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The City Council convened in a budget workshop meeting at 10:00 A.M., on Thursday, May 17, 2006, in the City Council Chambers of Temecula City Hall, 43200 Business Park Drive, Temecula, California. There were no Closed Session items. Present: Councilmembers: Comerchero, Edwards, Naggar, Washington, Roberts None



The flag ceremony was presented by Councilman Washington. PUBLIC COMMENTS A. With regard to Council Member Comerchero’s recommendation to make the use of the skateboard park free to residents, Mr. James McCann, Temecula, representing the City’s Hockey families, expressed his concerns, noting the following: • • • • • That giving up the $18,000 revenue of the skateboard park would be shortsighted That the park is need of repair, commenting on specifics That the skateboard park and the in-line hockey rink should be viewed as one facility That the facility should be run like a business That it is difficult for the high schools to strive for a CIF status without a home base

Appreciating Mr. McCann’s comments, Council Member Comerchero advised that the City has allocated $150,000 in its Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Budget for the renovation of the Roller Hockey Rink and, therefore, would continue to support the use of this facility at no cost to the residents. Council Member Naggar relayed his support of providing this facility at no cost to the residents and to discuss the potential renovation of the Roller Hockey Rink in the CIP. CITY COUNCIL REPORTS No comments. COUNCIL/DISTRICT/AGENCY BUSINESS 1 Review of the FY 2006-07 Proposed Operating Budget RECOMMENDATION: 1.1 Review and discuss the FY 2006-07 Proposed Operating Budget and provide direction to staff as appropriate.

By way of a PowerPoint presentation, City Manager Nelson reviewed the proposed Operating Budget, highlighting main components such as the following:
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• • •

Total proposed revenues $63,569,299 o 4.1% increase from mid-year budget adjustments Total proposed expenditures o 6.5% increase $61,347,951


Fund Balance Designated for Economic Uncertainty o Increase Undesignated Reserve Fund from $11.26 million to $12.27 million • 12.27 million which equates to 20% of the General Fund Expenditure Budget • $700,000 for Retiree Health Benefits • $500,000 for potential litigation issue related to the Liberty Quarry Granite Project Public Safety o $3 million increase o Three additional sworn officers for a total of 99 sworn officers, exceeding the City’s one sworn officer to every 1,000 residents ratio (1:1,000) – ratio will be at 1:949 o Four additional Community Service Officers – higher level of visual police presence o Citizens Action Patrol (CAP) Program o Temecula Citizen Corps (TCC) Program o Three additional vehicles to support the Citizens Action Patrol Program in an effort to maximize the volunteer resources within our community o All Fire engines teams will have a paramedic on each City engine team, proposing to transition all fire engine teams to a 4.0 staffing level o Roripaugh Ranch Fire Station will be opened the later part of this year

Mayor Pro Tem Washington thanked Chief Alm for the additional three sworn officers as well as the additional Community Service Officers and thanked Chief Howard for the transition plan to meet the 4.0 staffing level per City engine team. Supporting the increased staffing levels because of faster response times but also because of the safety of the firefighters and citizens, Council Member Comerchero reiterated support of the 4.0 staffing level on each City engine team. • Revenue Excess Sharing in Temecula (REST) o Contribution will increase to $6.83 million • City’s contribution to supplement the Measure C Special Tax Additional Budget Highlights o 7.5 new authorized positions o 6.0 conversions o 5.0 reclass positions o Implementation of year two of the City’s three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) o Commitment of $750,000 million to the five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) o Fund a Citizen’s Opinion Survey/Fiscal Model for Sphere of Influence o Enhanced Slurry Seal Program o Purchase 9 new vehicles and replace 7 existing vehicles


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Five-Year General Fund Projection o Projecting revenues will balance with City’s expenditures in five years

