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Maximize the Business Value of Software

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                                                                                                   businesses. Seeking a competitive edge,
                                                                                                   organizations are expanding the roles of IT
                                                                                                   leaders, business leaders and developers
                                                                                                   who participate in the strategic software
                                                                                                   development process. Together, these
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          the Business                                                                             stakeholders are charged with maximizing
                                                                                                   the value of corporate information across
                                                                                                   their enterprises.

          Value of Software
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         Make software a managed business process to give
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         your enterprise a competitive advantage.
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                 ffective software development is the backbone of today’s most successful businesses. Seeking

         E       a competitive edge, organizations are expanding the roles of IT leaders, business leaders and
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                 developers who participate in the strategic software development process. Together, these stake-
                 holders are charged with maximizing the value of corporate information across their enterprises.
How will you be involved in the
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decision making market research shows that software --
                Still, process?
           projects have a high risk of failure. Many projects suffer from
                                                                                        Software Delivery Optimization is about transformation
                                                                                    and making sense out of chaos. Historically, programming
           delays and budget overruns. Others don’t
 How many people make up your project team? fulfill the original                    has largely been an unpredictable art form in many organi-
           project scope and some wind up being canceled entirely.                  zations. Now, it’s time for software development to become
            one --
 -- SelectFurther complicating matters, industry regulations and serv-              a manageable, repeatable business process. To speed this
           ice level agreements mean there’s less margin for error. This            transformation, Borland is offering a comprehensive appli-
           can result in Borland
Do you currently usemissed financial opportunities and squandered                   cation development and delivery platform - Borland Core™
             or Services?
Productscompetitive advantages. Poor project planning, poor cost
                                                -- Select one --                    SDP (Software Delivery Platform).
           estimating, poor measurements, poor milestone tracking,
           poor change control, and poor quality control are the six most           GETTING STARTED
           frequent problems that can undermine software projects,                  Clearly, getting software “right” requires a lot of work. The
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           according to industry experts. The impact hits the bottom                effort must incorporate the people, processes, and technol-
           line: A 2002 study by the National Institute of Standards                ogy involved in the development process. Working together,
           found that software errors cost the American economy nearly              these groups—business, IT operations, and application
           $60 billion a year.                                                      development must minimize gaps in communication and
                U.S. businesses spent $234 billion in 2004 to buy or build          comprehension between their specialized roles. Not to be
           software. Roughly 37 percent of that figure—or about $86 bil-            overlooked, these gaps are exacerbated by globalization (dis-
           lion—represents internally built software, according to                  tributed development teams and the rise of offshoring and
           Forrester Research Inc. of Cambridge, Mass. With so much                 outsourcing) and the increased complexity of IT.
           money at stake, organizations can’t afford to embark on soft-                In a managed business process, the software development
           ware projects that are doomed to delay or complete failure.              team is integrated into the overall fabric of the enterprise,
                Indeed, it’s time to redefine the way that software is con-         ensuring their participation as an equal partner in shaping busi-
The information you are entering on this page and other information about your useness-driven IT initiatives. In fact, Software Delivery Optimization
           ceived, designed, built, and delivered in order to meet qual-             of the
           ity and user goals—on time and and the Privacy Policy) will has the potential to dramatically improve the way business
attached document (described in the User Agreementon budget. This new be
            file on your is the cornerstone Bitpipe over the Delivery
stored in aapproach computer and transmitted toof Software Internet. Bitpipe may    units and IT groups collaborate throughout the process of deliv-
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           Optimization—Borland’s vision and strategy for transforming you software. This transformation addresses the priorities of
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           software development into a managed business process.                    the development organization which are:
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                                                                      Adver tisement

