internal integrity of our pay and classification system by
        regularly updating job descriptions and conducting required audits; review
        external competitive standing by conducting salary surveys and providing
        updated information for use in collective bargaining.

Objectives:                                        Performance Measures:
   A. To conduct audits upon request.              Time to complete audit: Deliver a valid
                                                   recommendation to City Administration
                                                   within 30 days of the audit request.

     B. To complete required surveys / Timely completion of request: Deliver a
        research.                      quality work product in response to a
                                       survey/research request in time for use in
                                       policy    determination,      commission
                                       meeting, or collective bargaining process.

     C. To maintain          up      to    date Timely completion of request: Deliver a
        information.                            quality work product in response to a
                                                survey/research request in time for use in
                                                policy    determination,      commission
                                                meeting, or collective bargaining process.

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

7.      Department Priority: Quality of Service

        Goal: Provide fair and consistent salary administration in accordance with
        legal and policy requirements.

Objectives:                        Performance Measures:
   A. To timely update employment New hires are entered into the payroll
      records and personnel files. system within one week of start date.

     B. To establish procedures that will Audits show accurate and appropriate
        insure adherence to salary payroll maintenance.
        administration guidelines.

     C. To pay employees accurately and Payroll changes due to collective
        on time.                        bargaining agreements are entered into
                                        the payroll system no later than the
                                        payroll period in which they are to take
                                        effect unless otherwise specified in the
                                        collective bargaining agreement.

     D. To update and publish an annual Receive approval of Salary Plan first
        salary plan.                    commission meeting after ratification of
                                        Collective      Bargaining      Agreements.
                                        Publish the Salary Plan within one month
                                        of Commission approval.
     E. To continue to develop the
        employee performance appraisal
        process and provide support to
                                        90% of merit increases are processed on
        ensure       that   performance
                                        or prior to effective date of salary change.
        appraisals are conducted in a
        timely manner.


8.      Department Priority:     Managing Benefits, Costs and Improving Plan

        Goal: Provide the highest possible levels of health, dental, disability and life
        insurance benefits to achieve employee satisfaction for optimal recruitment
        and retention while managing premiums to minimize increases to budget and

Objectives:                             Performance Measures:
   A. Evaluate plans and administrative Audits show compliance with plan
      procedures to ensure compliance documents and legal requirements.
      with legal requirements.

     B. To process benefit enrollments,      Audits show accuracy of data, proper
        changes and separations, resolve     effective dates and compliance with plan
        claim problems and assist            documents, union agreements and legal
        employees in using benefits          requirements.
        properly and efficiently.
                                             Customer service feedback shows 90%
                                             of employees are satisfied with benefits

     C. Evaluate City contributions to the Plan costs stay within budget; budget
        various benefit programs and growth is accurately projected to account
        ensure appropriate funding and for benefits inflation factors.
        claims reserves.

     D. Issue requests for proposals to      Conduct benefits fair in November, 2003
        evaluate market and ensure that      with attendance of at least 400
        City’s costs remain competitive;     employees.
        select new providers if necessary;
        effective communication and          Conduct Open Enrollment for police and
        implement plans prior to effective   general employees by November 30,
        date of new provider contracts       2003 and enter payroll changes by
        and in compliance with any           December 21, 2003.
        collective bargaining agreement
        changes.                             Conduct Open Enrollment for fire
                                             employees by March 1, 2004 and enter
                                             payroll changes by March 31, 2004.

                               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

9.       Department Priority: Staff Development and Cross-training

         Goal: Increase ability to meet changing priorities and react quickly when HR
         vacancies arise.

Objectives:                            Performance Measures:
   A. To cross-train analysts assigned
                                       Completion by January 1, 2004.
      to benefits and compensation.
   B. To cross-train specialists in
      recruitment and benefits.        Completion by January 1, 2004.

Division:       Employee Relations

10.      Department Priority: Quality of Service Delivery

         Goal: To record and improve key processes, as applicable, through electronic
         databases and continue to log and monitor employee relations performance

Objectives:                          Performance Measures:
   A. Track performance and issue Report published in April and October
      updates to the HR Director and 2004.
      other parties upon request.

      B. Analyze collected data and identify Implementation of improvements within
         improvement recommendations.        30 days of identified need for changes
                                             in procedure.


11.      Department Priority: Quality of Service Delivery

         Goal: To increase and improve communication and responsiveness
         connecting the Employee Relations Division with City employees, divisions
         and departments at each level of the organization.

Objectives:                            Performance Measures:
   A. To improve responsiveness by Reduce complaints by 10%. Report
      tracking complaints about return published in April and October 2004.

      B. To   improve      communication,
         employee utilization and service
         from EAP through quarterly
         workshops on supervisory use of Provide at least one workshop quarterly
         EAP referrals, employee stress during 2004.
         management,       dealing     with
         change, and dealing with conflict.

      C. To       conduct      informational
         workshops for all affected parties Workshops conducted within 30 days of
         regarding     changes      to   the the implemented changes 100% of the
         collective bargaining agreements. time.

12.      Department Priority: Staff Development and Cross-training

         Goal: Increase ability to meet changing priorities and react quickly when HR
         vacancies arise.

Objectives:                            Performance Measures:
   A. To cross-train analysts assigned
      to employee relations, training,
                                       Completion by January 1, 2004.
      and EEO.



                         City of West Palm Beach
                    City Attorney

To serve as the chief legal advisor to the City; to protect the legal interests of the City;
to assist in the promulgation and enforcement of the laws of the City; and to provide
all necessary legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner.


The Office of the City Attorney provides legal counseling and advice to the Mayor,
the City Commission, City Officers, and City Agencies, Departments and Divisions.
The City Attorney also serves as general counsel to the CRA. The Office prepares
ordinances and resolutions, reviews and/or prepares legal instruments to which the
City is a party, represents the City in litigation matters, contract negotiations and
settlements, and monitors the representation of the City in matters where outside
legal counsel is used.

The City Attorney’s Office provides services primarily in the following areas:
Transactional, Litigation (including Labor and Employment Matters and Lien
Collection), and Administrative/Advisory and Regulatory.

The City Attorney and her various assistants meet either on a regular or periodic
basis with each agency, department and division of the City in the above areas.
Incoming assignments are prioritized and weekly staff meetings are held to discuss
priority issues.

Transactions: This area of practice pertains to legal services regarding municipal
transactions for all departments, agencies and divisions of the City, such as the
preparation and review of contracts for (i) services such as construction services and
general contractor services pertaining to City projects; (ii) the purchase and/or
disposition of real estate owned by the City; (iii) interlocal agreements with other
governmental entities; (iv) utility and franchise agreements; (v) procurement and SBE
matters; (vi) special assessment districts; (vii) finance matters such as loan
agreements and bond indentures; (viii) community events such as Sun Fest and the
Boat Show; (ix) grant agreements; and (x) redevelopment programs, such as

Litigation: This area of practice is actively involved in the defense of the City of West
Palm Beach in pending and threatened litigation and appeals involving such matters
as negligence, civil rights, employment discrimination, false arrests, constitutional
claims, Americans with Disability Act claims, real estate, forfeiture and foreclosure,
eminent domain, zoning, public nuisance, and other matters as the need arises. This

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

area also includes litigation in which the City is a plaintiff seeking to enforce its legal
rights. Additionally, the Office of the City Attorney has initiated creation of a lien
enforcement and collection practice group to actively pursue the collection of
outstanding debts due to the City.

Labor/Employment: This area of practice concerns counseling to the Police
Department, the Human Resources Department, and other city departments,
agencies and divisions regarding labor and employment matters.

Administrative/ Advisory and Regulatory: This area of practice concerns advisory
services with regard to governmental regulatory matters with emphasis on the
interpretation and preparation of municipal ordinances, planning, zoning and building
matters, utilities, code enforcement, public records requests, election law issues,
nuisance abatement, and police legal matters.


•      Volume of assignments has increased dramatically and continues to increase
       based on many areas of City service delivery growth, such as those listed

       o       Improved lien collection and enforcement has increased workload,
               costs, and revenues.

       o       Expanded Parks, Recreation, and Utilities Bond projects have
               increased workloads.

       o       Expanded redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization efforts, such
               as NCON and Northwest Neighborhood have increased workloads.

•      The City’s legal staff is more involved in team-based City projects.

       o       Currie Corridor Redevelopment.

       o       Northwood Coalition of Neighborhoods (NCON).

       o       Banyan Corridor Redevelopment.

       o       Greater Northwest Neighborhood and Pleasant City Redevelopment.


There are nine attorney and nine support staff positions in the City Attorney’s Office.
A management study of the City Attorney’s Office was conducted in 2002. One of its
recommendations was to add a position titled “Legal Support Supervisor.” This
position was added and filled in the summer of 2002. The City Attorney’s Office is


presently fully staffed. The staffing includes: City Attorney; Deputy City Attorney;
seven assistant City Attorneys, including a Specialist for Government and
Community Affairs; Legal Support Supervisor; two legal assistants; five legal
secretaries; clerical assistant.

1.   Goal:
     Continue to provide all necessary legal services required by this Department’s

       a. Advise and assist the Mayor, the City Commission, and all appropriate
          City personnel on various legal issues in order to protect the interests of
          the City, to ensure compliance with City, State, and Federal Laws, and to
          assist, where needed, in the attainment of objectives of the City and all
          departments of the City.

       b.   Promulgate ordinances, resolutions, and other legal documents
            necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the City.

       c.   Defend legal actions brought against the City and prosecute violation of
            City ordinances and state laws where applicable.

       d.   Serve as legal advisor to City-created boards and committees.

       e.   Participate in continuing legal education programs and in available
            forums for legal information as needed to ensure the City’s compliance
            with all current developments in the law pertaining to municipal

       f.   Prepare a plan for training City employees on the state of the law in
            various substantive and procedural areas, so as to prevent liability to the
            City whenever feasible.

                                                       FY 2002   FY 2003     FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                           Actual   Estimate     Target
Implement improved case management and
tracking system by use of Client Profiles software,     30%        85%         100%
including employee training and use.
Development practice and procedures manual for
                                                        50%       100%           -
City Attorney’s office.
Implement recommendations of Management
                                                        50%       100%           -
Establish legal training program for all departments    10%        85%         100%



                       City of West Palm Beach
 Economic and Community Development

The mission of the Department of Economic and Community Development of the
City of West Palm Beach is to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by
employing Departmental resources and capabilities to create capital investment, job
opportunities and quality housing for individuals and families. The Department
recognizes that social and community strength grows through sustaining economic


The Community Development Division assists with the production of affordable
and market rate housing throughout the City. The Division fosters home ownership
and facilitates the provision of housing for special-needs groups. It administers
federal and state entitlement grant programs in compliance with applicable federal
regulations, including technical assistance, program reporting, audit review and on-
site monitoring of grant program sub-recipients. In addition, The Community
Development Division administers the City’s federal and state entitlement grant
programs, including the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME
Investment Partnerships (HOME) and State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP)
programs. As the largest municipality in the Eligible Metropolitan Statistical Area
(EMSA), the City of West Palm Beach has administrative authority over grant
allocations for all jurisdictions in Palm Beach County under the Housing
Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) program, which is overseen by the
Division. When available, the Division administers competitive grants related to
housing and community development. The Division is further responsible for the
oversight of Section 108 Loan funds received by the City.

The Economic Development Division strives to retain, nurture, and attract
businesses of all sizes, and to serve their needs. The City’s resources are leveraged
through collective efforts and strategic partnerships with public and private sector
providers of capital resources and technical assistance.

Primary services provided by the Community Development Division include housing
rehabilitation, first-time homebuyer assistance, and the following public service and
public improvement activities:

   ! utilizing funds to finance necessary repairs to single-family houses owned and
     occupied by income eligible households;

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

   ! providing funds to income eligible households for down payment and closing
     cost assistance for the purchase of a house, thereby making such housing

   ! funding non-profit sub-recipient organizations to provide housing counseling,
     financial counseling, economic development technical assistance, and other
     related public services;

   ! reserving funds for investment in affordable housing to be developed,
     sponsored or owned by locally certified Community Housing Development
     Organizations (CHDOs);

   ! utilizing Section 108 Loan funds for eligible community and economic
     development projects which serve lower income residents of the jurisdiction;

   ! providing HOPWA funds to eight agencies for special needs housing and
     supportive services for residents of Palm Beach County who are affected by
     HIV+/AIDS; and

   ! providing technical assistance to encourage development of market rate
     housing in the downtown area and other neighborhoods of the jurisdiction.

The Department of Economic and Community Development believes the City can
continue to advance by embracing and benefiting from the diversity of our
neighborhoods. This diversity must be reflected in the City’s economy, and in the
housing and amenities offered to our citizens. By taking advantage of the richness of
our varied populations, expanded economic opportunities will reinforce past initiatives
and encourage new developments that make West Palm Beach a desirable, safe city
in which to live, work, raise a family, shop, study, play, and grow old.


Changes in Funding Availability: HUD has announced that it will be using 2000
Census data for all factors in determining grant allocations for its Community
Planning and Development entitlement programs, which are formula driven.
Preliminary estimates have been released for CDBG and HOME programs to assist
grantees in planning projects and activities for FY 2003-04. Actual allocations will
change depending upon both HUD’s actual FY 2003-04 appropriation and changes
in the roster of grantees.

HUD estimates that the FY 2003-04 CDBG allocation for the City of West Palm
Beach will be $1,330,000, a 13.5% increase over the FY 2002-03 allocation of
$1,172,000. The FY 2003-04 HOME allocation is projected to be either $709,404.
This represents a significant increase over the City’s FY 2002-03 allocation of


The HOPWA entitlement for Palm Beach County increased from $3,383,000 in FY
2001-02 to $3,960,000 in FY 2002-03 and to $4,045,000 in FY 2003.

Governor Bush released his proposed FY 2003-04 budget January 21, 2003. The
budget has eliminated the State Housing Trust Fund, which funds the Local
Government Housing Trust Fund (SHIP) and reallocated all funds to General
Revenue. This will significantly reduce SHIP funds if the legislature approves the
Governor’s proposed budget. If approved, Florida cities will no longer have a
dedicated revenue source for affordable housing from the documentary stamp tax,
which has increased each year. In FY 2002-03, the City expected $710,424 in SHIP
funds. A Sadowski Trust Funds Alert was sent to all members of the Affordable
Housing Coalition. State legislators must be lobbied heavily by all affected cities and
agencies to maintain this highly valued income source for affordable housing.

New Homes in Coleman Park Neighborhood: The City was awarded a $300,000
competitive grant from the State Department of Community Affairs in 2001 for the
Coleman Park Infill Housing Project. These funds are being used to acquire vacant
lots for the construction of 20 single family homes in the Coleman Park
Neighborhood. The City will use an additional $300,000 in SHIP funds to provide
approximately $15,000 for down payment and closing costs for eligible low and
moderate-income homebuyers. The City has provided $50,000 to be used as a
contingency fund. This project will include landscaping, streetscaping, and the
removal of blighted structures.

The Freshwater Lakes Subdivision: This project was completed in 2003, with the
construction of 32 single family homes, sold and occupied in the Northwest
Neighborhood. Punch list and warranty items are currently being corrected by the
contractor on the final eight units.

The Mayor’s Infill Program:        Using a $1.5 million loan from the Canadian
Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), the Economic and Community Development
Department (ECD) will assist two developers to build up to 30 new single-family
homes at affordable workforce prices within the CRA districts.

