Hottest 10 Buyers Real Estate Markets In 2007

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Hottest 10 Buyers Real Estate Markets In 2007 By Mike Colpitts

There are still hotly appreciating real estate markets in the U.S., according to a nationwide survey conducted by Housing, which forecasts housing markets futures in more than 250 local housing markets in all 50 U.S. states. Driven by booming local economies and unprecedented growth, the Hottest 10 Buyers Markets in the U.S. are mainly located in the southern half of the nation. Five of the Hottest 10 Markets in 2007 are located in Texas. The Top spot, however, is Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is projected to appreciate 9.1% by the year's end. Exploding with a population of almost a million people for the first time in its history, Albuquerque is growing like never before, attracting the movie business from Hollywood with the construction of new movie studios, a new airplane factory and many other new businesses. Housing Predictor's selection of the Hottest 10 Buyers Markets are based on surveys conducted on 75 markets under consideration from more than 250 local housing markets forecast on the web site. McAllen, Texas was selected as the runner-up to Albuquerque to place second among the top 10 markets forecast for the highest appreciation throughout the remainder of the year. Four other Texas markets made the list, reflecting a state real estate market in the Lone Star state that is appreciating at levels not seen in many years. Housing Predictor forecast the current boom in Texas in early 2006. Salt Lake City, Utah placed third. Salt Lake is experiencing the beginning of a slow down in its housing markets after nearly a 20% increase in appreciation in 2006. The brakes, however, won't hit the market until late this year, keeping Salt Lake at a rich stride through the end of the year, according to Housing Predictor. The Hottest 10 Buyers Markets represent growing local economies, which are sure to foster growth into 2008 and perhaps into the following decade as the composition of the U.S. population changes, resulting in major changes in the housing market nationally. New Orleans, Louisiana placed fourth, followed by Austin, Texas, Houston and Biloxi, Mississippi, which is experiencing unprecedented growth with a booming local economy in the wake of Hurricane
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Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast Community. Biloxi has risen from the depth of destruction to re-open casinos and entertain gamblers at its casinos again. A new condominium preconstruction boom is taking the place on the old waterfront. Eight new major condominium developments are already under construction with another dozen in the planning stages. Mike Colpitts is the Editor of Housing Predictor. To see the entire list of the Hottest 10 Buyers Markets in the nation, check on your local markets future and search real estate listings visit

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Ten Hottest Buyers Markets To Be Announced By Housing Predictor By Mike Colpitts

Housing Predictor, which forecasts housing market futures in all 50 U.S. states, will announce it's 10 Hottest Buyers Real Estate Markets in 2007 for investing in homes, condos and townhouses. Housing Predictor is an independent web site that forecasts housing markets in more than 250 local housing markets throughout the U.S. The increase in foreclosures, the crisis in the sub prime lending market and increasing troubles in the conventional mortgage markets, where notices of default have increased are making many local housing markets prices decline. But there are still 13 states, most of which are located in the southern half of the country, where housing markets remain strong and are appreciating. The web site has already named it's Top 25 Markets for 2007 and its Worst 25 Markets for the year. But an increasing number of investors, many of whom are new to investing in real estate, have requested the 10 Hottest Buyers Markets forecast from the web site's economists. Housing Predictor is responding to their requests with the upcoming forecasts. Michigan's real estate markets are in an all out recession due to declining population resulting from job losses. Hawaii's local markets have slowed as a result of higher prices and the aftermath of an earthquake to hit the islands. Many of California's local housing markets are beginning to see daylight at the end of the tunnel as more buyers turn out in the spring. On the east coast, Florida's markets are beginning to see pent up buyer activity begin to turn the tide to more activity and increasing sales in many markets with the exception of Miami and a few others in the state. Texas is witnessing a booming real estate market that should last well into 2008 with population increases never experienced before. Housing Predictor regularly surveys market activity throughout the U.S. to keep the pulse on the housing market, and will name it's 10 Hottest Buyers Markets in April with the greatest likelihood of appreciation during the coming year. Visit Housing Predictor to check on your local markets forecast, and see the Top 25 and Worst 25 forecast markets for 2007 at Mike Colpitts is the Editor of Housing Predictor, which forecasts local housing markets in all 50 U.S. states. Find out your latest housing markets forecast at

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