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									                                                         Only available at GameDay Fitness.

            Men's Health Names TRX as This Year's "BEST TOTAL BODY TOOL"

TRX  Suspension Training  exercises give athletes, military personnel and fitness pros around
the world a complete total-body training tool and the cutting-edge training programs they need to
take their performance to the next level.

Now it’s available in Waterloo Region only at GameDay Fitness with Elite
Fitness Coach Rob Cowie. YOU CAN JOIN TODAY!

BASIC TRAINING                               Engage all your muscles with this non-stop TRX foundational workout.
Build overall strength, balance and flexibility with this total body program. You control the resistance and level of
difficulty, while working multiple joints and muscles simultaneously. Duration: 55 minutes

STORM             For the person who wants to train hard and train right. Elite fitness coach Rob
Cowie takes you through a Navy Seal-tough regimen that will get you in the best shape of your
life. You’ll build incredible core strength and endurance plus cultivate agility and flexibility all while
taking your fitness from average to elite. Duration: 55 Minutes

EXPLODE * The pinnacle in fitness and fat burning. Challenge yourself with this fast-
paced workout combo of TRX and cardio drills. Timed sets will keep your heart rate pumping as
you power through the reps at your own pace. Duration: 55 minutes

ROCK HARD CORE                          Every athlete and trainer agree, it’s all about core strength.
Improve your performance and take your training to the next level with a workout that helps
increase total body flexibility, promote mobility and develop deep down core strength. If you are
ready to step up your workouts and see how much you can really do then this workout will
challenge you to the core. Duration: 55 minutes

ATHLETE              Calling all coaches, players and those ready to take their athletic performance
to the next level: Rob Cowie, an elite strength and conditioning coach, is going to get you
working! This proven cutting-edge routine, combining TRX Suspension Trainer exercises and
super-intense speed and agility drills, will help you reach and surpass former levels of
performance and endurance. Duration: 55 Minutes
    GROUP TRX                                    


         All classes are prepaid & include GST

     Train 2 x week = $85/month
    Train 3 x week = $105/month
    Unlimited/week = $120/month
     3 months unlimited = $330
     6 months unlimited = $620
      1 year unlimited = $1200
     Drop In Classes = $15/class

      November 1st –Dec 31st
           Only $120

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