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									Daily Field Report
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Job No.


Project Client Report No.

1 190



Leona Quarry

City of Oakland
Grading or Excavation Contractor Date

Day of Week

Oakland, CA
General Contractor

DeSilva Gates
Contractor’s Foreman

Eng. Tech


DeSilva Gates
General Contractor’s Superintendent

Clayton Haskins/Mark
Specialty Contractor



Contractor’s Foreman

Kent Peyton

Field Observations

Time: 4PM


Overcast, cool, breezy

- Two Cat 623 paddle wheel scrapers cut soil from several locations throughout the site and placed it as fill into the “Goegrid Fill Area” to the north and east of the intersection of “K” and “A” Streets. The soil was spread into thin lifts and compacted by a Cat 815 sheepsfoot compactor. Geogrid was placed at intervals, as specified, during the construction of the 1.5:1 fill slope. - Six Cat 657 scrapers cut soil from the top of the “Main Quarry Slope” and placed it as fill into the lower areas of the “Main Quarry Slope”. Two Cat 825 sheepsfoot comp actors spread and compacted the soil. - One D8 dozer and two D10 dozers ripped the cut areas for the scrapers. - One water truck provided moisture conditioning to the fill areas and to the haul roads. - I observed Phil Gray of Berlogar take several compaction tests in the engineered fill areas. Phil told me that the test results show that the areas tested have been compacted to the minimum specified requirements for compaction. - J&M installed a storm drain line along the easterly side of the “Northwest Slope”. - A Cat 14H blade continued to trim subgrade soils in “A” Street between “D” Street and “G” Street. One of the Cat 623 paddle wheel scrapers cut soil from “A” Street and placed it into the “Geogrid Fill”. - Lewis and Tibbitts began installation of gas line along the southerly side of “H” Street near “A” Street; and continued installation of joint utilities along the southerly side of “G” Street near “A” Street. Sand was placed to backfill layers of conduit in “G” Street. The sand was compacted by a vibratory tamper. - Light rain began to fall at about 2:30PM and continued sporadically until I left the site at 4PM. The rain was not so heavy that it affected the grading operations.

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