On October 7, 2002, the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
(CRA) selected White Oak and Integrity Building Contractors as developers to
construct new homes in the Northwest Neighborhood and Pleasant City
Neighborhood.      White Oak has partnered with the Northwest Communities
Development Partnership, Inc. who will find eligible homebuyers and arrange the
sales. Integrity Building Contractors has partnered with the Housing Partnership for
the same purpose.

The City will provide the lots at no cost to low and moderate-income homebuyers as
an incentive to purchase these new homes. Fifty-one percent of the homes will be
built with prices ranging from $75,000 to $95,000 for low and moderate-income

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

households. ECD will provide down payment assistance of $20,000 or more, based
on federal guidelines. Forty-nine percent of the homes may be sold at market rate.

International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Planning Implementation
Strategy:     IEDC was invited to the City, through an Economic Development
Agency grant, in the initial phase of preparing a City-wide Economic Development
Strategy. This is a preeminent national non-profit professional organization, which
provides peer-consultancy to local governments. They consulted for five days with
community leaders, department directors, staff and non-profit organizations including
those representing the Northwest Neighborhood. They presented the Preliminary
Findings on September 12, 2002 before the City Commission.

       Goal 1:       Establish a community-wide vision.

       Goal 2:       Help small businesses succeed.

       Goal 3:       Develop a comprehensive business marketing and attraction

       Goal 4:       Raise city capacity and coordination for economic development.

       Goal 5:       Increase the capacity of community-based nonprofit
                     organizations to provide affordable housing, business and
                     community development services.

       Goal 6:       Strengthen year-round tourism economy.

Officer Next Door: Abandoned, dilapidated properties located in the current Target
Area (29th St- 59th St./Broadway – Pinewood) possessing unpaid City liens and no
other encumbrances are offered 60% of current PAPA appraised value in exchange
for forgiving City liens. If accepted, the City purchases the property and it becomes a
candidate for sworn West Palm Beach Police Officers agreeing to reside in the
property for three years following issuance of Certificate of Occupancy, coupled with
a deed restriction mandating sale to an owner-occupant. A second mortgage in favor
of the City is recorded for the amount of the purchase price paid by the City should
the officer sell the property within the three-year period.

The first property has been conveyed to a qualified sworn officer on November 8,
2002. The property requires major rehabilitation, which is in progress. Two
additional properties have been acquired and two are pending closing.

Land Use Strategy: The City does not have a Property Management Division. To fill
this gap, the Economic and Community Development Department has taken the lead
role with a team formed by representatives from ECD, City Attorney’s office,


Construction Services, Finance, Historic Preservation and the Mayor’s office.
Meetings are held each Tuesday morning to determine acquisition and disposition
goals. The City has received 21 surplused properties from Palm Beach County and
is to receive 26 more properties in 2003. In addition, the City is aggressively
pursuing the acquisition of additional vacant lots on which it plans to build affordable
workforce housing. This requires a continuous flow of acquisition and disposition of
properties in a timely manner. Properties are acquired through forfeitures, City lien
foreclosures, demolitions, satisfaction of liens, quiet title action and closings to
transfer ownership, purchases at tax sales and donations from Palm Beach County.
Properties so acquired are then declared surplus by the City Commission and placed
into existing Mayor’s Housing In-Fill Programs, based on location, such as:

                  CIBC Downtown/Pleasant City CRA In-Fill Housing
                  Coleman Park In-Fill Housing
                  Officer/Teacher Next Door

Those acquired properties that are not geographically located in an established
program are listed for sale on Multiple Listing Service and sold to the highest offer
rendered. Sales are conditioned upon performance measures and owner-occupancy
requirements. Eight such properties are under agreement pending closing. Those
acquired properties consisting of unbuildable lots or slivers will be conveyed to
adjacent owners at nominal/no cost.

Thus far, contracts to convey 10 properties are pending closing amounting to
estimated revenue of $164,000, while two closed late 2002 generating $25,000 in
revenue. During this Fiscal Year, it is anticipated that 12 additional sales may occur
with estimated revenues of $120,000. All revenues so generated will be placed into
a Revolving Loan Fund for the purpose of acquiring additional properties via the
methods described above.

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH


Division:   Economic Development

1.    Goal:
      Evaluate and recommend programs that will stimulate the economic vitality of
      the City of West Palm Beach and that will lower unemployment and

      a.    Continuously survey existing conditions and identify those
            circumstances that threaten the economic competitiveness of West
            Palm Beach.

      b.    Maintain a consistent, continuing, and active communication link
            between the City and community based development organizations.

      c.    To provide professional consulting and technical assistance services to
            eligible businesses owners or prospective business owners and the
            creation and/or retention of permanent jobs for low to moderate
            income persons.

      Implementation Measures:
      1.    Assistant City Administrator and a staff person from the Economic and
            Community Development Department were appointed to monitor and
            respond to certain code enforcement and maintenance issues related
            to Clematis Street.

      2.    Economic and Community Development staff was assigned to monitor
            code enforcement and maintenance issues related to the following
            commercial districts and corridors: Northwood Business District, Dixie
            Highway (North & South) Broadway Avenue, Tamarind Avenue.

      3.    Economic and Community Development staff was assigned to
            administer the City/County partnership for the Palm Beach County
            Development Regions Grant Program.

      4.    Economic and Community Development staff was assigned to refer
            persons to the Palm Beach County Resource Center to receive
            business technical assistance services and to monitor the progress of
            such services.


     Performance Measures:
           • Monitor the commercial corridors on a weekly basis; prepare
              maintenance update sheet that will be disseminated to the
              appropriate City departments. The commercial corridors were
              monitored and maintenance update sheet were prepared until the
              primary issues were addressed.
           • Meet with the business associations on a monthly basis to act as a
              liaison for the City.
           • Assist 10 businesses to apply for the Palm Beach County
              Development Regions Grant Program.             There were seven
              businesses processed thru BRIC; two applications were processed
              from the Downtown CRA; two applications were processed from
              the Northwood/Pleasant CRA; and three applications were
              processed from the S. Dixie Corridor.
           • Apply to the Federal Economic Development Administration for
              grant funding to capitalize a revolving loan pool. The grant was
              approved and the revolving loan pool is a goal for ’03-04 FY.

           • Establish the Revolving Loan Pool in partnership with the Treasure
              Coast Regional Planning Council.
           • Assist 5 businesses to apply for the Palm Beach County
              Development Regions Grant Program.
           • Establish the Business Loan Fund of the Palm Beaches, Inc.
              activity to provide loans and financial/management training to small
              businesses starting or expanding a business in West Palm Beach.
           • Implementation of a Facade Program through the City’s Small
              Business Division to provide improvements to the exterior of
              businesses in the City.
           • Provision of business development assistance and related
              management/technical assistance training for job creation and/or
              retention through the Palm Beach County Resource Center.

2.   Goal:
     Create a climate conducive to successes for smaller and disadvantaged
     enterprises through small business advocacy, increased access to affordable
     capital resources, and responsive local government.

     a.    Link small businesses with public and private sources of capital and
           technical assistance through agencies such as the Business Loan
           Fund of the Palm Beaches, Small Business Administration, Small
           Business Development Center at Florida Atlantic University, Minority
           Business Development Center, and the Palm Beach County Business
           Incubator in West Palm Beach.

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

      b.    Support initiatives that will renew healthy market forces in urban
            neighborhoods. Healthy market forces are characterized by a steady
            flow of investment, development activity, and job and labor force skills
            growth that benefit existing residents.

      Performance Measures:
            • Implementation of a Micro Loan Program that will provide training in
               financial literacy and business management skills to a minimum of
               100 eligible small businesses and prospective small business
               owners and disperse a minimum of 30 loans ranging from $500 to

Division:   Community Development

3.    Goal:
      Improve and maintain the affordable housing stock by providing financial,
      construction, and technical assistance to income eligible households who own
      and occupy houses in the jurisdiction. Assist with the CIBC project in the
      northwest. Assist with the Coleman Park Infill Housing Project.

      a.    Perform timely intake of applications for assistance and determination
            of client eligibility.

      b.    Undertake housing inspections, prepare work write-ups and related
            documents for solicitation of bids, and coordinate bid process.

      c.    Coordinate the rehabilitation of deteriorated single-family houses
            owned and occupied by income eligible households on both a non-
            emergency and emergency basis where there is a threat to the health
            and safety of occupants.

      d.    Monitor the construction of new housing and ensure that federal and
            local housing quality standards are met.

      e.    Process draw and payment requests, change orders and bid
            awards in a timely manner.

      f.    Publish solicitations for new contractors.

      g.    Implement system to review the performance of participant contractors.


     h.     Monitor participant clients for compliance with mortgage and
            occupancy requirements.

     Performance Measures:
           • Complete 100 rehabilitations. There were 47 rehabilitations
              completed. There were four homes located in the “Front Porch”
              retrofitted fro wind damage protection.
              The purpose was to complete the rehab cases that had been on the
              list for extremely long time. An inordinate amount of time was spent
              on correcting very old rehab cases and bringing them to closure. In
              addition, once staff contacted many of the older cases they were
              not appropriate for the program and were denied.

            • Complete 80 rehabilitations, including 5+ homes to be retrofitted in
               the “Front Porch” district for wind damage protection.

            • Complete 80 rehabilitations. “Front Porch” retrofit funds have not
               been allocated for this fiscal year. If allocated, 5 houses will be

4.   Goal:
     Provide eligible public services to lower income residents of the City through
     non-profit organizations.

     a.    The provision of comprehensive housing counseling.

     b.     The provision of comprehensive financial and debt management
            counseling services.

     c.     The provision of youth leadership development services.

     d.     The provision of transitional housing services.

     e.     The provision of emergency food/related supportive services.

     f.     The provision of fair housing services to lower income persons and fair
            housing education to housing industry groups.

     g.     The establishment and monitoring of service providers’ contractual
            relationships with the City and the provision of necessary technical

                           CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

     Performance Measures:
           • Assist 300 people through various public service activities. There
              were 880 people assisted with public services.

           • Assist 400 people through various public service activities.

           • Assist 500 people through various public service activities.

5.   Goal:
     Provide affordable housing to income eligible households making the
     transition from renting to home ownership.

     a.    Establish working agreements with local lenders who will contact us
           when they have first time homebuyers that require down payment and
           closing cost assistance. The bank will package and underwrite the
           loan and handle transactions with the buyer.

     b.    Provide financial assistance to income eligible households for up to
           $20,000 in down payment and closing costs to purchase a home within
           the City limits. This activity will be carried out using HOME and SHIP

     c.    At this time, the City is working with local realtors to acquire vacant
           properties from private owners. It is anticipated that the City will utilize
           a non-profit agency, serving as a CHDO under the HOME Program, to
           implement the Project.

     d.    Leverage the $300,000 DCA grant for the Coleman Park Infill Housing
           Project and increase the number of homes to be built for eligible low
           and moderate-income homebuyers.

     Performance Measures:

           • Produce 14 loans with down payment assistance for eligible
              homebuyers. Loans were provided for 14 eligible homebuyers.

           • Produce 14 loans with down payment assistance for eligible
           • Gain site control over 20 lots in the Coleman Park Neighborhood.


            • Produce 40 loans with down payment assistance for eligible
            • Construct 15 new homes in the Coleman Park Neighborhood.

6.   Goal:
     Programmatically dispose of current inventory of acquired properties and
     those properties acquired in the Fiscal Year in accordance with strategic
     direction provided by the Land Use Strategy Team.

     a.    Officer Next Door: Convey five properties to eligible officers in target

     b.     Sell nine general public eligible properties at highest prices possible
            while meeting time performance and single-family owner-occupied

     Performance Measures:
              • Officer Next Door: First property conveyed November 2002.
              • Disposition of acquired real estate: All 9 listed real estate under
                 contract (pending closing) at or above listing prices.

               • Officer Next Door: Convey four properties to eligible officers in
                  target area.
               • Sell all general public eligible properties at highest prices
                  possible while meeting time performance and single-family
                  owner-occupied objectives.

               • Officer Next Door: Expand program beyond target area
                  conveying four properties to eligible officers.
               • Sell all general public eligible properties at highest prices
                  possible while meeting time performance and single-family
                  owner-occupied objectives.

7.   Goal:
     Promote long-term comprehensive strategies for meeting the housing needs
     and provisions of supportive services necessary for persons and their families
     living with HIV/AIDS and related diseases in Palm Beach County.

                      CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

a.    The development and administration of an annual Request for
      Proposal for service providers and to provide a plan that will achieve
      the goals and objectives established by the Mayor and the City

b.    The establishment and monitoring of service providers’ contractual
      relationships with the City and the provision of necessary technical
      assistance. Include new policies established by the Mayor and the
      City Commission in 2002.

c.    The performance of proper administrative oversight and tracking of
      funding allocations and expenditures of service providers.

d.    The provision of direct housing assistance, including lease and rental
      assistance, and supportive services to persons with HIV/AIDS and
      their families.

e.    The preparation of required progress reports.

f.    The processing of invoices, payment             requests   and   budget
      amendments for service providers.

g.    The coordination of efforts with the HIV Care Council by adherence to
      its priorities and funding recommendations in order to increase
      efficiency and eliminate the duplication of services.

Performance Measures:
      •     Assist 1,435 persons and family members with HOPWA
            housing. This goal was reached with 1,435 persons and family
            members served.

      •     Assist 1,450 persons and family members with HOPWA

      •     Approval of the 2003-2004 Agreements by City Commission.
      •     Assist 1,475 persons and families with HOPWA funds.
      •     MIS Factors Project for providers
      •     Unit cost analysis
      •     Housing summit
      •     Housing needs assessment implementation


8.   Goal:
     Support affordable housing to be developed, sponsored or owned by
     Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs).

     a.    Provide technical assistance and funding to locally certified CHDOs for
           the development of affordable housing for income-eligible households.

     Performance Measures:
           •     Advertise a Request for Proposal for two CHDOs for the
                 development of affordable housing. There were five (5) new
                 CHDO’s certified in 2001-2002.

            •     Enter into Project Agreements for the development of affordable
                  housing to be developed, sponsored or owned by the City’s six
                  locally certified CHDOs.

            •     Completion of the six CHDO projects as noted above.
            •     Enter into Project Agreements for future affordable housing
                  initiatives to be developed, sponsored or owned by locally
                  certified CHDOs as available funding permits.
            •     Evaluation of each locally certified CHDO’s performance for re-
                  certification as a CHDO under the City’s HOME program.

9.   Goal:
     Prepare the 2003-2004 Consolidated Plan and application for the U.S.
     Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for over $6,000,000
     in federal funds for the CDBG, HOME and HOPWA Programs.

     a.    Provide a plan that will achieve the goals and objectives established by
           the Mayor and City Commission in the Five-Year Consolidated Plan

     b.     Include the new economic development strategies and policies
            established by the Mayor, the City Commission and the Community
            Redevelopment Agency in 2002.

     Performance Measures:

               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

•     Advertise a Request for Proposal for two CHDOs for the
      development of affordable housing.
•     NBDC Model Block II and the Mayor’s Infill Housing Project with
      Northwest Community Development Partnership for the
      development of affordable housing were launched in 2001-

•     Enter into Project Agreements for the development of affordable
      housing to be developed, sponsored or owned by the City’s six
      locally certified CHDOs.

