Downtown Indianapolis Real Estate is Down-in-Sales Indianapolis by toriola1


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Downtown Indianapolis Real Estate is Down-in-Sales Indianapolis By Jordan FeRoss

It’s no surprise that the economy has had an effect on Indianapolis’ Real Estate, particularly in the downtown Indianapolis area. The drop in sales has had some realtors using different sales tactics to try and sell homes. These sales tactices involve a more aggressive style and ultimately demands more work from the realtor. For those of you who have seen the show Flipping Out on Bravo, you’ve seen Jeff Lewis and his crew “stage” the homes that they remodel for Open Houses. The Indianapolis Real Estate listing agents are having to do the same thing with their properties as well. To “stage” a house, in essence, is to detach it from the seller. It’s breaking the bond that existed between the home owner and the home and the house becomes less personal. Instead of looking alike a lived in piece of property, the home appears to be a model. Knick-knacks are removed from shelves and the collage of family photos attached magnetically to the fridge are removed. Indianapolis Real Estate properties are being “staged” more and more as the economy gets worse. Indianapolis Real Estate agents are having to almost clean out a home before they show it. They take items like blenders, toasters, and toaster ovens off of kitchen counters to make it look like there’s more room to cook and entertain guests. This of course is appealing to a buyer. A general rule in real estate is that there can almost never be too much room. Personal belongings are also being removed from bookshelves and cabinets. Another trick that the agents are using to try to sell Indianapolis Real Estate is rolling up the carpet and revealing the hardwood floors underneath. Hardwood floors are extremely sought after and in today’s economy, any key selling feature is a plus. Developers continue to build downtown and add to the Indianapolis Real Estate. Unfortunately, however sales on both homes and condos are close to stagnant. It’s no wonder too. Downtown Indianapolis appeals to college students, recent graduates, and young adults. It’s hard for the non-established to qualify for a loan. Who am I kidding? Unless you have perfect credit, an unlimited income stream, and a long work history, you’re not qualifying for a long in this economy. So the real estate is being developed downtown but people don’t have the means to purchase it at this time.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Whether you’re on a reality television show like Jeff Lewis and “staging” homes in Las Angeles or you’re staging properties that are a part of the Indianapolis Real Estate, this new trend seems to be very popular among house flippers and real estate agents alike. The economy may be the sole catalyst in the fad and if you’ve seen pictures of “staged” homes, you will see the neat and elegant appearance of them. When the economy picks up, hopefully sales in downtown Indianapolis will pick up too. Until then, downtown is home to many developers and vacant properties that can’t be sold. This article is brought to you by Jordan FeRoss and the Indianapolis real estate team at . For more information on Indianapolis homes for sale visit their website.

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Indianapolis Real Estate: A Diamond in the Rough By Jordan FeRoss

In Indianapolis, there are still diamonds in the rough. You will find condos right in downtown Indianapolis. Kosene Kosene Residential has lots of nice condos in the area. There are at least twenty floor plans to choose from and there is square footage that starts at 901 to 2,804 square feet. These condos in the urban area are some of the nicer places that comprise the Indianapolis real estate market. There is a website, but there are no prices listed there. They do have an office that is open seven days a week. You can be served on a first come, first served basis. However, it is suggested that you call first in order to get the best service possible. This piece of Indianapolis real estate is selling fast and most of the units have already been sold. There are also penthouse units in the condos and you can have a rooftop garden and a nice view of downtown Indianapolis. You can have an open floor plan that includes comfort along with a modern touch. This is the nice part of having a condo in the Indianapolis real estate market. Everything is right there at your fingertips and is minutes away. The Victoria Centre is also another condo that is in the Indianapolis real estate market. It is also located in the heart of downtown. This condo has prices that are listed, unlike the previous condo. For almost $900,000 you can have a nice view of the city from over a 3,500 square foot condo. This condo has two bedrooms, a whole bath and a half bath. Even though this condo was built in 1897, it doesn’t look like it. On the inside you will find plenty of hardwood floors, high ceilings and plenty of nice views of downtown Indianapolis. This Indianapolis real estate property always has a little bit more in their units. These units have a roof deck, parking and a doorman. These are some nice amenities to have. From the third floor through the seventh floor, there will be luxury lofts. The best part about this is not the units, but where they are located. Being able to walk in close proximity to other places is a godsend. Because of the state of the Indianapolis real estate market, these condos come at a cost. You do get what you pay for. The views are very nice and just taking a picture of them won’t be enough. Within the Indianapolis real estate market, these two different condos will make the city proud to have them. These are only a few of the condos that are in downtown Indianapolis. If you are looking for a foreclosure deal, don’t look at these condos. You will have to search outside of this area to look for real estate deals in the Indianapolis area. You will have to shell out some funds to live in one of these. Both of these locations will provide the comfort that you are looking for. Jordan FeRoss is an expert on Indianapolis IN real estate. Additional credit is given to the Indianapolis relocation team at Indy Metro Homes. For more information visit

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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