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Bangalore's Passive Residential Market by toriola1


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Bangalore's Passive Residential Market By George Gonigal

Bangalore is witnessing a slowdown in buy sell activities of residential property. Latest property trends of the city shows that the residential capital values are decreasing at certain localities. Eastern Bangalore region is facing recession in property market. Areas like Marathahalli, Airport road, Whitefield, Brookefields, Hoodi etc are seeing downfall in property rates as compared to last year. Reason cited by the local property dealer is that these areas are facing lot of traffic congestion and are commercialized. Therefore people are not interested in buying their residential property across these regions. To reach Airport Road and Marathahalli one has to pass through several bottle neck areas with long traffic queues and congestion. Also there is construction work going on the route. The metro rail project is under construction from past one year which has resulted in traffic jam. Another construction activity of a flyover near the old airport road causes lot of traffic jam. Thus people are not buying any residential property across these areas. Everyone wants to have home away from main city and that should have some free space and easy traffic movements. Most of the people are choosing Bangalore suburban areas for buying residential apartments and these areas are experiencing hike in property values. As per a Brix research report Marathahalli has registered a decrease of 23% in apartment capital value while Whitefield registered decrease of 12 % in last quarter. Though lot of real estate activities is happening in Whitefield area but the residential apartment values are going down. Rental values at Marathahalli have gone down by 6% whereas at Whitefield rental values have gone down by 25% in last quarter. Similar is the case of other nearby region. Brix research analytics team found out that there is an increasing demand of residential property at the areas which are free from traffic congestions, have good physical and social infrastructure, connectivity and availability of premium apartments. Nevertheless, localities like, CV Raman Nagar, Koramangala and Electronic City where demand is mostly driven by IT professionals are going steady. Moreover, Bangalore residential real estate market is in passive stage and the buyers are investing smartly in property market.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
George Gonigal provides you the best and latest information on Bangalore properties. If you want to buy Real Estate in Bangalore he suggests you log on Real Estate India.

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Life With Passive Residual Income Is Good By Matt Helphrey

When I first learned about what passive residual income was, I knew from that moment on that that was how I wanted to be paid. Having a check come every month for work that I did over a year ago is such a great feeling. Not only that, but the opportunity to increase the passive residual income makes me want to work more and work harder. Let me briefly explain first what passive residual income is and how it can benefit you. There are two separate definitions, passive and residual. Passive income is income that is derived from business happenings that took place in the past. It means that the income comes even if you are inactive. It is money that comes without any consistent effort. Residual income is income that comes in intervals usually every month or year after the initial sale is made. They are similar in definition except that passive income may not always be the same amount. For example, if you were to sell an information product, the sales from that product will differ every month. You could be paid forever from the initial work (passive income) but you won't have similar pay increments month after month. (residual) In this day and age passive residual income can be a huge comfort zone for you and your family. Even if you have a great paying job, if you were to get laid off, what would you rely on? You could always look for a new job, but lets face it, the economy has seen better days. Not only will it provide you with a piece of mind but it will also allow you to spend more time with your family and friends. Time is money right? So if your passive residual income starts exceeding what you make at your day job, you can begin to cut back on hours or even quit! Let's not get too carried away though. It's always better to be safe than sorry and that's why I believe passive residual income to be a necessity for my lifestyle. Some people just aren't made to live a worry free no time constraints life. In fact, many people have to have the 8-5 M-F job because that's the way it is, that's the way it always has been, and that's the way it's gonna be. I say too bad for you. Passive residual income will allow me to set my own schedule. I can sleep in whenever I'd like. Heck, I can even take a few months off without skipping a beat! There's also no limit to the amount of passive residual income I can make. The more projects I complete, the more passive residual income I will make. Many jobs have an income ceiling. In a nutshell, passive residual income will allow me many freedoms that a normal job wouldn't. Freedom is a good thing. Not for everyone but certainly for me. Life with passive residual income is good.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Matt Helphrey is the founder and owner of Internet Home Business Opportunities.  His website provides plenty of opportunities for people looking to make passive residual income using the internet.  Get started today!

Property Market Knowhow Property market e-book. Page 4

Presented by Daniel Toriola

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