•     Approval of the 2003-2004 Consolidated Plan by City
      Commission and HUD.
•     Approval of the 2003-2004 Annual Performance Report by


                       City of West Palm Beach
     Planning Department

The mission of the Planning Department is to steer the City toward a sustainable,
livable, and economically successful future through every means available to it. The
Planning Department provides for the comprehensive review and approval of all
development within the City of West Palm Beach. In addition, the Department is
responsible for current and long-range land use and transportation planning,
neighborhood revitalization, downtown redevelopment, historic preservation and


Reporting to the City Administrator and the Mayor, the Planning Department is
responsible for the implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the
enforcement of the Downtown Master Plan, Historic Preservation Ordinance, and
Zoning Codes. The Department also strives to maintain positive working relationships
with the City’s residents, the general public, and the development community, as well
as with the State, regional governmental agencies and the County. To fulfill the
mission stated above, the Department takes a pro-active role in changing codes,
regulations, practices, etc. so that development occurs in a manner consistent with
the City’s vision of a sustainable community.


In general, the City is rapidly moving forward toward its goal of becoming a great
City, within which to live, work and play. Already West Palm Beach is recognized
nationally for its efforts and business climate.

Residential Development interest within the City remains strong. The City’s Housing
Incentive Program continues to attract residential development within the downtown,
and bring attention to the City as a place to live. As the current Incentive Program
matures we anticipate a shift in the direction of attainable Housing.

The proposed new City Hall should trigger significant development interest on
Banyan Boulevard and within the Northwest Neighborhood.

The City’s investment in Clematis Street and CityPlace is paying off, and the City
needs to continue to strategically invest in its future. The new City Hall and Library
projects are anticipated to contribute significantly to the City’s success and
redevelopment efforts. In addition, the Banyan Waterfront Project should jump start
activation of the Waterfront and significantly benefit Clematis Street retail.

                               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

The market has responded to supply the upper ends of the Housing Supply for the
downtown and several neighborhoods near the downtown. A lack of production of
affordable housing in both the moderate and low income markets, commonly the
‘worker’ housing, will continue to challenge the City. Strategies will be sought to help
diversify the housing base in the City and within each housing project.

As growth continues, the City should look toward capitalizing on transit to alleviate
the modal burdens of growth. Plans should make the most of existing transit
investments as well as seeking opportunities for growth in the transportation network.
The future of the City depends on sustainable densities based on a variety of transit

Besides the Downtown, Planning has focused on redevelopment strategies within
the neighborhoods. Plans have been completed for the Northwood Business District,
Currie Corridor, Broadway, Pleasant City, South Dixie Corridor, and the Northwest
Neighborhood. Planning is currently focused on the Greater Northwest area,
including Coleman Park, Roosevelt Estates, Pleasant City and the Northwest

The Planning Department’s focus during the fiscal year will be as follows:

1)     Continued Implementation of the Residential Incentive Program.

2)     Development of a new City Hall.

3)     Working with the architect for the new Library to develop a final plan for that

4)     Development of a Waterfront Master Plan.

5)     Development of the Greater Northwest Neighborhood Master Plan.

6)     Assistance to neighborhoods.

7)     Transportation, traffic calming and TCEA planning and implementation.

Our general goal is to make West Palm Beach a great place for people and families
to live, work and play.



     Division:          Planning Administration

     1.       Goal:
              Build a new City Hall replacement.


              a.        Continue to gain public input and consensus about City Hall Project.

              b.        Acquire property for new City Hall.

              c.        Contract for facility designer and construction

Selected Performance                 FY 2002                   FY 2003                   FY 2004
Measures                              Actual                   Estimate                   Target
Acquire property for new           Agreement on             Ownership of property     Work on additional
City Hall                         Acquisition cont.                                   redevelopment in

Initiate planning and            Program Updated        Select Architect Contract        Complete A/E
design work                                             Architectural/Engineering         documents.
                                                                Services.                 Commence
                                                               Begin work                Construction

     2.       Goal:
              Build a new Library.

              a.    Continue Architecture/Engineering Documentation.

              b.        Continue Fundraising. Threshold presentations of progress

              c.        Commence Construction

Selected Performance               FY 2002                  FY 2003                       FY 2004
Measures                            Actual                 Estimate                        Target
Planning & design work          Select Architect          Contract for              Continue construction
for new Library                  (Completed)           design/commence

Fundraising                       Initiate fund       Commitments for 15               Coordination of
                               raising campaign       Million from private          Library donations with
                                                             sector                   construction costs

                                  CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

   3.     Goal:
          Complete design for new Waterfront from bridge to bridge.

          a.    Conceptual drawings/ initial designs for City waterfront.

                                           FY 2002          FY 2003            FY 2004
    Selected Performance Measures           Actual          Estimate            Target

                                        Overall Master     planning of      Implementation
    Designs for City waterfront           Plan for          downtown          of detailed
                                         Waterfront        stretches of          plans

   4.     Goal
          Development of a Comprehensive “Greater Northwest” neighborhood plan.

          a.    Continue individual detailed neighborhood plans (i.e. Coleman Park,
                Pleasant City, etc).

          b.     Combine all neighborhood plans to create the whole Comprehensive

Selected Performance        FY 2002                   FY 2003                     FY 2004
Measures                     Actual                  Estimate                      Target
Greater Northwest    Establish goal to         Develop Master          Implement components
Comprehensive Plan   necessity for             Plans to coordinate     of plans at a
                     Comprehensive             overall strategy for    neighborhood scale and
                     Vision                    the 5                   at a district scale


  Division:   Planning

  5.    Goal:
        Implementation of Neighborhood Master Plans.

        a.    Adopt new regulations for the Broadway Corridor

                                   FY 2003                     FY 2004
Selected Performance         Process Future Land Use        Implement new
Measure                      amendment and rezoning           Regulations

        b.    Create and adopt new regulations for Pleasant City

                                     FY 2003                  FY 2004
Selected Performance           Complete the project          Amend the
Measure                        sheets and craft new        Comprehensive
                                zoning regulations        Planning & Zoning

        c.    Amend the Northwood/Pleasant City Community Redevelopment Plan

                                       FY 2003                 FY 2004
Selected Performance              Amend the plan to
Measure                        incorporate the project
                             sheets, findings and goals      Implement the
                                from NMUD, CMUD,               CRA Plan
                              Broadway and Pleasant

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

 6.    Goal:
       Revisit the City’s Annexation Strategy

       a.    Incorporate the recommendations of the Annexation Study into City

                                      FY 2003                           FY 2004
Selected Performance         Obtain completed study from
Measure                         consultant, formulate
                                recommendations for          Act on direction of Commission
                                 presentation to City

 7.    Goal:
       Provide accurate zoning information in an accessible format.

       a.    Make zoning and land use maps accessible on-line.

                                           FY 2003                         FY 2004
Selected Performance            Re-create the City’s zoning and
                                                                     Update maps and
Measure                       land maps in the City’s Geographic
                                                                    website as necessary
                                     Information System

       b.     Make Zoning code available on-line.

                                            FY 2003                        FY 2004
Selected Performance            Coordinate with the Attorney’s
                                                                      Update as necessary
Measure                           Office to make the zoning
                                                                       and create links on
                               regulations available through the
                                 Municipal Code Corporation

       c.     Make applications and petition information available on-line.

                                          FY 2003                          FY 2004
Selected Performance          Improve and update the Planning
Measure                        Department’s information on the          Maintain website
                                         web site


  8.    Goal:
        Make the Zoning Code easier to interpret and more consistent with the City’s

        a.    Create and adopt new Citywide architectural standards

                                               FY 2003                       FY 2004
Selected Performance              Amend the code to incorporate
Measure                       architectural regulations and a process

        b.    Amend the code to incorporate administrative interpretations

                                               FY 2003                        FY 2004
                                                                        Continue to identify
Selected Performance
                              Amend Articles I, IX, X, XVI, and XIV     and implement code

Division:     Historic Preservation

  9.    Goal:
        To increase the public’s knowledge of restoration techniques and Historic
        Preservation Board policies, and to clarify and update the policies and
        procedures of the Historic Preservation program.

        a.    Hold a workshop on window repair.

        b.    Revise the Design Guidelines Handbook.

        c.    Develop informational brochures.

        d.    Revise the Historic Preservation Ordinance.

        e.    Write articles for neighborhood associations on rehabilitation and
              preservation issues.

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                                                    FY 2002       FY 2003           FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                        Actual       Estimate           Target
Revise Design Guidelines Handbook                     15%           75%              100%

Develop brochure on Additions                        100%             -                -

Revise brochure on New Construction to               100%             -                -
include Demolitions and Relocation

Revise Ordinance                                     100%             -                -

Write Articles for Neighborhood Associations          2               3               4

 10.     Goal:
         To make the visiting public more aware of the City’s historic and architectural
         resources and neighborhoods.

         a.    Develop walking, biking and/or driving tours

         b.     Encourage the erection of Historic markers.

 Selected Performance                FY 2002          FY 2003             FY 2004
 Measures                             Actual          Estimate             Target
 Develop tour brochures                 0                 2                  4

 Erect historic markers                  2                  2                4

 11.     Goal:
         To encourage the continued use, preservation and revitalization of historic
         buildings in the downtown area by implementation of the Transfer
         Development Rights (TDR) program.

         a.    Meet with property owners to explain program

         b.     Designate TDR eligible properties

         c.     Perform preservation inspection of designated properties


            Selected Performance            FY 2002        FY 2003        FY 2004
            Measures                         Actual       Estimated        Target
            Meet with property owners to       2              5              8
            explain program

            Designate properties                 0            3              4

            Inspection of properties             0            3              4

Division:       Transportation

12.   Goal
      Adjust or derive transportation policies, programs, codes, services, etc. in
      keeping with the Transportation Vision. Supports strategic goals 1 through 6.

      a.    Coordinate City’s planning goals into State projects (Olive Ave., Dixie
            Hwy, Royal Palm Bridge).

      b.        Monitor and assist the planning of public transportation, including
                routes, shelters, and other transit amenities.

      c.        Develop counter site plans for safe site circulation & pedestrian/bicycle

      d.        Design & Implement Traffic Calming Citywide and develop strategies
                to address landscaping, prioritization, and other related issues.

      e.        Monitor & Implement requirements of the transportation concurrency
                exception area (TCEA) of the transportation element (comprehensive

                               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Selected Performance            FY 2002                  FY 2003           FY 2004
Measures                         Actual                  Estimate           Target
                                                    Public meetings and    Ongoing
State Projects          Public Meetings & input

                        Develop transit shelter

                        Develop “transit impact
                          fee” ordinance for
                           transit facilities,
                           equipment, and
                             requirements               Implement
Public Transportation                                                      Ongoing
                            Apply for and
                         implement transit
                        shelter development
                             through the
                        Metropolitan Planning
                         Bus Shelter Grant

                           Prepare plans as          Prepare plans as
Counter Site Plans                                                         Ongoing
                               needed                    needed

                                                       Priorites as
                        Priorities as established
Traffic Calming                                      established by        Ongoing
                        by Mayor/Commission

                         Install Bicycle parking
                                                     Maintain bicycle
                           facilities within the
                                                     parking facilities.
Concurrency Exception                                                      Ongoing
Area (TCEA)              Develop & Implement
                           the Transportation
                                                    Support TMI efforts
                         Management initiative
                                                      and activities
                        for the downtown (TMI)


 13.   Goal:
       Adjust or derive transportation policies, programs, codes, services, etc. in
       keeping with the Transportation Vision. Supports strategic goals 1 through 6.

       a.    Create a system of street types.

       b.        Revise the City Code & Zoning Code, accordingly, relative to the
                 Transportation Vision.

       c.        Revise the Truck Route Map.

Selected Performance                       FY 2002           FY 2003          FY 2004
Measures                                    Actual           Estimate          Target

                                          Draft Street      Draft Street      Ongoing
  Street Types
                                         Type System       Type System

  City Code/ Zoning Code                   Public            Public           Ongoing
                                          Workshops         Workshops

                                          Approve            Approve          Ongoing
  Truck Route Map
                                         Amendment          Amendment

 Division:       Urban Design

 14.   Goal:
       To create a great city by raising the quality level of design. Supports strategic
       goal 5 by adding a level of predictability and guidance.

       a.    Create Design Guidelines for Downtown.

                                        FY 2002            FY 2003          FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures            Actual            Estimate          Target

                                                                         Study alternative
                                      guidelines as
                                                                       policies to housing
                                      applied from            Track
                                                                         for adoption as
Refine Guidelines Review               Residential          Program
                                                                        incentive zoning,
                                        Incentive        effectiveness
                                                                           or continue

                             CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

15.   Goal:
      Create a successful Residential Incentive Program for the Downtown that
      produces at least 2,000 units of Market Rate Housing.

      a.    Develop the Incentive Program (Done)

      b.     Release RFP (Done)

      c.     Review responses and move acceptable responses to approval

      d.     Facilitate Incentive Program (Ongoing)

      e.     Research attainable Housing policy in other municipalities.

      f.     Propose modifications to the residential incentive program to include
             attainable Housing policy.

  Selected Performance                 FY 2002        FY 2003         FY 2004
  Measures                              Actual        Estimate         Target

  Completion of all Residential      Responses        Responses
  Incentive Program documents        Reviewed         Reviewed

  Number of projects approved for
                                      613 units       1,000 units   Target > 2,000


16.   Goal:
      Create a successful Transfer Development Rights (TDR) Program for the
      Downtown that preserves historic structures, open spaces, and landscape
      material that may be at risk for demolition because of land use.

      a.    Develop the TDR Program (done)

      b.     Propose policy and implement program (done)

      c.     Review responses and move acceptable responses to approval

      d.     Facilitate TDR Program (ongoing)

  Selected Performance                 FY 2002        FY 2003         FY 2004
  Measures                              Actual        Estimate         Target

                                       Research                       Measure
  Completion of all TDR Program                       Implement
                                       and draft                      Program
  documents                                             policy
                                        policy                      Effectiveness

                                                       Measure        Propose
                                                     Effectiveness continuance of
  Select transfer areas and program   Select areas
                                                          and         policy or
                                                      marketing     adjustments



                        City of West Palm Beach
          Police Department

To maintain a partnership with the Citizens of West Palm Beach in a common cause
of superior service and protection to the community. To be vigilant and courageous in
our pursuit of justice. To preserve and defend the constitution and enforce the law
with compassion, resolve and strength of character. To respect human dignity and
maintain the public trust with integrity and honesty. To serve with pride and
commitment, and to mirror that nobility in our personal lives.


The Police Department serves the citizens of West Palm Beach by providing
uniformed officers to proactively patrol the City and respond to calls for service
through the Patrol Division; Follow up investigation on crimes through the Criminal
Investigations Division; development and coordination of community partnerships
and neighborhood enhancement through the Community Services Division; pro-
active investigations of narcotic violations, prostitution and innovative police response
through the Special Investigations Division; traffic investigation and enforcement,
canine, helicopter and water vessel support through the Special Services section;
and response from Police, Fire and Medics to requests from citizens for emergency
and non-emergency requests through Dispatch Operations.


The Department is continuously reviewing its structure and deployment, and is a
dynamic organization. The present zone structure and geographical boundaries are
reviewed to provide more efficient and effective service.

The Department provides enhanced levels of law enforcement in the form of
community policing innovations supported by the Downtown Business District within
the City CRA, because of the growth and redevelopment in this area.

In order to ensure that sworn officers are performing duties commensurate with their
positions, the Department continues to review several areas to be considered for
civilian positions.

Increased emphasis on quality of life issues, within the neighborhoods remains a
priority for the Department with special interest on open-air drug markets, prostitution,
and traffic enforcement.

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

We will continue to aggressively seek State and Federal Funds to maintain existing
programs/positions, such as:

•      Truancy Interdiction Youth Resource and Crisis Counselors.

