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Automate Twitter


Learn How to automate twitter with post and mass follow.

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									Twitter is an awesome way to get traffic to your site, affiliate links and so on. But if you can automate it then you won't have to bother visiting twitter every time you update your blog, site. This can be automated as the following other twitter accounts. For following people from keyword or by the username is quite easy but you will need a software called Phoenix Twitter Desktop V3. This will help you set tweet updates from a text file helping you autotweet. This will help you mass follow as well. There are currently two option to mass follow. The 1st one is following with a keyword and it will generate people tweeting the keyword and follow it. Then other is following peoples followers, by this you will follow the people of the person you are choosing. But you have to learn to set the limit per follow or twitter will be forced to ban you for fast follow. For automated post being posted from your blog, you should have a rss feed. Then you can go to and get a account and set your blog up with its rss and add your twitter account too. Then it will look for updated post on your blog and site and will automatically post the updated blog post to twitter with link to it.

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