For next year’s budget, Council Member Comerchero requested that the summary detail for revenue and expenditures reflect the percentage change from year to year – line item by line item. With regard to the Schedule of Positions, Mr. Comerchero requested that this schedule as well reflect the proposed changes. With regard to the City Council goals, Mr. Comerchero noted that goal no. 2 and goal no. 6 are the same. For Mr. Comerchero, Finance Director Roberts provided clarification with regard to line item detail for Health Insurance between the years 2004-05 and 2005-06. Viewing law enforcement as a number one priority, Council Member Naggar relayed his support of the Police Officer ratio as well as the firefighter staffing level. With regard to the REST Program, Mr. Naggar advised that this year approximately $7 million are being transferred from the General Fund and will be returned to the residents by way of recreation services; requested that City Manager Nelson at the 6/13/06 CC meeting provide an overview of the amount of tax revenue shifted to recreation services via the REST program; and praised staff on its efforts with the Five-year General Fund Projection. With regard to the Infrastructure Beautification Committee, Mr. Naggar requested a full-time or part-time position to monitor sign patrol (private/public), litter patrol as well as roadway hazard patrol, report deceased animals and implement process for removal, and to be a on-call as well as a self-generating unit. In response to Mr. Naggar, City Manager Nelson advised that staff has explored the possibility of a project position as well as providing a vehicle to support this position. Council Member Edwards, echoed by Mayor Roberts, requested that the City explore alternate fuel vehicles or high-efficiency vehicles. Referencing the positive affects of the increased staffing levels, Mayor Pro Tem Washington noted that such action will as well improve the safety of the firefighters. With regard to the Police Officer ratio, Mr. Washington encouraged staff to continue to focus on the results and not just the number ratio and requested that the citizens be apprised of efforts undertaken to address specific crimes/specific areas. In response to Mr. Washington, City Manager Nelson noted that Police Chief Alm has provided a copy of the new zone deployment plan and that a copy will be provided to the City Council. Community Services District • • • Total proposed revenues Total proposed expenditures $19,141,552 $19,677,094

REST/Special Tax – Rate per Household o $142.01 – REST- annual savings per home o $ 63.44 – Special Tax o If Special Tax paid 100% for all parks and recreation programs/activities, it would cost each resident $205.45 per home per year, instead of $63.44 Additional Park and Recreation Facilities/Programs o Patricia H. Birdsall Sports Park – 43-acre park – Fall 2006 o Roripaugh Ranch Open Space and Trails



o o o o o o o

Temecula Public Library Wolf Creek Neighborhood Park – 6-acre park – open later part of this calendar year Summer Months Activities and Recreation in Temecula (SMART) Move Nights • Moonlight Movies in the Park Temecula Fitness in Temecula (F.I.T.) Program Cultural Arts Program Establish Project Park Ranger Program

Council Member Naggar commended Parks and Recreation Director Parker on a job well done. Council Member Edwards questioned future plans for the City-owned property at the corner of Santiago and Ynez Roads with City Manager Nelson advising this property has been listed in the Capital Improvement Program as a future project. In response to Mayor Roberts, Parks and Recreation Director Parker relayed staff’s intent to coordinate efforts with the County and other agencies as it relates to the Johnson Ranch property to ensure the Project Park Ranger will have authority on the designated properties in the Open Space area. Mayor Pro Tem Washington thanked Mr. Parker and his staff for their efforts and diligence with partnering efforts undertaken to provide recreational services to the City’s residents. Council Member Comerchero as well commended Mr. Parker on an outstanding budget. With regard to the FIT Program, Mr. Comerchero requested that an additional $5,000 be expended as part of an extension to the FIT Program – FIT for the Mind – reading program throughout the City of Temecula. Concurring with Mr. Comerchero’s recommendation for the FIT for the Mind Program, Mayor Pro Tem Washington requested the addition of a diet component to the FIT Program, commenting on the overwhelming increase of diabetes. In response to Mayor Pro Tem Washington’s suggestion, Community Services Director Parker noted that the element of a diet program has been incorporated into the FIT Program and that other options will be explored. Redevelopment Agency • • • Total proposed revenues Total proposed expenditures $17,265,050 $14,513,796

Budget Highlights o No ERAF Shift o Residential Improvement Program - $350,000 o Façade Improvement Program - $ 80,000 o Old Town Specific Plan Implementation - $191,000

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COUNCIL/DISTRICT/AGENCY BUSINESS 2 Review of the Proposed FY 2006-10 Capital Improvement Program RECOMMENDATION: 2.1 Review and discuss the proposed FY 2007-11 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and provide direction to staff as appropriate.