•      Auto Theft funding through the State.

•      Weed and Seed Program which continues to provide funding for Multi Agency
       Law Enforcement Details, Safe Haven, and Community Restoration.

•      Community Court - which house other social services.

•      Police Athletic League and Juvenile programs


Division:     Support Services

1.     Goal:
       Provide and administer police support services in an efficient, equitable and
       effective manner.

       a.    To collect and retrieve all information in accordance with Florida
             Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) guidelines.

       b.     To create a Crime Analysis unit to enhance statistical reporting and
              public service.

       c.     To coordinate the career development and education of department

       d.     To conduct in-house training programs, mandatory re-certifications.

       e.     Ensure compliance with FDLE requirements that all sworn officers
              receive the minimum of 20 hours of annual training.

       f.     To maintain compliance, tracking and reporting state, federal, and local
              grant funds.

       g.     Store and manage property and evidence.


                                                 FY 2002      FY 2003         FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                     Actual      Estimate         Target
Workloads/ Outputs
Review and track criminal police reports         39,481        41,000          42,300
Grant Quarterly Reports                            72            60              64
Answer requests for Public Safety
                                                  3,175         3225            3,225
Property/ Evidence cases received                11,612        12,525          13,400

All Training hours for Sworn Officers             8,560         6,000           6,000

Division:      Building Maintenance

2.     Goal:
       To provide general building maintenance including painting, minor repair and
       custodial cleaning of the Police Administration Building complex and parking

       a.    To conduct daily inspections of the Police Administration Complex and
             Parking garage ensuring the building is maintained in a safe and
             secure environment.

       b.      To respond to all calls for service relating to building maintenance.

       c.      To coordinate outside contractors to provide maintenance and service
               to areas beyond internal capabilities.

                                                 FY 2002     FY 2003         FY 2004
 Selected Performance Measures                    Actual     Estimate         Target

 Workloads/ Outputs
 Daily Inspections                                260           260             260

 In-house Service Calls                           1,080        1085            1085

 Coordination of Outside Projects and
                                                   82            85             85

                                    CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

  Division:       Dispatch

  3.      Goal:
          To provide efficient and professional dispatch of emergency and non-
          emergency Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services for the residents of
          West Palm Beach.

          a.    To respond to 911 calls within the established time criteria.

          b.      To assist in the timely dispatch and response of medical requests for
                  service within 8 minutes as mandated by Palm Beach County EMS
                  Services ordinance.

          c.      To provide in-service training to dispatch personnel quarterly.

          d.      To obtain and maintain Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD)
                  certification for all dispatch personnel.

          e.      Maintain communications with downtown business and citizen on
                  patrol groups through the Eye Watch Program.

          f.      To obtain and maintain Florida Department of Law Enforcement
                  (FDLE) certification.

                                                      FY 2002     FY 2003           FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                          Actual    Estimated           Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Total Calls                                           594,337     609,195           610,000

Total 911 Calls                                       130,984     134,255           135,000

Total Police Incidents Dispatched                     175,768     180,162           183,000

Total Fire/ Medical Incidents Dispatched              12,495       12,807           13,000

Answer 911 calls within 10 seconds of initial
                                                      94.1%         95%              95%

Dispatch of Fire/ EMS calls within one
                                                      94.5%         95%              95%


Fund:         Criminal Investigations - Auto Theft

4.      Goal:
        Prevent, combat and reduce motor vehicle theft in the City of West Palm
        Beach through improvement and support of enforcement, prosecution and
        administration of motor vehicle theft laws.

        a.    To work with other law enforcement agencies and insurance
              companies to decrease the rate of reported auto thefts and to expedite
              the recovery.

        b.    To conduct covert investigations on auto theft suspects.

        c.    To provide training to officers, crime scene personnel and support staff.

        d.    To conduct crime prevention sessions for community, neighborhood
              and business organizations.

        e.    Conduct VIN etching rallies to engrave vehicle identification numbers
              on vehicles.

                                                FY 2002       FY 2003        FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                    Actual       Estimate        Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Auto Thefts Reported                             1,198          1,138         1,200

W.P.B. Auto Thefts Recovered                      1054          1024          1,050

TOTAL Auto Thefts Recovered                       1557          1479          1,500

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Fund:           Weed & Seed Grant – Department of Justice, Multi Agency Law
                Enforcement Unit

5.      Goal:
        To eliminate violent crime in the Weed and Seed targeted area.

        a.    To conduct vehicle safety inspections.

        b.      To identify and target violent career criminals.

        c.      To place known felons found in possession of firearms into the Federal
                Trigger-lock Program.

                                               FY 2002        FY 2003    FY 2004
     Selected Performance Measures              Actual        Estimate    Target

     Workloads/ Outputs
     # of Vehicle Safety Inspections               4               4        4

     Felony Arrests                               300              300     300

     Misdemeanor Arrests                          600              600     600

     Arrests on Outstanding Warrants              300              300     300

     Arrests on Charges of Prostitution           150              150     150


Fund:         Weed & Seed Grant – Safe Haven Project

6.      Goal:
        To expand Safe Haven programming and participation to address educational
        disparities, enhance the physical appearance of the expanded weed and seed
        neighborhood and educate residents on the need for citizen involvement in
        their community.

           a. Organize and establish Safe Havens and programming in the targeted

           b. Partner with existing organizations to better serve the residents of the
              targeted area.

           c. Disseminate a community newsletter.

           d. Organize and implement community cleanup projects.

           e. Organize and implement after-school programming for youth in the
              targeted area and reduce truancy of at-risk youth.

                                                 FY 2002      FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                     Actual      Estimate      Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Number of Residents Served                        11,724       12,000       12,500

Develop new partnerships (resulting in Safe
Haven activity)                                     22           25           15

Dissemination of Quarterly Newsletter              1,500        2,500        3,000

Community Clean-up Projects                         17           20           22

Establish Homeowners Associations                    1            7            3

After-school tutorial project (number served)      1,214        1,500        1,700

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:     Patrol

7.     Goal:
       Effectively suppress crime and reduce the opportunity for crime. To
       apprehend those responsible for crime and ensure successful prosecution.
       To improve the quality of life for all citizens and to promptly and effectively
       respond to all calls for service.

       a.    Be a proactive Patrol Division utilizing the Problem Oriented Policing
             philosophy to address ongoing problems.

       b.     Deploy manpower within appropriate areas based on meaningful and
              accurate crime statistics.

       c.     Continue      funding      for   the    S.T.O.P.      II   (Specialized
              Traffic Oriented Policing) program.

       d.      Remain committed to unbiased base policing.

       e.     Utilize added police presence, environmental prevention measures,
              legal initiatives and the use of social services to deal with
              homelessness, prostitution and panhandlers.

                                                FY 2002      FY 2003        FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                    Actual      Estimate        Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Respond to calls for service                    79,917        86,000        95,000

Requests for Police Security (Off-Duty)          8,000           8,000       9,000

Business and Citizen Contacts                   36,999        38,000        38,000

Respond to Traffic Accident Scenes               2,400           2,600       2,600


Division:      Special Services

8.      Goal: Provide Special Police and Public Safety Services such as Canine,
        Motorcycle, Accident Investigation, Aviation and School Crossing Guards.

        a.    Protect the City’s water supply by patrolling the water catchment area
              and arresting persons illegally entering and dumping in the catchment

        b.     Respond to requests for air searches.

        c.     Conduct in-depth enforcement and problem solving for areas in the
               City that are in need of pro-active enforcement.

        d.     Reduce the number of traffic complaints through pro-active traffic
               enforcement by the Motorcycle Unit.

        e.     Investigate motor       vehicle   accidents,   requiring    the   Accident
               Investigation Unit.

        f.     Ensure the safety of children going to and coming from school.

                                                  FY 2002       FY 2003          FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                      Actual       Estimate          Target

Workloads / Outputs
Accident Investigations Assigned                    2,959         3,100           3,100

Calls Responded to by Accident Units                2,202         2,300           2,300

Air Unit (Helicopter) Searches                      367            400            425

Canine Searches                                     148            175            180

                             CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:    Criminal Investigations

9.    Goal:
      Provide in-depth investigation of all statutory crimes that have sufficient leads
      to follow.

      a.     Collect evidence from witnesses and suspects.

       b.     Assign 100% of Felony cases with an average clearance rate of 50%.

       c.     Use the application of scientific instruments, processes and method of
              analysis to discover trace evidence leading to the arrest of
              perpetrators, recovery of property, and the prosecution of offenders.

       d.     Document facts discovered leading to the identification               of
              perpetrators, recovery of property, and prosecution of offenders.


                                                  FY 2002     FY 2003    FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                      Actual     Estimate    Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Homicides Cleared                                  40%          60%       60%

Assigned     Fraud/Forgery         Cases
                                                   17.7%        20%       20%

Assigned Burglary Cases Cleared                    6.6%         15%       15%

Robberies (Business and Street type)                new         30%       30%

Assigned    Sexual    Battery      Cases
                                                   38.8%        40%       40%

Assigned Child Sexual Abuse Cases
                                                   35.4%        50%       50%

Track Registered Sexual Predators
and Offenders in City Limits to                    93.1%        90%       90%
Comply with State Law

Locate Missing Persons & Runaways                  91.8%        90%       90%

Crime Scenes Processed by CSU
                                                   1183         850       900
with Latent Fingerprints Recovered

Crime Scenes Processed by CSU
                                                    405         175       225
with Latent Identifications Made

Latent AFIS Entry Identification                    300         240       275

City Employment Fingerprinting                      850         688       725

Public Occupational Fingerprinting                 2,397        2,441     2,500

Assign reports taken by Teleservers                5,460        6,200     6,300

                                    CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

  Division:       Narcotics

  10.     Goal:
          Suppress illegal narcotic and unlawful vice activity.

          a.    Initiate investigations into illegal narcotic activity, street level and
                trafficking organizations.

          b.      Institute forfeiture actions against property used to further illegal drug
                  activities or purchased with proceeds from illegal drug activities.

          c.      Conduct bi-monthly street prostitution and “john” stings where
                  offenders are offered education programs (PIPE, Prostitution Impact
                  Prevention Education) (PREP, Prostitution Relocation and
                  Enforcement Program) to reduce recidivism.

          d.      Eliminate housing opportunities where narcotic and prostitution
                  activities are located using the Nuisance Abatement ordinance.

          e.      Coordinate drug suppression activities within the departments various
                  divisions along with Federal, State and local agencies.

                                                   FY 2002         FY 2003        FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                       Actual        Estimated        Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Arrests due to Illegal Activities                    159             175             192

Prostitution related arrests                         312             343             377

Weapons seized                                        15             20              25

Narcotics Seized (grams)                           664,007         730,407        803,448

Vehicles Impounded/ Seized                           136             150             165


 Division:       Community Services

 11.     Goal:
         Provide efficient Community/Problem Oriented Policing Crime Prevention
         and Juvenile Services and address quality of life offenses with the
         Neighbor Enhancement Team (NET).

         a.    Coordinate Community/Problem Oriented Policing (C.O.P/P.O.P.).

         b.      Teach Drug Abuses Resistance Education (DARE) and Aggressors
                 Victims and Bystanders (AVB) to school age children in 11 public
                 elementary schools and four private schools.

         c.      Coordinate and administer the volunteer program.

         d.      Coordinate and administer the Citizen Observer Patrol Program

         e.      Conduct the Citizen Police Academy.

         f.      Enforcement of quality of life offenses through arrest and prosecution
                 in Community Court.

         g.      Coordinate teen activities programs with the Teen Partnership
                 Coalition. Safe alternatives to prevent teens loitering in public places.

                                                   FY 2002       FY 2003         FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                       Actual       Estimate         Target

Workloads/ Outputs
# of Volunteers                                      25             25              50
# of Citizen Police Academies held Yearly            2               2              2
DARE/ GREAT School Children Contacts                6000           6,000          6,000
C.O.P. Citizen and Business Contacts Yearly        18,420         19,000         20,000
P.O.P. Projects Initiated                           215             225            225
P.O.P. Projects Resolved                            124             140            150
Citizen Observer Patrols                            250             300            350

Teen Basketball, Friday nights, attendance          1,689          1,700          1,700

Teen Dance/Talent show, Sat nights,
attendance                                          5,720          6,000          6,000

                             CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

12.    Goal:
       Enhance quality of life issues in specific neighborhoods by assigning the
       Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) of uniform and plain clothes police
       personnel. Issues are referred by the Mayor’s Response Team, citizen
       requests, and police initiatives.

       a.    Increase the number of quality of life arrests, specifically community
             court arrests over the next year by 200.

       b.     Increase the number of felony arrests with an emphasis on narcotics
              related offenses over the next year by 25.

       c.     Continue traffic enforcement related activities as necessary and as
              directed by requests from citizens and management in specific
              problem areas.

       d.     To continue joint efforts with our Criminal Apprehension Team (CAT),
              Organized Crime Section (OCS), and Code Enforcement.

                                               FY 2002     FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                   Actual     Estimate      Target

Misdemeanor Arrests (NET )                       990         1,100       1,300

Felony Arrests (NET)                              200         225         250

Specialized Assignments                            40         40           40

Moving Citations                                 1,000       1,100       1,300


13.     Goal:
       Suppress juvenile crime by keeping children in school through the Truancy
       Interdiction Program (TIP).

       a.    Work cooperatively with all involved public service agencies in
             deterring truancy, while acting as a resource for truant children in crisis.

       b.     Ensure parents take charge of, and responsibility for, their truant
              children and follow up cases processed to determine if parents are in
              compliance with Florida State Statutes.

       c.     Prosecute parents who fail to ensure their children attend school.

       d.     Administer the Juvenile First Offenders Program jointly with
              Community Court.

                                                  FY 2002      FY 2003       FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                      Actual      Estimate       Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Referral of Truants by West Palm Bch Police         199           200           200

Referral of Truants by other law agencies           191           200           200

Juvenile First Offenders processed                  108           324           324



                       City of West Palm Beach
              Fire Department

To reduce the level of risk to life, property and the environment that the community
faces through technology of Fire Suppression, Emergency Response, Emergency
Medical Transportation, Fire Inspection, Community Inspection, Public Education,
and Community Outreach.


West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department has evolved into a neighborhood
based, multi discipline, fire and emergency services department, that is currently
structured into ten separate divisions that includes: Administration, Billing
Services, Emergency Management, Equipment Maintenance, Emergency
Medical Services, Fire Prevention, Support Services, Training & Professional
Development, Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team/ Special
Operations and Fire Suppression. The Fire Department provides the following
direct services to all residents and visitors of the City of West Palm Beach, the Town
of Mangonia Park, and selected contractual areas of unincorporated Palm Beach
County, 24 hours a day, 365 days each year, from six City and one Town fire rescue
stations and one apparatus maintenance facility:

       Emergency Services:
       "    Fire suppression
       "    Emergency incident management services for City government
       "    Regional hazardous materials technician level response and mitigation
       "    Advanced vehicle extrication
       "    High angle rope rescue
       "    Water rescue
       "    Trench and confined space rescue
       "    Advanced and basic level Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
       "    Emergency medical patient transportation
       "    Structural collapse and Urban Search & Rescue (USAR)

       Non-Emergency Services:
       "    Public fire and injury prevention education programs
       "    Public disaster preparation education programs
       "    Pool safety inspection program
       "    Public awareness and information programs for neighborhood
            associations and civic groups
       "    Public speakers bureau

                               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

        "      Billing services for emergency patient transportation for the City of
               West Palm Beach
        "      Contractual billing services for the City of Lake Worth, the City of
               Riviera Beach, and the Town of North Palm Beach
        "      Fire prevention inspections
        "      Plans review services
        "      Fire and arson investigative services
        "      Smoke detector distribution and installation program
        "      CPR class coordination and instruction program
        "      Fire rescue related employee training and continuing education
        "      Fire rescue vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair services
        "      Blood pressure screening services
        "      Honor guard services
        "      Charitable giving & community service programs
        "      Community outreach immunization program
        "      Public Access Defibrillator program
        "      Community “Safe Place” and newborn safe haven program
        "      Weapons of Mass Destruction/Counter-Terrorism Prevention


NOTE: The following items are NOT listed in priority order, but rather all items should
be consciously considered as an impact to the budget preparation processes
undertaken by the City.

