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WELCOME! Robert's Rules of Order and the Sunshine Law govern the conduct of the meeting. Committee Members: Loren Rapport, Judy George, Peter Cunningham, Angela Warro, Lisa Bailey Alternate Members: Ed Peresluha, Blaise Trettis, Marion Anderson, Joanne Midkiff, Julie Johnson Staff Members: Bob Torres, Public Works Director Lori Hammock, Administrative Assistant Joseph McGee, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

A. Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Peter Cunningham at 3:00 P.M. B. Pledge of Allegiance – The pledge was led by Ed Peresluha. C. Roll Call – Committee members absent were Loren Rapport and Judy George. Alternate member absent was Julie Johnson. Staff member absent was Bob Torres. D. Approval of Minutes from January 8, 2008. MOTION BY ANGELA WARRO TO APPROVE THE JANUARY 8, 2008 MINUTES. MOTION WAS 2ND BY ED PERESLUHA. VOICE VOTE CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY. E. Election of 2008 Chairperson & Vice-Chairperson – This item was tabled until the March 2008 meeting. F. Unfinished Business 1. Update on Landscape Improvements on SR 520 to SR A1A – Mr. Cunningham read the following comments on the SR 520 Landscape & Irrigation Project provided by Rob Strong, Project Manager: “Comments from FDOT were received and addressed on the plans, regarding the SR 520 Landscape & Irrigation Project to be done on the three (3) medians from SR A1A to the SR 520 Relief Bridge. Plans were submitted to FDOT for review and approval.” The City is waiting for a response from FDOT. Lori Hammock advised the Committee that the plans submitted for approval were sent January 31, 2008.

2. Discuss Sea Grape Trimming Guidelines - This item was tabled until the March 2008 meeting. G. New Business 1. Update on Ocean Beach Boulevard - Mr. Cunningham read the following comments provided by Ms. Regan: “This project is now approaching 90% design – a 60% design public workshop occurred on October 16, 2007, 60% design plans presented to the Planning Board on November 5, 2007 and approved by the City Commission on January

3, 2008. Site plan permitting through SJRWMD and the City should start this month. The approximate milestone schedule for the project follows: 02/2008 05/2008 08/2008 10/2008 10/2009 90% Design, City & SJRWMD Site Plan Application City/SJRWMD Permits Approved Construction Bid Package Preparation/Let (put out for bid) Construction Contract Negotiation/Execution Construction Start Construction Completion

Initially the corridor utilities were proposed to be placed underground during this phase of the project but because of the expense, complexity and time constraints, this portion of the project, if approved by the City Commission, will be a separate phase to occur approximately one year later.”

2. Update on Landscape Enhancements on the Stub Ends – Mr. Cunningham read the following comments provided by Ms. Regan: “Brevard County had put the sea turtle lighting grant aside as they were not sure how many and which County staff positions would be cut this year. Paula Bernston retained her position at the County although it is now being funded through the Space Coast Tourist Development Council (TDC). She will be meeting with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) next month on permitting with the hope of planting by March/April of this year. This Grant includes all of Brevard County’s coastal duneline. Our City will receive funding for approximately 170 sabal palms and 110 seagrapes at a value of approximately $20,000. I will work with her when that effort is underway.” Aquatic Plants, Inc. has contacted Ms. Regan for this year’s sea oat harvest and City staff will again work with them and be returned in dune vegetation planting, the value of the sea oat harvest. The delivery of the dune vegetation will be late spring. The following streets have been enhanced: 15th Street South 14th Street South 13th Street South 12th Street South 11th Street South 10th Street South 9th Street South 8th Street South 7th Street South 6th Street South 5th Street South 4th Street South 3rd Street South 2nd Street South 1st Street South 1st Street North 2nd Street North Slater Way 4th Street North Leon Lane Hendry Lane

The cost for above improvements is approximately $108,000 in palms, shrubs and plants, bike racks, picnic tables/benches, fencing and crushed coquina – not including labor, which was intensive as far as installation and watering. Much of that cost over three years was the coconut palms. These streets will continue to be planted with dune vegetation each rainy season with the objective of minimizing the mowing/edging needed. The crushed coquina will continue to be maintained/enhanced annually, as needed.

