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(See separate counter checklist for Spas/Hot Tubs.) MAXIMUM PLAN SIZE 24"x 36" NO HIGHLIGHTING Please indicate items submitted with a checkmark (√). All items MUST be submitted. Applicant must provide completed application and TWO copies of items 3 - 9 ALL POOLS 1. Building permit application completed and signed. Pool only _____ 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Pool w/ Deck _____ Pool w/ Spa _____ Pool w/ Deck / Spa _____

COPY OF COMPLETED CONTRACT SIGNED BY BOTH PARTIES. Owner/Builder affidavit (if applicable). Acknowledgment of Owner Responsibility - NOTARIZED Contractor Information Sheet signed by contractor or representative Survey Must have printed legal description Setbacks to pool deck edge and pool. INDICATE ACTUAL DISTANCES Indicate distance from power lines, septic system and structures Engineer signed/sealed plans, include designer name and address Pool Heater: Gas _____ (requires separate Gas permit) Electric _____ None _____

7. 8. 9.

200A (minimum) electric service -ORIf less than 200A provide load calculation including proposed pool equipment (Applies to pools other than residential OR pools used by more than five families)


2. 3.

Plans stamped by: a) Palm Beach County Health Department b) Jupiter Utilities Department c) ENCON (Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District) Soil analysis report Survey and site plan with deck and pool elevations

Note: Temporary 4 ft. high fence required during construction!
TOWN OF JUPITER BUILDING DEPARTMENT 210 Military Trail, Jupiter, Florida 33458 Phone 561-741-2286 Fax 561-746-7980
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