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Otley Golf Club – Rabbits Section
Rabbits Section Rabbits Guidance Notes 1. OBJECTIVES
 To stimulate, promote and encourage competitive golf for players in the handicap range 16 to 28. (Hereafter referred to as “RABBIT GOLFERS”), who are:o Subscribing / Playing members of Otley Golf Club o Subscribing members of Otley Golf Club Rabbit Section To have its own Officers and Committee responsible for arranging Rabbits golf competitions, inter-club matches and social functions. To operate at all times within the constitution and regulations as laid down in the overarching Rules of Otley Golf Club, as administered by the elected Officers and Management Committee of Otley Golf. To guard at all times against the Rabbits Section seeking or assuming a role within the club outside its own terms of reference as set out in the section’s guidance notes. (i.e. It does not assume the form of a “Club within a Club”). To operate within the constitution and rules of the Yorkshire and Harrogate Area Rabbit Golf Associations. The Rabbits Section will operate and manage its own financial accounts and bank deposit account(s), as deemed necessary for the self financing operation of Rabbits Section activities. The Rabbits Section will, year on year, seek to identify suitable golf related capital related projects into which it may choose to invest some of its surplus funds. The Rabbits Committee will liaise with the Management Committee of OGC, with a view to reaching mutual agreement on any proposed project.

     


Rabbits - Active Playing:
Any male member of Otley Golf Club over 18 years of age and with a playing handicap of 16 and above is eligible for membership on payment of the Rabbits Section annual membership subscription as agreed at each Rabbits Annual General Meeting.

Associate Member:
Any male member of Otley Golf Club over 18 years of age and with a playing handicap of 15 and below is eligible for Associate Membership on payment of the Rabbits Section annual membership subscription as agreed at each Rabbits Annual General Meeting. (Associate Members are not eligible to play in Rabbits competitions or inter-club matches, but they are welcome to take part in Rabbits’ Captain’s and Chairman’s days and various trips and social activities organised by the Rabbits section).


Eligibility:All Rabbits, who are ACTIVE PLAYING members of Otley Golf Club (see definition above), are eligible to stand for election as an officer or committee member. Any Officer or Committee member, whose playing handicap falls below 16 shall complete his term of office but will not be eligible for re-election.

The primary officers shall be:Chairman Captain Vice-Captain Hon Secretary Hon Treasurer Nominated by Nominated by Nominated by Nominated by Nominated by The committee The committee The committee The committee The committee

Length of Office:i.
ii. The posts of Vice Captain, Captain and Chairman shall be held for one year only, and under normal circumstances, shall be progressive. The posts of Secretary and Treasurer shall be held for no longer than three years, unless mutually agreed by the current post holder and the committee. However under such a circumstance, nominations for these posts can be made and contested at the Annual General Meeting.

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The Captain:The Captain, in addition to representing OGC Rabbits Section at local and regional functions, will be responsible for all aspects of Rabbits Golf. This will include team selections and the smooth progression of internal club competitions. In all matters of dispute regarding golfing issues the Captain shall be the final arbiter.

The Chairman:The Rabbits Chairman shall chair all Rabbits Committee meetings which he attends. On other occasions, the Committee shall appoint one of their number as chairman. At all meetings of the committee, in the case of the members’ voting being equal, the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to his own vote.

Rabbits Hon Treasurer:The Rabbits Section Honorary Treasurer, whose election shall be confirmed annually at the Rabbits AGM, will be responsible for maintaining accurate records and accounts of all financial details of the Rabbits Section. These shall be presented to the Rabbits AGM in the form of a properly audited balance sheet, the Hon Auditor(s) to be properly qualified for that task and their appointment confirmed each year at the Rabbits AGM. The Rabbits Section’s financial year shall st st commence on 1 January and end on 31 December each year.

Rabbits Hon Secretary:The Hon Secretary, whose election shall be confirmed annually at the Rabbits AGM, will be responsible for arranging and recording all relevant meetings, liaison with other clubs regarding matters pertaining to the Rabbits Section, and keeping the membership in touch with Rabbits activities by means of notices and bulletins etc.

Composition of Committee:The Committee to be elected / confirmed at the Annual General Meeting shall consist of:   the Primary Officers (as detailed above), eight members of the rabbits Section,

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt other members if required, to be agreed by a simple majority vote within the committee. Nominations for both Officers and Committee Members shall commence 21 days prior to the Rabbits Annual General Meeting and a notice enabling this shall be posted on the Rabbits notice board. The nomination list will close 7 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for committee (apart from Primary Officers), shall each be proposed and seconded by two subscribing playing members of the Rabbits Section. If the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacancies, an election by anonymous ballot shall take place at the Annual General Meeting. In the event that there are insufficient nominees for particular posts, nominations can be allowed at the AGM from the floor of the meeting. However this is an exceptional case.


