The Wedding Singer Rehearsal Schedule by jf8fmfif9d


									                       The Wedding Singer
                       Rehearsal Schedule
                                 Version 2.1
                            27 November 2009

     Below is the rehearsal schedule for the whole of the first term. Please
     read it carefully so you know when you are needed. Specialist dancers
     will get their rehearsal schedule from Amy. [See the last page of
     this document!] If you know of any dates when you are needed and
     cannot attend, please let me know as soon as possible. This schedule
     may be subject to change but I will let you know of any changes as
     soon as I do. See you all on Thursday,
     Lorna xxx

Thursday 5th November
7.00pm – 7.15pm: Vocal Warm-Up
7.15pm – 8.30pm: EVERYONE: “Saturday Night in the City”. Finishing dance
and adding principal dialogue and blocking
8.30pm – 8.45pm: BREAK
8.45pm – 10.00pm: EVERYONE (except Glen, Julia, Rosie and Linda): SINGING
“It’s Your Wedding Day”

Sunday 8th November
3.00pm:   Robbie, George, Sammy and Understudies: Act 1, Scene 6 p.26 - 28
3.30pm:   Robbie and Understudy: Act 1, Scene 7 p.29 - 30
4.30pm:   Holly, Julia, Angie and Understudies: Blocking for “Pop!”
5.30pm:   Robbie, Julia and Understudies: Act 1, Scene 8, p.33 - 36
6.00pm:   Julia, Robbie and Understudies: Blocking “Come Out of the Dumpster”

3.00pm: Angie, Julia, Holly and Understudies: “Pop!”
4.30pm: Robbie and Understudy: “Somebody Kill Me”
5.30pm: Rosie: “A Note From Grandma”

Thursday 12th November
7.00pm – 7.15pm: Dance Warm-up
7.15pm - 8.45pm: EVERYONE (except Glen, Julia, Rosie and Linda) DANC-
ING “It’s Your Wedding Day”
8.45pm – 9.00pm : BREAK
9.00pm – 10.00pm: EVERYONE (except Glen, Julia, Rosie and Linda) DANC-
ING “It’s Your Wedding Day” and chorus acting for Act 1, Scene 1 p.3 - 6

Sunday 15th November
3.00pm: Glen, Julia and Understudy, Mookie, Crystal, Donny, Tiffany, First
Waiter, Second Waiter: Act 1, Scene 5a: p.22 - 25
4.30pm: Robbie and Understudy, Specialist Singers, Sammy and Understudy,
Shane, Donatella, Father of the Bride: Act 1, Scene 7 p.29 - 33 including “Ca-
sualty of Love” Choreography
6.00pm: ALL PRINCIPALS (except Linda): Running Act 1, Scenes 5 - 8

3.00pm: Robbie and Understudy, Specialist Singers: “Casualty of Love”
4.30pm: George: “George’s Prayer”
5.00pm: George and Rosie: “Move That Thang”

Thursday 19th November
7.00pm – 7.30pm: Vocal Warm-up including “It’s Your Wedding Day (Reprise)”
7.30pm – 8.30pm: EVERYONE (except Glen, Rosie and Linda) SINGING
8.30pm – 8.45pm: BREAK
8.45pm – 9.30pm: EVERYONE (except Glen, Rosie and Linda) BLOCKING
9.30pm: EVERYONE (except Julia, Glen, Rosie and Linda) REVISING “It’s
Your Wedding Day”

Sunday 22nd November
4.00pm: Robbie, George, Sammy, Julia, Holly and Understudies Act 1, Scene 9,
p.36 - 40
6.30pm: Julia, Robbie, Holly and understudies, Clerk, Glen, Mookie, Crystal:
Act 1, Scene 10

3.00pm: Robbie, George, Sammy, Sweet Jim: “Today You Are a Man”
5.30pm: Robbie, Julia and Understudies, Clerk, Mookie and Crystal: “Not That
Kind of Thing”