    1. Fire Rescue is currently working under a three-year Collective Bargaining
       Agreement (CBA), which expires September 30, 2004. The CBA includes
       several financial obligation increases, necessitating increased budget
       amounts to cover the provisions. Collective bargaining negotiations may be
       re-opened during the first quarter of calendar year 2003 and may have an
       additional fiscal impact to the department budget for FY 2003/2004. The
       department is contracted by Palm Beach County Government to provide
       regional hazardous materials technician level emergency response to multiple
       outside jurisdictional areas and this issue is a continuing program over a
       seven year time period, which is overseen by the inter-governmental oversight
       committee, this agreements expiration date of October 1, 2010.

    2. As the result of Commission action the Department initiated a Dive-Rescue
       program in fiscal 1999/2000. The program began in fiscal year 1999/2000 with
       open water dive training and the purchase of required equipment. The
       program training requirements have been completed with a total of 57
       personnel attaining the “Dive Rescue 1” certification (dark water certified. The
       program was fully implemented on July 1, 2001. As expected, the collective
       bargaining process produced an incentive pay for those personnel certified to


   the “Dive Rescue 1” level, which will create an impact on the operating

3. The Department has been providing public awareness and informational
   programs for various neighborhood and civic organizations on a continuous
   basis. The demand for this type of program is ever increasing and requires
   significant commitment of time and personnel resources. The department has
   received significant positive promotion and publicity as a result of these
   programs. The Public Education Specialist position has become permanent;
   however, as stated in the Tri-Data management study, the only problem with
   the public education program is that its outreach is not nearly as broad as it
   should be. Schools are provided public education only if they request it. The
   public educator has more demand than she can meet, so she does not
   pursue those who do not indicate interest. Therefore, Recommendation 6 of
   the Tri-Data study states, “Add a public education/PIO specialist. Greater
   outreach is needed especially for schools, the elderly and ethnic groups.
   During the initial phases of this study, the need was recognized for additional
   staff in the public education section. We will be seeking funding for the
   addition of a public education specialist to reach more citizens."

4. The department is seeking additional funding to implement recommendations
   from the TriData Management Study. This will include funding for additional
   support personnel to provide more effective and responsive management and
   staff for both internal and external customers.

5. The Department is requesting continuation of the program to rehabilitate its
   facilities. Great strides have been made during the past three years, but the
   program is still in need of additional funding. To date, the program has
   concentrated on the structural, mechanical, and code compliance issues and
   we continue to work toward ADA and other mandated upgrades of our
   facilities. It is expected that exterior and interior appearance and improved
   living conditions will be addressed with the future funding. We have requested
   monies for specific projects that will improve living conditions and technical
   upgrades. Should these projects be rejected for funding, they will need to be
   addressed in the upcoming budget process.

6. The Fire Management Study by TriData Corporation was completed and the
   Department developed a feasibility document that speaks to each of the 94
   recommendations in the study. Many of the recommendations have already
   been implemented while other recommendations need to be addressed in a
   long-range plan and strategic goals document for the Fire Rescue
   Department. There may be City Commission imposed fiscal impacts to the
   department budget during this fiscal year and continuing into the future as a
   result of this management study.

                          CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

7. Changes in Federal Medicare reimbursement rules slightly reduced payments
   for EMS ambulance transportation for the fiscal year and will continue to have
   a fiscal impact for the next four years. The City was negatively affected in two
   ways. First, higher cost, and previously higher reimbursement areas, such as
   South Florida are now paid the same as the rest of the United States.
   Secondly, the structure of the reimbursement has changed. Medicare will pay
   for four different levels of patient care during transport instead of one level.
   The result is that the majority of cases (approximately 80%) will receive lesser
   reimbursements than under the previous rules. The City has adjusted its rate
   structure to recognize the Medicare changes and is investigating the potential
   to charge fees for other services an attempt to maintain collections at the
   projected amounts.

8. All emergency transport services are required to meet the Health Insurance
   Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) requirements for patient
   confidentiality and patient records maintenance.       These requirements
   necessitate the development, management, and maintenance of a totally new
   position to maintain this database and assist with the collection of transport
   service billings.

9. The Fire Rescue Department is in the second year of an established
   apparatus replacement program; the current level of funding is sufficient to
   address the immediate needs. The result is that the replacement of all
   vehicles, from automobiles to the largest ladder apparatus, is now on a
   specific schedule to be replaced and the funding source is already built into
   the budget process. The department is replacing both of its’ current ladder
   trucks during this budget cycle. The replacement will include keeping the best
   of the two ladder trucks, replacing the other, and purchasing an aerial
   ladder/platform outright. The trade-in value of the unit being replaced should
   significantly offset some of the overall costs for the replacements. Keeping the
   better of the two current ladders will give us a reserve ladder truck, which we
   have not had since the early 1990’s.

10. All existing computer workstations that will have to access the new CAD/RMS
    systems will be replaced due to minimum standards set by the Visionaire
    Software vendor.


   Existing Computer Specs:               Minimum new CAD Specs:
   400 mhz                                1.0+ ghz
   Pentium II                             Pentium IV
   64 mb SD RAM                           512 mb ECC Dimm RAM
   6.4 Gb Hard drive                      8.4 Gb Hard drive
   12X CD Rom                             24X CD Rom
   1.4 mb Floppy                          1.4 mb Floppy
   VGA Video Card                         Dual Color Graphics Video Card
   Intel 10/100 NIC                       Intel 10/100 NIC
   15” Monitor                            21” Monitor
   Widows 98                              Windows 2000

   All existing computers meet the above specs or LESS. Forty computers would
   have to be replaced and nine at the EOC if we are to utilize their location for
   on-going training until a training facility is built for Fire Rescue. Funding for this
   initiative was left out of last years budget and must be considered as a high
   priority in the upcoming budget process.

11. As a result of the technology explosion, current trends are directed toward
    non-sequential, interactive learning techniques that allow firefighters to
    complete content-based training and validation through a server-based
    program into which the Department has sole authority to place required
    training materials. As this project grows, firefighters will be able to study
    posted materials; take a timed and randomly generated test to validate their
    understanding of the information. Interactive training is recommended as a
    means to supplement our department training initiatives as a means of cost
    reduction; decreased down time for in-service emergency units; validated and
    documented testing of personnel knowledge and skill levels; and greater
    efficiency and cost effectiveness for our training programs. Some funding for
    these initiatives have been obtained through grants that will need to migrate to
    the operating accounts in future years as the equipment involved requires

12. CPR and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) training is a large project that
    is taking more time than the existing volunteer CPR and ECD training
    coordinator is able to donate. This public safety issue is in desperate need of
    a full time coordinator and trainer. There are hundreds of requests annually for
    this training and as more public awareness is generated through public
    access AED projects, there will be more requests for training and
    recertification training. The requests are anticipated to reach into the
    thousands in the coming year. The Department will be requesting a full time
    CPR Instructor/Training Center Coordinator position in our budget request.

13. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division is in need of a full time
    position to be responsible for coordinating and/or conducting all EMS related
    training and our EMS Quality Management Program. This person would

                           CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

   coordinate all activities with the EMS Medical Director and the shift EMS
   Captains, including management and compilation of statistical information to
   feedback into the training programs and for compliance monitoring. This
   individual would also conduct research and development for all EMS related
   technology, equipment, medications, practices and procedures to maintain
   our service on the cutting edge. The Department will be seeking funding for
   full time training position with experience in emergency medicine and quality
   management techniques.

14. During FY2002 the Mayor and City Commission authorized the Department to
    implement a part-time rescue unit at Fire Station #4 and appropriated funding
    to accomplish program start-up. It is expected that the City will continue this
    initiative and upgrade the unit to a full time 24x7 unit during FY 2004 as
    recommended by the TriData Study. The Fire Rescue Department requests
    funding for this program expansion, which was identified as a top priority of
    the Mayor and City Commission during the FY2003 budget process. The
    budgetary impact will be an additional $487,800 over an above the existing
    staffing arrangement.

15. Fire Rescue is faced with the need to find a location to conduct multiple types
    of in-service training and support functions. State and federal laws, as well as
    national consensus standards mandate practical training. The Department
    had a full service Training Facility until 1991, when the Florida Department of
    Transportation (FDOT) purchased it. Plans to replace the facility never
    materialized, leaving the Department with conducting training in various
    vacant areas of the City. With the City’s growth over the last five years, those
    areas formerly utilized are no longer available for training (i.e., Hillcrest
    property, Convention Center property, City Place property.) The department
    has limited places that crews can safely stretch hose to conduct minimum
    company standards. Additionally, annually required support activities such as
    annual hose test and annual pump test require the use of safe, improved
    surface areas and water supply. The immediate physical needs are for an
    improved (paved) surface area large enough to conduct in-service training
    and hose test with a water supply. A building (or temporary trailer) for offices
    is also desired for an on-site office and restroom facility. Additionally, a
    secondary site is needed for annual testing of fire pumps. This needs to be
    from a static water source, with a lift of ten (10) feet from midline of the pump.
    These needs are immediate, as the department has reached a critical point
    where in-service training and annual support requirements are now
    jeopardized due to a lack of facilities and due to safety concerns for our
    personnel. This project was identified as part of the CIP program but has yet
    to be funded. Classroom space and limited tower training capabilities were
    designed into the new Station #2. We should continue to look towards a full
    service facility that meets all of our needs as well as the needs of other city
    departments and other fire rescue jurisdictions. A full service facility as


   outlined in the CIP could be an excellent revenue source if managed and
   marketed properly.

16. The City continues to have the only Municipal full time Emergency Manager in
    Palm Beach County with the City’s Emergency Management Program
    recognized as one of the best in the State and a leader among municipalities.
    The development of the Emergency Management Capability Assessment for
    Readiness (CAR) is complete. This self-assessment program will identify
    strengths and areas to improve and provide for a three-year Improvement
    Plan. The process of self-assessment will commence and continue on a time
    available basis until complete. Grants are being sought for the development of
    a Long-Range Disaster Recovery Plan, Continuity of Government Plan and
    continued funding sources to perpetuate and expand on the City’s Community
    Emergency Response Team (CERT) program as well as the City’s new
    Citizen Corps initiative. Emergency Management is fully involved with city
    departments for terrorism response training and education as well as
    expanded responsibilities with City Police, Fire Rescue and Public Utilities
    Departments. The Emergency Management Coordinator also has additional
    involvement with County and State Emergency Management Groups.

17. During       FY2002,    the     Department     began     replacing   existing
    defibrillator/pacing units with new technology defibrillator/pacing units with
    proven efficacy in restoring a pulse in patients suffering a cardiac arrest.
    This project will delete obsolete units from the EMS budget along with
    their expensive expendable supplies, i.e. cables, batteries,
    defibrillation/pacing pads as well as the expense of maintaining the units
    through contracts for calibration and repairs. Although promised in
    FY2002 when the project was split into a 2-year project, the second half of
    the project was not funded in FY 2003. To fully implement the program
    and to ensure that the best chance of survival is afforded to all citizens
    and visitors at all locations within the City, Fire/Rescue is requesting five
    additional defibrillator/pacing units to complete the second half of the
    upgrade process.

18. With the increasing development in the Okeechobee Boulevard corridor west
    of the Turnpike, it has become necessary to extend City fire and EMS
    coverage’s to that region. As a result of the increased population in the region
    and the associated call volumes, the city has set aside funding for a fire
    station in the region. This includes capital funding for vehicles, equipment and
    the facilities. The recommended approach will be similar to the approach
    taken with the rescue unit at Station #4, with service levels being phased in as
    demand increases.

19. The Department is in the second year of a three-year grant program to
    provide immunizations to the public in conjunction with the Palm Beach
    County Health Department. This program has been well received by the

                           CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

    public, as well as the Health Department and covers all associated costs of
    the program. It is intended that this program be continued into the future as a
    positive service delivery program to our community.

20. The Department is requesting one additional position to attain two- person
    staffing of the Special Operations vehicle. A Driver/Operator currently staffs
    this unit only. We feel that the maintenance and operation of such a large and
    complex vehicle with its considerable array of equipment and supplies
    requires greater accountability. It would also provide for a much safer
    operating environment. Therefore, a request for an additional lieutenant
    position, which would staff ladder 5, while the present ladder 5 officer, a
    captain, would be assigned to the special operations vehicle. The addition of
    this person to the Special Operations unit would bring the staffing of the
    Special Operation team to eight personnel and would enhance responses for
    hazardous materials, technical rescue, and possible terrorist emergencies.
    This change would also coincide with recommendations from the Fire
    Management Study recently conducted by the TriData Corporation.

21. The Department, through the Special Operations team, has been working with
     the Police Department Bomb Squad to plan, train, and prepare for a possible
     terrorist event. After the events of September 11, 2001, and the subsequent
     biological terrorist events and threats in our area, the department will be
     requesting additional capital funding, and seeking federal grants, for
     equipment to permit recognition and identification of chemical and biological
     agents and the decontamination, mitigation, and consequence management
     of these events. The Special Operations Division of the department has
     taken significant advantage of training opportunities, provide free of charge,
     by the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. Updated
     training initiatives in the areas of chemical weapons and biological monitoring
     have been significantly implemented and will be continuing through the next
     fiscal year.

22. The Department is pursing accreditation from the Commission on Fire
    Accreditation International, sponsored by the International Association of Fire
    Chiefs to promote improvement and evaluate levels of performance. The
    accreditation process recognizes a program or institution as meeting certain
    predetermined standards or qualifications according to best practices within
    the fire-rescue industry. The eventual result is elevated staff development and
    delivery of emergency and non-emergency standards consistent with
    recognized processes and procedures.

23. During FY2003 the request for a new portable breathing air system was not
    funded. At that time our current system was 20 years old and did not meet
    industry standards. Since then we have stopped using the old system due to
    safety concerns. The Department will be requesting funding for a new system
    to allow filling of portable high-pressure bottles and support the Departments


     new Special Operations vehicle, which only has a high-pressure storage
     system. The fiscal impact of this will be approximately $50,000.


Division:     Administration & Billing

1.    Goal:
      Maximize revenue to the City.

      a.    Maintain the collection ratio of accounts billed.

      b.      Market billing service to other municipal fire departments.

                                                   FY 2002      FY 2003     FY 2004
 Selected Performance Measures                      Actual      Estimate     Target

 Increase Collection Ratio for EMS Billing          72%           72%         72%

 Submit RFP in Response to Billing Service
                                                     1             1           1
 RFP Requests

Division:     Emergency Management

2.    Goal:
      Increase the disaster readiness and capabilities of the City and it’s residents.

      a.    Conduct/Participate in disaster drills and/or exercises.

      b.      Hold Community Outreach/Business Meetings.

      c.      Maintain a fully functional emergency operations center.

      d.      Provide disaster training to the citizens of West Palm Beach using the
              Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) curriculum as
              designed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

      e.      Coordinate efforts to receive Federal Mitigation Funding for Public
              Utility Improvement projects.

      f.      Seek grant funding to assist in the writing and/or updating of City
              Disaster Plans.

