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					Best Way To Get A Free Instant Credit Report
The free instant credit report is processed online, you can never receive this report manually, and it usually takes some days to process. The offline or
manual process is ordered for by either calling or sending a mail to the physical address of any of the national consumer bureaus. They will then
process your request and give you a feed back. This process can take the maximum time of 15 days to finish, this time frame isn't definite, and it can
be faster or can even be delayed. Whether or not a report is free depends on the kind requested. There are basically three types, which are: the
annual, the consumer and the business credit report.

Remember that a good credit report is an added advantage if you are looking to purchase something very expensive. For instance, if you are
considering buying a house in the near future you need to have a healthy credit report. A healthy credit report is the best way of impressing your bank
or money lenders.

The consumer credit report is also an account of the consumer's credit history given by any of the three national bureaus. It differs from the annual
because it can be demanded for any personal reason at anytime. The free annual report is an obligation of the consumer companies to produce yearly
while the consumer report is not free. You can get an instant consumer credit report any time you need it online by paying for the service rendered.

The business credit report which is an account of the credit history of any business and company like the consumer credit report, this is not a free
instant credit report - it is paid for, online in the process of application.

There are various types of credit report such as business credit report, consumer credit report, yearly credit report, etc. Initially there was strict
prohibition on disclosure of instant credit report but now any person can apply for his/her credit report. Many lenders and retailers who extend credit
facilities entirely depend on credit report and score to give credit to their customers.

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