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With its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore naturally lends itself to the convergence of eastern and western touches. This unique advantage coupled with the support and emphasis of its Government, deem the education landscape in Singapore well poised to offer students the best of EastWest education pedagogy with Asian contextual applications. The National University of Singapore (NUS) has grown phenomenally from its humble infancy as a small medical school founded in 1905. Having just celebrated its Centennial birthday, NUS has matured into a global university with an entrepreneurial dimension, boasting distinctive strengths in education and research. NUS sees our students as unique individuals with different interests and aspirations. We offer an educational experience built upon personal choice and flexibility. We seek to enable our students to explore their interests, discover their talents, and pursue their passions. With a diverse array of programmes and activities aimed at developing quality of mind, strength of character and global perspectives, our students are able to shape their own NUS experience and grow. To give our graduates a competitive advantage to thrive in today’s globalising world, NUS offers a broad spectrum of globally-oriented curricula and programmes such as joint and double degree programmes with leading partner universities around the world, as well as our own flagship programmes. NUS is your global education destination. With students from over 100 countries in NUS, you have every opportunity to meet your peers from different nationalities, learn and appreciate different cultures, as well as develop international friendship, all within the campus. Standing as the foremost and most prestigious University in Singapore, and ranked consistently amongst the top 50 universities in the world, NUS strives to be a powerhouse of technology and innovation that creates new knowledge, ideas and breakthroughs. Indeed, building on a tradition of excellence and commitment towards achieving greater heights, NUS is geared towards developing into one of the world’s premier universities.

NUS sees our students as unique individuals with different interests and aspirations



Architecture Arts & Social Sciences Bioengineering Business Administration Business Administration (Accountancy) Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) Computer Engineering (School of Computing) Computing Dentistry Electrical Engineering Engineering Engineering Science Environmental Engineering Industrial & Systems Engineering Industrial Design Law Materials Science & Engineering Mechanical Engineering Medicine Music Nursing Pharmacy Project & Facilities Management Real Estate Science

In an increasingly globalised world with its new economy, graduates need to stand out as culturally sensitive, well-informed and articulate people who can learn and think for themselves. To help you become such a graduate, NUS undergraduate programmes strike a healthy balance of depth and breadth that would satisfy both the specialisation needed for a subject major and the broader expectations of university education. In this way, you are not just adequately equipped for higher studies, you are well-poised for a fulfilling professional life, and are equally adept in everyday living. There are many opportunities for multidisciplinary studies, among which are:


Allow in-depth study in an area outside that of your specialisation, within or outside your department.


Allow rigorous in-depth study in an area leading to your specialisation.


Allow rigorous in-depth study in two major areas of your specialisation. The second major may be taken within or outside your department.


Business Administration & Communications and New Media Business Administration (Accountancy) & Communications and New Media Business Administration & Computing Business Administration (Accountancy) & Computing Business Administration & Law Business Administration (Accountancy) & Law Economics & Law Engineering & Business Administration Engineering & Business Administration (Accountancy) Engineering & Economics Law & Life Sciences Mathematics / Applied Mathematics & Computer Science



Are you just a homebody or a potential globetrotter who wants to live a life less ordinary? Expand your horizon by joining our Student Exchange Programme (SEP), where you get the chance to spend 6 months or more at one of our many overseas partner universities. You can be sipping coffee in a café in New York or snowboarding with your new friends in Switzerland. Afterall, all study and no play makes you a dull undergraduate, and that is exactly not whom we want you to be! Visit sep/index.html for more information.

The University Scholars Programme (USP) is for you if you have a keen intellect and a passion for learning. Spread across six faculties and schools, you will meet peers from various disciplines who can offer you views from diverse perspectives. The conducive yet rigorous learning environments will equip you with the necessary skills you need to excel in the world beyond your tertiary education! Visit for more information. We offer various options to assist you in financing your education in NUS, ranging from Scholarships and Bursaries to interest-free loans. Like you, we believe an investment in education, is an investment for the future.



The University is committed to a needs-blind merit-based admission policy that ensures no deserving student who has been admitted is denied a university education because of financial difficulty. To help meet the educational expenses of financially needy students, aid in the form of loans, donated scholarships, bursaries and work-study opportunities are administered by the Student Financial Aid Unit in the Registrar’s Office. For more information, visit www.nus. International students are eligible for the Tuition Fee Loan and the NUS Study Loan. Tuition Fee Loan – Available to all students and covers up to 90% of tuition fee payable by Singapore Citizens – Interest-free during course of study NUS Study Loan – Available to needy students – Up to 20% tuition fee payable by Singapore Citizens for the same course and a living allowance loan of $3,600 per year – Interest-free during course of study Please visit UG/ug-loans.html for further details about the loans.