An AGM shall be held each year in January or February at such a time and date as the Committee shall determine, giving 21 days clear published notice to this effect on the Rabbits notice board.

Statutory Business:The following items MUST be included on the AGM agenda:  Read and approve the minutes of the previous AGM  Presentation of the audited accounts by the Hon Treasurer for examination and approval of the members  Election of Officers for the ensuing year  Election of the Committee for the ensuing year  Election of Auditor(s) for the ensuing year  Confirm the Rabbits subscription for the ensuing year

Propositions (from members):Any proposals or matters for inclusion in the AGM agenda must be received by the Hon Secretary, in writing and signed by at least two members of the Rabbits Section, no later than 14 days prior to the date of the AGM. D:\Rabbits Guidance Notes.doc

Propositions (from the Committee):Any proposals or matters for inclusion in the AGM agenda propagated by the Committee shall be agreed at the regular committee meeting held prior to the AGM. Any Committee proposals shall be included in the notice convening the AGM as displayed on the Rabbits notice board.

Quorum:An AGM meeting shall be deemed constitutionally valid if a minimum of 10 members are present. Less than that number shall result in the meeting being abandoned and all decisions taken invalid. The 10 members shall include at least 2 officers. Decisions shall be taken by simple majority vote.


The Committee may call an EGM at any time, giving not less than 14 days notice on the Rabbits notice board to this effect. The notice shall specify the nature of the business to be transacted, and the discussion at such meeting shall be strictly confined to the business specified in the notice. The Committee will be bound to call an EGM, subject to the above restrictions, on the written requisition of 20 members of the Rabbits Section.

Quorum:An EGM meeting shall be deemed constitutionally valid if a minimum of 20 members are present. Less than that number shall result in the meeting being abandoned and all decisions taken invalid. The 20 members shall include at least 2 officers. Decisions shall be taken by simple majority vote.


At least eight such meetings shall be held each year. In principle they should be on the first Wednesday of each month excluding June July and August. The date and time of the first meeting shall be agreed at the AGM. Subsequent dates and times shall be agreed at the end of each meeting. The Hon Secretary will ensure that Minutes of all Committee meetings are prepared, read, approved and signed by the Chairman, at each subsequent committee meeting. Preparation of the minutes may be delegated to a “Minute Secretary” appointed from within the committee. The Hon Secretary will ensure that all minutes are properly archived.

Quorum:A committee meeting shall be deemed constitutionally valid if a minimum of 5 members are present. Less than that number shall result in the meeting being abandoned and all decisions taken invalid. The 5 members shall include at least 1 officer. Decisions shall be taken by simple majority vote.


Existing Competitions are:Rabbits’ Opening Meeting Brunel Trophy King Rabbit John Wood Putter Rabbits’ Greensome Rabbits’ Championship Committee Cup GENERAL
All competitions are open to Full or Six day members who are members of the Rabbits Section, and aged 18 and over, holding a current Club Handicap playing of 16-28,

Organiser – Rabbits’ Captain Organiser – Rabbits’ Captain Organiser – Rabbits’ Captain Organiser – Rabbits’ Captain Organiser – Rabbits’ Captain Organiser – Rabbits’ Secretary Organiser – Rabbits’ Vice Captain

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All golf events and matches shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as set out by:-

  

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Otley Golf Club (including such Local Rules as the Club Committee shall, from time to time, determine as requisite). Yorkshire and Harrogate Area Rabbits Golf Associations.

All Rabbits matches and competitions to be played from yellow tees (apart from Rabbits’ Chairman’s Day and Rabbits’ Captain’s Day). Handicap requirements for rabbits’ competitions:Prior to the Rabbits Opening Meeting a copy of the Club handicap list will be requested from the Club Handicap Secretary. Members without an entry on the list will not be eligible to play in any Rabbits competition except for the Rabbits Championship and friendly fixtures. A Draw will be made for each competition and posted on the Rabbits’ Notice Board in the first week of May. The first named on the Draw Sheet is responsible for arranging the date of the match, all matches to be completed by the “Play by Date” stipulated. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GRANTED. All matches to be played off YELLOW Tees. In the event of a tie after 18 holes, matches will be decided by sudden death, strokes to be taken where they fall. Match winners will record the result on the appropriate progress sheet at the completion of the match. It is expected that Rabbits Finals will take place during Finals Weekend and as many as possible attend to support the finalists. In the event that a competitor in any Rabbits internal club competition has his handicap reduced to less than 16 during the progression of the knockout rounds, he shall be allowed to remain in the competition but must play off his newly adjusted handicap. [Commentary: It seems equitable that someone who entered a competition legitimately and in good faith should be allowed to continue to play. He would still be a current paid up member of the Rabbits Section, and providing he plays off his new handicap, would be complying with (a) the rules of golf (b) the spirit of Rabbits Golf. It also reduces disruption created by walkovers and retains a competitive element].