The following beach accesses have not been completed: Flagler Lane Palm Lane Marion Lane Pulsipher Avenue Osceola Lane California Avenue Winslow Avenue Meade Avenue Young Avenue Gadsden Lane

These streets have a well developed front dune and do not have the sand transport issues that prompted the Stormwater Utility to get involved with dune revegetation with the objective of minimizing blown sand into curbs, eventually winding up in the storm sewer piping. The cost of enhancing these accesses in a similar manner will be approximately $49,000 and will take considerable staff time as far as planning, purchase and tree/shrub watering, although some watering will occur along with the grant. Should these accesses be improved, the Stormwater Utility will work with Public Works on the purchase and installation of the material, but currently has a high work load. 3. Update on Holiday Lane Project - Mr. Cunningham read the following comments provided by Ms. Regan: “Landscape installation is being held until after the final engineering inspection, which will occur on Thursday, February 7, 2008. We did not want to install landscape until we knew that no further construction/pump adjustment would be needed (large equipment onsite). Large oak trees have been located for a very good price and will be delivered Tuesday and Wednesday, February 12 - 13, 2008. Sabal palm installation will occur soon thereafter with the smaller grasses and shrubs last. City has been working closely with LaQuinta; they are anxious for completion but are understanding of the project magnitude and associated timeline. In lieu of bollards to protect a very expensive electrical/electronic panel system abutting their parking area, landscape and a bike rack are being installed, much more aesthetically pleasing. We will soon be starting our rainy reason, which helps newly planted landscape to establish. We do not know when the development on the north side of Holiday Lane will start their construction.” 4. Discuss Landscaping Improvements for New Tennis Pro Shop – Mr. Cunningham advised the Committee that they had all met at the new Tennis Pro Shop after the last meeting to look at the site. The Committee discussed that there were no monies left to landscape the new Tennis Pro shop. The Committee reviewed the plan that the Tennis Pro, Richard Cote had provided. It was discussed to follow the same plant material that the Committee had used on several previous projects such as Cocoa Isles to save on costs. Ms. Warro suggested the Tennis Pro, Richard Cote to do a memorial tree project for the site as a suggestion for landscaping the site. Ms. Bell a resident of Cocoa Beach spoke to the Committee about the need for bleachers and awnings at the tennis courts. Assistant City Manager, Mr. Hutson advised that Ms. Hammock was correct in saying that there was only $400 left after building the new facility. Mr. Hutson advised that setting up fundraisers was a good idea. Mr. Hutson also advised that he would need to sit down with Mr. Cote in regards to the crowd situation. Mr. Hutson advised Mr. Cote is paid by the City to run the facility. It was decided to set up a meeting with Mr. Cote to discuss the funding for the landscaping and finishing the project. Mr. Cunningham suggested to possibly set up a fund matching program with the Tennis Pro. The Committee discussed that they had very little monies left and have projects they are trying to complete. Mr. Hutson advised he would get with the City Manager to set up the meeting with Richard Cote.


Update on Landscape Committee Budget – Mr. Cunningham advised that the City had been allocating $50,000 to the Landscape Committee every year and that the Committee had completed a lot of really nice projects for the past couple years. It was discussed that the Committee would like to finish a few projects up such as the SR520 Landscape & Irrigation Project and complete the landscape enhancements to the stub ends. It was discussed that the City will not be allocating the $50,000 this year or for years to come.

H. Set Time, Date and Agenda for Next Meeting – The Committee concurred to have the next meeting on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 3:00 P.M. I. Board Members, Citizens and Staff Comments – • Mr. Trettis advised that the stub end street at 4th Street South was full with graffiti and suggested that the Committee look into installing ivy on walls throughout the City where graffiti is found. Mr. Hutson advised the Committee that the wall was hit by a car, and that he had spoke to the contractor and the wall will be fixed. Mr. Hutson also advised that the Cocoa Beach Police Department also reports any graffiti that is found throughout the City. Mr. Trettis advised he would contact the home owner and see if they would be interested in the ivy idea. Mr. Trettis also handed out an article on memorial trees for parks. The Committee discussed different types of memorial tree programs for the City. Ms. Anderson commented that there is an ordinance in Cocoa Beach that palm trees should not be hurricane cut in Cocoa Beach. Mr. Cunningham said he would get with Jerry Stansfield on putting out an article for proper palm trimming. The Committee commented that the Cocoa Isles Boulevard median project looked very nice.

• •

J. Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 4:06 P.M.

DISABILITY INFORMATION - In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act and FSS 286.26, persons with disabilities needing special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the City Clerk's Office no later than 48 hours prior to the proceedings at (321) 868-3286 for assistance; if hearing impaired, telephone the Florida Relay Numbers (800)955-8771 (TDD) or (800)955-8779 (VOICE), for assistance.