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									SYNOPSIS TOWN OF JUPITER TOWN COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING COUNCIL CHAMBERS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2009 7:00 P.M. Roll Call: Mayor Karen J. Golonka; Vice-Mayor Todd R. Wodraska; Councilor Robert M. Friedman; Councilor Wendy Harrison; Councilor Jim Kuretski; Town Manager Andrew D. Lukasik; Town Attorney Thomas J. Baird; and Sally M. Boylan, Town Clerk. ORDER OF BUSINESS FOR QUASI-JUDICIAL HEARINGS: -Swearing In (For anyone planning to address Council) -Disclosure of ex parte communications (Council only) -Staff and Planning and Zoning Commission recommendations -Presentation by applicant -Public to be heard – Three (3) minute limit -Motion on the floor CITIZEN COMMENTS Mr. Robert McCormick, resident of East Whitney Circle, disagreed with the hiring practices utilized at El Sol. He felt the entire community had not benefited from El Sol. Mr. Dan Amero, owner of Jupiter Fitness Center at 1200 W. Indiantown Road, distributed a letter to the Council dated October 20, 2009. He explained the signage at the entrance of Jupiter Creek Commercial was hard to see from the road and was causing traffic problems. Mayor Golonka asked the Town Manager to look into the situation and report back to Council. (Citizen Action Office – Town Manager) Ms. Nicole Christian, with the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, complimented the Council on doing a great job. She introduced Mr. Don Hearing as the Liaison who would be working with Jupiter. She thanked Councilor Kuretski for his involvement with the Government Affairs Committee. Ms. Christian distributed a letter of thanks from the Chamber to the Council regarding their efforts in minimizing tax increases. Mr. Phil Cipolla, resident of Berkshire Avenue, spoke about the Inlet Village. He expressed concerns over the way the project had changed over the years. He felt the water taxi service encouraged bar hopping. CONSENT AGENDA All items listed in this portion of the agenda are considered routine by the Town Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Councilor or citizen so requests; in which event, the item will be removed and considered at the beginning of the regular agenda.

TC Synopsis Page 2 October 20, 2009

CONSENT AGENDA Vice-Mayor Wodraska moved to approve the following consent agenda; seconded by Councilor Friedman; motion passed. Golonka Yes Wodraska Yes Friedman Yes Harrison Yes Kuretski Yes

PUBLIC HEARINGS Ordinance 13-09, First Reading, Revising and updating the administrative 2. provisions of the Town of Jupiter Building Code to the 2007 Florida Building code (FBC). (Second Reading 11/17/09) 3. Ordinance 22-09, First Reading, Amendment of Section 27-114 and Sections 24-78 through 24-87 of Code of Ordinances of Town of Jupiter, to clarify and enhance the definition of, and fees charged for, the engineering division plan and document reviews, plat reviews, permitting and inspection, and other engineering services. (Second Reading 11/03/09) Ordinance 36-09, First Reading, Amendment of Chapter 25, Sections 1, 3, 5, 31, 34, 35, 36, 38, 41, 43, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, and 106 of the Code of Ordinances of Town of Jupiter, to update and provide clarification and enhancement of the definitions, descriptions, and administrative requirements of the regulations related to land subdivision, land development and land improvement applications. (Second Reading 11/03/09)


PUBLIC BUSINESS 5. CONTINUED TO 11/03/09 Discussion regarding Resolution 3-09, River Plaza Missing Link. (Continued from 10/06/09) 5.5 Council appointments to the Police Pension Board - Mr. Marc S. Dobin and Mr. Frank P. Barrella and confirmation of Mr. Jack Forest. Resolution 55-09 – Participation in the Elected Officer’s Class (EOC) of the Florida Retirement System for Town Council. Resolution 51-09 – Council approval to request the assistance of Governor Crist and the Florida Legislature in order to provide adequate funding and legislation directed to address critically eroded beach areas in the state of Florida. Council approval of an agreement with XETA Technologies for the telephone system replacement in an amount of $369, 347. Council approval of an agreement for Professional Services with Alcalde and Fay, LTD. in an amount of $60, 000.





TC Synopsis Page 3 October 20, 2009

CONSENT AGENDA PUBLIC BUSINESS Resolution 53-09 Approval and Acceptance of Public Infrastructure and Right10. Of-Way for a portion of Frederick Small Road. 11. Resolution 52-09 –Council approval of a Locally Funded Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement, and Landscape Maintenance Memorandum of Agreement with FDOT for improvements along Indiantown Road from Chasewood to Old Dixie. Confirmation of the Meeting Schedule: • Tuesday October 27, 2009 – 6:00 p.m. – Strategic Planning Workshop – Town of Jupiter Council Chambers– 210 Military Trail. END OF CONSENT REGULAR AGENDA PUBLIC HEARINGS



Ordinance 34-09, Second Reading - Application of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Water and Sewerage Maintenance Cost Index to Water Rates. Vice-Mayor Wodraska moved to approve the Second Reading of Ordinance 34-09; seconded by Councilor Friedman; motion passed.

Golonka Yes

Wodraska Yes

Friedman Yes

Harrison Yes

Kuretski No

PUBLIC BUSINESS Moved to 5.5 14. ROUNDTABLE 15. Health Insurance.



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