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   The Marketing Secrets of SUBWAY
                                                 What does Subway have that you                  True. But they didn’t when they
                                                 don’t? And how can you get it?               started out. They scrambled just like
                                                    In 2005, Subway signed on 900 new         you. Their budget was just as tight…
                                                 franchise owners and opened 2400             maybe tighter. They had to balance the
                                                                                              conflicting challenges of running their
                                                 new units, bringing their total domes-
                                                                                              own operations, supporting their new
                                                 tic locations to 20,000.
                                                                                              franchisees, and competing for new
                                                    What does Subway have that you
                                                                                              franchise owners, just like you do.
                                                 don’t? Most likely: Awareness. Valida-
                                                                                                 The good news is, you don’t have to
                                                 tion. And Momentum.
                                                                                              add 900 new franchisees this year. You
                                                 Awareness. People buy Subway                 don’t need to open 2400 locations just
                                                 franchises because they know about           to keep pace with last year. How many
                                                 the Subway franchise opportunity.            new franchisees do you need to jump
                                                 Subway has built unrivaled awareness         start your franchise program? How
                                                 of their franchise program. Ever since       many new units do you need to open
                                                 their franchise program was launched         to get your momentum, and cash flow,
                                                 in 1974, Subway has relentlessly pro-        to the next level?
                                                 moted their franchise opportunity: on           At this very moment, in the towns
                                                 napkins, cups, news releases, ads,           you have targeted for expansion, future
                                                 newsletters and magazine covers.             franchise owners are researching which
                                                 Validation. People buy Subway                franchise opportunity they should
                                                 franchises because they see that a lot of    open. Odds are, they’ll end up opening
Y o u v s. S u b w a y                           others have deemed Subway a credible         a Subway, a Quiznos, a Curves, a
                                                                                              UPS Store, a Jackson Hewitt Tax Ser-
                                                 opportunity. They see the Subway fran-
Is your franchise opportunity better than        chise regularly featured in the pages        vice, a Dunkin Donuts, a Jani-King, a
Subway’s?                                        and on the covers of franchise and busi-     RE/MAX Int’l, a 7-11 or a Liberty Tax
                                                 ness opportunity magazines. Subway           Service...unless you give them a reason
Does your concept generate higher sales?                                                      to choose otherwise.
                                                 has gained immeasurable credibility
Greater profits?                                                                                 If your franchise is as good as you
                                                 by being named as Entrepreneur mag-
                                                                                              think, you can beat the odds if you do
Do you provide a higher level of support?        azine’s #1 franchise for the past 14
                                                                                              what it takes to create awareness, gain
                                                 years in a row.
More personal service?                                                                        validation, and start building strong
                                                 Momentum.          People buy Subway         momentum.
Does your franchise chain have greater
                                                 franchises because 899 others are buy-          Want to know how to build aware-
potential for future growth?
                                                 ing Subway franchises. Success breeds        ness, validation and momentum for
Then why, in 2005, did 900 new domestic          success. Would-be franchisees want to        your franchise opportunity, even with a
franchise owners choose the Subway               be associated with a company that’s a        limited budget? Send me an email with
franchise over yours? What does Subway           winner and the comfort of knowing            a brief overview of your franchise
have that you don’t?                             that they are not alone in their decision.   opportunity and growth goals, and I’ll
And how can you get it?                             “Sure… and Subway’s got a huge            share some of the proven strategies of
                                                 ad budget and over 20,000 stores.”           high-growth franchisors.

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