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									PROJECT TITLE LOCATION: 59th Street Outfall

Scope: Replacement of storm pipe at 59th Street outfall from Flagler Drive to seawall.

Fund: 489 Budget: Consultant: NA Contractor: Foster Marine Week DATE

Project Manager Daniel Roberge

Project Number: 07828368 Comm. District: Various

Legal Matters: STATUS: C HOURS

12/30/06 Preparing work authorization under annual contract. 02/03/07 Reviewing submittals, pre-construction meeting next week. 03/03/07 Foster Marine (FM) preparing to start excavation. 04/05/07 FM has stopped to work due no dewatering permit w/ SFWMD & DEP 04/11/07 FM & Dan meet SFWMD for dewatering permit application under master dewatering permit

05/07/07 Foster starts the installation of 42" RCP Outfall 06/04/07 Foster completes the work. Clean the site. 06/25/07 Come back on the site to remove pipes left on the site. Repair asphalt around structure on Flagler.

06/27/07 Inspection of the site by Rick. The site is clean. 08/30/07 09/17/07 DATE AMOUNT FPL asks to remove the trees down on the ground. Foster agrees and will provide schedule for the work. Remind Foster via email to give his schedule for the removal of the trees down on the ground. PAID COMPANY COMMENTS C/O G/L

(Contacts, Phones, Faxes, Upcoming Dates, CAD Name, Etc.)

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Comm. Approval


Preconstr. Meeting

Construction Start

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