Played over 15 holes as a Stableford competition – the handicap will be 5/6 of the player’s normal handicap. The top 16 players will be entered in to the Brunel trophy on a seeded basis 1 v 16, 2 v 15 etc. i.e. 1 and 2 will be in opposite sides of the draw


Matchplay competition open to those with the 16 best net scores returned at the Rabbits’ Opening Meeting. Normal matchplay rules will apply, the handicap allowance being the full difference in handicap between the competitors.

Matchplay competition in which normal matchplay rules will apply - the handicap allowance being as for the Brunel Trophy.

Medal competition played off FULL HANDICAP. All players must mark a card correctly and MUST putt out at every hole, the ultimate winner being the player in each match with the lower net score.

Matchplay Competition in which normal matchplay rules will apply. Handicap allowance to be calculated for each pair as follows: (Lower handicap x 0.6) plus (higher handicap x 0.4). If the handicaps in the pair are equal, then use half the combined handicaps. The lower handicap pair then give strokes to the other based on the full difference between the two handicaps.

Takes place in parallel with Saturday Stableford competitions during the summer season. Namely – April, May, June, July, August, September and Presidents day. The best 4 scores from the 7 qualifying events are added to form a championship total. In the event of a tie the next best two scores are taken in to account and eventually the least favourable score is considered in isolation. Back 9 rules apply thereafter.

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Open to all Rabbits who have played in the Rabbits Matches during the previous season, plus all committee members. Played at an away day organised by the Rabbits’ Vice Captain usually in September after the last team match. The format of the competition can be played over 9 or 18 holes and be Stableford or Medal as decided by the Rabbit’s Vice Captain. Past members of the Rabbits committee are invited together with other honourable guests. Non Rabbits play for an Associate prize.

Each year the Rabbits section will play 7 other Rabbits clubs on a biannual basis. (Typically these are shown below) Odd years – Harrogate, Cookridge, Leeds (Cobble Hall), Scarcroft, Oakdale, Headingley, Pike Hills Even years – Knaresborough, Wetherby, Bradford, Horsforth, Garforth, Sand Moor, Moor Allerton On odd years Otley host Malton and Norton and return on even years It is the responsibility of the Rabbits vice Captain to arrange the fixture list with the clubs during his year as vice captain ready for playing during his captaincy year. Each year two members of the committee will be responsible for the final playing team on each match day.

General Observations and Overview 1. Rabbits Funding
  Rabbits Section funding is agreed at the AGM with the primary goal of encouraging all higher handicap players to be members of the rabbits section and to participate in as many Rabbits events as possible. The Primary Rabbits fund raising event is the Annual Open Day and it is anticipated that year on year this will generate in excess of £2000. These funds are available for the benefit of the rabbits section as a whole, with any surplus funds being donated by the Rabbits Section, in support of major club developments and activities. Traditionally sources of income to the Rabbits section have come from membership, competitions, and raffles held at the opening meeting and at the Annual Dinner. Typically this income generates approximately £500 per year with the bulk coming from the two principle raffles. In a typical year, total income is approximately £2500 per annum.



Expenditure of the Rabbits section consists of the following: Prize funds for the Rabbits’ Open, Captain’s Day and Chairman’s Day:   The Prize fund for the Open Day is agreed each year in committee, and consists of 10 prizes totalling £750 The Prize funds for the Captain’s and Chairman’s days are set to match the importance of the day at £275 each. These values reflect the importance given to an Honours day, and can be reviewed annually to insure that the day retains its privileged place in the club calendar.  The Captains away trip This largely self funding – and has a small prize fund of approximately £100. Individuals may wish to make donations to the prize fund – and whilst this is to be welcomed, should NOT be assumed.

Total Prize fund approximately for all Rabbits competitions - £1,400 (@ 2008 levels) 2. The Annual Dinner   Each year - this function will have a budget approved and set by the Rabbits Committee. In principle all Rabbits members and associates should be able to attend subject to space and not be restricted by excessive additional costs associated with pricing brought about by the need to cover guests, speaker and other

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expenses. Whilst the function should be “self financing”, there may be situations were some elements may have to be subsidised from general funds.  Additional Expenses:o Speaker cost was traditionally covered by the Captain but in recent years the rising price of speaker charges has meant that the rabbits section must carry this cost. The budget for the speaker at an annual dinner has been rising over the past few years and is currently fixed at £200 subject to annual review in committee. Any additional charge above this can be agreed in committee or borne by the captain or other benefactor.


Guests:o The Guests at the dinner include:The Captain, President, Secretary/Manager, Professional and the speaker. Plus two representatives from each club played home and away during the season (12 or 14) – this makes a total of less than 20 non paying guests plus their associated wine. The cost associated with the meal for these guests should be budgeted and agreed in committee each year. The social secretary should plan and budget the dinner with the above contributions in mind.

Presented to Rabbits AGM January 2009

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