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                                                FY 2002     FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                    Actual    Estimated      Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Number of Community Outreach/ Business
                                                   12          15           15

Maintain a fully functional emergency
                                                      1        1             1
operations center

# Of Disaster Drills                                  4        6             6

Percentage of completion of the Emergency
Management Self-Assessment Process

Disaster Plans written or upgraded                                           3

Division:      Equipment Maintenance

3.     Goal:
       Assure that all Emergency Response Companies have operable vehicles at
       all times.

       a.    Perform required scheduled maintenance on a quarterly basis.

       b.      Conduct training sessions on daily vehicle maintenance and operation
               for driver-engineers and step-up personnel.

       c.      Perform annual pump tests on all Engines as requires by NAPA.

       d.      Maintain a knowledgeable work force.

                                              FY 2002      FY 2003       FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                  Actual      Estimate       Target

Workloads/ Outputs
# Of Scheduled Maintenance Performed             120          120           120

# Of Training Sessions                            4            6               6

# Of annual Pump Tests                           10            10              12


Division:   Emergency Medical Services

4.    Goal:
      Continue to provide Advanced Life Support/Emergency Medical Services
      (ALS/EMS) to enhance the level of pre-hospital medical care provided to the
      residents and visitors of West Palm Beach.

      a.    Monitor compliance with local response time requirements as stated in
            the Palm Beach County EMS Ordinance.

      b.    Continue to monitor trends in medical interventions and update
            medical treatment protocols to address the identified trends.

                                              FY 2002     FY 2003     FY 2004
 Selected Performance Measures                 Actual    Estimated     Target

 EMT Training Hour Delivered                    640         640         640

 Paramedic Training Hours Delivered            2,040       2,500        2500

 EMT Training Hours/ FTE                         16          16          16

 Paramedic Training Hours/ FTE                   24          24          24

 Response Time En Route from First EMS
                                                90%         90%         90%
 Call (3 minutes or less)

 Average Arrival Time on scene in 8 minutes
                                                90%         90%         90%
 or less

                                 CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

5.       Goal:
         Promulgate and update EMS Standard Operating Procedures and Medical

         a.    Publish updated EMS SOP’s and issue to all stations and personnel.

         b.      Publish updated Medical Protocols and issue to all ALS apparatus,
                 personnel and stations.

                                                      FY 2002      FY 2003    FY 2004
 Selected Performance Measures                         Actual     Estimated    Target
 Workloads/ Outputs
 Publish Updated Standard Operating
                                                          200        200        200
 Publish Updated ALS Protocols                            200        200        200

Division:        Prevention

6.       Goal:
         Ensure Fire Prevention Code compliance in all new and existing buildings.

         a.    Review all construction plans for code compliance.

         b.      Perform inspections as required by City code.

7.       Goal:
         Investigate the cause and origin of all fires.

8.       Goal:
         Provide fire safety education and injury prevention programs.

9.       Goal:
         Evaluate existing high-rise buildings city-wide to enforce the
         Retrofit of fire sprinklers as required by State Statue.

                                                      FY 2002      FY 2003    FY 2004
     Selected Performance Measures                     Actual     Estimated    Target
     New Fire Inspections                                 2,900     3,000      3000
     Re-inspections                                       3,450     3,500      3500
     Fire Investigations                                  100       100        100
     Fire Safety Education/ Injury Prevention             250       350        375


Division:    Training & Professional Development

10.   Goal:
      Develop and maintain a technically skilled, competent workforce in
      accordance with applicable federal, state, and local requirements for
      professional emergency responders.

      a.    Ensure the delivery and completion of required certifications are
            completed within the prescribed time elements.

      b.     Provide professional courses to support company officer development.

      c.     Continue development of the Commission on Fire Accreditation
             International Peer Assessor program to promote continuity of
             operations and successor training.

      d.     Effectively manage the Federal Fire Act Grant funds to develop
             department training programs.

      e.     Implement minimum company standards program.

      f.     Emergency Vehicle Operators Course for operational element.

                                               FY 2002    FY 2003    FY 2004
  Selected Performance Measures                 Actual   Estimated    Target

  # Of Properly Certified Personnel              46          46         50

  Delivery of College Credit and Technical
                                                             6           6

  Division completion of CFAI process                       5%         60%

  Procure/Secure services and equipment                                80%
  from Fire Act Grant

  Complete implementation of Minimum                                   100%
  Company Standards

  EVOC Training of Operations Division                                 80%

                                 CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:      Special Operations

11.   Goal:
      To maintain a qualified and professional hazardous materials and technical
      rescue team to protect the life, property, and environment of the citizens and
      visitors of West Palm Beach through planning, training, and mitigation.

      a.    Maintain Compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations and

      b.       Maintain up to date information of high-risk facilities.

      c.       Research a potential cost recovery system for technical rescue.

                                                    FY 2002      FY 2003    FY 2004
  Selected Performance Measures                      Actual     Estimated    Target

  # Of personnel (re)certified: Hazmat
                                                       60           65        65
  technician level

  # of practical exercises conducted                    7            7        7

  # of high risk sites visited                         15           15        15

12.   Goal:
      To equip and train special operations members in the use of
      chemical/biological compressed air foam decontamination solution to
      protect the citizens and visitors of West Palm Beach in the event of a
      terrorist attack.

      a.    Purchase Merlin wheeled cart CAF system and Sandia foam
            decontamination solution.

      b.       Train all hazardous materials responders in use of chemical/biological
               decontamination system.

      c.       Incorporate system usage into annual hazmat refresher.

                                                    FY 2002      FY 2003    FY 2004
  Selected Performance Measures                      Actual     Estimated    Target

  # of Haz/Mat technicians trained in system use        0           60        65

  # of practical exercises conducted                    0            3        3


13.   Goal:
      To increase the skill level of special operations personnel through the design
      and construction of building collapse and confined space building props at #5
      Fire Station. Additional capital funding will be required in FY2003/2004 to
      complete this project.

      a.    Utilize FEMA Fire Act grant monies to design and begin construction of
            a building collapse prop at #5 Fire Station, with the help of the
            Engineering Department.

      b.     Complete Phase 1 of this project in FY2002/2003

      c.     Complete site prep in FY2002/2003

      d.     Deliver initial training in this fiscal year.

      e.     Secure capital funding in FY2003/2004 to complete props

                                                      FY 2002     FY 2003    FY 2004
  Selected Performance Measures                        Actual    Estimated    Target

  Complete design phase - 1st quarter of 2003                0      1         N/A

  Complete site prep - 2nd quarter of 2003                   0      1         N/A

  Complete training props - 1st quarter of 2004              0      0          1

  # of practical exercises conducted                         0      3          4

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:     Suppression

14.    Goal:
       Involve firefighters in community awareness of Fire-Rescue Department
       programs and services.

       a.    Expand community education and information programs in counter-
             terrorism, emergency management, drowning prevention, home
             safety, and public fire safety education coordinated with neighborhood
             and civic associations.

                                                 FY 2002      FY 2003    FY 2004
 Selected Performance Measures                    Actual     Estimated    Target

 Workloads/ Outputs
 Increase Participation with Neighborhood and
                                                   24           30         30
 Civic Associations

 Smoke Detector Installations                      50           50         25

 Maintain Building Pre-Fire Planning/
                                                   500         600         600

15.    Goal:
       Improve Firefighter Safety and Health Risk Factors.

       a.    Conduct a review of National Fire Protection Association Standard
             1500, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health,
             by the Fire Rescue Department’s Safety and Health Committee and
             make recommendations for response program improvement.

                                                 FY 2002      FY 2003    FY 2004
 Selected Performance Measures                    Actual     Estimated    Target
 Workloads/ Outputs
 Perform a review by Fire Rescue Safety &
                                                    1            1          1
 Health Committee


16.   Goal:
      Community Fire Risk Assessment and Response Strategies.

      a.   Initiate the Commission on Fire Accreditation International Risk, Hazard
           and Evaluation Program to determine efficient and effective placement
           of engine, rescue, and special operations units.

                                                  FY 2002    FY 2003     FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                     Estimate    Target      Actual
Workloads/ Outputs
Initiate Risk Hazard and Value Evaluation
                                                    NA          1         100%

17.   Goal:
      Establish citizen ride-along program

      a.   Establish a program to provide orientation of fire rescue services to
           community citizens.

                                                  FY 2002     FY 2003    FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                      Actual    Estimated    Target

Workloads/ Outputs

Initiate a citizens ride-along program               NA         12         12

                                CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:     Support Services

18.    Goal:
       To support the administrative and operational needs of Fire Rescue as

       a.    Develop a new budget for the Support Services Division to be created
             during FY2003/2004 to support the needs of the department

       b.     Facilitate new construction and reconstruction of department facilities.

       c.     Provide liaison to other divisions, departments and agencies for
              emergency management and anti-terrorism issues.

       d.     Maintain all repair and maintenance expenditures by facility in a
              manner that permits easy audit and tracking for budget purposes.

       e.     Provide liaison for department computer services needs.

       f.     Support routine facilities maintenance services for the department.

                                                     FY 2002    FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                         Actual   Estimated      Target

 Begin FY2003/2004 with functional budget                                      TBA
Attend 95% of all scheduled meetings
for future new station construction                    57         50             50

Attend scheduled meetings & training sessions
                                                       27         30             30
on emergency management

System to track all facility expenditures and
                                                                 TBD          100%

Meet with Public Safety MIS personnel to
coordinate department computer needs and               8           6             6

Budget, requisitions and contracts to support fire
                                                      75%        100%         100%
facilities maintenance needs

Develop needs assessment and pricing for all
                                                               1 station     1 station
fire facilities reconstruction issues


                        City of West Palm Beach
Construction Services Department

As a customer-focused, continually improving, accountable team, the mission of the
Construction Services Department is “Public Safety Officials responsible to ensure
a safe built environment in places to work and live.”


Reporting to the City Administrator and the Mayor, the Construction Services
Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Florida Building Codes and
their related laws through plan review, permitting and inspections, by the
establishment of a one-stop shop for construction permitting, including building, fire,
engineering and zoning reviews. The Department is also responsible for the
collection of occupational license taxes. To provide the highest level of customer
service, the Department utilizes state-of-the-art software and computer technology.


The Construction Services Department was established in July 2000 in an effort to
more adequately meet the needs of the development community and to serve the
general public of the City of West Palm Beach.

The Department has addressed the aggressive growth of the development
community in several ways. To maximize productivity, the Department has sought
the industry’s most up-to-date software and computer technology to improve
services. Though these upgrades may require a nominal increase in permitting fees,
the development community has voiced support as long as levels of service are

Construction Services has been charged by the City and the development
community to maintain a production level of two weeks for residential plan review,
four weeks for commercial plan review, and same-day inspections if requested
before 7:00 a.m. through our 24-hour inspection request service.

Information Kiosks
Two important innovations have enhanced the Department’s customer service
abilities. First, customers have computer access through our “One-Stop-Shop”
service to all our permitting, plan review, and inspection information, as well as
licensing and contractor information. The service is also interactive. Customers can
schedule or cancel inspections, and leave specific instructions or requests for
inspectors. This “One-Stop-Shop” service is also available on the City’s web site.

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

WEB Site Information
Continuing development of the City’s web site has given customers and additional
avenue for interacting with the Department. Most questions regarding business with
the Department can be answered with a visit to this site, sometimes averting an
unnecessary trip downtown. Frequently asked questions are answered in detail.
Also, most of the forms and informational brochures can be found here. The “One-
Stop-Shop”, with all the same features available on our lobby kiosks referenced
above, is also linked to this site.

File Management System
The Department receives dozens of requests each week for access to, or copies of
records such as plans, permit applications and property information. We now have
computer hardware and software in place, and are currently optically scanning all
documents of projects that are completed and/or issued a certificate of occupancy
into computer files, with the ability to cross reference by property ID, address, name,
project, permit number, etc. This also meets the requirements of the Florida
Sunshine Law as to public documents. It will also reduce the required storage space
and enhance City, departmental and public access to these records. As a FY 2004
budget issue, we are proposing to begin a four year plan to optically scan and digitize
all archived information.

The business community of the 21st century operates electronically via the computer
and the Internet. To continue to provide customer service levels demanded by this
element of the public, we have begun the implementation of e-AccessGOV, a
comprehensive e-commerce program. As part of phase I, this will allow not only
access to our current records but electronic permitting and payments as well. All
information available on our computer data files now accessible on the “One-Stop-
Shop” will be available over the telephone. Phase II will enable electronic submittal
for plan review. The construction/development industry will be able to literally
conduct business from their homes, offices or wherever they have access to a phone
or computer.



Department:                 Construction Services

1.        Goal:
          To provide timely turnaround of plan review and inspection services.

          a.    Two-week turnaround of residential plan review.

          b.      Four-week turnaround of commercial plan review.

          c.      Same-day inspection service

                                                        FY 2002       FY 2003     FY 2004
     Selected Performance Measures                       Actual      Estimated     Target
     Two-week     turnaround,     residential   plan
                                                       4 weeks        3 weeks     2.5 weeks

     Four-week turnaround, commercial plan
                                                       4 weeks        4 weeks     4 weeks

     Same-day inspection services                       Achieved      Achieve      Achieve

2.        Goal:
          Improve level of service through technology.

          a.    Increase the use of “One-Stop-Shop” usage by the public.

          b.      Maximize Inspectors time in field through use of field computers.

                                                   FY 2002          FY 2003       FY 2004
     Selected Performance Measures                  Actual          Estimate       Target
     Increase “One-Stop-Shop” usage               43,512 hits      60,000 Hits   80,000 hits

     Inspector field time                              75%            85%           95%



                       City of West Palm Beach
       Utilities Department

Develop long range strategic plan to meet future infrastructure and utility service
needs for community growth, development, re-development and expansion, enhance
public awareness of environmental surroundings, provide responsive, courteous and
quality services in order to achieve customer satisfaction and improve the quality of
life for the citizens of West Palm Beach.


The Public Utilities Department provides the following services: Water and Waste
Water Treatment, Collection, Transmission, Pumping and Distribution, Operate and
Maintain Water Supply Canals, Water Catchment Area and Lakes; Meter Reading
and Customer Service; Residential and Commercial Sanitation Collection and
Recycling; Storm Water Management, Collection, Canals and Maintenance;
Engineering Services for Citywide Capital Projects; Roadway Improvements,
Streetscapes and Maintenance; Street Lighting and Maintenance Services; Grounds
Maintenance Services; Roadway Maintenance, Traffic Operations and Traffic


       Improve Water and Wastewater Plant operational efficiencies to reduce
       operating costs.

       Continue citywide water meter change out program to improve billing
       accuracy and increase water and sewer revenue.

       Install New Customer Service Information and Billing System to improve
       customer service response time, billing and revenue analysis.

       Continue Town of Palm Beach Water System Capital Improvement Program
       pursuant to Franchise Agreement.

       Monitor State and Federal legislation to maximize grant revenue potential for
       current and future capital projects.

       Monitor State and Federal legislation for potential changes in regulatory
       requirements and plant production and discharge standards.

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

       Provide engineering services for design and construction administration for
       citywide capital projects including parks, buildings, traffic calming, street
       lighting , storm water and utility projects.