Thursday 26th November
7.00pm – 7.30pm: Vocal Warm-up
7.30pm – 8.15pm: EVERYONE (except Glen, Rosie and Linda) SINGING
8.15pm – 8.30pm: BREAK
8.30pm – 9.15pm: EVERYONE (except Glen, Rosie and Linda) BLOCKING
9.30pm: EVERYONE (except Julia, Glen, Rosie and Linda) BLOCKING Act 1,
Scene 1

Sunday 29th November
3.00pm: Act 1, Scene 10, p.44 – 48: Julia, Robbie, Holly, Glen and Understudies
3.30pm: Act 1, Scene 2, p.9 – 14: Sammy, George, Robbie, Julia, Glen and
4.00pm: Revising Blocking “Saturday Night in the City”: Holly, Sammy, Glen,
Julia, George and Understudies

3.00pm: Katie Renton
3.30pm: Victoria Bianchi
4.00pm: Alex Robertson and Colin Bryce

4.30pm: Run of Act 1: All principals, minor principals, dancers and specialist

Thursday 3rd December
7.00pm – 7.15pm: Warm-up Game
7.15pm – 8.30pm: EVERYONE (except Glen): Act 1, Scene 9 – The Bar Mitz-
8.30pm – 8.45pm: BREAK
8.45pm – 10.00pm: EVERYONE (except Glen and Rosie): “Casualty of Love”

Sunday 6th December
3.00pm: Holly, Julia, Sammy and Understudies: Act 2, Scene 2 p.64 - 67
3.30pm: Holly, Sammy and Understudies, Specialist Dancers: “Right In Front
of Your Eyes”
4.30pm: Robbie and Understudy, Glen: Act 2, Scene 2, p.56 - 64
5.00pm: Robbie, Julia and Understudies, Rosie: Act 2, Scene 3, p.68 - 70

3.00pm:   Glen, Robbie and Understudy: “All About the Green”
4.30pm:   Holly, Sammy and Understudies: “Right in Front of Your Eyes”
5.30pm:   Robbie and Julia: “If I Told You”
6.30pm:   Julia “Someday (Reprise)”

Thursday 10th December
7.00pm – 10.00pm: Revision of all chorus numbers

Sunday 13th December
3.00pm:   ALL PRINCIPALS (except Linda): Revising all blocking and dialogue
3.00pm:   Linda: “Let Me Come Home”
4.00pm:   ALL PRINCIPALS: Revising all songs
5.30pm:   Running everything done so far and fixing any problems


Specialist Dancers’ Rehearsal Schedule
     Here’s a schedule of all the dance rehearsals up until Christmas.
     I thought this’d be better than sending an enormous text to you
     all. I’ve tried to work with the availability people have given me.
     Inevitably, people are still gonna miss things, but we’ll have some
     revision sessions to go over stuff again.

Sunday 22nd Nov (aka, this Sunday)
3pm – 4pm: Boy Dancers – Bar mitzvah dance
5pm – 6.30pm: ALL girl dancers (both groups) starting on Pop: restaurant
section (except Hannah who I can go over it with when you’re podium dancing
later) AND John Gerard and Cavey
7.30pm – 8.30pm: Podium dancers (except, possibly, Lucy Wild – we’ll have to
finish it some other time, but that’s ok)

Sunday 29th Nov
4.30pm – 6pm(approx): Run of Act One with principals which it’d be useful to
have you at (both girl groups and boys)
6pm – 8pm: 1st group of girl dancers and boy dancers finishing/going over
Saturday Night
8pm – 9pm: Revision of anything if anyone wants to do it. But you’re free to
go home if you feel good about everything.

Sunday 6th Dec
3.30pm – 4.30pm: Boys – Right in Front of Your Eyes
6pm – 9pm(at latest): Revision session for anyone who needs it, for instance
if you missed learning something the first time, or want to go over stuff more.
This is for ALL dancers, both girl groups and the guys as well.

Sunday 13th Dec
Still to be decided depending on rooms we can get. If we get rooms big enough
to dance in then we’ll be going over everything we’ve done so far. And then we
can go to the pub and have a well deserved sit down.
     That’s it. I know some of you can’t make all of that. Anyone who
     can’t make something who hasn’t told me already, please do.
     Amy x


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