NUS offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships and awards in recognition of outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities and special talents. The following scholarships are available to international students: ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship: For students from ASEAN member countries excluding Singapore. OCBC International Undergraduate Scholarship: Awarded to citizens of China and Indonesia. SembCorp Industries Undergraduate Scholarship: For Indonesian students who have completed the SMU Ebtanas (science stream), or equivalent, or are completing the SMU Ebtanas (science stream) or equivalent. Singapore Airlines-Neptune Orient Lines Undergraduate Scholarship: Awarded to students of Indian nationality who have completed the Standard 12 (science stream), or equivalent, or are completing the Standard 12 (science stream) or equivalent. Undergraduate Scholarship for Hong Kong Students: Awarded to students who hold Hong Kong (SAR) citizenship or Permanent Residency (PR), and who have completed the Hong Kong ‘A’ Levels (science stream), or equivalent, or are completing the Hong Kong ‘A’ Levels (science stream) or equivalent. Dr Goh Keng Swee (GKS) Scholarship: Awarded to citizens/passport holders of selected Asia-Pacific regions. For more information, visit oam/scholarship/international.htm#nsc


Fancy yourself working in an upbeat startup company, full of vibrancy and dynamism? Unlock your entrepreneurial potential by joining the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programme! Do well in your internship at Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, Shanghai, Stockholm and Bangalore and these may well be the places where you will be working at in the future! Visit for more information.





Applicants should present one of the following to fulfil the English Language requirement set by the university:

Application for admission to NUS for Academic Year 2009-2010 begins in mid October 2008. Applicants are advised to visit the Office of Admissions website at oam/apply/catd for details on how and when to apply. To apply for undergraduate courses offered by NUS (except the University Scholars Programme and the music courses offered by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music), please submit an online application form via the Office of Admissions website at sg/oam/apply/catd/instru.htm Please note that aside from the general admission requirements, different courses require applicants to have fulfilled certain subject prerequisites. Applicants should ensure that they fulfil the subject prerequisites for the courses which they wish to be considered for. A full list of subject prerequisites is available at Your complete application must reach the Office of Admissions by the application closing date relevant to the qualification you are offering. A complete application refers to a successfully submitted online application form and the following photocopied documents:

Application period and closing dates

EL 1119 IELTS MUET ‘O’ Level English TOEFL

Minimum acceptable score
C6 6.0 221 C6
(or 213 for the computer-based test or 79 for the internet-based test)


Prospective students who require financial assistance should apply for financial aid during the stipulated application period regardless of whether an admission offer has been given by the University or there is an intention to apply for other financial aid or scholarships. Students should also note that application for financing under the bank-administered Tuition Fee Loan Scheme can be made immediately upon receipt of the admission offer from the University regardless of whether the student has applied for financial aid from the University.

Music programmes offered by Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music


The admission requirements for SAT I & II are:

University Entrance Examination

The minimum acceptable Reasoning Test scores are 600 for the Critical Reading Section, 600 for the Writing Section, and 650 for the Mathematics Section.

SAT I - Reasoning Test

SAT II - Subject Tests

Compulsory subjects for the Subject Tests include: Mathematics Level II ^ A second subject of your choice (excluding Mathematics Level I) A third subject of your choice (excluding Mathematics Level I) ^ Mathematics II is a compulsory subject for all courses except Law. Applicants applying for admission to Law may take any subject, including Mathematics I, in lieu of Mathematics II. The second and third subjects should be chosen based on the subject prerequisites of the courses you are applying for at NUS. For example, if you are applying for Chemical Engineering, you will need to choose Physics and Chemistry. If, however, you are applying for Business Administration, you may choose any two subjects except Mathematics I. No minimum Subject Test scores have been stipulated. Visit catd for information on SAT I & II requirements. For information on SAT tests, please visit

NUS conducts a University Entrance Examination (UEE) to assess the suitability of selected applicants for admission to undergraduate courses each Academic Year for certain types of qualifications only. Shortlisted candidates will be considered for admission based on their performance at the UEE and at the sole discretion of the university. Unless invited, candidates will not be allowed to take or appeal to take the UEE. The UEE will be conducted around February/March in Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. For more information, please visit www.nus.

Applicants who wish to apply for music courses offered by the Conservatory need to submit a separate application form to the Conservatory. An audition will be conducted for short listed applicants. Such applicants will be informed by post about the respective audition dates and times. For more information, visit

Application outcome

Application outcome will be released progressively between May and mid-July. If successful, you will receive, together with your letter of offer, an admissions package containing information on enrolment, application forms for campus accommodation and the various loan schemes. Outstanding applicants will also be invited to apply for scholarships.

Other Tests and Interviews

Students applying for courses in Medicine and Dentistry are required to submit their actual results by the respective closing dates applicable to the qualifications they are offering, as shortlisting for tests and interviews are based on actual results only. Shortlisted candidates for courses in Architecture, Dentistry, Industrial Design, Law, Nursing or Medicine will be notified via email to attend additional tests and/or interviews conducted at the university in May each year to assess their suitability for the courses.

SAT I & II (if applicable)

Application fee

A non-refundable application fee of S$20 (inclusive of 7% GST) must accompany your application. Payment can be made through: are accepted) ‘National University of Singapore’. For more information visit oam/apply/catd

illnesses or disabilities (if applicable)

Application for Financial Aid

Financial aid applications are done online from 1 March – 1 April each year. Please access the financial aid website at registrar/sfau.html for more details on the application procedures.


Architecture Arts & Social Sciences Bioengineering Business Administration Business Administration (Accountancy) Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering (Faculty of Engineering) Computer Engineering (School of Computing) Computing Dentistry Electrical Engineering Engineering Engineering Science Environmental Engineering Industrial & Systems Engineering Industrial Design Law Materials Science & Engineering Mechanical Engineering Medicine Music Nursing Pharmacy Project & Facilities Management Real Estate Science beng1/cpe/BEngece_intro.shtml beng1/cpe/BEngece_intro.shtml index.htm

All information is correct at the time of printing in September 2008. Updates will be posted at
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