By way of a PowerPoint presentation, City Manager Nelson reviewed the proposed 2007-2011 CIP Budget, noting the following: • • 89 projects = $315,448,961 million o approximately $298,337,504 million are funded of which traffic circulation projects represents 68%, public facilities 19%, parks 6%, and RDA 7% Major Traffic Circulation Improvement Projects o French Valley Interchange – Phase 1 – Project Review - $90 million Interim Southbound Off-Ram Auxiliary Lane Santa Gertrudis Creek Bridge Widening o I-15/79 South Ultimate Interchange Acquired all necessary right-of-way Working with Caltrans on preliminary design o Pechanga Parkway Improvements – Phase II Widening of road to six lanes o State Route 79 South Medians Has been awarded by the City Council Should be completed by the end of this calendar year o Diaz Road Realignment o Pavement Management Program o Main Street Bridge o Overland Drive Extension o Pauba Road Improvements – Phase II o Butterfield Stage Road CFD Pubic Facilities Projects o Fire Stations – Wolf Creek and Roripaugh o Temecula Public Library – scheduled completion date by end of 2006 o Maintenance Facility Expansion/Field Operations Center – finalizing design plans – will double the size of the Maintenance Yard o Old Town Infrastructure Projects – finalizing Civic Center Master Plan Parks & Recreation o Patricia H. Birdsall Sports Park – scheduled for completion early fall of 2006 o Redhawk Park Improvements o Roripaugh Ranch Trails o Temecula Community Center Expansion on Pujol Street – utilize CDBG funds to add approximately 3,500 square feet o Margarita Community Dog Park Redevelopment Agency o Temecula Education Center o Old Town Mixed-Use Housing o Habitat for Humanity II






Old Town Mixed-Use (Dalton III)

In closing, City Manager Nelson noted that the proposed CIP projects were reviewed and approved by the Planning, Public Traffic/Safety, and Community Services Commissions. With regard to the City-owned property at the corner of Santiago and Ynez Roads, Community Services Director Parker advised, for Council Member Edwards, that this project is listed in the CIP under future years with no funding. Mrs. Edwards requested that this project be reprioritized and suggested that it be utilized as a regional passive park with walking trails. In response to Council Member Naggar’s suggestion, it was the consensus of the Council to form a subcommittee to address the property of discussion. With regard to the French Valley Parkway Interchange, Council Member Comerchero questioned the source of the unspecified funds to which Public Works Director Hughes commented on possible negotiations for Measure A Reauthorization monies, noting that the monies are higher compared to when the Measure was passed and commented on the substantial Transportation Uniform Mitigation Funds (TUMF) increase as a result of the TUMF update, effective July 1, 2006. Mr. Comerchero relayed his desire for a more extensive Public Art Program and requested that at a minimum one Public Art project should be programmed into the CIP. As to future dog park sites, Mr. Comerchero expressed his support for the proposed dog park at Margarita Park and recommended two additional future sites – one north and one south of the City – for a total of three sites. In light of the current improvements at Redhawk Park, City Manager Nelson suggested the placement of a dog park at that park site. In response to Mr. McCann’s earlier comments with regard to the roller hockey rink, Council Member Comerchero advised that $150,000 has been allocated in this year’s budget toward the roller hockey rink improvements and renovations of the park. In an effort to address vandalism at the roller hockey rink, Mayor Roberts commented on the need for additional security. With regard to the French Valley Interchange, Mr. Naggar suggested that the subcommittee send a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger enlisting the Governor’s assistance in moving this project forward, addressing the public safety issue and noted that any further delay in this project will as well result in higher construction costs. In closing, Mr. Naggar requested that the condition of the paint of the Mary Phillips Senior Center be addressed. Visiting the Children’s Museum on a regular basis, Mayor Roberts advised of the inadequate plumbing problem and requested that this matter be rectified. CITY MANAGER’S REPORT City Manager Nelson thanked the Departments for their team effort and efficiency of completing these budget documents and commended the City Council for its leadership. CITY ATTORNEY’S REPORT City Attorney Thorson advised that he had nothing to report.

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ADJOURNMENT At 11:22 A.M., the City Council meeting was formally adjourned to Tuesday, May 23, 2006, at 5:30 P.M., for a Closed Session with regular session commencing at 7:00 P.M., in the City Council Chambers, 43200 Business Park Drive, Temecula, California.

_______________________________ Ron Roberts, Mayor


_________________________________ Susan W. Jones, CMC City Clerk [SEAL]

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