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									Hurricane Season 2000
Having a storm shutter installation plan is one of the most important detail in a successful family hurricane plan. When unprotected glass is broken from flying debris, this can cause the inside of your home to be destroyed. This is a result of the increase in uplift forces and suction pressures on the roof and walls. The Town of Jupiter building code required all houses permitted after October 1, 1996 to have some type of missile impact protection for glass. This does not mean that existing homes or businesses cannot be retrofitted with glazing protection. Hurricane shutters, also known as storm panels, can be made of metal, wood or plastic. Shutters come in a number of shapes and sizes. When selecting a type of shutter remember that a building permit and shutter product testing approval from the manufacture are required to be submitted with your permit application. Should you choose to use plywood for window and door glass protection the Engineered Wood Association has construction details to aid in the proper instillation. This information can be obtained by calling Roger Held with the Building Division at (561)741-2469 The Building Division recommends that homeowners do a “dry run” with their shutters before a hurricane approaches our community. Some items of concern to ensure a successful shutter installation are: 1. Make sure that you are familiar with the method of installing your storm panels. 2. Make sure that you have the correct number of storm panels. 3. Be sure that you have the right type of installation hardware and amount needed to secure the shutter to the structure. 4.Make sure that you have the needed safety equipment: gloves, a safe ladder and a helping hand. Installation of shutters is a two-person job! When a house or structure is fully shuttered this can create another safety concern. Because the windows and doors are completely covered this can block escape routes. Your family should have an emergency exit plan to get out of the house in case of a fire. The Town of Jupiter always suggests obtaining a minimum of three estimates from a licensed contractor before entering into any construction contract. Verifying that a building permit has been obtained and all required inspections have been completed is an important step to take toward protecting your investment in any construction project. Should you have any questions about this or other construction projects that might require a building permit, contact Roger Held at (561)741-2469 or e-mail

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