Division:     Administration & Fiscal Services

1.     Goal:
       Enhance administrative, financial and customer service support programs to
       increase efficiency and productivity within the Public Utilities Department.

       a.    Provide quality customer service by distributing information, processing
             service requests and dispatching field personnel to investigate
             customer complaints.

       b.     Provide human resource, budgetary and financial services support to
              the Public Utilities Department.

                                                FY 2002      FY 2003       FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                    Actual      Estimate       Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Collection Orders Processed                      13,564       10,000        11,000

Maintenance Orders Processed                     6,364         8,000        8,000

# of Inspection Responses                        17,643       15,000        17,000

# of Meters Tested                               1,845         2,750        3,000

Meter Change Outs                                2,996         3,000        3,500

Service Call Response Time (avg. min.)             11           13            13

# of Incorrect Meter Reads                        663           650          625


Division:      Utilities

2.      Goal:
        Enhance customer satisfaction.

        a.    Improve level of communication and education of customers.

                                                  FY 2002    FY 2003        FY 2004
     Selected Performance Measures                 Actual    Estimate        Target

     Workloads/ Outputs
     Issue Consumer Confidence Report             6/1/02         6/1/03     6/1/04

3.      Goal:
        Enhance employee development.

        a.    Mandatory and voluntary certifications and training to improve
              employee skill levels, efficiency and improved customer service.

                                                   FY 2002       FY 2003      FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                       Actual       Estimate      Target

Mandatory Operator Certification Training
                                                     253            99         102
(CEUs hours @ WTP/WWTF)

4.      Goal:
        To provide efficient operation and maintenance services and enhance the
        quality of the City’s Water, Wastewater and Environmental Programs within
        Federal, State, and Local Guidelines.

        a.    Develop and administer programs to mitigate the occurrence and
              effect of environmental degradation through enforcement and
              regulatory requirements.

        b.     Provide laboratory data to ensure compliance with State and Federal

        c.     Provide scheduled maintenance services and testing.

        d.     Mitigate exotic growth in water catchment area.

                                  CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                                                   FY 2002    FY 2003    FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                       Actual    Estimate    Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Flow Test Fire Hydrants                             2,000       2,400     2,400

Water Main Breaks Repaired                          149          61       100

Water Service Breaks Repaired                       492         500       500

Sanitary Sewer Mains Cleaned (L.F.)                394,139     404,000   404,000

Sanitary Sewer Laterals Replaced                    195         200       200

Lift Station Preventive Maintenance Performed
(Hours)                                             5,277       5,500     5,500

Industrial Pre-Treatment and Environmental
Samples Collected                                    55          60      1,060*

Laboratory/Regulatory Samples Tested               136,620     150,000   150,000

Exotic Growth and Nuisance Eradication
(Acres)                                             446         350       350

      * Oil and Grease Program Implemented.

Wastewater Treated (Billion Gallons)                 14          14        14

Water Treated (Billion Gallons)                      10          10        11

Bio-solids Treated and Disposed (Wet Tons)         46,370    46,000      46,000

Lime Sludge Produced (Tons)                        14,084    14,000      14,200


Division:   Public Works

5.    Goal:
      To enhance the quality of life for our residents by providing cost effective
      operation and maintenance services for the City’s infrastructure.

      a.    Develop time standards for all maintenance activities so that
            performance may be measured against national standards.

      b.    Improve time management for all levels of the operations through the
            use of the GPS tracking program.

      c.    Improve sanitation code enforcement.

      d.    Prepare report required by the United States Department of
            Environmental Protection to show compliance with the National
            Pollution Discharge Elimination System (N.P.D.E.S.).

                                  CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                                                 FY 2002     FY 2003    FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                     Actual    Estimated    Target

Issue N.P.D.E.S. Report                          4/1/2002   4/1/2003    4/1/2004

Workloads / Outputs
Side Walks Repaired (Sq. Ft.)                     59,327     38,500     45,000

Asphalt Laid (Sq. Ft.)                            30,917     13,500     20,000

Potholes Patched (Each)                            3,342      2,500      2,500

Traffic Sign Replaced or Repaired (Each)           1,842      1,000      1,000

Garbage Collected (Tons)                          76,769     81,000     82,500

Yard Waste Collected (Tons)                        8,314      6,500      8,500

ROW & Medians Mowed (Miles)                        824        540         560

Trees Maintained (Each)                            4,108      2,600      2,850

Sidewalks Replaced (Sq. Ft.)                      72,195     65,000     80,000

Roads Micro-surfaced (Sq. Ft.)                     N/A       75,000     75,000

Street Lights Installed (Each)                     N/A         95         115

Street Lights Maintained (Each)                    1,763      2,113      2,613

Storm Sewer Mains Cleaned (L.F.)                  289,398    275,000    275,000

Streets Swept (Miles)                             16,104     16,400     16,400

Canals Cleaned/Mowed (Miles)                       168        168         170

Canals Chemically Treated (Acre Ft)                188        275         300


 6.     Goal:
        To achieve City and Departmental goals by providing a safe working
        environment and improving employee morale.

        a.    Continue providing monthly safety meetings in all divisions.

        b.     Provide additional safety training in the areas of work zone/traffic
               control, confined space and trench safety.

        c.     Increase opportunities for employee recognition with employee
               luncheons and participation with professional associations.

                                                FY 2002          FY 2003     FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                    Actual          Estimate     Target

Monthly Safety Meetings Per Division               12              12           12

 Division:     Engineering Services

 7.     Goal:
        Provide engineering, architectural and project management services that
        provide for functional and cost effective infrastructure and City facilities.

        a.    Provide engineering design, project management and technical
              services for a variety of capital projects within the City.

        b.     Provide architectural support and guidance for all existing and new City

        c.     Provide survey and contract administrative support for all capital
               projects within the City.

        d.     Manage the design of all City capital projects.

        e.     Manage and facilitate permit and plan reviews.

                           CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                                      FY 2002        FY 2003    FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures          Actual        Estimate    Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Projects Managed                           75          90        100

Construction Inspections                  5,788       4,200      5,000

Plans/ Permits Reviewed                   329          300       300

Community Involvement Meetings             18          25         20


                        City of West Palm Beach
        Library Department

To enhance the quality of life by connecting the West Palm Beach community to the
world of education, culture and recreation.


The West Palm Beach Public Library reaches out to inspire, inform and create a
great city.

The Library:

Supports businesses, job seekers and economic development by providing
information, online databases, newspapers, and reference support from friendly,
professional staff.

Promotes education and self development for all ages with education support
materials and access to the internet.

Provides services and resources for our citizens in a cost effective manner. The
annual cost for library service for each West Palm Beach citizen is $29.00,
approximately the cost of one book. In return for this support, a customer has access
to over 125,000 items at the West Palm Beach Library. The collection only begins
here; library membership provides access to a network of over 42,000 participating
libraries in 86 countries.

Nourishes and inspires the life of the mind with a collection of intriguing literature,
movies, music.

Connects people and technology through formal computer classes including
computer training for seniors through SeniorNet. Library staff provides computer
assistance to customers who may use our public computers for one hour daily at no

Provides opportunities, ideas and imagination. The Library is an idea store, a place
to shop and select from an infinite array of topics including history, classics, travel,
cooking, films, magazines, computers, DVD’s, Books on tape and CD.

Delights customers with exceptional customer service. Library staff is trained to
provide a generous, welcoming environment.

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH


West Palm Beach Public Library growth over the past five years is attributed to
enhancements in technology, collections, children’s programs and interior spaces.
An average of 1,500 people visit the library every day, totaling over half of a million
visits each year. Growth of library use has continued at an above average rate of
20-25% annually. This compares to national library increases of 3-4%. During 2002,
the number of items checked out grew by 31% over the previous year. Customer
service surveys in 2002 gave the library experience exceptionally high rankings.
Over 99% of the customers surveyed rated their experience at the library as
delighted or very satisfied.

Demand for basic library services has doubled at the West Palm Beach Public
Library. Customers are enjoying the revitalized library and statistics are soaring. At
the close of FY 02, the circulation totaled 547,393. This increase shows continued
steady growth in use of the library throughout the past few years. Circulation in 1998
totaled 271,356. Registered cardholders total 66,253 as of September 30, 2002, an
increase of 15% over 2001. This is up from 23,718 cardholders in 1998.

Visits to the library continue to keep pace with our circulation. In 2002, 515,613
people visited the library for a multitude of purposes: research, computer use,
children’s story hours, SeniorNet classes, book discussion groups or just to take a
moment for reading the newspaper or gazing out at the marvelous view. The library
continues to generate considerable traffic to the downtown area. Families, students,
seniors, office workers are discovering the West Palm Beach Public Library: the
city’s hidden treasure.

Over ten million people viewed the City’s website that is becoming a key
communication tool for West Palm Beach citizens. Library staff continues to expand
the website for the City of West Palm Beach, www.excitingcity.com, incorporating
information about city services and community issues.



1.       Goal: Provide Customer focused products and services.

         a.    Continue to provide excellent customer service, measured by
               increased use of library and annual surveys.

         b.        Expand a dynamic collection that supports the educational,
                   recreational and cultural needs of its citizens. Measured by usage of

         c.        Develop programs that meet community needs specific to targeted
                   groups including downtown residents, seniors, families and children.

         d.        Provide equitable access to computers and information technology to
                   support the economic, education, and recreation needs of our citizenry.

                                              FY 2002        FY 2003        FY 2004
     Selected Performance Measures             Actual        Estimate        Target

     Workloads/ Outputs
     Reference Requests                       123,155        130,000        140,000

     Circulation                              547,393        600,000        650,000

     Market Value @ $20.00 per item         $10,947,860    $12,000,000    $13,000,000
     Program attendance                        18,770         20,000         25,000

     Customer Satisfaction Survey              99%            99%            99%
     Computer Use                             150,800        155,000        160,000

     Market Value @ $12.00 per hour          $1,809,600     $1,860,000     $1,920,000
     Number of visits to the library          515,613        550,000        600,000

     Number of Library Card Holders            66,253         72,000         75,000

                                     CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

  2.        Goal:
            Develop technology connections throughout the city that assist in
            communication, information and processes.

            a.    Increase use of city website by 50%, Exceeded this goal. Viewers
                  went from under 2 million to over 10 million in one year.

            b.      Provide networked access to recreation centers throughout the city
                    using library as a hub.

            c.      Provide remote access to databases to improve service to customers
                    who are geographically distant from the downtown community.

                                                FY 2002            FY 2003        FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                    Actual            Estimate        Target

Remote access databases                      Infrastructure in    Developed    Usage exceeds
                                                   place                          5 million

Number of hits: viewers to website             10,560,000         15,000,000     20,000,000

                                                                                Create inter-
Networked access to recreation
                                                                  Implement     departmental
Centers using library as hub

  3.        Goal:
            Expand upon Services to Children and Families.

            a.    Develop formal relationships with local schools, principals and
            b.    Develop an educational support system for children 0-12
            c.    Develop partnerships with other cultural, educational and recreation
                  agencies within the city to provide services for families in the downtown

                                                 FY 2002         FY 2003       FY 2004
       Selected Performance Measures              Actual         Estimate       Target

       Increase library cards held by
                                                   8540           10,000       12,000
       children by 10% annually
       Children’s circulation of materials        131,382        145,000       160,000
       Children’s Computer Use                    35,558          36,500       37,000


                         City of West Palm Beach
 Parks and Recreation Department

Enhancing Lives, Creating Memories in Clean Supreme Parks!
To develop and enhance a healthy, family oriented environment by creating,
promoting, maintaining and implementing recreational and cultural opportunities for
youth, teens, adults and seniors in parks and public spaces.


The Parks & Recreation Department develops and implements leisure time
activities that promote positive opportunities to enhance the quality of life for youth,
teens, adults and seniors. We encourage physical, creative and imaginative
participation and that will serve and expand the interest and opportunities for persons
beyond school, work or home.

The Division of Recreation offers a wide variety of recreation activities to area
residents and visitors. Services include the provision of passive parks, picnic
pavilions and scenic areas. Active recreation programming includes youth and adult
athletics, summer and holiday out of school camps, after school, sailing instruction
and a host of other activities for citizens of all ages. Public swimming is offered at the
Gaines Park Pool, which is also the site of several special interest aquatic activities
such as Under Water Hockey and the Piranha Youth Swim Team. Tennis is provided
at several staffed and open play sites through out the City. The Department is
involved in many re-occurring and one-time special events each year, as well as
events initiated by outside groups and the Community Events Division, which the
department provides support staff. City park facilities and community centers provide
meeting space, host a number of arts and crafts, fitness and martial arts training, to
name a few classes, taught by contractual instructors. One center primarily hosts
senior adult activities, while the remaining centers receive heaviest use by
neighborhood/area youth.

       The Recreation Division:

                 Operates and maintains
                     • Six (6) community centers,
                      • One (1) municipal pool,
                      • Three (3) Wet Play/ Interactive Fountains, and
                      • One (1) nature preserve.
                 Schedules picnic shelter rentals in three regional parks.

                               CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

                 Organizes corporate picnics and birthday parties.

                 Facilitates use/rental of parks and centers for outside organizations
                 special events.

                Oversees soccer, baseball and softball fields utilized throughout the
                year for leagues and rentals.

                Schedules leagues, lessons, tournaments and rentals on tennis,
                racquetball, handball and basketball courts.

To supplement the City’s facilities and offerings, the Division has built a strong
partnership with the School Board of Palm Beach County through the development
of an inter-local agreement for joint usage at facilities.

The Division is nationally recognized as a leader in inclusive recreational initiatives as
noted by the National Organization on Disabilities Award presented in 1997. Two (2)
staff members have been state of Florida recipients of the National Sporting Goods
Manufacturers Award-HEROES. The Department is a member of the Florida
Recreation and Parks Association and staff holds active leadership roles within the
association providing positive exposure of the City throughout the State of Florida.
The Department also holds memberships with the National Recreation and Parks
Association, National Alliance on Youth Sports, National Alliance on Health, Physical
Fitness, Dance and Recreation, the Florida School Age Child Care Coalition,
National School Age Child Care Coalition and the National Association for the
Education of Young Children. Staff serves on the boards of many of these

       The Parks Division:

                      Maintains, cleans and repairs 48 parks throughout the City.

                      Maintains and oversees the operations at 2 cemeteries.

                      Oversees 578 acres of parkland for users 24 hours a day, and
                      7 days a week.

                      Assists Community Events with the setup and breakdown of
                      City events.

                      Assists Neighborhood Associations with setup and breakdown
                      of Association events.

                      Assists preparation of downtown venues for outside event

       The vision of the Parks Division is to create a superior system of parks and
       amenities and to be responsive to citizens and parks users.



On September 8, 1997, the City Commission accepted the West Palm Beach
Recreation Strategic Plan. The Plan was developed to provide the City with a
comprehensive strategic plan for the delivery of park and recreation services to the
year 2010. The Departments Trends and Issues are outlined based upon the
Recreation Strategic Plan.

      1.  New/ Upgraded Parks and Facilities
          !     Renovation of existing parks and facilities, including ADA
                accessibility and high quality amenities such as signs, benches,
                lighting, and landscaping.
          !     Sidewalks and bicycle/ multi-purpose trails and paths.
          !     Public swimming pools/ water parks to serve the south and
                west sides of the City.
          !     Softball, soccer, and baseball fields.
          !     Passive recreation areas.

      2.     Recreation Programs:
             !    Low cost/ no cost out-of-school, summer camp programs for
                  low-income elementary/ middle school age kids in their
             !    Programs for teenagers, families, and other citizens.
             !    Expanded athletic programs for both youth and adults, including
                  golf, track, and extreme sports.
             !    Reliable low cost/no cost transportation to and from parks and
                  community centers, especially for youth and seniors.