     Borland’s document, please long history and 1 to
To access thisstrength is that it has areturn to page depth in terms of understanding enterprise development
complete the form. and strategy has the potential to help organizations redefine the way their software
     issues. Their vision
      is conceived, designed, built, and delivered – transforming software development into a reliable and
      managed this form once, you will have access
By completingbusiness process for repeatable success. to all Bola Rotibi, senior analyst, Ovum Research
      1. Maximize opportunity: Organizations to to identify again.                 ”
similar documents without needingneedregister the and technology toward successful project delivery, in
         right projects to maximize top line growth, ensure that the
         right people are assigned to high-priority projects, and have
                                                                                   repeatable fashion. Borland Core SDP is designed to support
                                                                                   large, distributed teams, as well as smaller, nimble organi-

         the freedom to select technology that best fits the project.              zations seeking a more process-oriented approach. Borland
      2. Accelerate software delivery: Organizations need to lever-                Core SDP is unique in its approach, delivering a platform for
         age agile architectures and processes to accelerate execu-                competitive advantage for your enterprise that supports:
         tion, impose disciplined productivity across the software                     Integrated Lifecycle: Borland Core SDP drives efficiency
         development team, and enable rapid change management.                         across the entire software development lifecycle. As a
      3. Reduce spend: Organizations need to facilitate cost reduc-                    result, common tasks and activities for each role in the
         tion by maximizing the productivity and efficiency of individ-                development organization are tightly integrated using
                                                                                       best-in-class Borland tools.
                                                                                       No Lock-in: Borland Core SDP is a standards-based envi-
                                                                                       ronment, allowing your enterprise to continue to leverage
                                                                                       existing platforms and services for higher return on your
                                                                                       technology investments.
                                                                                       Ease of Use: Borland Core SDP is optimized for the
                                                                                       processes, perspectives, and needs of the unique roles
                                                                                       within your development team; Analyst, Architect,
                                                                                       Developer, and Tester. The high-performance and scalable
                                                                                       platform is easy to use, reducing cultural adoption and train-
                                                                                       ing costs, and addressing the process and communications
                                                                                       challenges associated with distributed development.
                                                                                       Process Configurability: Customized processes are at the
                                                                                       heart of your business’ competitive advantage. Borland
                                                                                       Core SDP provides your organization with the ability to
                                                                                       author and automate custom processes, as well as drive
                                                                                       those process-based workflows on definition. In partner-
                                                                                       ship with our customers, Borland is committed to helping
      Software Delivery Optimization — Maximizing the Business Value of Software       IT organizations achieve increased visibility and control
                                                                                       over their end-to-end software lifecycle, which ultimately
         uals and teams, optimally leveraging investments in legacy                    will translate into increased predictability and IT efficiency.
         infrastructure and lifecycle tools, and optimally utilizing                   Ease of Administration: Borland Core SDP includes a uni-
         external resources through off-shoring and outsourcing.                       fied installer and requires minimal installation effort. In
      4. Mitigate risk: Organizations need to reduce project risks                     production, Borland Core SDP requires fewer administra-
         by protecting themselves from vendor lock-in and tech-                        tors and fewer server resources to configure and run than
         nology change, accurately assessing the impact of change                      competing solutions.
         throughout the lifecycle, mitigating compliance risks asso-
         ciated with industry regulations and SLA , and preventing                 BORLAND: A TRUSTED, PROVEN PARTNER
         project risks from over- and underdevelopment.                            Software Delivery Optimization is directly aimed at helping
      5. Ensure quality: Organizations need to improve quality by                  organizations maximize opportunity, accelerate software
         effectively propagating business requirements, the early                  delivery, reduce spending, mitigate risk, and ensure quality.
         detection and resolution of quality issues, the continuous                Moreover, Borland remains the most ideal partner for organ-
         monitoring and measurement of quality parameters across                   izations seeking to strengthen their software development
         projects, software asset reuse, and repeatability of success              practices. Borland is the only vendor that for over 21 years
         through mature business and development processes.                        has focused on improving software development and deliv-
                                                                                   ery across technology platforms, remaining true to the cus-
      BORLAND ANSWERS THE CALL                                                     tomer’s agenda. Borland’s experience with industry-leading
      Not by coincidence, Borland’s Core SDP addresses each of                     application lifecycle management solutions, reputation for
      the five above-noted priorities head-on. Borland delivers on                 technical excellence, and commitment to vendor-neutral IT
      its promise of Software Delivery Optimization by providing a                 solutions provides customers with powerful, adaptable
      platform and services to help you align people, processes,                   enterprise software architectures. ■

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