      3.     Operations and Maintenance:
             !     Increased security/supervision at Community parks and
             !     Better park management and preventative maintenance.
             !     Improved park maintenance.

      4.     Implementation Resources:
             !     Long term, major funding source for on-going capital
                   improvement needs.
             !     Stronger relationships with other recreation providers and the
                   business community.
             !     Use/coordination of volunteers for tutoring, workdays,
                   neighborhood programs, etc.
             !     Increased marketing of selected revenue-producing programs
             !     Master Plans for each park to control long term park

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

             !     Promotion of programs through marketing and neighborhood


          Division: Administration

1.   Goal:
     To develop a comprehensive Physical System of Park Lands and Facilities.

     a.    Develop individual Park Master Plans, utilizing City-wide Park Design
           Standards: Flamingo, Monceaux, Currie, Riverwalk, Haverhill Sports
           Complex, and Ombres.

             Performance Measure: Parks are master planned with community
             input, and include design standards and CPTED initiatives. Park
             designs are realistic and are estimated within budget for each
             particular park.

     b.      Implement funded improvements 2003 – 2004 CIP:

                       •   Phipps Park Phase II
                       •   Dreher Park Phase I & II
                       •   Flamingo Park
                       •   Northwood Campus Phase II
                       •   Currie Park
                       •   Brian Chappell Park
                       •   Riverwalk Parks
                       •   Monceaux Park
                       •   Haverhill Park – Only Master Plan & Phase I Funded
                       •   Ombres Park

             Performance Measure: Working with Public Utilities, Construction
             documents are completed with review from staff for compliance with
             standards. Projects are put out for bid with little/no need for change
             orders or addendums. Construction, (though overseen by Public
             Utilities), is within budget and on schedule.

     c.      Determine if the needs for new athletic facilities can be met through
             partnerships with schools, private entities, and others.

             Performance Measure: Review present joint-use agreements for
             improved partnerships to increase City access to available facilities.
             Funding for necessary new facilities met via grants and partnerships.


           Establish policies requiring new residential developments to provide
           adequate parklands and facilities to meet the City’s growth.

2.   Goal:
     To develop a well-connected, easy access Physical System of Park Lands
     and Facilities.

     a.    Complete and adopt the City’s bicycle/pedestrian plan working closely
           with the City’s Transportation planner and Urban Design Department.
           Incorporate the plan as the highest priority sidewalk/bikeway segments
           into the City’s TIP.

           Performance Measure: Incorporate recreational/ commuting
           bikeways and trails when master planning parks and facilities. Have
           consultants and City engineers work with DOT to establish comfortable
           bus stops at every Community Park and Community Center to assist in
           low cost transportation to Community Parks and Centers.

     b.    Incorporate The Turquoise Necklace in park master plans where

           Performance Measure: Develop educational public service and layout

3.   Goal:
     To Develop Responsive Programs.

     a.    Fund the out-of-school/summer FOOSA, and NFOOSA youth

           Performance Measure: Implement the Department’s Volunteer
           Incentive Program (VIP) to assist low-income families, at the same
           time as building a volunteer base.

     b.    Expand existing athletic and cultural programs for both youth and
           adults by forming partnerships with other agencies to provide staff,
           expertise and or facilities.

           Performance Measure: Additional programs are offered to meet the
           demands of the community. Experts are contracted to provide
           expanded offerings. Offerings to include special interest classes, as
           well as additional golf, track, swimming, extreme sports, art, dance and

                          CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

     c.    Expand programmatic component at the Grassy Waters Preserve
           Nature Center, Boardwalk and Everglades Pavilion.

           Performance Measure: Schedule of activities that reflects an increase
           of environmental educational programs such as: canoe trips, guided
           nature walks, special events, and ‘nature’ special interest group
           gatherings. New exhibits designed to reflect environmental issues.

     d.    Establish a comprehensive monitoring program to evaluate City
           recreation programs.

           Performance Measure: Surveys, evaluations, and secret shoppers
           are put in place. Results are reviewed and acted upon. Set operating
           hours at parks, community centers and nature preserve to meet
           resident’s specific needs.

4.   Goal:
     To Administer, Operate and Maintain the Parks and Recreation System in a
     first class manner:

     a.    Train Park maintenance staff and Recreation staff in human/public
           relations, supreme customer service, entrepreneurship, team building
           and other skills.

           Performance Measure: Cross-train all Parks and Recreation staff in a
           variety of areas including customer service. Conduct annual tours of
           other community parks and recreation facilities throughout the State.

     b.    Institute a stringent semi-annual evaluation process for Community
           Parks & Centers.

           Performance Measure: Establish individual performance measures.
           Develop Center goals and objectives for measurable results.

     c.    Review security measures in Parks and Community Centers.

           Performance Measure: Evaluate existing parks and centers based
           upon CPTED principals. (Howard, Dreher, Gaines, Echo Lake,
           Palmetto, Sullivan, Fogleman, Nathaniel Adams, Mary Brandon,
           Chillingworth, Sunset, Coleman and 3rd Street).


5.    Goal:
      To Educate Residents on, and Implement the Parks and Recreation System

      a.    Embark on the development of a comprehensive marketing plan to
            emphasize the benefits of Parks and Recreation.

              Performance Measure: Assist in the development of an up to date
              web page on the City’s wed-site, utilize the City Cable to tell residents
              about park upgrades, programs and special events. Schedule
              celebrations and special events at ground breaking, facility re-openings
              and new programs.

      b.      Evaluate and apply for long term funding sources for future capital

              Performance Measure: Apply for grants: FIND, FRDAP, FCT, etc.
              Received FIND, FRDAP and FCT

      c.      Schedule meetings with School Board, Juvenile Justice, other
              recreation providers to establish meaningful joint use agreements.

              Performance Measure: Through meetings educate special
              organizations on the benefits that recreation programs and open green
              space has on the community.

      d.      Coordinate the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

              Performance Measure: Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is kept
              informed on CIP status, programming initiatives, partnerships, and
              funding opportunities.

                                         FY 2002         FY 2003         FY 2004
 Selected Performance Measures            Actual        Estimated         Target

 Workloads/ Outputs
 Parks Master Plans                         1                4               2
 Grant Funds Acquired                   $250,000        $1,125,000       $400,000
 Implement CIP completed projects           7                5               5
 Train all staff in customer service,   2 training       2 training      4 training
 team building, etc.                    sessions         sessions        sessions
 Celebrations of park improvements          3                8               4
 CPTED Evaluations on Existing
 Parks                                   Ongoing         Ongoing         Ongoing

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:    Special Populations

6.    Goal:
      Provide people with special needs the opportunity to participate in inclusive or
      segregated recreational programs and events.

      a.    Maintain contractual agreement with the ARC of Palm Beach County,
            to provide services and professional recommendations.

             Performance Measure: Offer a minimum of Twelve (12)
             inclusion/segregated programs for residents of all ages and abilities.

      b.     Research additional grant opportunities.

             Performance Measures: Apply for additional funding through grants
             to meet the needs of residents with special needs.

                                            FY 2002      FY 2003         FY 2004
 Selected Performance Measures               Actual      Estimate         Target

 Workloads/ Outputs
 Attendance at ARC Sponsored
                                               1,351       1,400          1,450

 # of Inclusion Programs                        11           12             12

Division:    Community Recreation, Aquatics, and Athletics

7.    Goal:
      Increase citizen participation in all programs.

      a.    Increase participation in adult and youth leagues, swimming and
            recreation programs. Provide swim lessons to area school age
            children at no charge to schools.

             Performance Measures: Participation increase of 10% at a minimum
             is expected through increased marketing efforts and more programs

      b.     Increase usage of athletic fields, pool and community centers.

             Performance Measures: With Community Center Improvements,
             Park renovations and overall beautification of Parks and Recreation
             facilities, rentals/permits should show a minimum increase of 10%.


        c.      Increase special interest programming to meet diversified community
                needs, such as, In Line Hockey and Extreme Skating program.
                Expand sailing program to year round.

                Performance Measures: Through programming at new City facilities
                a 15% overall increase of special interest programs should be

        d.      Expand sponsorship opportunities via businesses and grants.

                Performance Measures: The number of sponsors to assist in the
                funding of programs and to subsidize low-income participation to
                increase by 10%.

                                                      FY 2002        FY 2003         FY 2004
Selected Performance Measures                          Actual        Estimate         Target

Workloads/ Outputs
Summer Camp Registrants                                 1,170           1,400          1,500

After School FOOSA Registrants                           410             600            600

Adult Athletic Programs/Participants                    5/420          8/850*         8/1,000

Youth Sports Programs/Registrants
                                                    20/2,970*, ***   22/3,200***    25/3,500***

Tennis Program Registrants                              1,000          1,900**        2,000**

Drowning Prevention/Lesson Registrants                  2,722           3,200         3,200*

Public Recreation Swim Participation                   12,545          15,000         10,000

Adult Special Interest Programs/
Participants                                           29/500          33/610         38/700

Youth Special Interest
Programs/Participants                                  35/680          43/775         47/900

Special Event Participants                             27,500          32,000         32,000

Facility/Pavilion Rentals                                645            500*           700*
*Estimate and Target numbers are pending the construction/completion of park and community center
**Estimate and Target numbers are pending the receipt of USTA First Serve grant for
2003/04 and 2004/05
*** Includes Skate Park Programs/Memberships

                              CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH

Division:    Parks Maintenance

8.    Goal:
      To provide a vision and expectation of superior maintenance, service, and
      quality control, in all 48 City parks.

      a.    Develop park maintenance standards and productivity measures for all
            tasks in park maintenance.

      b.     Evaluate the effectiveness/quality of specialized parks.

      c.     Establish a systematic method in accomplishing tasks and work

             Performance Measure: Daily inspection sheets including productivity
             measures for each park are monitored and evaluated every week.
             Status: Created a database to monitor work output for all parks.
             Division Manager continues to emphasize the importance of superior
             maintenance service and quality control in all city parks at staff
             meetings and quarterly meetings with park maintenance employees.
             Supervisors are required to perform monthly inspections.

9.    Goal:
      To provide efficient customer service and enhance public safety in parks.

      a.    City Dispatch number will be placed in all parks and facilities to provide
            24 hr/7day a week response. COP and park maintenance numbers
            have been placed in parks

      b.     Develop a prioritization and tracking system for all work orders and
             internal requests.

      c.     Identify parks to install 911 call boxes.

      d.     All parks will be planned utilizing CPTED (Crime Prevention Through
             Environmental Design) techniques.

             Performance Measure: Park complaints will be reduced by 25%.
             Actually reduced by 90%
             Status: Reduced complaints by more than 25% by responding to
             issues within a 24 hour period. Parks are maintained according to
             Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concept
             and implementing a tracking system which is reviewed weekly.


10.      Goal:
         To establish a preventative maintenance plan for pavilions, playground
         equipment, picnic areas and park amenities.

         a.    To plan and schedule regular maintenance to prolong the life of the

                Performance Measure: Supervisors will visually                  inspect
                equipment/amenities and complete safety inspection forms.

         b.     To reduce damage and costly repairs of equipment/amenities
                whenever possible.

                Performance Measure: Park Maintenance mechanic will repair
                equipment/amenities as needed.
                Status: Weekly factory recommended preventative maintenance is
                performed on all equipment. Monthly inspections and repairs are
                conducted on all play equipment. Inspections are part of maintenance
                team’s supervisor monthly report.

Other Accomplishments:

      1. Installed (4) Eicon computerized irrigation clocks in parks that were not
         scheduled for improvements. The Eicon system allows irrigation maintenance
         to monitor water consumption and improve maintenance efficiency.

      2. A tree inventory of all parks was completed. The project was funded by a
         50/50% grant from the Urban Community Forestry program through the
         Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

      3. Visited and toured Bark Park in Ft. Lauderdale for innovative ideas for our dog
         run in Mary Brandon Park. Results: more shade trees, water fountain for dogs
         and additional benches for patrons.



                       City of West Palm Beach
               Parking System

To provide safe, affordable, and convenient parking access for the residents,
business owners, and visitors to West Palm Beach.


Parking Administration is a self-supporting enterprise fund that operates three
garages and three surface lots containing 1600 public parking spaces. It also
oversees 1300 on street metered parking spaces and a valet operation that is
currently parking over 5000 cars each month. Parking Administration contracts with
Palm Beach Habilitation for meter collection, USA Parking for lot and garage staffing,
and Boca Parking Systems for valet services. City of West Palm Beach Parking
Ambassadors act as visitor information officers as well as enforcing Chapter 19 of the
City Codes by writing courtesies, issuing citations, and immobilizing vehicles.


       ! Started Free Valet service downtown. More than 20,000 vehicles have
          been parked since August 2002.

       ! Started Courtesy Notice program for vehicles left overtime at meters.
          Over 30,000 courtesies, instead of citations, have been issued.

       ! Sold $13,000 in pre-paid parking on new City of West Palm Beach meter

       ! Used meters as donation boxes and collected over $15,000 in 2002.
       ! Opened Police Garage for public parking.
       ! Started business initiative parking program for those new and existing
          businesses to encourage relocation to downtown and to help reduce their
          parking costs.

       ! Started reduced rate on-street permits for downtown employees.
       ! Sold discount stamps to businesses so that they may validate parking for
          their customers.

                            CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH


1.   Goal:
     Parking Facilities Off-Street - Provide safer access and better customer

     a.    Finish renovation of the Banyan Garage. Performance Measure –
           Work will be completed within the established timeframe and budget.

     b.      Allow for use of City of West Palm Beach Meter Cards and other debit /
             credit cards in parking facilities and in the office. Performance
             Measure – Hardware and software will be installed and the public will
             be able to use alternate methods of payment.

     c.      Upgrade facility entrance hardware from bar code readers to proximity
             card readers. Performance Measure – Improved gate response time
             by 20%, & 50% fewer service calls.

                 Selected Performance          FY 2002      FY 2003
                 Measures                       Actual      Estimate
                 Current service                 40            20

2.   Goal:
     Parking On-Street - Provide convenient access to on-street parking for our
     businesses and residents.

     a.    Increase on-street metered spaces. Performance Measure – Metered
           spaces on street will be increased by 10%.

          Selected Performance         FY 2002        FY 2003          FY 2004
          Measures                      Actual        Estimate          Target
          Metered Spaces                1,380          1,518            1,668


     b.       Maintain operational efficiency of 98% or better. Performance
              Measure – Continue to monitor meter repair complaints and produce
              monthly reports of efficiency. NOTE: As meters become older, repairs
              are expected to increase in volume. However, keeping the meters
              operational on-street should be able to maintain the 98% working

          Selected Performance                FY 2002       FY 2003       FY 2004
          Measures                             Actual       Estimate       Target
          % Meters Operational                  99%           98%           98%
          Repairs per day                        10

3.   Goal:
     Parking Administration – In order to improve customer service, the following
     goals are proposed:

     a.       Upgrade software for Enforcement in order to run timely bills and to
              place scofflaws on the State’s list of vehicle registration holds.
              Performance Measure – Increase collection percentage by 15%.

               Selected Performance           FY 2002       FY 2003       FY 2004
               Measures                        Actual       Estimate       Target
               Collection Percentage            65%           75%

     b.       Extend office hours to provide better customer service for the working
              public. Performance Measure – Increase number of visitors to our
              office by 15%.

                  Selected Performance            FY 2002      FY 2003     FY 2004
                  Measures                         Actual      Estimate     Target
                  Daily Office Visitors             35            40